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Chapter 19

The Elite




         “Yes, I know what happened the last time we started moving big rocks around. But this time is different.”


         “Liz, we can’t get past that gate over there until we trigger the switch.” Ashley pointed at a large white pressure plate nearby. “We’ve all stood on it and it doesn’t work. It needs more weight.”


         “Oh and just because this big boulder is conveniently here you think I should shove it around.” The Nidoqueen shivered. “Look. The last time I tried moving rocks around in a cave I almost died. We ALL did.”


         “I can probably do it.” Victoria offered.


         “NO.” Elizabeth rounded on her. “I don’t want you getting hurt either!”


         “Well if you’re too afraid to, someone has to step up.” Victoria retorted.


         “That’s- That’s not the issue.” Elizabeth hesitated. “I just... don’t want any of you to get hurt.” She looked at the other pokegirls. “Nobody ever... has loved me like you all do. I don’t want...”


         “So you’re trying to be the harem sister you never had?” Dahlia smiled and embraced Elizabeth. “Elizabeth, we can do this. And we’ll do it together.”


         “What if I push it.” Elizabeth mumbled into Dahlia’s shoulder. “What if I push it and the ceiling comes down. Or the floor falls out again. Someone’s going to get hurt. Someone might die.”


         “We’ll prepare better this time.” Dahlia replied firmly. “Master will have your pokeball in his hand and ready, unlike before. The rest of us will stand back away from any danger. And this time, it’s just a boulder. It’s not even touching the ceiling.”


         Elizabeth looked up as she thought. Finally she nodded. “Alright, Alpha.”


         “Step back, girls.” Dahlia moved back with the group. “Master?”


         Nicholas held up Elizabeth’s pokeball. “I’m ready this time, Elizabeth.”


         Elizabeth took a deep breath and pushed her body against the rock. Slowly she focused her strength, straining slightly until the boulder shifted.


         Elizabeth leapt backwards when it rolled, watching it come to a halt a few feet away. When nothing else happened she breathed out. “Okay.”


         “Need a hand?” Elizabeth jumped when Victoria stepped up next to her.


         “You’re supposed to be with the others.”


         “I’d rather be beside you than behind you.” Victoria replied, stepping forwards with Elizabeth. The two pokegirls pushed, easily rolling the boulder to its destination.


         Nicholas turned when a grinding noise echoed from the stone gate, watching it lower into the ground. “Good job, girls. We can keep moving now.” When Elizabeth passed him he reached out to take her shoulder.


         “Master?” Elizabeth asked.


         “This entire cave system has been turned into a trial for tamers. It’s safe, Elizabeth. I think it would take more than you to cause any real damage.”


         Elizabeth sighed. “That doesn’t mean I should stop worrying.”


         “Didn’t say it should.” Nicholas replied. “I’m just mentioning that because I don’t want you holding back if we get into battle.”


         Elizabeth frowned. “Huh?”


         “You and Kary are the pillars of this harem.” Nicholas said. “Everyone else is able to focus on their strengths because they know you two will be there to watch their backs. And that’s why I gave you Giovanni’s TM. I need you to be strong, Elizabeth.” He smiled. “We all do.”


         “Strong... physically, this time?”


         “Yes.” Nicholas leaned in to kiss her cheek. “You’ve finally become the queen you always wanted to be, and the others see that. Now you can be who you are without restraint. Without worry. Your power is just another part of you, instead of being what controls you.”


         Elizabeth slowly nodded and turned her head to steal a kiss on the lips. “I get it.” She whispered. “I finally do, Master. Thank you.”


         “You two lovebirds done?” Dahlia was looking back with a smile on her face. “It’s time to move forwards, Master.”


         “Who has the lead?”


         “Kary. She’s a lot more excited than usual today.”


         “I think Victoria’s performance in Viridian is the cause of that.”


         Dahlia fell in beside him and Elizabeth. “What makes you think that, Master? Wasn’t she unconscious for it?”


         “Yea, but I record all of our battles. You know that.”


         “Oh.” Dahlia shrugged. “Well it could have been anyone’s fight since she was still up until the very end...”


         “Oh, come now.” Nicholas chuckled. “You don’t know about them?”


         Dahlia took just a second before she rolled her eyes. “Of course I do, Master. I wasn’t sure if you did.”


         “I do, and I don’t mind it. It’s a great motivator, as you can see with Kary’s current attitude.”


         Dahlia nodded and turned to search for the Dragonair. “She’s gotten way ahead of us. I can only just see Cassidy.”


         “Then let’s catch up.” Nicholas picked up his pace.









         Nicholas whirled, throwing out his hand so that Cassidy could reach him a second earlier. Instantly the two teleported, Cassidy turning and raising her own hand towards the screeching Golbat that had been about to attack Nicholas.


         The girl crashed into the cave wall as the others fought their own opponents. Ashley was a blur, zipping between a number of ferals to keep their attention while her sisters worked their way through the horde.


         “You alright?” Cassidy looked Nicholas over. “Sorry for the quick teleport.”


         Nicholas was rubbing his temples. “I’m good. Just a bit dizzy.”


         “I’ll stay with you, Master.”




         “Victoria, now!” Kary raised her hands, adding her power to the wall of water Victoria was building. As the attack surged through the corridor Dahlia slammed her hands down and twisted her vines into the ground to brace herself. The attack broke over her back, bludgeoning the group of rock-types she had been fighting and sending them all screaming away.


         Dahlia got to her feet and rubbed the bruise that had begun to form. “Ow. Nice job, girls.”


