“Graduation is tomorrow, Joan.” 


“I know, Dad, I know.”  Joan Paris was half-way up the stairs to her bedroom when her father appeared as if by magic at the bottom of the steps, exasperation laced through his voice.


Chandler Paris sighed and rubbed his short beard with one hand, the other gripping the bottom of the bannister as he watched his middle daughter ascend out of sight.  “You still haven’t told us what your plans are after tomorrow, aside from that you’re moving out and that we shouldn’t worry about you.”


Joan had paused just out of view, leaned back, one hand on the wall for balance as she poked her head down to look back at her father.  “And you shouldn’t.  You and Mom and Aunt Charlotte shouldn’t be worried at all.”


Chandler shook his head, the near-omnipresent worry lines that had set in over the years showing themselves even more clearly than normal.  “That’s not good enough, sweetie.  Just saying you’re going to do something, that you’re going to be okay out there in the wilderness, it’s not the same as actually having a plan going in.  What if you get stuck in a situation where you have no way out?  Where Tess can’t protect you?”


Joan raised an eyebrow.  “Are you questioning my Tess’s ability to fight her way out of any situation we’ve yet found ourselves in?” 


“Not to be rude to Tess, but yes, I am.  She’s a Flowergirl, for goodness sake.  She’s not built for combat, no matter how creative the two of you get with your battle strategies.”  Chandler’s grip on the bannister was white-knuckled, and Joan could sense the scolding he was trying to hold back. 


“That’s why she’s not going to be my only Pokegirl, Dad.  We have plans to acquire someone else to help us as soon as possible.”  Joan resumed ascending the stairs, her thigh-length platinum blonde hair swishing out of sight as her father shook his head, protestation rising.


“That’s not how it works, Joan Miranda Paris!  Come back down here this instant! You, your mother and I are going to have a long talk, and I don’t care how much you yourself don’t seem to care, but we are not letting you go out into the world unaccompanied!”  When it became apparent that his daughter was ignoring him, he started to storm up the stairs after her, only to feel a hand on his forearm holding him back. 


“It’s not worth it, Dad.  She’s as stubborn as you are sometimes.  She may look like Mom, but she acts like you, you know.”  Chandler stopped and turned to find Joan’s older sister Megan sipping from a glass of wine, one brilliant red eyebrow raised as she stopped her father from ascending the stairs after her little sister.


“Damnit Megan, it’s not right.  She won’t be safe, you said it yourself.”  Chandler stepped back down, walking into the living room and sitting down next to Megan’s second body, who was reading a magazine while her third body was watching TV with her feet propped up on the coffee table.  “Put your feet down, you know you mother would throw a fit.”  Three of the Doppledame’s four bodies were in the room with him now.


The version of Megan he had just scolded rolled her eyes but complied, running her hands through her long blue hair and then picking up the remote to find something else to watch than the reality TV she had been binging on all weekend.  “I said that before I figured out what her plan was, Dad.”  It was the purple-haired Megan that spoke up this time, flipping through the fashion magazine idly as the redhead with the glass of wine circled around and sat in the overstuffed armchair that she and her various selves had grown up piling into to sleep whenever they had been left with just their Uncle and Aunt to babysit them.  John and Cynthia had always been more permissive with their nieces, being unable to have children of their own had left them rather like Chandler and John’s own parents were, spoiling the children whenever they were around.


Chandler looked at his daughter and leaned forward, elbows resting on his knees as his face lit up.  “What is she planning, Meg?” 


“You heard it, you take this one.”  The redhead nodded towards the purple haired woman sitting next to her father. 


The purple haired version of Megan inhaled through her nose, and then set her magazine onto the arm of the couch and half-turned to face her father, drawing one leg up beneath her onto the couch.  “I’m as curious as you and Mom are, Dad.  So we, I, did some snooping.  Turns out that Joan’s heard rumors of a feral Witch just outside of town, and she plans to go and capture her the second that she has the tamer’s license that allows her to.”


“And did she not consider that the Witch might be too much for Tess to handle?  She’s a Flowergirl, not a combat breed that is usually required to take down a Witch.  I’ve fought them in the wild before, they fight to the death sometimes.”  Chandler put his head in his hands and squeezed his eyes shut tightly.  “And what if the Witch isn’t even there anymore?  A pokegirl like that, though pretty common overall, isn’t someone who goes unclaimed for long.” 


The blue haired Megan giggled under her breath and continued flipping through the channels.  “She plans to tame the Witch into submission. Duh, Dad.”  Chandler looked at her and frowned, opening his mouth to retort, but was cut off by the voice of his daughter once again, this time from the door leading to kitchen as Megan’s final body entered the conversation.


“And she’ll be there, thanks to David and I.”  The brunette who had spoken tossed her father a bright red and white pokeball, the surface polished and reflecting the firelight from the hearth. 


“What do you mean, who’s this?”


“David, Irene and I went out last night and found her.  It’s why we missed dinner.  We’re going to follow Joan and Tess out of the city and release the Witch where we’re sure that they’ll find her.   We’ll disable the pokeball after that so that Joan will be able to catch her.  And if not, we’ll be there to help her, though I kind of prefer not letting it come to that.  She’s just like you, and doesn’t want to get any help if she can avoid it, especially when she thinks she’s capable of doing the job herself.”


Chandler leaned back on the couch, sighing and looking at the brand new, polished pokeball in his hands.  Once again, the women in his life were three steps ahead of him, leaving him looking like a fool, and glad for it.  He rotated the ball in his hands, before setting it on the coffee table in front of him and then pulling the purple and blue haired versions of his daughter into his sides for a hug.  “Thank you, Megan, thank you.  You have no idea how much your mother and I have been worried.  We’ve all been up nearly every night this week trying to figure out what to do about your sister.” 


