A Little Blue Chapter 1 is posted. Yes, new story....




A Little Blue 01


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I'm about 1/2 of the way through Ks.

Need to take a break and stumbled this delightful little bit of inspiration:


My favorite was the third from the top.


Sweet Dreams,


Good evening!

Been insanely busy with RL, just updated our backend to the latest version. If anything glitches, please give me a holler either here or on the pokcecenter forums.

Many thanks go out to CmdrZero for his time investment importing the pokedex.

Lastly, another round of thanks to the community's patience as we get everything back online over here.


Tumbled across a humourous NSFW lyrics listing here

Thanks to the efforts of CMDRZero, more of the Pokedex has been updated further.

A link for browsing by tag has been added as a dropdown under storyboard listing.

When all is said and done, any mention of a given pokegirl will automatically link back to the dex - don't worry about that. However, feel free to use the tagging system to add a pertinent tag to your story(s).


Hope everyone's having a lovely hols.