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Ehm. Hello again everyone.

I know I have been gone for months. I know anyone who actually actively read my publication "Gunbunnies and Rosebreasts" is probably pissed at me right now.

Sorry about that.

Due to problems I had to work through, I was unable to remain an active member of the community since around October (?) or so... I don't even know, to now. On a happy note, however, I was still able to write! Although the chapters are still embarrassingly short. Microsoft Word, you lier! THAT IS NOT 15+ PAGES! And no, I don't know how to combine multiple chapters to make one big one. My mind doesn't work that way.  :(   I doubt I'll ever be able to change that. Oh well. In time...

Chapters 08, 09, and 10 are all up. Chapter 11 is nearly completed - Just trying to find a way to do what I want without it being as cliche as the mid-battle pause of Chapters 06-07.

Oh and please, I really do appreciate any feedback anyone can give me at socom.seal@yahoo.com, or at my review page.



Book deletion completed. I did nothing. XD


Also, CH 11 is out. I've also decided to label my chapters differently now - G&R CH XX instead of just Chapter XX. Make it easier for people to understand in the recently posted box.

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