The redheaded body of the Doppledame polished off her glass of wine, and the brunette in the doorway smiled, teeth flashing as the purple and blue haired women giggled and protested the hug, respectively.  “She’s our sister, Dad.  We’re always going to be just as worried about her as you, Mom and Aunt Charlotte.”


“We owe you and David, sweetheart.  If there’s anything we can do, just let us know.” 


“Mrughhprhfff!”  The blue haired clone of Megan pulled her head out from underneath her father’s arm, glaring at him and getting up to go check her hair and makeup in the bathroom. 


Across from her the purple haired version of his daughter wrapped her own arm around her father’s waist, resting her head on his shoulder.  “You could put in a word for David at the Academy, actually Dad.  He’s been thinking of applying for the open position in what has essentially become the family business.”


Chandler blinked, and then pushed his daughter back to arm’s length, looking between the purple haired clone and the main body of the Doppledame sitting across the room with the empty wineglass still in hand.  “What are you talking about, Megan?”


“The new combat instructor.  He’s been talking about applying, but is actually hesitant to do so.  He thinks it reeks too much of nepotism.  You know he’s always been conscious of his social image like that.”


“Well, seeing as I don’t make the hiring decisions on campus, he shouldn’t have much to worry about there.  But why didn’t he say something himself?  I’d have recommended him, but I didn’t realize he was even interested.”


“He wasn’t until he was assigned a new patrol route last month.  That’s what I wanted to talk to you about last week.  We’ve been doing more guard sweeps further and further from the city.  His bosses seem to think that since he has a Doppledame, he can cover more ground safely than other guardsmen.”


“What the hell?  That’s… no.  That is not going to happen to you.  Or to him or Irene.  I’ll be damned if I’ll let them risk my daughter’s life and health just because some number-crunching office minder thinks he can save money by doing so.  That’s what they’re doing, isn’t it?  They’re still paying him the same rate as they would someone with only two pokegirls to feed, rather than what they would have to pay for someone with five?”


Megan looked uncomfortable, all three of her bodies in the room shifting in discomfort as the redhead bit her lip, and the brunette responded.  “They’re paying a little bit more, for the danger compensation.  And any ferals we capture we get to keep, or are paid a set sum from the city if we sell them.”  


“David needs the job, then.  It might not be as important as being a city guard, or even pay as much, but it’s guaranteed, and a hell of a lot safer working with beginning Tamers than wild ferals.”  He hugged his daughter tighter, and the two versions of her that he didn’t currently have his arm around smiled with both gratitude and happiness. “I’ll put in a recommendation for him.  Your mother, aunt and I might not make hiring decisions for the Academy, but our word will mean something.”


“Thank you so much, Daddy.  Thank you, really.”  The brunette crossed the room and sat down where the blue haired clone of the Doppledame had been sitting previously, grabbing the remote and turning off the TV before joining in on the hug, as the redheaded original smiled and sank back in her seat, the link with her other selves meaning she felt the hug magnified twofold, the complicated chemistry of her brain parsing the different sensations into something she could comprehend, that was on the whole greater than either individual sensation alone. 


“No, thank you.  For telling me about Joan’s plan, and for making sure that she’s going to be okay.  I know a lot of families face tragedy more often than not, and we and any other parents would and will do everything in our power to make sure that our children are safe.”  He kissed the top of the brunette’s head and looked at his daughter sitting across from him in the armchair.  “So thank you, Megan.  When David, Irene and Charlotte get back from the market, we’ll talk about his application to the Academy.  Your mother is going to be very, very happy I think, with how this situation is turning out.”






“And may I now present to you the graduating class of 363 A.S.!”  Behind the Headmaster, the group of sixty or so students, roughly half human and half pokegirl, threw their ceremonial caps into the air, and screams and astonished gasps erupted from the crowd and the students themselves as someone rather stupidly let loose with a gout of flame into the air, scorching a cluster of hats and drawing immediate condemnation from her fellow graduates. 


Joan Paris looked at the short, faintly green skinned girl standing beside her, looking up forlornly as her own hat drifted back down to earth, little more than ashes held together by crisping strands of fabric than an actual hat.  “We’ll get more, Tess.  I’m sure Aunt Charlotte will want to keep our graduation outfits for the scrapbook or something, knowing her.” 


The diminutive Flowergirl looked up at her best friend, frowning.  “But I spent hours decorating it, Jess.  Houuuurrrsss!”  The faintly green-skinned girl groaned and let her head fall back, staring at the sky as her tamer wrapped an arm around her shoulders.


“I know, I did too.”  Joan sighed, bright blue eyes searching the sky for what she thought was her cap, looking for the silvery tassel that denoted the graduation of a female tamer.  She was the only one in her year, and with the newly activated pokedex and her certificate of graduation tucked under her arm, she had just achieved the goal she had spent the past decade of her life dreaming about.  She hadn’t been allowed to join the Academy at the same time as her same-age peers and friends.  She might have thresholded, she had been told.  She couldn’t begin her advanced schooling until her eighteenth birthday.  Even after her enrollment, it had taken her three and a half years to graduate.  Three and a half years was still quicker than the four and a half that most students were stuck with.  But still, it was a setback to achieving her dreams.  But now… now the future was laid out before her and Tess, the young Flowergirl she had selected as her partner on the first day of Academy.    Joan looked back down at the younger woman, studying her pouting face as memories came flooding back unbidden. 

Tess had been at the Academy for three whole semesters before Joan came along.  They had met before, while Joan had been hanging around the academy in her parent’s office after classes had ended for the day, pouring over the textbooks and quietly fuming that even if she could learn the material and pass the tests, the fact that she might threshold was an unfair weight hanging over her head, threatening to crush her dreams.  Of course, if Joan had undergone threshold like her older sister Megan, she would have been accepted to the Academy on the spot.  But Joan didn’t want to get in that way.  Not that she wouldn’t mind being able to do the types of things that her mother and older sister could, both had quite a powerful and varied magical repertoire, even for being relatively underpowered pokegirls. 

