Something that may be of interest to the community:

Basically, fanfiction-esque material, under some circumstances, is being called obscene. As in "not art" obscene, not the regular layman's use of "obscene.

I have posted the entirety of Grey Chronicles to this point. I've also added chapter 22 (finally!). 

I can see the end of the story, too, although I must admit that it is still blocked by the shapely forms of my plotbunnies. Unfortunately, their knives are still razor sharp and they're not ready for me to finish it just yet.



So, I tried installing the KIDE shoutbox the other day.

It did not go through. I assumed that if it didn't work, and I uninstalled it, I didn't need to worry.

I was so very very wrong.

KIDE shoutbox broke everyone's ability to post new categories/books.

I am so very sorry. If you have felt incompetent the last 48 hours about trying to post on this site.. it's not you.

It's me. Or rather, KIDE. but still. >.<


Thanks go out to Socom.Seal who brought the problem (with great patience) to my attention.

I did have to rewind the site, but because we have a great backup system and joomla has really good content versioning, all the articles that had been written as of today where re-imported none the worse for wear.

Sorry for the outage,


Looking spiffy!

New site, new job, new car windshield, new Christopher Paolini book...

Yup, that's right!

As soon as the Tiber can figure out how to post the original chapters, it's time for new work on The Wraithlord of Acheron!