Loose Threads 69 is posted.

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It's here!

Well, it was here Sunday. I just forgot to announce it.

Chapter 09 - and unfortunately, I need to announce that I do not believe there will be a new chapter this weekend. I will try to get something out. Either another short, or something else, but I don't believe it will be chapter 10. The story is about to make a time skip, and I want to make sure I get the post-skip chapter right.

Loose Threads 68 is posted.

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Good evening everyone! I have cleaned up two more shorts, and posted them to the Sealed Files book. These two follow Joshua Banks, our first DSA agent in the spotlight. I hope you enjoy them!

Chronologically, you would want to read Graduation Day, and then Undercover, Overkill.

But really, they're meant to be stand alone exposition anyways.


(There probably won’t be a Growing Pains chapter this weekend. Sorry!)