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“<<Text>>” Means that it is being spoken in a language other than English.

This is telepathic thought”


Chapter 28


         <23:00, Above Texas|Pokegirl One>


         Andrew sat enraptured by the view he was getting. Iain had gifted him the copilot’s seat, and Andrew was making sure not to waste the opportunity. Next to him, Iain brought the shuttle to a hover. “It’s almost midnight where we’re going.” He shifted the display in front of them to cover southern New Mexico and zoomed it. “You got lucky. Without the Revenge War there would be a nuclear waste dump not fifty miles from where you’ll be living. Fortunately it never got built on this world.”


         A clump of lights twinkled in the view. “That’s Carlsbad. Should be less than a thousand people eking out a living there. Sunshine will probably eventually be along to collect them to someplace more populous until we do something to stop them. Until then you should be able to trade with them. All of the military bases in New Mexico are Air Force and are empty. There is the White Sands Missile Range, but that’s part of the Fort Bliss control sphere and Fort Bliss is in El Paso and in the hands of the Texas Defense Force, so you won’t have the problems I have over in Louisiana with the Indigo League Army. I think the TDF is systematically looting White Sands, but I’m not sure. It’s what I’d do.”


         The view zoomed again. “This is the Carlsbad Cavern Park area. I thought we’d land near the visitor center. It’s the best entrance to the caves and is a building so there should be a roof and stuff. We, or you, can do a preliminary clear of the buildings and then camp for the night. In the morning we can see what you’ll be needing in the way of supplies to get you established. How does that sound?”


         Before Andrew could reply there was a gentle cough from behind them and he turned to see an Umbrea watching them. “What did I forget, Allison?” Iain asked.


         “You forgot to tell Andrew to go to El Paso to purchase the land or offer to take him there since we’re helping.” She smiled at them both. “I had Theodora check and nobody in Texas has filed on it.”


         Iain shook his head. “I can’t believe I forgot that. Why do you put up with me?”


         “You have my dick,” Allison said affectionately, “and I haven’t figured out how to get it away from you and still keep it useful.”


         Iain gave a long sigh before smiling. “Shoo, lass.” The Umbrea kissed him on the check and headed out of the cockpit. “Well, she’s right. Land in the area should cost you about one dollar per twenty acres. Texas doesn’t take SLC, but I can loan you the money for the land you finally decide you want and you can pay me back when you can. I would make a suggestion, though. Take a look at the land over the known caverns and buy it all. That’ll keep any surprises to a minimum if some jackass buys next door and goes looking for a way in. Anything on their property would be theirs, pretty much down to the planet’s core. I have plenty of money and I think you’re good for it, so I’d advise you to think big.”


         Andrew chuckled. “You think I’m good for it? But you’ve only just met me.” His smile faded. “I’m not even familiar enough with the area to guess at the surface range of the caverns. 10,000 acres? 20? Hell, and I’ve got a Gravelgal and have no doubt Phial will just find more pockets. I’m not even sure how I’d repay it.” He thought for a few moments. “Can you bring up a topo map of the Carlsbad area? Focused more on the caverns and the range west of ‘em.”


         Iain touched a control and a holographic view of the terrain popped into existence between them. “This is an enhanced topographic hologram of the area during daytime. Nobody from my clan has been here before so I haven’t done ground scans of the area and a decent workup would probably take at least a few months. Rotate, move and zoom by reaching into the display and using your hands.” He leaned back while Andrew fiddled with the map. “As for trusting you, I don’t. I don’t trust easily. However, Eve and Lucifer have vouched for your reliability. If they’re right, you’ll pay me back. If they’re wrong, I don’t really lose a lot of money, and I get the opportunity to twit them about the vaunted Megami prophetic powers for the next decade or so.” He grinned widely. “Either way I win.”


         “Well, I’d love to let down the vaunted prophetic powers, but unfortunately they’re right.” Andrew grumbled. “If possible, I’d also take the range south of the caverns, up to where it hits the Texas border.” He said, pointing at the map. “It would make a good vantage point if the caverns themselves were too dangerous to be in or near.”


         “I don’t think that will be a problem.” Iain looked up. “Theodora, mark the area Andrew is going to purchase and copy the plat to my computer and his pokedex please.”