         Elizabeth headbutted her struggling opponent, releasing the girl when she went limp. “Ashley?”


         The Pidgeot flipped around her last opponent, grabbing the confused feral and flapping as hard as she could. The feral screamed as she was catapulted through the air to impact against a wall with a sickening crunch.


         “I’m good.” She replied, winging down and jogging to a halt beside the others.


         “That the last of them?” Nicholas walked up with Cassidy. “Nicely done.”


         “It’s so much easier when we’re fighting together.” Dahlia grinned. “Master, we’re doing better than we ever have. I can’t wait for the Elite Four!”


         Nicholas’ mouth flickered with a smile. “Yea.”


         Dahlia frowned. “Master?”


         “Sorry, Dahlia, I’m just... ah, still have a bit of a headache from that rapid teleport.”


         Cassidy glanced at him and back to the harem. “Let’s keep it up, girls. Elizabeth, you take the lead for a bit!”


         She kept her pace slow so that she was walking next to him when the harem began to move. “Master.”


         Nicholas looked over. “Hey, Cassidy.”


         “What’s bothering you?”


         Nicholas turned away. “It’s not important.”


         “It is to me.”


         Nicholas glanced at her and sighed when he saw her concerned expression. “I’ve just got a lot on my mind right now. A lot of doubts. I’ll be okay.”


         “I’m here for you, Master.”


         “I know.” Nicholas whispered. “I just need some time.”


         Cassidy nuzzled him. “Is it the tamer we ran into? Did that ambush rattle you?”


         “Not really.” Nicholas jerked away when her ear tickled his cheek. “Stop that!”


         Cassidy giggled and pressed up against him instead. “Even if you don’t tell me now I’ll find out eventually.”


         “You suck.” He groaned when Cassidy burst out laughing. “Come on, that’s not what I meant.”


         “What do you think I meant, Master?” Cassidy teased.


         “Forget it.” Nicholas rubbed his forehead. “I just... I still can’t wrap my head around us being here so quickly. It feels undeserved. There’s no way I’m the reason and yet I’m getting all the credit.”


         “Why won’t you listen to everyone around you, Master?” Cassidy asked. “Sabrina has told you this. Oak has told you this. Gary has told you this, and now Dahlia has. Do you need to hear it from me too?”


         “No. And how do you know that all of them have been saying that?”


         “Because I listen.” Cassidy said. “Master, you are not a normal tamer. You are an extraordinary one. You are the kind of tamer I always hoped to have. Intelligent. Charismatic. Kind. Your pokegirls - we - owe everything to you. We would never have been able to capitalize on our strengths without you to help us.”


         “I’m just a normal guy.”


         “And an extraordinary tamer.” Cassidy replied firmly. “We will not stop reminding you of that, Master. No matter how much you protest.” She leaned over and gently took hold of his face, forcing the two to come to a stop. “Because we love you, Master. And some of us you love in return.”


         “The number keeps growing.”


         Cassidy smiled and let go but didn’t look away from his eyes. “We know.”







Tamer:Nicholas Topolski


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge

         Cerulean City – Cascade Badge

         Vermilion City – Thunder Badge

         Celadon City – Rainbow Badge

         Saffron City – Marsh Badge

         Fuchsia City – Soul badge

         Cinnabar Island – Volcano Badge

         Viridian City – Earth Badge

Active Harem:

         Dahlia, Venusaur – Level 52 (Alpha)

         Ashley, Pidgeot – Level 51

         Elizabeth, Nidoqueen – Level 52

         Victoria, Gyarados – Level 55

         Cassidy, Alakazam – Level 52

         Kary, Dragonair – Level 53

Inactive Harem:

         Galina, Marowak – Level 35

         Sasha, Ditto – Level 31

         Maka, Kabutops – Level 45







         The doors slid open.


         Most figures in the lobby turned. Some watched curiously, some watched with calculating eyes, still others seemed content just to look. Around the ones who watched stood clusters of others, seven total to a group.


         Nicholas stepped slowly into the building. The massive space was full of dozens of pokegirls and their tamers. He saw some pokegirls he’d never seen before, and a few he never thought he’d see here. But the watching eyes around him made it clear who these tamers were.


         “So this is the Indigo Plateau.” Dahlia stepped in beside him and immediately the feeling of the room shifted. Nicholas watched in surprise when most of the tamers turned away.


         “Yea.” He moved forward to allow the rest of the harem in. “And these others are challengers too.”


         “Hey, new guy. Healing station is over here.” Nicholas turned to see a tamer beckoning him over. “Congratulations.”


         Nicholas walked over, beginning to recall everyone. “Sorry?”


         “Congratulations on making it through Victory Road. If you need some rest, they’ve got rooms here. No need for a tent.”


         “How do you know I use a tent?” Nicholas asked, handing his belt to the NurseJoy on duty.


         The tamer chuckled. “Because you’re here, aren’t you?”


         “I don’t follow.”


         “You don’t get here by cowering in the cities and hoping for a break.” The tamer said. “You get here by getting out into the wilds and taking what you want. Isn’t that right?”


         “I suppose so.”


         “Good luck with whatever you do next. I’ve got training to do.”


         Nicholas watched him walk back out the door and down the stairs towards Victory Road. “Huh.”


         “Your pokegirls are back in top shape.” The NurseJoy handed Nicholas his belt with a curtsy. “Good luck, sir. If you need more information, you can check in with the attendant to my right.”


         Nicholas took a moment to look around again at the lavishly decorated building. Did he need rest? Did his pokegirls?


         He chuckled when Cassidy appeared next to him. “We came to fight, Master.”


