Bs are done.

BK Geno, Bluekazoo, Blaze & Bren all up and readable.

Azelf, AscendentEnvoy, Ange7, Alchim Silphilic updated as lost authors.

All of letter A completed.



Lost Author Alchemyprime & Akanis stories have been retrieved from the sitedump and added to the new site.



Phew, finally finished writing rules for 410 - Gone, 301 Moved, and blocking a bunch of SEO spider-vultures.

Not fun, I'm telling yah.

There is sadly no way to selectively redirect old bad pages to the correct, new pages. We're doing a redirect on the old sites' rss to this sites RSS.  The 410 - Gone should slowly, over time clean out the search engine's cache of search results for the old site.

If there's something special in particular you'd like to see redirected to a proper page, let me know in the comments section below or via mail.


Oh, and one last thing: I can not give anyone author access unless they have first registered. I've had a few folks ask for access, and then never respond when I pointed out they had not registered. Terribly sorry, but there was no way to port the old sites' user lists due to the infection.

Please, please, please register before asking for author access.