         “Done.” Theodora’s voice replied. “I suggest we land and offload people to establish a teleport point for Andrew’s and your families. Several of our family have already been to El Paso and therefore the rule about minimizing the use of Tirsuli technology around the Texans will be obeyed.”


         “Sounds good.” Iain started the shuttle descending again. “I’ll pick a place to land.”


         The map changed and a dot began pulsing on it. “I’ve already done so.” Theodora said. “This is a part of the McKittrick Canyon trail called the Grotto. There’s plenty of water and flat areas for camping.”


         “Sounds good to me.” Andrew replied, watching the view slowly change as they descended. “Will there be any problem with me being so close to El Paso?”


         Iain was focused on what he was doing and didn’t look up. “Texas is different from the leagues. As long as you don’t attack the city or pollute the water upstream, nobody will care that you’re out here. You can sell to them too, including feral pokegirls. However, if a Texas Ranger shows up to talk to you, pretend you’re deaf and mute. So far they’ve gotten both me and the real Kerrik Wolf to agree to be Rangers. Kerrik covers El Paso, but if he could slide that job onto your shoulders he’d not only throw you under the bus he’d hold you down for it to run over you.” He did look up and give Andrew a grin at that point. “I’ll talk to him and let him know who you are and that I know you so as to avoid misunderstandings.” His smile died. “One word of warning. Aware pokegirls in Texas are equal to everyone else. You can’t trade in them, even if they were feral and you tamed them. They can ask for a taming and you can tell them no, with no harm and no foul on either side. Be sure your girls are aware of this.”


         He touched a control. “And we’re down. I presume you’d like to disembark with your ladies first?”


         Andrew nodded and stood. “I’ll go find them.” He made his way out of the cabin and began poking his head into various compartments until he found Nevaeh and Sierra quietly talking. “Hey, we’ve arrived. We need to scout the area and set up camp.”


         Nevaeh stretched and slipped past him. “I’ll check the area. Sierra can help you with the tent.”


         “Sure.” Andrew replied, following her out of the shuttle, Sierra tagging along behind him. “Be careful out there.”


         “We always are.” She replied, disappearing into the night. With a shrug, Andrew began pulling gear from her pack. “Hey, what time tomorrow would be best to go into El Paso?” He called back over his shoulder.


         Iain was coming towards the airlock with Allison and Ninhursag. “The land office should open at eight. The state official who runs it is Dr. Meredith Brooks and she is a physician in her regular job so unless she’s on a house call she should be there since it’s also her medical office.” He grimaced. “I’ve met a couple of them and they’re usually decent people, but the land office official in San Antonio is a professional fisherman and trying to catch him near his ledgers is sometimes an adventure in frustration.” He frowned. “Let’s say around nine. That’ll give Brooks time to triage any emergencies.”


         “Sounds good enough.” Andrew replied, snapping the tent together. “I haven’t seen any explosions, so Nevaeh probably hasn’t found anything major. We should be good for the night.” He finished staking the tent and drew a symbol in the air, transferring the dimensional gate from his ring back to the entrance. “Man, it’s a good thing the trip took as long as it did. The time change shouldn’t be too bad.”


         “I’ll be inside.” Sierra whispered to him before slipping past and disappearing into the tent.


         “And I’m back.” Nevaeh continued, striding out of the darkness. “The area is mostly devoid of life. There are signs of something, but not fresh. We should be safe for the night.”


         Behind them, Ninhursag coughed gently to draw attention to herself. “The shuttle is going home. I’ll be back in the morning with Iain. Iain wanted you to know that if you need anything tonight to let us know.” She smiled slightly. “April wants you to know that it’s her night and if we get a call there’s better be lava coming from the ground or something equally immense.” She chuckled. “Otherwise we’ll see you in the morning and we’ll bring breakfast tacos.” She vanished.


         “Hell hath no fury like a women scorned.” Andrew quipped. “I don’t think we should be doing anything in the middle of the night either, so let’s set up the sonics and head inside. Tomorrow you can all explore the area a bit more while I go into El Paso.”


         “You and whoever goes with you.” Nevaeh amended. “As much as you seem to trust Iain, I don’t think everybody does yet.”


         “That’s fine, as long as whoever it is understands that this is a business trip, not a pleasure cruise.” Andrew warned as they ducked inside. “The fun part comes after I buy the land. Then we get to explore.”