         “Aye, Beta.”


         Cassidy smiled and followed him to the counter indicated by the NurseJoy. The attendant smiled when he got close. “Welcome to the Indigo Plateau, challenger. Your ultimate challenge and home to the highest organization in Kanto and Johto.”


         “What’s the procedure? How do I submit my challenge?” Nicholas asked.


         “Once you step past me, and through those doors, you will face every tamer beyond without rest. You are allowed to use anything you bring with you, and the market by the NurseJoy can sell you just about any medicine you may want, but that is it. There are no breaks; there is no chance to regain stamina. There are no healing machines, and there is no mercy. You will face the strongest tamers in the region. And they will not hold back.”


         “…How do I begin?”


         The attendant’s smile grew. “There is currently a challenger inside. Please take a seat; you will be called when they have finished their attempt.”




         Cassidy took another look at the harems around them. “We should ask for advice.”


         “No.” Nicholas took a seat and patted his lap. “We’re going to sit and wait.”


         Cassidy couldn’t resist a giggle when she took his offered spot. “What’s the occasion, Master?”


         “The occasion is that we’re here.” Nicholas stared at the closed doors past the attendant’s desk. “Somehow, we’ve almost made it to the top.”


         “Can we at least strategize?”


         Nicholas nodded and triggered the other pokeballs. “Girls, I don’t know exactly what we’re about to face. All I know is that the harems around us are just as powerful as we are, and they haven’t won yet.”


         The others looked around at his words. “So what’s the plan, Master?” Elizabeth asked.


         “The plan is we keep doing what we’ve been doing. It’s worked so far, hasn’t it?” Nicholas grinned. “Everything we’ve learned. Everything you’ve overcome. It’s all led to today.”


         The pokegirls grinned back. “You said it!” Ashley whooped.


         “Kary and Elizabeth as our foundation, Master?” Dahlia asked.




         “And I’ll support Victoria, Ashley, and Cassidy the best I can.” Dahlia nodded. “It’s a solid team that you’ve created, Master. It’s unfortunate that we don’t get to rest between fights, but I believe we’ve trained our stamina enough to overcome that.”


         “Tamer?” The group turned to see the attendant waving at Nicholas. “We’re ready for you.”


         Nicholas approached. “Do I just go in?”


         The attendant nodded. “I suggest keeping your pokegirls outside of their pokeballs. The seconds you spend releasing and informing them could mean the difference between victory and defeat.”


         Nicholas nodded and started to walk towards the door when he stopped. “That’s true. But my pokegirls know how to gather that information on their own.” He glanced at the attendant. “And if I reveal them all to my opponents, I won’t have any surprises.”


         The attendant let out a merry laugh. “True. But you will see your opponents from the beginning.”


         Nicholas felt a pit start to form in his stomach. “Because they have no need for surprises.”


         The attendant’s eyes glinted. “Exactly. Good luck, challenger.”


         “Your strategy is a good one.” Cassidy said as he began to walk past the harem. “Recall us, Master. Our opponent’s hubris will be our advantage.”


         Nicholas stopped and looked at her. “…Yea. There’s no reason not to take any advantage we can.”


         Cassidy nodded as the recall beam took her.


         Nicholas stepped through the doors and entered a long, dimly lit hallway. He climbed the set of stairs at the end, slowly seeing a large room come into view.


         As he walked into the room his eyes were drawn to the pillars of ice that reached from floor to ceiling. He noticed the group waiting for him next.


         The woman in front smiled when he turned to her. “Greetings, challenger. I am Lorelei of the Elite Four. Mistress of the ice-type. Please step into the tamer’s box.”


         Nicholas did so, watching as shimmering walls sprung to life around him. “What’s this?”


         “That is for your protection. This is not a gym battle, where I match your strength. This is a real battle. Unlike anything you’ve had before.”


         Nicholas turned back to her. “I’ve had real battles before, Miss.”


         “Is that so?” Lorelei smiled. “Then, tamer, shall we begin?”


         “Can I have a moment?” Nicholas stared at her watching harem. “You’ve got pokegirls here that I’ve never seen before.”


         “You can scan them if you wish, but you won’t get much information. You see, we are the Elite Four for both Kanto and Johto. Some of my pokegirls are not found normally in Kanto.”


         Nicholas blinked. “Oh.”


         “As I said.” Lorelei’s smile grew. “This battle will be unlike any you have had before.”


         “Alright.” Nicholas grabbed his pokedex, scanning the pokegirls and grimacing when two returned negative results. “Jynx, Dewgong, Cloyster, Lapras, and two unknowns.” He shook his head. “I’m ready.”


         “Then let us begin!”


         “Dahlia, let’s go!” Nicholas released the Venusaur, marveling at how the release beam passed through his protective bubble. Across from him Lorelei was encased in one of her own, red flashes illuminating her side of the field as the Dewgong danced forwards.


         “She’s part water-type.” Nicholas quickly relayed. “You can win this.”


         Dahlia watched as the Dewgong’s legs shimmered. “What’s she doing?”


         Nicholas squinted, his eyes widening when he recognized the smiling girl. “That’s the breed we got ambushed by on the way to Cinnabar.”


         “I thought they were mermaids, Master.”


         “Yea, well…” Nicholas thought about Kary’s shapeshifting. “…some pokegirls can take different forms.”


         The Dewgong raised her hands, tilting her head back slightly as she did. Dahlia stared for a moment before shaking herself, charging the motionless pokegirl with a roar.