But no, she had been there studying after classes had ended when she first met Tess, the sprightly Flowergirl surreptitiously studying the battlefield while tending to the school gardens.  Joan had noticed her interest in the battles the older, more experienced students were having.  It had taken a bit of digging, a little bit of needling, and quite a bit of secluded taming sessions to drag the truth out of the young Flowergirl.  Tesanee, known to the rest of the student body as just ‘Tess’ wasn’t like most other Flowergirls.  She certainly wasn’t like the International Pokedex files suggested that a Flowergirl should be.  Rather than being shy around violence, combat, and contests of strength and skill, Tess was quite eager to learn all she could about them.  She wanted to compete, she wanted to be the best, to prove herself on a dusty, crater-scared battlefield rather than the padded floor of a Sex Battle arena. 


Joan and Tess had shared if not the same goal, then parallel ones.  Joan wanted to prove herself as a tamer in a world dominated by male tamers, and Tess wanted to show that even as a petite, pretty, offensively challenged Flowergirl she could stand shoulder to shoulder with the other pokegirl students at the academy.  Joan had discovered in Tess a tactical acumen that rivaled her own.  They had studied and dissected the recordings of other student’s battles during their time at the academy, and soon enough they had enough experience to where they were both concocting battle plans on the fly, using the surprise that came with finding out that a Flowergirl was winning the battle against you with a combination of vine based bondage, sexual skillls and a surprisingly powerful array of energy and life-force sapping techniques.  The pair had only ever run up against problems against a handful of opponents at the academy, all girls that could directly counter one or more of Tess’s main methods of beating her opponents.  Unfortunately, there were even more types of pokegirl that could beat Tess in an outright battle out in the world at large.  Sexual techniques and plant-based bondage only went so far before a feral called for help or the battle with another tamer was ruled illegal because it had devolved into more of a sex battle than a contest of strength and physical endurance. 


And that was where their current plan came into focus.  Joan had heard from guardsmen who’s patrol route included the school that a feral Witch had been sighted a couple of times outside the city walls.  She wasn’t rated as a high priority threat like an evolved pokegirl or a menace might, but guardsmen were still attempting to find and capture her.  So far, a feral Witch hadn’t popped up onto the City’s official registry of Pokegirls recently captured by guardsmen, so Joan and Tess were rather hopeful that they would be able to find and capture her by using Tess’s sexual techniques and stamina, adding a more capable combatant to their family before Tess herself could evolve. 


“Ready?  We’ll say goodbye to Mom and Dad and then head out the west gate.  That’s where the Witch was last sighted two days ago.”  Joan unzipped the back of the voluminous blue graduation gown, shrugging out of it and revealing the metal plated leather tamer’s jacket she had been wearing underneath.  She was extremely thankful for the cool breeze that had been blowing throughout the nearly hour long ceremony, as she had broken out in a sweat only a few minutes into sitting beneath the noon sun. 


Tess broke out of her reverie for her lost graduation cap and nodded, her face setting into a confident, eager cast.  “Ready.  Let’s go.”  She hadn’t worn a gown like her newly minted Tamer had, as her inherent magic would have just reduced it to a leaf-like cape in only a few minutes, transmuting the latent plant fibers into lush green foliage.  She was wearing a tight fitting sports-bra-esque top that had over the few hours she had been wearing it grown to resemble a floral garland decorating her chest and upper back, and the rough skirt she had put on in the early morning had grown into a flower-strewn latticework of floral beauty.  Even her cap, before it’s untimely incineration, had started to grow flowers up and down the pink tassel that denoted her as one of the Academy’s pokegirl graduates.


Joan and Tess began to move through the crowd, weaving through fellow graduates and their parents who had come down to congratulate their children.  Joan found her family standing near the podium, her father and brother-in-law, David, conversing with the Headmaster. The grey-headed Academy Headmaster nodded and reached out to shake David’s hand before Chandler said something to the older tamer, and her father and David turned back to their waiting family.


 “Sweetheart, congratulations! We’re so, so proud of you and Tess.”  Rosa Paris was alone today, the pokewoman Doppledame having left behind the two clones of herself that always seemed to be hovering in the background wherever she went.  Unlike her oldest daughter, Rosa didn’t treat her clones as extensions of her body and personality, but rather as tools that were to be used to help her do her job and care for her family.  They rarely spoke, and never acted on their own unless Rosa judged it absolutely necessary.  The oldest Paris woman had been rather dismayed at the attention Megan had showered onto her own clones, but hadn’t stopped her daughter from allowing her clones to develop their own personalities and voices once she had learned that Megan was still always in complete control of herself and her various bodies.  The redhead displayed remarkable control of her multi-segmented mind and personalities, more so than Rosa herself had thought possible for a woman of their breed. 


“Thanks, Mom.  We finally did it!”  Joan allowed her façade of determination and urgency to fade for a moment, basking in the long awaited accomplishment as she hugged her mother.  Tess was smiling, speaking with Aunt Charlotte, her father’s Bramage, as her father, sister, and brother-in-law stood behind her smiling at the pair. 


Rosa pushed her daughter back slightly, holding tightly to the blonde’s shoulders as she looked her squarely in the eyes.  “Yes you did.  Now will you finally tell your father, aunt and I what it is you plan to do now that you have?” 


Joan’s jaw dropped, and she shook her head in disbelief.  “I can’t believe you’re still doubting me, Mom.  I told Dad that Tess and I would be fine.  I mean, if everything goes to plan, we should be back in time for dinner tonight.  After that we’ll pack and head out down the Old Military Road, just like you and Dad did when you started out.”