         “That’s fine.” Nevaeh replied. “Take Fu. She’s the most human, except for maybe Lyn or Sierra. But she’s better for protection.”


         “Sounds good. Mind finding her in the pokegirl rooms? I don’t have the will tonight to ‘accidentally’ get pulled into someone’s late night taming session.”


         Nevaeh chuckled. “Of course.”






         <08:00, McKittrick Canyon>


         “I’m surprised you can even do these. I always thought those old stories were just a joke.” Lyn remarked from her position on Andrew’s back.


         “I used to be able to do more, and it helps that you’re light.” He replied, his voice strained as he struggled to complete his morning regimen. He was halfway through the push-ups, but had felt it was too easy. Lyn had been the closest weight.


         “Oh, that’s a very well worded compliment.” She joked, sliding off him as he came to a rest. Her gaze flickered when he pulled off his shirt to wipe the sweat from his face. “Did you really have to do that?”


         He gave her a mischievous look. “Which one, the no shirt or the extra weight?”


         Lyn sighed but shook her head. “I hate you. The extra weight.”


         “Oh, I used to do my workouts in full combat gear. Something like an extra hundred pounds? One time I was convinced someone had filled my pack with rocks.” He grinned. “I was right, but I still got it done.” He aired the shirt out before pulling it back on. “I’ve decayed a bit since then, but I should get back into the habit. I’m in shape, but being a bit over oughta help me stay alive for that extra second it takes for one of you to save me.”


         Lyn giggled. “Hey, I’m not complaining.” She looked past him. “Oh, I think Iain’s here. Should we go say hi?”


         Andrew glanced at the group that had begun setting up tables. “Ah, shit. I was hoping I could have been cleaned up before he got here. Can you take care of that? I’ll let the others know breakfast is here.”


         Lyn nodded and Andrew waved at April, who had begun to walk to them. “I’ll be back in a minute!” He called, ducking inside and grabbing the first person he saw. “Yin, let everyone know Iain is here with breakfast. I’m going to go take a shower.”


         It didn’t take him long, and pretty soon he was back outside and making his way over to the tables where most of the others had already gathered. Eve broke off from the group and approached him. “Good morning! As soon as breakfast is over and you’re ready we can leave. Iain and Pandora are checking something in the woods and will be back in a few minutes. There’s no hurry, though. We went to El Paso and spoke with Dr. Brooks. She’s eating the tacos we left with her and will be expecting us sometime before noon.”


         Andrew rubbed his hands together. “Oh, good. I have time to enjoy the cooking.” He grinned at the Megami-Sama. “So, which are the everything tacos?” His eyes lit up as he noticed the sauce bins. “And a better question. Which one of those will leave me without taste buds?”






         With a contented sigh Andrew managed to put down the last few bites of his taco and stared at it longingly. “Who should I be praising right now? That was some of the best food I’ve had in a long time.” His face paled when he noticed Lyn shooting daggers at him. “Uh, I mean, just as good as what I usually have?”


         Eve smiled slightly. “It was a team effort. Iain and Canaan slaughtered the pigs for the sausage, Ninhursag and her group grew the spices and April, Sofia and Chuck did the actual cooking. The tacos were an assembly line job done by everyone so that they’d still be hot when they were packed. So,” her smile warmed, “you can thank every member of Iain’s family that you meet.”


         “Ah.” He replied, glancing at Lyn. “See? It took a group effort. I’m sure that if it had only been one person it wouldn’t have come close to the quality you make.”


         Lyn snorted. “Yea, keep extracting that foot from your mouth.” She looked pointedly at Fu. “Didn’t you two have somewhere to go?”


         Fu chuckled and stood. “I think it would be a good idea if we moved out sooner rather than later. Give Lyn a chance to decompress.”


         Andrew hurriedly stood. “I’m suddenly able to move on a full stomach. Iain, you don’t mind if Fu accompanies us, right? I’d sugarcoat her reasons, but the root cause is that she’s protective.”


         Iain chuckled and glanced at Pandora, who looked blandly back at him. “Let’s see, you’re going someplace you’ve never been before, you’ll be talking to some woman you, and more importantly they’ve, never met, you’ll be travelling with a man they don’t necessarily trust and he’s taking a rather heavily armed Archangel with him.” He shrugged. “I guess something in there might make somebody want to bodyguard you if they were unusually paranoid.” He flashed a quick smile. “Or if they had two brain cells that talked to each other.”