         Nicholas covered his face when the air in the room began to whip up, crystals of ice swirling around the focusing Dewgong until she gestured. A cloud of ice swirled into the air, pieces tinkling to the ground and impacting against Dahlia’s skin.


         Dahlia growled, blocking out the pain and lashing out with her vines. The Dewgong squealed when she connected, stumbling back with gashes across her body. Dahlia didn’t let up, flicking leaves from her back and sending them slicing across the arena.


         The Dewgong took the hit to her body and gestured, crystals forming in her hands as she fired a beam of shimmering ice into Dahlia’s chest.


         “Dahlia, drain her!” Nicholas yelled.


         Dahlia could feel the ice spreading across her torso, threatening to trap her, and with an angry shout she flexed her abdomen. The spreading ice shattered and she lunged forwards, wrapping her dodging opponent in her vines and beginning to drain her energy.


         Lorelei recalled the Dewgong when the girl slumped. “Interesting.”


         Nicholas’ eyes narrowed. “What is.”


         “You truly have been in real battles before. Your pokegirl strikes without hesitation.” Lorelei released the Lapras. “Allow us to do the same.”


         “Dahlia-“ Nicholas was starting to command her when Dahlia slammed her foot into the ground and threw one hand out.


         The Lapras reeled back when Dahlia’s seeds peppered her body but she quickly got back under control, energy forming in her mouth before another Ice Beam blasted through the air. Dahlia was unconscious before she hit the wall, vanishing back into her recall beam.


         “One for one.” Nicholas grumbled. “Can’t be doing that. Elizabeth!”


         The Nidoqueen materialized and shielded her eyes from the swirling hail. After a moment she reared back, gathering energy and slamming her foot into the ground.


         The Lapras staggered as the shockwaves hit but she stayed upright. As soon as she recovered she gestured, the ice around her liquefying into a massive wall of water that crashed through the arena and into the bracing Nidoqueen.


         Elizabeth spun away, bouncing off one of the ice pillars with a scream. Nicholas flinched when the attack washed over him but the forcefield protected him, allowing him to look back up in time to see Elizabeth charging the Lapras.


         “No! Thunderbolt!”


         Elizabeth ignored him, rearing back and launching a Mega Kick. Somehow the Lapras contorted her large body enough that the attack went wide and Elizabeth yelped when she grabbed her leg.


         Elizabeth was slammed into the floor by the point-blank attack and Nicholas quickly recalled her from the spreading ice.


         “Um… Shit. Cassidy, we’ve got a-“ Nicholas released the Alakazam but stopped when he saw Lorelei recalling her Lapras. “Huh?”


         “Lacey doesn’t like Alakazams.” Lorelei explained. “Besides, she’s done enough already.”


         “What are you doing? If you’re recalling her, then aren’t you admitting she’s been defeated?”


         Lorelei gave him a strange look. “And why on earth would that be the case? It’s only smart to give your pokegirls their best matchups.” She released one of the new pokegirls. “Like this.”


         “Cassidy, I don’t know what she is. I can’t help you.” Nicholas stammered.


         “Then recall me.” Cassidy urged. “There’s something wrong about this pokegirl, Master. It’s as if… she isn’t even there.”


         “I can’t recall you, isn’t that…?” Nicholas trailed off helplessly.


         Cassidy cursed, whirling to the dark skinned pokegirl and raising her hands. “I’ll just drop you before you can move!”


         The girl didn’t even flinch as the shockwave washed over her and Cassidy screamed when she blitzed through the space between them. The girl’s claws came into view as she struck, slicing at Cassidy’s stomach. Cassidy desperately threw her arms down in an attempt to block and paled when she didn’t feel a strike. “No-“


         The girl whirled, coming back from her feint and slicing an uncontested line across Cassidy’s face and down her chest.


         Nicholas watched Cassidy collapse, stunned. One hit? And it had been like nothing had happened when Cassidy attacked, almost as if…


         He felt himself trembling and clenched his teeth together angrily. They were getting taken apart. No. He was getting taken apart. Cassidy had been right, he should have brought her back, and he had gotten her hurt!


         He was reaching for his next pokeball when his knees gave out, the trembling now shaking his entire body.


         Lorelei frowned. “Challenger?”


         “I-“ Nicholas stared across the arena at her. “I… I can’t.”


         “You still have pokegirls that can fight.”


         “I’m not going to hurt them for no reason.” Nicholas whispered. “I fucked up. I lose.”


         The blowing ice slowed when vents along the walls opened and began clearing the air. Lorelei turned away as her pokegirl walked to her side. “The door is behind you.”


         Nicholas remained staring at the floor for a while after Lorelei had vanished. What had he done? Everything was as he had thought. He wasn’t a strong tamer. He was just a failure.







         Fear. Doubt. Despair. That’s what dominated Nicholas’ thoughts when he stumbled out of the Indigo Plateau. How had he ever believed he was that strong? It hadn’t even been a battle. It had been a one-sided slaughter.


         He was supposed to fight four tamers at that level?


         Nicholas clumsily triggered his belt, falling to his knees and collapsing onto the grassy lawn. He ignored the panicked shouts of his pokegirls, letting his tears wet the soft soil.


         “Master!” Dahlia dropped to her knees and grabbed at his shoulders. “What happened? Master? Are you okay?”


         “I’m sorry.” Nicholas mumbled into the earth. “I’m sorry.”


         “What happened?” Dahlia looked up at the others. “I thought it was going alright, wasn’t it?” She looked desperately at the silent group. “Girls?”


         “I don’t know-“ Elizabeth started but Kary interrupted her.