Rosa wasn’t convinced, or if she was, she didn’t let it show, sweeping her own blonde hair out of her face and frowning.  “In that case, your father and I insist on you letting David, Irene and your sister go with you until you’ve caught more pokegirls to protect yourself.  Please.”


Joan brushed her mother’s hands away, her face taking on a hardened cast.  “No, Mother.  We’re doing this on our own, Tess and me.  We need to do this on our own.  You have to respect that, both of you.”


“A compromise, then.”  Joan turned to face her father as he held out both of his hands, each of them obviously holding something, though his palms were face down so that she could not see what it was that he held.  Joan hesitantly held out her hands, and Chandler dropped two round objects into her hands.  She pulled her hands back, looking down at what her father had just handed her. 


“An evolution stone, and a… a what?”


Chandler gently tapped the evolution stone that his middle daughter held clutched in her palm.  “For Tess.  A Round Stone.  The Academy faculty are in agreement that it’s really all that Tess lacks for the evolution to a Rosebreasts.  It shouldn’t be much of a stretch for a Flowergirl who’s seen as much combat as she has, even if it wasn’t life and death yet.”  The final comment made Joan look up at him, surprise quickly being overtaken by exasperation. 




“And this.”  He tapped the other item, in her left hand.  “In case it does become life and death and you two can’t handle it.  An emergency location beacon.  It will pinpoint your location within five meters, and alert the local authorities, and us, that you need help.  It utilizes the pokedex network to send signals, and acts as a backup to the same function that’s already built into your Pokedex.  I want you to keep them both on you at all times.  Or give the locator to Tess, and have her carry it while you carry the Pokedex.  We don’t want to lose either of you.”


Joan closed her fists around both items, before turning and handing the Round Stone to her Flowergirl companion.  “This puts you, and us together, one step closer to history, Tess.”


“History, is it?  You still haven’t told us what your long term plans are, sweetheart.”  Rosa was now leaning against her husband and tamer, his arm around her shoulder as they looked at their middle daughter. 

Joan looked around.  “Every one of the other tamer graduates is a man.  Boys, really.  I’m nearly five years older than all of them.”  The blonde, blue-eyed newly minted tamer turned back to her family.  “I understand why I had to wait so long.  Friends I had growing up have moved away.  Some are… some are gone, forever.  Some have joined the military, and one has even become a Gym Leader in a foreign league.  I want to be better than all of them.  By this time next year, I want to be able to enter the Emerald League Tamer’s Championship.”  Joan reached out and took Tess’s hand, the shorter Flowergirl smiling and stepping up beside her tamer.  “Sure, we might not win the first go round.  But we will, eventually.  To be the first female tamer to hold the title.  That’s what we’re working towards.  History, like I said.”

Chandler just stared at his daughter for a long second, before finally switching his gaze to Tess’s face, then back again a moment later.  “This is what the two of you have been scheming about for nearly a year and a half now?”

Tess smiled brightly, clutching the Round Stone in her hand as she raised her fist into the air.  “Yep!  We’re gonna be the first all-female team to be champions.  All female, no male tamer included!” 

From behind Joan’s parents, the redheaded Megan chuckled, and one of the Doppledame’s clones walked up holding a camera, lifting it and snapping a picture of her little sister and pokegirl as Chandler shook his head, and Rosa rested her hands on her husband’s chest.  “I told you it wouldn’t be that bad, darling.”

“Why, what were you thinking we were going to do, go join a Team or something?”

Chandler balked.  “Nothing like that, but you sure haven’t made life easy on your family this past year.” 

“Sorry, Dad.  But I just… I just want to be able to do this on my own.  I know that you’d try and help someway, somehow.  I don’t want you to make this easy on me, just because you’re my Dad.  I want to actually earn this on my own.”

“Sweetheart, what do you call this?”  Chandler waved a hand around him.  “You just graduated from one of the premier tamer academies in the League, if not the world.  That was you, I didn’t have any part in it, and neither did Mom or your Aunt Charlotte.”

“Would I have been accepted two years earlier than any other female tamer if you three weren’t working for the academy, Dad?  The League states that any female human wishing to enroll in a tamer’s academy or secondary school must wait until they are twenty.  I enrolled almost two and a half years sooner than that date, and no-one said a thing about it during my application process, and hasn’t since.”

“Well, your doctor said…”

“I know what the doctor said, Dad.  Stable Genes, practically a full-blooded human.  That’s thanks to your magic lineage, and to my mother being a magic type pokegirl as well.  But still, you pulled strings.  I know you did.”


“It’s okay, Dad.  I’ve thought a lot about it.  I can’t change the past, but I do want to be in charge of my future.  So no more pulling strings, okay?  Tess and I, and all of the other pokegirls that we’ll meet, add to the harem, to our family, that’s on us.  Not you or Mom or Aunt Charlotte.  Okay?”

Chandler smiled slowly, and shared a knowing look with Rosa.  “Okay, Joan.  Okay.  From now on, you’re making your own decisions.  But you will always have a place in our home, alright?”

Behind him, three identical voices simultaneously spoke up.  “You kicked me out the day after I graduated!”

Chandler looked over his shoulder and then reached back with his free hand, grabbing ahold of the wrist of the Megan’s purple-haired clone and pulling her into the hug with her mother.  “That was because you had a tamer who already had a home of his own, you little troublemaker.  And it wasn’t the day after, it was nearly two months later before you moved the stuff in your room out of the house.”

Megan pursed her lips and frowned.  “You turned my room into an art studio.”

“Well, your Aunt Charlotte has always enjoyed painting in her free time, and we wanted somewhere where she could do so indoors.”