         “And he’d agree without argument to have a bodyguard unless he was unusually stupid.” Ninhursag added.


         Iain’s eyes hardened slightly. “If you’re talking to me, you’re wasting your breath. If you’re talking to Andrew, you’re being rude.”


         “I’d never be rude to Andrew.”


         “Ah, wasting your breath it is.” He looked back at Andrew. “Ninhursag will take whoever is transporting you to El Paso so your girls won’t have to worry about us whisking you away to parts unknown and also so you can have a teleport point for your very own.”


         The giant Elfqueen nodded. “Who am I taking?”


         “You know, that’s a toss up.” Fu replied, glancing around. “Aella, you want the practice?”


         The Shinryu shrugged and stood. “Sure.” She extended her hand to Ninhursag. “I apologize in advance if I’m a little rusty.”


         “Yea, it’s a funny thing. I’m pretty sure the paranoid thing is in full effect.” Andrew remarked to Iain while they waited for the two to return. “Since it looks like they decided to choose two of the most human looking pokegirls here for guard and teleport duty. What are you trying to do, Fu, throw Iain off?”


         Fu smirked but didn’t deny the accusation. “What, giving away our strategies, sir?” She joked.


         A smile twitched at the corner of Andrew’s mouth. “You’re going to fool Iain with that about as much as you would me. As in not at all. He’s not dense and he can tell what everyone here is.”


         He could see Iain smiling as Ninhursag and Aella reappeared. “The arrival point is clear.” Ninhursag announced, releasing Aella’s hand. She looked at Andrew. “We bought a house outside of El Paso and the arrival is in the fenced back yard. You’re free to use it until you find a better point for you and yours.” She glanced at Iain and then back to Andrew. “The house itself is inhabited by one of our employees, but she knows people use the back yard as an arrival point.” She looked April where she, Eve and Dominique had given away the rest of the food and were packing away the tables. “We’re leaving.” She called.


         “We’ll be along in five minutes or less.” April called back.


         Iain took Pandora’s hand. See you there.” They vanished, quickly followed by Ninhursag, Zareen and Vanessa.


         “Well, we’d better follow.” Andrew said, nodding at Aella. “You’re not quite at the point where you can handle two people for a teleport, right?”


         Aella shrugged apologetically. “Sorry.”


         Andrew chuckled. “That’s fine. Take Fu first, then, and grab me second. Afterwards, make sure all the teleport capables are briefed on the El Paso point. And do a more thorough investigation of the area while I’m gone, will you? Nevaeh didn’t find anything too sinister last night, but it would still be a good idea.”


         Aella nodded and teleported Fu out, reappearing a few moments later to get him. They reappeared behind the house Iain had talked about and Andrew let go of Aella, turning to where Fu waited with the others. Before he had a chance to speak, Iain was gesturing at him. “This is Andrew, Fu and Aella. They’re associates of mine and they and the rest of his family will be using the back yard as an arrival point. Andrew, ladies, this is Carmen Hernandez and she works for me.”


         Andrew turned and gave a half smile as the woman that had come out of the house began speaking. “Welcome to Carmen’s Collections. You’re in the back yard, but the store is in the front part of the building. The back is my living quarters and off limits without an invitation from me. None of the Greys can invite you in, either. Other than that, it’s a pleasure to meet you all.”


         “And it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Andrew supplied, warring between the awkward walk a handshake would require and the social slight of not offering one. He decided to bob his head instead, mirroring the movement Carmen had used when she had first spoken. “Front is the store, backyard can be teleported to, but the back is off-limits. I’ll make sure everyone knows.” He glanced at Aella, who giggled and nodded. “Also, to be honest, we’re new to the area. Collections? For some reason I can’t believe that you run an antiques shop, though Iain probably has some equally interesting ventures lined up somewhere.”


         Carmen’s smile widened. “I am Iain’s factor here in El Paso and so I act to sell the things he can produce. My latest addition is new clothes in good selection of sizes and types. In addition, I had my store for years before he arrived and I sell gleanings from the ruins and things being manufactured locally. Restored furniture, crockery, high end jewelry, whatever my suppliers bring that’s of good enough quality to be in my store. The crap they can peddle somewhere else. I also,” she continued, her eyes dancing mischievously, “have an excellent selection of sexual toys and aids for a discerning individual to use on his or her partner or partners. Some are found in the ruins, but most of them are produced locally. Some even have minor enchantments on them to enhance the receiver’s pleasure.” She grinned. “Sometimes even the pleasure of the user is enhanced.”