         “We were demolished. He gave. Up.” Elizabeth stared at the Dragonair in shock when Kary shoved past Dahlia and grabbed Nicholas. “Get up, Master.” When he remained limp she snarled. “I said GET UP!”


         Nicholas felt her yank him upright, barely turning his head to stare at Kary. “I failed you.”


         “You did not- Hey, LISTEN TO ME!” Kary jerked him back up. “Master, look at me. LOOK AT ME!”


         Nicholas’ eyes wandered over the forest around them. “I really am nothing…”


         The slap echoed over the valley and Kary yanked the surprised man up higher. “You. Are. Not. You are our Master. And you have led us this far with extraordinary results.” Cassidy was reaching for Kary’s shoulder but the Dragonair shook her off and stuck her face right up in Nicholas’. “You. Are. Everything. What happened to you, Master? Why do I hear so much fear in your voice?” She released him, letting Nicholas crumple back to the ground. “Where has my Master gone? Because he’s not sitting in front of me, that’s for damn sure.”


         Nicholas stared up in shock at the disgust in her voice. “Kary?”


         “Come on. Be our commander. Order us.” When Nicholas hesitated Kary snapped. “GET OFF THE FUCKING GROUND AND BE THE TAMER WE KNOW YOU ARE!”


         “Kary, that’s ENOUGH.” Cassidy growled, grabbing the Dragonair and pulling her back. “He’s hurting right now.”


         “You think he’s the only one?” Kary whirled on her Beta. “I pledged myself to a certain man, and now he’s GONE!”


         “You think you’re the only other one?” Cassidy retorted. “His indecision got me hurt. BADLY. I am struggling to understand just as much as you are.” Her grip tightened and Cassidy winced when the Alakazam’s nails dug into her skin. “But I am not assaulting him, Kary. And you will not either.”


         “Stop.” Nicholas struggled up and desperately reached for the two bristling pokegirls. “Please, stop.”


         Ashley appeared from behind the two and Nicholas felt her push him back. “Don’t, Master.” She whispered. “Rest. You need it.”


         Nicholas was struggling to get free of her wings as Kary threw off Cassidy’s grip. “He didn’t give me a chance. At least you had an opportunity. I had NOTHING!”


         “You would have been demolished by the same ice that took Dahlia and Elizabeth.” Cassidy replied coolly. “You can’t stand up to it. We learned that against Articuno.”


         “A pokegirl stronger than any of us may ever be is not the same as the pokegirls that we will fight here.” Kary retorted. “And you seem to have forgotten that I did stand up to it. I broke free. I pushed her back. I did. YOU couldn’t.”


         Cassidy’s eyes flashed and Kary roared, shaking her head to clear it before her hand shot out and grabbed Cassidy by the throat.


         “NO!” Nicholas screamed.


         “I exist to fight.” Kary hissed, pushing in towards the struggling Alakazam with fury in her eyes. “I do not know if I can win until I try. None of us can.”


         Kary felt something wrap around her body and she was thrown back. Dahlia stepped between her and Cassidy, glaring at the Dragonair. “I think it’s time you simmered down, Kary.”


         “AM I WRONG?” Kary surged back upright and glared at Dahlia. “AM I WRONG, ALPHA?”


         “You’re not wrong.” Dahlia replied. “But you’re in the wrong here, Kary. You do not attack your sisters. You especially do not attack your Beta. This is a lesson the rest of us have–“


         “…No, Dahlia, wait.” Cassidy tenderly cleared her throat. “I… I was attacking her.”


         “You used your psychic power to push her back, I know that.”


         “No.” Cassidy shook her head. “Not like that. I was… I was belittling her. I was attacking her.”


         “Stop.” Nicholas felt Ashley holding him up as he tried to fall to his knees. “Let go of me, Ashley, I… Everyone, stop, please.”


         “I’m not going to let go, Master.” Ashley murmured in his ear. “I will never let go.”


         “Please, just stop.” With a jerk Nicholas jumped back to his feet, slipping from a surprised Ashley’s hands and running towards the bickering pokegirls. “Please!”


         Kary let him embrace her, waiting for him to fully wrap around her with a bored expression. “And who dares ask me that?”


         “I do.” Nicholas did his best to tighten his hold when Kary shifted. “Kary, please. I can’t stand seeing you all fight. Not right now. Not like this.”


         “Then I guess my Master is still lost.” Kary retorted, pushing him away and ignoring Nicholas’ cry. “My Master is a powerful man who doesn’t let failure define him. My Master is a loving tamer who listens to his pokegirls. My Master is a champion.” She turned away from him. “You are none of those things. You are not my Master.”


         “Kary-“ Dahlia started but Cassidy covered her mouth with a hand.


         “Wait.” She breathed.


         Nicholas felt his spiraling despair going out of control as Kary turned away. He’d lost her. He’d lost her? But he wasn’t any of those things she’d said in the first place. He was just Nicholas. A normal guy. He…


         He’d been trying so hard to prove them wrong.


         Slowly Nicholas felt his emotions stabilize. He’d been saying it from the start, how he was nothing, worthless. And yet, he stood here. Where only the best ever stood. Him, worthless. Carried by his pokegirls?


         No. Without them he was nothing, but with them, he was something. Kary’s biting words finally sunk in and he let out a breath. With them, he was… everything.


         He’d been so busy trying to prove everyone wrong, that he hadn’t thought about proving them right.




         The Dragonair didn’t turn. “What.”


         “I am nothing.” Kary snorted but Nicholas didn’t stop. “I am worthless, weak, human. But there’s something I am.”


         “And what’s that, not-Master?”