The purple haired woman rolled her eyes as Megan’s fourth clone, the brunette version of herself, approached her tamer behind the hugging family.  “Sorry to break this up, but we’ve got to get back to work.  There’s been a wild Pokegirl sighted near the West Gate, and David’s been assigned to track her down before she gets any closer to the city.”

                That caught Joan’s attention, drawing her away from the sight of her older sister and mother hugging her father.  “The West Gate?  What kind of pokegirl?”

It was the purple haired Megan that continued the conversation, the brunette taking David’s arm and leading him away through the dwindling crowd, the blue and redheaded clones following after.  “The reports just say that she might have been some sort of magic type.  She escaped from a traveling tamer who just entered town who was attempting to catch her.”

Joan looked at Tess, and the two of them started a mad dash through the crowd, rushing to catch up to David and her sister.

Chandler hugged his oldest daughter tighter.  “Sorry about the art studio thing.”

Megan smiled and pulled herself away from the hug.  “I was just teasing, Dad.”

“I know, I know.”  Chandler smoothed the expensive shirt he had worn to his daughter’s graduation ceremony.  “I take it that Irene is keeping Joan’s future pokegirl company?”

“Mmhmm.  I just released her.  Irene is watching her to keep any random tamer from finding her.  She hasn’t actually been reported to the City Watch, that’s just a bit of theatrics for my dear little sister’s benefit.”

“Does this count as meddling?”

“Absolutely.”  Rosa kissed her husband on his cheek and then took her daughter’s hand.

“Think she’ll forgive us?” 

“Well, if she ever finds out, we’ll just tell the truth.  This was all planned before her little speech just now.”

“Oh, that’ll just go down soooo well.”  Chandler shook his head and chuckled, taking his wife’s hand and leading them through the crowd and back towards their home.






“David said that they’d give us two hours before they had to start their own search, Joan.  Do you think we’ll find her in time?”

“Maybe if we knew what exactly we were looking for… Just ‘Witch’ isn’t very helpful.  I’m surprised that the City Guard hasn’t sent someone out after her before now.  We heard about her nearly three weeks ago.”   Joan and Tess were moving slowly, albeit not very quietly though the woods perhaps half a mile from the towering West Gate of the city of Arbon Valley.  The city itself was nestled between three mountains, deep in a sheltered valley that saw relatively stable seasons and climate year round.  There were three gates out of the city.  To the north lay the winding, treacherous mountain pass to the neighboring city of Bellemeade, and to the south was the much gentler sloping grade of the road to Fort Thomas, the only League Military presence in the region.  The West Gate saw less use than either of the gates to the north or south, the road leading away from it leading to a disused mountain tunnel system that had served as a mine just after the war.  Arbon Valley had initially made its name as a safe, secure mining town supplying nearby Fort Thomas with materials needed to fortify and secure the region.  The mine had dried up nearly a century ago, however, and the people of the Arbon Valley had needed a new niche to fill to keep the town afloat.  When the Emerald League government had started scouting locations to site its new Tamer Academies, the people of Arbon had jumped at the chance to make themselves useful again.  In time, Arbon had transformed itself from a rustic, out of the way mining village into the host city for the premier Tamer Academy in the nation.  Seven of the last twenty League Champions had come out of the Valley Tamer’s Academy, and Joan aimed to add her name to that list. 

                I can’t sense anything bigger than a rabbit out here…”  Tess was wearing much less out here among the trees than she had been in town, using the opportunity to soak in the sunlight, her pale skin glinting faintly green in the rays that shone through the thin canopy.  Flowergirls were more in-tune to nature than any other plant-type pokegirl than perhaps those of the Elf family-tree.  Tess had ‘hooked’ herself into the local forest the moment they passed through the West Gate, leaving her sister Megan, her Tamer David, and his other pokegirl, a Whorc named Irene to wait for their (hopefully successful) return.  David apparently had orders to try and find the possible magic-type feral before sundown, and given that Megan could cover a lot more ground a lot quicker than Tess and Joan could, the pair was racing against the clock.  Tess frowned as a tree branch inexplicably turned and twisted away from her, and then the Flowergirl smiled.  “The forest says this way, Jess.”

                Joan looked up at the moving tree branch and shook her head.  “It still kinda creeps me out when that happens, plants moving to speak to you.”  The blonde took a sip of water from her canteen and then handed it to Tess, who took a deep drink and then handed it back, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

Water droplets fell from her wrist as she smiled and turned to walk away through the sparse undergrowth.  “You don’t seem to mind when they’re holding you down when I tame you.”

Joan blushed and stuffed the canteen back into her pack, withdrawing two pokeballs from the side pocket and gripping them tightly as she walked behind her Flowergirl, intentionally avoiding watching the rather seductive sway of her hips and ass as she ran her hands across the bark of trees she passed like she was caressing a lover.  Tess liked to tease her tamer about the Flowergirl being the one ‘doing’ the taming, given that she had access to the Grass Cock technique and had yet to hear a complaint from her tamer about being restrained by her Vine Bondage technique.  “That’s different.”  Joan rotated one of the pokeballs in her hand.  Tess’s was mounted in place on the inside panel of padded jacket, held there tightly with a locking pin that kept it from falling loose unless Joan purposefully withdrew it from its place.    She decided to change the subject.  “How far?”

“Half a mile, maybe a little more.  Trees can’t tell distances like you and me.  We do need to be quiet though.”

“Okay, okay. Any questions about the plan?”

“Nope.  Just like we practiced, right?”


                The plan that Tess and Joan had come up with involved not so much battling the feral pokegirl as it did crippling her with lust long enough for Tess to immobilize her and allow Joan to capture her with a pokeball.  They walked in silence for several seconds, and Joan, with her head down soon realized with a start that the grass itself was moving, pulling sticks and dead leaves out of their path, so that their footsteps fell quietly on just the bare dirt or soft green grass, keeping the sound of their footfalls completely silent. 

