The last of the old chapters have been uploaded for File Name: Havok.

Now I need to figure out a way to reorganize my chapters so that 10 and 11 don't show up before 1. That's just silly. I could understand if they came after chapter 1, but when they show up before, that means the system is counting the colon right after the numbers as part of the alphabet.

Oh well. I'll worry about that after I finish rewriting the fight scene in chapter 12.

GOOD NIGHT ALASKA! Or wherever you lot are all from.


P.S. Does anyone know how to edit a story's description?

We're running on a version of joomla, not drupal anymore.

And there is no overlap between administrative passwords on this site, joomla, or drupal.
Thank you for your concern, netizens.

This post brought to you b/c of the and the number of emails I received regarding it.


Vacation. Rest, relaxation, no having to worry about work... That wonderful time when the soul can be healed. 


Well, mine wasn't. My soul is still perfectly corrupt, thank you very much. I need it that way. Otherwise it might reject some of my craziness.


Chapters 2 and 3 of Gunbunnies and Rosebreasts are published. While Memorial Day did nothing for my soul, my mind sure went into overdrive. I much prefer it that way, able to churn out everything I want it to.

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Modified the under-the-hood stuff a bit. Mostly disabled a bit of javascript bloat. Pages should load faster now.

You shouldn't notice any difference - if you do, email or comment.

Also, Tatsuya (sp) has taken it to try and get some of the lost author data reposted. it'll be slow going, but you'll see a few new authors pop up and you'll see the disclaimer about that person not actually being back, just the stories retrieved.

Thanks Tatsuya