         She felt him grab her shoulder and pull with surprising strength until she was looking at him. Nicholas’ eyes were steady as he replied. “I am your tamer. And I am sorry for being such a worthless human.”


         Kary slowly smiled. “There’s my Master.”


         “We’re heading back into Victory Road.” Nicholas looked around. “We are going to train until we don’t think we can train anymore, and then we are going to keep going. I am going to be there too. Not watching from the sidelines, but being the tamer I’m meant to be.”


         Dahlia felt a thrill run through her when he looked at her. “Master?”


         “I’m supposed to be a champion. Your champion.” Nicholas said. “It’s time I start acting like it.”


         The same feelings began to rise in each of the watching pokegirls, displaying themselves in different ways. Ashley’s head snapped up, her eyes burning with delight. Dahlia vines unconsciously snaked out, placing her in her battle stance without realizing. Cassidy’s back arched back and she stood tall, feeding from the raw energy in Nicholas’ thoughts. Victoria began chuckling, a rumbling sound that grew when she looked at him and her lips drew back slightly to bare her fangs. Elizabeth slid her eyes shut, allowing the feelings to wash through her before her spikes sprung to life.


         And Kary took hold of his hand, squeezing slightly. “Thank you, Master.” She turned towards the stairs, letting her satisfaction overflow into her next words. “I’ve been waiting for your dragon’s heart to take control.”


         Nicholas laughed, chasing her down the slope as the rest of the harem followed, weaving past the various statues on their way to the yawning cave entrance.







         “I’m here for another challenge.”


         The attendant checked her notes and nodded. “The arena is free. You may…” She trailed off when the man swept past her, pushing through the double doors so hard that they bounced off the walls before swinging back.


         Lorelei frowned when he stepped back into the room. “You again?”


         “We almost had you last time, Lorelei.” Nicholas stepped into the challenger’s box and raised a pokeball. “We’re going to keep coming back, as many times as it takes.”


         Lorelei’s posture changed as she looked at him. “Release your pokegirl, challenger.”


         Neither tamer was paying much attention to the battle as Dahlia demolished the first two girls Lorelei sent out, choosing instead to give sparse commands and read each other. The Venusaur was still standing tall when Lorelei released her Cloyster, the armored pokegirl easily withstanding Dahlia’s attacks before dropping the Venausaur with her ice.


         Nicholas released Cassidy, keeping her pokeball ready for a potential switch. She took the Cloyster down at great cost, taking a barrage of spikes from the weakened pokegirl before dropping her with psychic attacks.


         Nicholas quickly recalled her when the strange, dark-skinned pokegirl appeared, releasing Kary. The Dragonair took a big hit from her opponent but responded in kind, engulfing the pokegirl in a barrage of flame.


         As Lorelei recalled her fourth pokegirl she spoke. “You are not the same tamer who was here yesterday, or the day before.” She released the other new pokegirl. “Your pokegirls are, but you are not.”


         “Kary, feel her out.”


         Kary took one look at the tusks on the hulking girl and shook her head. “I won’t win, Master.” She grimaced and clutched at her chest. “And… something’s wrong.”


         Nicholas immediately recalled her and weighed his options. If Kary was out, should he try Elizabeth? He chuckled. No, if he needed power, he knew where to find it.


         Victoria materialized and immediately raised her arms, letting out her breath as she began sensually twisting in place.


         Lorelei barked a command and the pokegirl lowered her head, charging towards Victoria as her tusks glowed with energy. Victoria slid back from the impact before she dropped her hands, grabbing her opponent’s shoulders with a grin.


         The girl quailed when she saw the power in Victoria’s eyes. “Thank you for coming to me.” Victoria crooned, pivoting and smashing her tail into the girl. She watched the pokegirl crash back, laughing when Lorelei recalled her. “She challenged a dragon, Master. She got what she deserved.”


         “Don’t get cocky.” Nicholas replied, watching the Lapras materialize. “This one has swept us every time before.”


         Victoria’s fangs glinted in the light as she charged. “Not this time, Master.”


         Lacey roared in pain when Victoria slammed into her, trading blows before driving the Gyarados back with an Ice Beam. Victoria snarled, staggering forwards before coming to a halt when the ice spread up her body. “You-!”


         Nicholas recalled the frozen Gyarados. This was bad. Very bad.


         He suddenly grinned. Or maybe not.


         Lacey hissed when Cassidy materialized. Lorelei grimaced but pointed at the Alakazam. “It’s all you, Lacey.”


         “Focus, Cassidy.” Nicholas watched Lacey begin building energy. “You can beat her. Victoria has weakened her.”


         Cassidy took a deep breath, hands twitching as she calmed her thoughts. “Calm. Crisp. Focused.” She opened her eyes and held up her arms, soaking the beam of ice before lowering her hands and staring at the Lapras. “I’m ready, Master.”


         Nicholas threw out his hand with a shout. “Then DO IT!”


         Cassidy roared, whipping her hands up and pointing both at Lacey, just as Diana had once done the same to her. She could feel her power surging, begging to be sent at the petrified Lapras. This was it. It was her victory. They’d finally done it.


         Lacey staggered back from the assault, her screams piercing the tamers’ ears before she collapsed, eyes unfocused.


         Nicholas found he was hyperventilating and he clutched his chest, willing his breathing to slow. Was it over? Had they finally won?


         Lorelei recalled Lacey, shaking her head slightly and stepping aside. “You’re better than I thought. Go ahead, challenger.” She watched Nicholas recall Cassidy and approach. “You’ve only tasted a hint of the pokegirl league’s power.”