                A few minutes later, Tess stopped moving ahead of her, and Joan snapped her head in a quick circle, stepping closer to the trunk of a large tree as the Flowergirl pointed towards a break in the trees to their left.  It wasn’t so much of a clearing as it was place where a few trees had fallen over the years and nothing had grown to take their place.  Joan moved slowly around the tree so that she could see exactly what Tess was pointing at as the Flowergirl took a step towards the miniature clearing.  Sunlight was streaming down from above, but it wasn’t the only thing falling down upon the forest floor.  Snowflakes were tumbling silently through the air, and the sudden crack of an icy tree branch snapping from its’ trunk made Joan duck back behind the tree.    Ice was certainly not something either Tess or Joan was expecting, though it wasn’t outside of the realm of possibility for a magic type pokegirl to possess an ice-type technique.  It just made capturing her all the more difficult.  Tess, as a plant-type pokegirl, was especially susceptible to the cold, and especially to ice-based pokegirl attacks.  It wouldn’t take more than a couple of solid hits to leave Joan in the middle of the forest with an angry feral and no pokegirl able to defend her. 

                Joan tried to calm her breathing, holding a hand over her face as she took a couple of deep, steadying breaths.  For all her gusto, for all of her training and determination, being out here in the wilderness was a different experience altogether.  And faced with the possibility of the defeat of her only pokegirl?  All the strategy she and Tess could devise wouldn’t pull them out of that kind of trouble.  The newly christened tamer closed her eyes for a moment, and then opened them, hoping in the back of her mind that they had taken on some sort of steely glint.  She slowly slid out from behind the tree to see Tess standing in the middle of the small snowbank that had formed, the slush melting quickly in the afternoon sun.  The Flowergirl turned around and looked at her tamer, shrugging and shaking her head.

                And then the scream came.  Beyond Tess, a shrill, panicked scream of warning and terror split the air.  Joan snapped her head back behind the trunk of the tree as Tess turned to face the sound just in time to be taken in the left shoulder by a streaking bolt of magical energy that sent her flying to the snow covered ground. 

                And then she appeared.  The Witch was young, perhaps only a year or two older than Tess, and she was wearing the scraps of a dress that had certainly seen better days, the pale blue lace frayed and torn and the bodice of the white fabric stained with dried blood and mud.  Tess rolled to her feet smoothly as the white-haired Witch rushed her in a frenzy, exhaling a cloud of sparkling pink dust directly in the feral’s path before rolling out of the way and into the deepening shadows of the canopy above.  The lust dust was the first part of the plan, and Tess had managed to pull it off without being seriously hurt.  It was arguably the hardest part, getting in the first hit that would slow down and distract their quarry.  Things would, hopefully, get easier once the Witch was distracted with her own growing arousal. 

                And indeed, instead of diving after Tess into the bushes, the Witch stared at the spot that she had disappeared from, stamping her bare foot on the snowy ground and whining in an utterly displeased tone of voice.  It wasn’t all roses from here on out, though.  Joan rolled around to the other side of the tree, trying to put more distance between herself and the feral just as Tess popped her head back out from the trees in the direction that the Witch had rushed her from.  The Witch rounded on her instantly, hand outstretched and fingers glimmering with light-blue light, frost forming around her wrist and forearm as she shot a beam of magical ice at the plant-type pokegirl, sending Tess flying back into the bushes as it struck her in the belly.  

                Joan inhaled sharply as she watched her friend and lover disappear into the trees, and unfortunately, the Witch heard her.  The white-haired, blue-eyed feral girl rounded on the defenseless tamer, and Joan pushed off from the tree trunk as their eyes locked.  She just barely managed to dive behind another tree before a large section of the trunk she had just been hiding behind exploded in a shower of wooden shrapnel and ribbons of leftover magical energy. 

                Before the Witch could advance on Joan any further, Tess reappeared from the same direction she had first dived into the bushes from, practically at the Witch’s shoulder.  Her cheeks were puffed up like a Bunnygirl about to throw a tantrum, and the Witch shrieked again as Tess spat a mouthful of sticky sap on her legs, the magical saliva instantly hardening around her feet, pinning her in place as Tess threw herself back into the trees.  The Flowergirl was paradoxically in her element.  Most Flowergirls, indeed, every that Joan and her family, or even the faculty at the Arbon Academy had ever heard of completely disdained combat.  But Tess was having the time of her life.  The Ice Beam that had struck her in the stomach had blistered some of her delicate skin from the sudden cold snap, and she wasn’t sure she would want to be hit again with that particular type of attack, but otherwise she was actually having fun, believe it or not.  Fighting for her life in the middle of the forest that she had spent most of her life growing up in and around, this was exactly where she wanted to be. 

                The Flowergirl practically glid through the woods, circling around to the opposite side of her quarry before plucking a series of seeds from her hair and pressing them into the ground with a smile, watching as they quickly took root and then began to grow into long, sinuous vines as thick as her wrist.  She advanced upon the still screeching and immobile Witch as she attempted to free herself from Tess’s Glue Spit attack, the vines slithering across the ground in front of her like a legion of snakes.  The Witch looked up just in time to see Tess’s face come into view in the beam of sunlight, her red hair shimmering as the vines began to wrap up and around the feral’s legs.  They quickly snared her hips and began moving up her torso as Tess took a step to the right to dodge a feebly launched magical bolt, the tree behind her losing some of its bark as the Witch whined in frustration and arousal as the Lust Dust finally started to take a deep hold of her body chemistry.  The Witch’s pale cheeks were flushed, and her shivering certainly wasn’t coming from the cold as one of Tess’s vines snaked between her legs, rubbing against the surprisingly wet folds of the feral’s sex.  The Witch shivered and sighed again, and Joan was suddenly standing behind Tess.  “She’s dropped her numbing spell, I think.  Now’s as good a time as any.”  A loopy, aroused grin had plastered itself across the Witch’s face as Tess securely bound her arms and slipped a vine between her lips, gagging her as Joan walked up and tapped her on the back of the head with a pokeball.

