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Wanted: Unknown



         “Ooh, there's so many targets!”


         Alec glanced at Maria. "Calm down. You heard the bosas; he wants some good breeds this time. Which probably means a veteran tamer." His eyes darted to the gym doors. "And there's a good suspect."


         They watched the man walk away, a Dracass striding serenely behind him. "Yea, he'll do. You know what to do."


         The Titto nodded and fell in behind him, the pair tailing the tamer. Suddenly the man glanced at his pokegirl and took an abrupt turn, disappearing from sight. Alec raised his hand and slowed. "That wasn't normal. Can you see anything?"


         Maria's head morphed and a pair of antennae appeared, which twitched. "The dragon is waiting at the opening. The tamer kept walking."


         Alec sighed. "They noticed us somehow. Well that doesn't change much, since they won't be expecting you. I'll see you back at the hideout."


         Maria winked and changed into a Sonica, darting onto the street and past the surprised Dracass. Before she could reach the human another pokegirl teleported in front of her, forcing her to spin away. She came to a halt and focused again, her antennae flaring and disappearing as she teleported behind the new defender, quickly using her speed to send the fragile Psivyx into the ground. She glanced over her shoulder and dodged as the Dracass finally caught up to her, ducking her fists. The human started to yell something and she took the brief confusion it caused to phase through the Dracass and grab the human, teleporting them both to the hideout. As soon as they had she dropped the man and her eyes flashed, the attack causing the man to go limp. She chuckled and began binding him. Another day, another easy prey.




         Alec sat and watched the man. They had already stripped him of anything valuable, which lay in front of him. "Empty pokeballs and no dex. What business did this idiot have in a gym?"


         The man groaned and stirred. "Good. You're awake. Where are your pokegirls?"


         He winced. "You... Attacked me for my girls?"


         Alec sighed. "No, I wanted to party. Yes you fucking idiot. WHERE ARE THEY."


         Alec blinked as the man began to laugh. "Oh, my god. You poor sap. You really picked the wrong person to mug."


         Alec shook his head and stood. "We'll see what a few hours lying there does to help your cooperation." He left the room and nodded at Maria. "Any luck?"


         She shook her head. "The street was deserted by the time I got back. He probably had a camp nearby."


         Alec shrugged. "They'll come looking for him. And when they do, we have their pokeballs. They'll be screwed."


         Maria nodded. "Have you considered just skipping the timetable and fucking the information out of him?"


         Alec chuckled. "Obviously. But if he has bonds with any of his girls they'll feel the change and get scared off." He frowned. "Wait, what's that sound?"


         Maria cocked her head at the rhythmic thumping. "It's coming from outside."


         Alec walked to the window and peeked out. "There's nothing there. That's strange." He turned away to look at Maria. "Can you sense...?"


         His sentence was cut off as the wall exploded inwards, catapulting them through the air. As Alec lay coughing on the floor he watched a helicopter shimmer into view in front of them. "MARIA! It was an illusion! Get the prisoner!" His eyes widened when he saw the two figures on the helicopter, one of which raising a sniper rifle to her shoulder. "SNIPER! GET DOWN!"


         Maria dove away from him as bullets peppered the debris they had landed in and sprinted towards the doorway to the other room. If she could get the man, they would have to stop-


         She let out a yelp as she rebounded away from the door. Gritting her teeth she lay her hand on the doorway. "We're still in an illusion! I can't find the door!"


         Alec peeked his head over and immediately withdrew it as another shot echoed next to him. "I'm pinned down! Get rid of the helicopter!" He yelled and began weaving his magic.


         Maria sidled next to the hole in the wall and stuck out her arm, ice forming in the air as she shifted into an Ice Queen. "Let's see them fly with this." She muttered, stepping around the corner and firing an Ice Beam at the hovering chopper. The attack scored a direct hit on the rotor and she watched it plummet, gasping when it transformed, the Mecha Musume catching the other two pokegirls. She was about to fire again when a fireball impacted her chest and sent her cartwheeling backwards into the room.


         “MARIA!" Alec screamed, jumping to her side and glaring at the Longfly that darted in front of him. He stuck out his hands as she darted back into view and fired. The girl screamed in pain and spiraled downwards, her wings punctured and he lifted Maria to her feet. "We need to get out of here. Break through the wall, grab the prisoner."


         She nodded and smashed through the wall, halting at what greeted her.


         Alec peeked over her shoulder at the three pokegirls and whirled when someone hailed them from behind. He winced at the sight of the force that now occupied the room. "We're pincered. Take those three, I'll deal with these."


         The lead girl laughed as he stepped forward. "Deal with us? You're finished." She cried, dashing forward.


         Ignoring the battle Maria stepped through the wall and took stock of her opponents. A Unicorn kneeled next to the man, with a Kyubi and Ophanim blocking her. She smirked. "Eeny, meeny, miney, mind spike."


         The Kyubi winced as Maria's attack stabbed through her head and the world shimmered as her illusions fell. Behind her the Unicorn toppled over, the stress from Maria's spell overloading her senses. Only the Ophanim remained standing. Maria cocked her head and quietly stepped up to her before pulling her arm back and slapping the angel girl across her helmeted head. "Hahaha! Can't see shit now, can you?"


         The girl recovered and stood silently before turning her head in Maria's vicinity. "I swore I would not see the world without him." She sank her sword into the floor and lifted off her helmet, revealing a cloth bandage covering her eyes. "I would rather be blind than see what this world has become." She slowly began to unwrap the bandage and Maria stepped back as her aura began to flare. "But? My Master has shown me beauty again." She whispered and dropped the bandage to reveal pure black eyes. "AND I WILL NOT LET YOU HAVE HIM!" She screamed, darting forward.


         Maria jumped back from the Ophanim's attack and grit her teeth. "Testy bitch. You can't touch me." She muttered, ducking the sword and countering with a few solid blows to her opponents sternum. The Ophanim ducked back before attacking again, but Maria easily countered her. "Still feeling the effects. No abilities means I win." She crowed, batting the sword away and firing an ice beam into the Ophanim's face, who fell away. She was about to finish her when a movement caught her eye.


         The man stood and regarded her. "You were warned that you made a mistake." He said, staring her down. "Get out of here before I kill you."


         Maria frowned and stepped forward but was forced away by the Ophanim again. "Maria! We have to go!" Alec yelled, diving into the room and grabbing her arm. "Now!"


         Maria glanced behind him and gasped at the veritable horde of pokegirls that were charging towards them. She took one last look at the man they had kidnapped before spitting and teleporting them away.





Note: I may return to this story. I probably won’t. The reason I’m releasing this as a short story now is because, to be frank, I lost interest in it almost immediately. I love the characters, though, so they might make a return sometime later. Just with a different plot than bounty hunters for hire.