         Nicholas couldn’t help but shoot her a grin as he passed. “You’ve only tasted a hint of ours.”


         Lorelei grinned back. “I’ll see you back here soon.”


         Nicholas turned away. “No. You won’t.”


         And Lorelei believed him.







         “Wait, he’s gotten past Lorelei?”


         “I’m closing the gym. Can you delay him?”


         “What about the other challenger? I can’t come immediately; I have a tamer here. Will he slow Nicholas down?”


         Sabrina stared past the conference call screen. “The other one is facing Gary now. Their battle should take a while; he seems powerful too.”


         “But Nicholas is only getting to Bruno, yes?” Erika asked.




         “That battle will go quickly, if he still has his bird.” Erika said confidently. “She’s a monster.”


         “I thought you took her down with Jasmine.”


         “Yes. Months ago.” Erika replied. “Oh, have to go. I’ll be there as soon as possible.”


         Erika’s screen switched off.


         “I’m on my way now.” Matis glanced at Blaine’s screen. “How about you, scientist?”


         “I’ll have to borrow someone’s Aerodactyl…”


         “Well I’m heading there now as well. I made a bet on this tamer.” Misty grinned. “I want to be there when I win.”


         “I’ll keep you all informed.”


         Brock nodded. “Thank you, Sabrina.”


         Diana waited for the call to end before speaking. “He’s begun fighting Bruno.”


         Sabrina hurried to a nearby monitor. “And?”


         Diana nodded at the screen. “Erika was right.”


         On the screen Ashley whirled, outranging everything Bruno’s fighting-type pokegirls tried before swooping in for devastating attacks. Sabrina glanced down at the score counter and gasped. “Bruno’s already lost three?”


         “He led with his Onix, and the Gyarados continued her rampage.” Diana watched Ashley take out Bruno’s Hitmonchan. “He’s even lost Kary.”


         “Nicholas doesn’t have any losses, though.”


         “Not his Dragonair.” Diana replied. “Bruno’s Machamp.”


         Sabrina’s jaw dropped. “She already went down? And the Pidgeot… what’s her name?”




         “Ashley is still standing?”


         “Kary missed her revenge blow.”


         “Holy crap.”


         “Bruno can’t touch her. The battle is over.”


         In the arena Nicholas swore when Ashley flew too close to the strange pokegirl Bruno had released. The girl’s whirling feet caught Ashley and brought her crashing down, crumpling into a moaning pile of limbs. He recalled her and reached for Cassidy’s pokeball before chuckling and grabbing Kary’s instead.


         “She’s-“ Nicholas stopped when he saw what appeared in front of him.


         Kary slowly straightened, planting her feet and spreading her wings. “Is it my turn, Master?”


         “K-Kary? What- when did this happen?”


         “After you healed my wounds, Master.” Kary flicked one hand back, displaying her claws. “I have finally spread my wings. I wouldn’t have gotten here without you.”


         Nicholas stared at her back. Her blue and white serpentine body was gone, replaced with brilliant gold skin and a swaying tail above her ass. She stood tall, possibly taller than even Victoria, and her flowing hair cascaded over a pair of draconic wings. “How…”


         “My power – everything I am – is thanks to you.” Kary bared her teeth, revealing glistening fangs. “Thank you, Master. Let me show you what I have become.”


         Bruno shouted a command and his girl spun forwards, flipping over the ground in a confusing tangle of movement. Kary ignored the girl, pressing her hands together as she began to mimic what Victoria had done. Nicholas watched in awe as she twisted, her tail flicking side to side before she rotated towards him.


         He was lost in the sway of her body as Kary continued to dance, her movements growing a deadly intent with every flick. When Bruno’s pokegirl slammed into her Kary barely flinched, finishing her turn and setting her eyes on her opponent.


         “He’s become a dragon tamer.” Sabrina whispered when Kary shot forwards and slammed Bruno’s pokegirl to the ground. “I was wrong about what I told him before.”


         Diana looked at her. “What did you tell him, Mistress?”


         “He was depressed, and we talked about tamer strategies.” She watched Bruno release a Poliwrath and Kary punt the water-type across the arena. “I told him he was a generalist type, not specialized. I was wrong. He’s specialized in all of it.”


         Diana turned back to watch Nicholas begin applying medicine to his pokegirls. “Like master Lance.”


         “Like Gary.” Sabrina replied. “And Lance, yes.” She shook her head. “Agatha should slow him down.”


         “Cassidy is as powerful as I am, now.” Diana replied. “He will not be slowed down for long.”


         “I heard you were here.” Sabrina turned to see Lorelei step into the room with her Lapras. “Long time no see, Sabrina.”


         Sabrina winced and looked away. “I’m sorry.”


         “Your reasons have been given. I’m just glad to hear that you’ve had a change of heart.”


         “Sorry.” Sabrina whispered again.


         “So, you’re interested in this one, are you?” Lorelei walked past her and gazed at the screen. “Wonder how he’ll do against Bruno.”


         “He just won.”


         Lorelei gasped and whirled to Sabrina. “What? Already? I only just got cleaned up!”


         “His Dragonair evolved after your battle. She and his Pidgeot demolished Bruno’s team.”


         “What about-?”


         “Aya? Dropped to his other dragon. The Gyarados.”


         Lorelei turned back to the screen. “Demolished.”


         “When’s the last time a tamer did that to the Elite Four?”


         “There have been losses.” Lorelei stared at the screen. “But the last time someone has done that? Three years ago.”


         “I thought so.”


         “If he defeats Lance, he’ll be placed in the hall of fame.”