                The vines that had been tightly constricting the feral suddenly collapsed in upon themselves as the object of their affection turned into a stream of red light that was sucked into the pokeball in Joan’s hand.  Joan set the ball down on the forest floor and backed away from it as it began to rock violently, and Tess worked up another wad of glue-like saliva in case the Witch broke the containment field on the pokeball. 

                It took several long seconds, but finally the ball stopped moving, and Joan let out a massive breath that she hadn’t realized she had been holding.  Tess’s eyes lit up and she swallowed the sap she had been building up in her mouth, before turning around and throwing her arms around Joan’s neck, the vines that had been holding the Witch immobile surrounding their ankles and moving through the snow like they were thinking for themselves.  “We did it!”  Tess’s ruby red eyes were dancing with delight, and she threw her head back and laughed as Joan rested her head on the shorter girl’s shoulder, wrapping her arms around her and sighing in relief. 

                “That was a bit too close.  The Ice Beam was a bad graduation gift.”

                “Aw, don’t think about it like that.  Think about it like that now, it is a gift.  You have a pokegirl that has an ice-type attack, and at least one magical one.  That’s a good addition to the team, and given the way that she was looking at me before I gagged her, I think I’m going to like her just as much.”

                Joan looked down at her Flowergirl as the vines surrounding them started to cinch a little tighter around her calves.  “How much of your own Lust Dust did you inhale?”

                Tess rolled her eyes.  “I’m immune, remember?  I’m just excited that this went so well.”

                Joan smiled and then leaned down to kiss the green skinned girl, frowning when she realized that her lips were now glued together as she leaned back from the graze of their lips.  “Mmmrhhmph?”

                Tess’s eyes shot wide open, and she giggled as she leaned up to lick her Tamer’s lips.  “Sorry about that, need to rinse my mouth out before I kiss you again.”  Joan gingerly pried her lips apart as Tess’s natural saliva dissolved the glue sticking them together. 

                “Please, I can see how that would be very, very unpleasant if you kissed me anywhere else.”

                “What, you don’t want me to be stuck kissing your butt?”

                It was Joan’s turn to roll her eyes, and she shook her head and laughed as she stepped back out of the circle of vines, walking over to pick up the red and white pokeball that held the newest addition to their family.  “That’s the last think I want, and you know it.”  She produced her pokedex from her back pocket and scanned the pokeball that held… “Yep, a Witch.  Just like we heard.  The pokedex estimates her power level is pretty low, just barely above yours, in fact.  A few more weeks of training and you’d probably be stronger than her, even if you don’t evolve in the meantime.”

                Tess looked down as the vines she had quickly grown and used to subdue the Witch grew still as she relinquished her control over them, piled up on quickly melting snow.  This would be a perfect place for them to grow, and the influx of water from the magical snow would certainly help them take root once she left.  “I notice that I didn’t evolve when I got hit with that Ice Beam.”  She produced the Round Stone that Joan’s father had given her from the small woven pouch on her hip, holding it up and looking at it under the fading sunlight.

                “I guess you didn’t really get hit that hard then, did you?”  Joan smiled and wrapped her arm around Tess’s shoulders.  “We need to hurry back before David, Megan and Irene come looking for us and the Witch.  I don’t think it’s a good idea to go camping tonight.”

                Tess looked dismayed as she looked at the setting sun, the green glitter in her otherwise pale skin fading with the light.  “We left all of our camping gear at the house.”

                Joan smiled and tucked the Witch’s pokeball into her pocket before beginning to pick her way back through the undergrowth in the direction that they had approached from. 





Joan thanked the Nursejoy working the Pokecenter counter lifted the pokeballs containing her two pokegirls, triggering the release on Tess’s ball and smiling as the impish Flowergirl materialized, the frostbite on her stomach healed and her foliage-like clothing having grown back into place.  “Feel better?”

                “Tons.  Thought of a name for her yet?”  Tess stretched her arms above her head and yawning.  They had both been up since the early hours of the morning, and it was nearing nine at night now.  Not that she had any plans of sleeping tonight, and their graduation dinner was still waiting at Joan’s parent’s house.

                “A few, but I thought we might better ask her.  She didn’t look like she’s always been feral, what with the dress and all.  I did try and find something that I thought might fit her, but it’s nothing fancy.”  The original dress that the Witch had been wearing was now a lost cause, the healing machines that could restore tissue and bone, bring back a pokegirl from death’s door couldn’t do anything for clothing, jewelry, or anything else other than the pokegirl herself. 

                “Well, I want you first.  No way the new girl’s going to take my spot.”

                Joan shook her head.  “You know you’re always first.  Besides, you’re going to help anyway, Tomato.” 

                Tess pouted.  “If I’m a Tomato you’re a Bimbo.” 

                Joan smiled and took Tess’s hand, leading her around the counter and towards the taming room she had rented while Tess and the Witch were in their healing and cleaning cycles.  The Nursejoy at the counter watched them go with a mild look of amusement and then resumed her duties, the voices of the two teasing young woman echoing back down the hall. 

                Joan stopped at the entrance to the Taming room and held her Pokedex up to the electronic lock, the blinking red light turning green as the door swung open.  The locks were there to keep unwanted mix-ups to a minimum, and arguments about who should be taming who out of the question.  Tess looked into the room at the overly large bed.  “You really want to have sex in here?  If you don’t want to tame your new pokegirl at home, we could always rent a hotel room.”