         Andrew shook his head with a grin. “What went from a simple question just turned into a full on sales pitch.” He trailed off as he noticed the look on Aella’s face. “…Which seems to have snagged you a customer.” Shaking his head in amusement he turned back to Carmen. “And what if I was going to be doing some salvaging? I’m going to be moving in a bit north of here and Iain’s helping me with the land process.” He frowned slightly. “In fact, if you’re one of Iain’s factors, I have the sneaking suspicion I might want to come to you first regarding the debt I’m about to accrue, to see if anything I do find will be worth anything.” He turned to Iain. “Am I right, or am I getting ahead of myself again?” He asked with a slight smile.


         Iain shook his head. “Carmen will not be handling the debt you’ll be accruing with me today. That’s between you and me. What you purchase from or sell to her is between you and her. I only get involved if there are negotiations required for an unusual order or if she gets robbed.” He cocked his head. “Is that the sound of the bell on your front door? I wonder if it’s a customer coming in or could it be one successfully escaping?”


         Carmen shot him an evil look. “Escape is such a harsh word. However, if everyone will excuse me, I appear to have a customer.” She gave a quick half bow and almost ran back inside, closing the door behind her.


         Ninhursag laughed softly. “That was cruel.”


         “No, it wasn’t,” Iain said. “She’d have escorted Aella inside next and we’d be here half the morning. Then she’d have trotted out her patented ‘free try’ and tried to convince Aella to include Andrew for the full sensational experience.”


         “It is pretty intense,” Ninhursag said amusedly.


         “I’m not denying that.” He turned to Andrew. “Let’s go buy your property before someone else gets wind we’re interested and it turns into some kind of speculative bidding war. Besides, I told Dr. Brooks we’d be prompt and I really don’t want to aggravate her over it.”


         Andrew nodded. “That’s fine by me.” He turned to Aella and gave her a glare. “Work first. Play second.”


         She gave him an apologetic grimace. “Yessir.”


         Andrew turned back to Iain as Aella teleported out. “Well, lead the way.”


         The walk to Dr. Brook’s office was uneventful. The city still showed the scars of the battlesthat had been fought through it, but for the most part, the war had touched it lightly. It was the bandit gangs afterwards that had caused the most damage before they were stopped, but even then the damage hadn’t been too extensive.


         Dr. Brook’s office was a small building with a sign that advertised her services as a physician. A smaller sign notified passerby that this was also the home of the Texas Land Development Office. An OPEN sign was hung in the clean window.


         “Here we are.” Iain said as he gestured at the place.


         Andrew nodded and pushed the door open. “Hello?” He called. “Dr. Brook?”


         “Just a moment,” a voice called from the back. A moment later a petite redhead in her mid to late forties walked through a door. She was wearing comfortable dark slacks and a blouse under a medical coat. She was also blowing gently on a cup of something that steamed. She looked up and smiled at everyone. “Mr. Grey. To what do I owe the pleasure?”


         Iain gestured towards Andrew. “This is the gentleman I mentioned before who wishes to purchase some available land.”


         Dr. Brooks smile widened. “Yes, and you were rather vague about anything else about this transaction.”


         Iain shrugged. “I’ve already had a couple of run-ins with the Patterson family over Carmen’s Collections being chosen as my factor. As the movers and shakers in El Paso they think I should have chosen a store owned by them and are rather put out that I didn’t. I’m not saying you are in their employ, but they have a nasty habit of finding things out what I’m planning if I discuss those plans in the city and purchasing the land that Andrew wants to buy might get them that confrontation they think they want.”


         “And since I don’t need more of that kind of business, I appreciate you avoiding a showdown with them,” Brooks said.


         “The mortician would have most of that business,” Ninhursag said grimly.


         “We’re avoiding it,” Eve said firmly.


         Brooks took a swallow of what Andrew’s nose suggested was broth of some kind and put the cup down. She opened a cabinet and pulled out a large book, a pokedex and a folded up map. She unfolded the map and laid it down on the table next to an examination table. “Show me where you want to buy and I’ll see if it’s available.”


