Found a decent anti-hacker tool to help harden the site.

Most importantly, I do not believe it will block any of the authors or readers.

if you lose access to the site, please contact Grimwauld over at the invision forums

Recently the following came up: Come up with a way to succinctly describe the setting to someone completely new to it in a way that doesn't sound retarded. You get one(1) sentence.

My response was "This is a world of insanity and danger where juvenile tendencies must be mastered in a perverse undertaking to meld the pokemon universe with a variety of male and female archetypes."

I don't think it's quite as succinct as it should be - anyone got one better?

Chapter 12 is up and running. Though I did promise to make it longer for the last chapter being so short this chapter ended up being so long that I had to split it. Good news chapter 13 should only take me a few weeks.

Chapter 12, Battle by Moonlight

In spite of real life I managed to finish and post chapter 23.

Now for some adult beverages.