         “He won’t stop there.”


         Lorelei turned. “Oh?”


         Sabrina nodded. “He intends to challenge Gary.”


         “You seem to know a lot about this tamer.” Lorelei cocked her head. “Why’s that?”


         “We’re friends.”


         Lorelei smiled. “Ah, I see.”


         “Matis and Misty are on their way. Blaine may be as well, I’m not sure.”


         Lorelei looked surprised. “Because of this tamer?”


         “He’s a special one.” Sabrina gazed at the image of Nicholas as he shouted commands. “We’ve been cheering for him.”


         “Then I should as well.” Lorelei walked towards the exit. “I’m going to the stands. Will you join me?”


         “I’m going to keep watching him.”


         Lorelei smiled and left.


         “He’ll be facing Lance soon, Mistress.”


         “Just… let me watch him.” Sabrina whispered, smiling when Cassidy broke through a wall of shadow in order to blast Agatha’s Gengar with psychic energy. “This is the best part.”







         Agatha grunted when her Golbat fell. “You’ve defeated me, tamer.” Her eyes stared into his from across the room. “Another one of Oak’s tamers, surpassing my power. Damn him.”


         Nicholas recalled Elizabeth. “Sorry?”


         “I’ve held this position for a long time. “ Agatha replied. “I was here when Samuel became world champion. I was his sparring partner for years before he retired.” She snorted. “But I’m getting old. Luca hasn’t even evolved, and we’ve been together for years. I don’t have the energy I used to.”




         “My Golbat that you just electrocuted.” Agatha said. “It takes both the tamer and the pokegirl to evolve her into Crobat. She’s ready. I’m weak.”


         “But… you’re a member of the Elite Four.” Nicholas replied. “You’re not weak.”


         “I’m not the tamer I used to be.” Agatha replied. “Compared to her, I am weak. Might be time for me to retire like Samuel has.” She chuckled. “But that’s not your concern, tamer. Go. Face the master of the Elite Four.”


         “Why don’t you like Professor Oak?”


         Agatha turned away from him with a snort. “The old duff used to be tough and handsome, a model tamer. Now he cares about nothing but his stupid pokedex. He’s a shadow of his former self.” She looked back at him. “But we know he’s wrong. Pokegirls are for battling! You’ve shown me that you know how a real tamer battles, challenger. Go on now. I’ve nothing else to say.”


         Nicholas stepped through the doors and stopped. The previous three halls had been basic, with some lighting and not much else. But this was different. Immediately there was what looked to be massive claws lined up on pedestals, framing the entire hall as he walked. When he rounded a corner the hall opened into a massive arena with a similarly intimidating group waiting for him.


         “I’ve been waiting for you, challenger.” The man in front smiled. “I am Lance, the dragon tamer, and leader of the Elite Four. What’s your name?”


         “I’m Nicholas.”


         “It is our pleasure to meet you. I’m sure you’ve heard of the mythical dragon pokegirls, and how they hold nigh indestructible power. It is that power that leads this Elite Four, and that power which you now face.” He swept an arm back. “Well, Nicholas, are you ready to lose? Your league challenge ends with me!”




         Lance frowned. “Excuse me?”


         “I’m very familiar with dragon pokegirls.” Nicholas raised two pokeballs. “I have some of my own.”


         The girls behind Lance began shifting when Victoria and Kary materialized. Lance’s smug smile firmed as he brought his extravagant pose back in line. “So you do. No wonder you’ve made it this far.”


         “It’s taken all of us to get here.”


         “Maybe you should have tamed more dragons.” Lance laughed. “Come at me, dragon tamer! Show me your power.”


         “Remember everything we went through over the last few days?” Kary asked.


         Victoria nodded slightly. “I do.”


         “Good. Because your water will do as little to them as it did to me.”




         “I know you two are ready to fight, but I’m going to lead with Elizabeth.” Nicholas said quietly. “I brought you out to make the right impression.”


         “You did that, Master.” Kary picked out the similar looking girls to herself. “His true dragons are watching me.”


         “True dragon, false dragon, what does it matter.” Nicholas chuckled. “What matters is their heart. Isn’t that right?”


         Kary bared her fangs in a smile. “That’s right, Master.”  







Tamer:Nicholas Topolski


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge

         Cerulean City – Cascade Badge

         Vermilion City – Thunder Badge

         Celadon City – Rainbow Badge

         Saffron City – Marsh Badge

         Fuchsia City – Soul badge

         Cinnabar Island – Volcano Badge

         Viridian City – Earth Badge

Active Harem:

         Dahlia, Venusaur – Level 59 (Alpha)

         Ashley, Pidgeot – Level 58

         Elizabeth, Nidoqueen – Level 61

         Victoria, Gyarados – Level 59

         Cassidy, Alakazam – Level 60

         Kary, Dragonite – Level 60

Inactive Harem:

         Galina, Marowak – Level 35

         Sasha, Ditto – Level 31

         Maka, Kabutops – Level 45



Tamer:Michael Thieme


         Pewter City – Boulder Badge

         Cerulean City – Cascade Badge

         Vermilion City – Thunder Badge

         Celadon City – Rainbow Badge

         Fuchsia City – Soul Badge

         Cinnabar Island – Volcano Badge

         Saffron City – Marsh Badge

         Viridian City – Earth Badge


         Vanessa, Blastoise – Level 59

         Tamama, Exeggutor – Level 58

         Hannah, Primeape – Level 58

         Riana, Sandslash – Level 59

         Madeline, Fearow – Level 58

         Kura, Ninetales – Level 59