         “Sure.” Andrew replied, pointing at Carlsbad. “You know of the caverns? I’d like to claim the known area they cover, as well as the range that extends to the old Texas border.” He said, sketching out a rough patch with his finger. “Is that available?”


         She checked the book and then her pokedex. “That’s in the claimed area outside the state boundaries and, no, nobody has purchased that land.” Opening a drawer she pulled out a ruler and took some quick measurements. “Ok, that’s a rectangle roughly five miles wide and 25 miles long.” She took the computer and plugged in the numbers. “That converts to eighty thousand acres which comes out to cost four thousand dollars.”


         Iain nodded. “Do you want that in cash or equipment per the deal I have with the league?”


         “I’d prefer that in cash,” Dr. Brooks said. “Right now I’ve been told we have enough equipment, although my guidelines do let me currently take equivalent trade in feral pokegirls.”


         “It’ll have to be cash,” Iain replied. “I’ve already sold all of my stock of ferals. Do you want that here or should I deposit it in Austin and bring you a receipt from Buck?”


         “Austin would be perfect,” Dr. Brooks answered. “I don’t want that much money lying around my office to temp some greedy Sunny or anyone else. I have a vault, but that’s just too much.”


         “Consider it done.”


         She looked at Andrew. “Ok, I’ll need some information from you.”


         Andrew nodded and began filling out the forms she placed in front of him. “Here we go.” He thought as he handed the last one back. “No turning back.






         <18:00, Carlsbad Caverns>


         “Oi! That’s enough!” Andrew called down the hole. “Come on back to the tent! We’re done surveying for today!”


         Phial popped out of her excavation with a shower of dirt and began brushing herself off. “Everything’s still sound from what I can tell. When are we moving on to the caverns themselves?”


         “Soon.” Andrew replied. “I’ll be talking about that later, actually. We’ve got a lot to do around here to make it suitable.” He stretched, earning a few pops from his joints. “But we’ve got all the time in the world. So even though we’ve got a lot I want to do, we can afford to take it slow.”


         “INCOMING!” Andrew yelped as a Pidgy impacted the ground in front of him, Nial jumping in behind her and landing a blow on the struggling girl that caused her to slump unconscious. “Another stray feral. Hello sir!”


         Andrew chuckled. “Hello Nial. Good work on keeping the area clear. Where’s the rest of the team?”


         Nial shrugged. “On their own patrols. We’ll be collapsing soon enough. Got an announcement tonight?”


         Andrew nodded. “I do. I’ve finally hashed out the full plans for us here, and I’ll be sharing them tonight. But like I was just telling Phial, we’ve got more than enough time to take it slow.” He gazed up into the evening sky. “Everybody needs a leave now and then.”










Tech: Cortney – Upgrade VideoGirl


Andrew Ranger


Alpha Team:


Ashba – Rosebreasts (Alpha)

Melody – Wet Queen (Beta)

Lyn – Enchantress

Nial – Assasara

Tracii – (Red) Longfly

Constance – Tank Vixxen

Beta Team:


Adria – Groaning (Alpha)

Gale – Night Nurse (Beta)

Noira – (Flying) Mecha Musume

Shamira – Goldina

Kary – Gunvalkyrie

Ann – Ice Empress


Delta Team:


Fu – Warvern (Alpha)

April – Seabra (Beta)

Rein – Myobu

Nami – Sharptits

Ishara – Scorpiagirl

Aella – (Hunter) Shinryu


Epsilon Team:


Azhara – Kyubi (Alpha)

Lucina – Shadowcat (Beta)

Brigid – Unicorn

Heidi – Psyvix

Sigma Team:


Nevaeh – G-Spliced

Sierra – S-Goth

Omega Team:


Cristina – Blessed Fiendish Ophanim (Alpha)

Erren – Ballisticunt (Beta)

Kuu – ElfQueen

Grace – Mini-Top

Yin – Nereidame

Yang – Nereidame

Phial – Gravelgal




Juel - Matratya




Author's Note:

Chapters 27 and 28 were written in conjunction with Kerrik Wolf, and all characters belonging to him are his and his alone. I do not own or claim Iain and his team of lovely ladies. ;-)

Thanks to Bosk_Id on the invisionfree forum for reminding me to add this!