                Joan ushered Tess into the room, hand on her hip.  “Yeah, and if she decides she wants to hit you, or me for that matter with another Ice Beam?  I’ll take the automated suppression systems installed in Pokecenters over a security staff’s response time any day.” 

                “But there’s nowhere to plant any seeds…”  Tess was looking absolutely heartbroken, even as the floral brassier and shorts she wore began to retract, to creep away from her body, the plain colored fabric underneath finally visible as the scraps of clothing fell off of her body, her natural ability to alter her clothing stripping her bare.  The Flowergirl brought a finger to her lips and sighed, sucking on the tip gently before turning around and crooking a finger at her tamer. 

                Joan smiled and shrugged out of her armored jacket, hanging it on the coat rack behind the door and moving over to join Tess in the center of the room.  The two young women embraced, and before Joan could stop her, Tess had her tongue in her tamer’s mouth, exploring as she closed her eyes with a little hum of arousal.  Joan’s hands stroked down Tess’s sides, the green tint to the pokegirl’s skin barely visible under the soft lighting provided by the dimly lit taming room. 

                “I want you to tame me this time, like you’re supposed to…”  The shorter redhead sighed softly as her tamer’s hands found her hips, dimpling the soft skin there beneath her fingertips before her own hands found the clasp on Joan’s trousers, popping the button open and threading her delicate fingers beneath the hem of her panties to gently run through the soft little crop of short hairs between the top of the blonde’s thighs. 

                “As if I never do… and don’t tell me you don’t like to be the one calling the shots, you little minx, you’re even doing it now…”  Joan smiled and pressed a kiss against the base of Tess’s ear as she ran one hand up her back, tugging on her long red hair and forcing the younger woman to crane her neck back to stare at the paneled ceiling to give Joan plenty of room to kiss and suck upon her exposed neck.  Tess for her part just gave a little whimper and ran her fingertips around the waistband of her tamer’s tight fitting pants, pushing them down over her hips and shivering as Joan bit lightly just below her jawline, worrying the skin with her teeth. 

                Moments later, Joan’s pants were around her ankles, and Tess was heading towards one of the fully stocked cabinets.  By the time Joan had stripped down to just her panties and bra, Tess had appeared at her side, holding a rather thick, studded purple dildo with a strap on harness sized to fit someone Joan’s size.  “This one will work…” 

                Joan’s eyes widened at toy her Flowergirl had selected, and then shook her head.  “We’ll buy you one just like it then, but we’re not using strange taming toys from a pokecenter.  I thought ahead and brought ours, they’re in my pack.”

                Tess rolled her eyes and then stuck out her tongue.  “You’re no fun. You know they sanitize absolutely everything before someone else rents the room.”

                Joan was incredulous as she stripped out of her bra.  “Tesanee!  You yourself were just complaining about taming in a strange bed!”

                Tess’s tongue poked back out of the side of her mouth as she dropped the toy and the strap-on on the floor and scurried over to rummage through Joan’s backpack.  “I’m allowed to change my mind!”  

                It was Joan’s turn to roll her eyes as she dropped her bra on the corner of the bed, turning to take the proffered strap-on from Tess before the Flowergirl jumped onto the bed and stretched out, spread-eagle.  “I bet they have restraints, if we really want to use them…”

                “They’re on the list of supplies to purchase tomorrow…”

                “Just saying!”  She giggled and craned her neck up to watch as Joan slipped the black adjustable straps of her strap-on over her thighs and around her waist, cinching them tight and then adjusting the pink faux-cock between her thighs, the base pressed directly against her panty-covered crotch.  “How many times have I told you that you look good with a cock between your legs?”

                “More than I can count.  And no, that is not an invitation to attempt your Gender Dust Technique on me.  You still aren’t sure you’ve got it down right, and I’m not willing to play test subject tonight.  Last time I practically grew a beard, and that was it.”  Joan waggled a finger at Tess as she opened her mouth to say something, and then snapped it closed when the strap-on wearing blonde climbed onto the bed between Tess’s thighs, bending down and cupping her rear in her palms and urging her to scoot up to place her head on the pillows. 

                “How do you…oh!”  Tess’s question was suddenly silenced when Joan’s tongue began to dance across her mound, and Joan was once again grateful for the fact that Tess wasn’t locked in to tasting like just one type of fruit.  She could change her flavor at will, given a few days to concentrate on her body chemistry.  Tonight, Tess tasted like tart cherries, and Joan nuzzled her Flowergirl’s thighs as she feasted on her sweet treat.  Tess hummed and closed her eyes, hand coming down to run through her tamer’s hair as Joan’s lips and tongue played havoc on her nerve endings, making her gasp and lift her hips to meet the blonde’s mouth. 

                Soon enough, Joan was relatively sure that Tess was ready for the next step, given that the Flowergirl had filled her mouth with several gulps of cherry flavored nectar twice over.  The blonde crawled up and on top of her lover, kissing her way over her flat, toned stomach and her perky little breasts, stopping to suck gently on a dusky pink nipple, eyes flicking up to watch Tess’s face as the redhead let out a little whine of pleasure, eyes closed and fingers tangled in Joan’s hair.   “Ready…?” 

                “Mmmmm… Ready!”  Tess giggled and spread her legs, hooking them over Joan’s hips as the blonde rested one hand on the mattress beside her pokegirl’s head, lining the fake pink plastic cock up with her nectar-sodden lips.  Tess threw her head back as Joan buried her face in the crook of her neck, nuzzling, kissing, and licking as she thrust her hips forward, making Tess gasp in pleasure as she was filled. 

                Joan’s hands found Tess’s chest, cupping and gently kneading the younger woman’s smaller breasts.  The Flowergirl had experimented with using Bloom Powder on herself years ago, but had finally decided that the increase in bust size didn’t suit her as well as it might have other pokegirls.  Joan, however, had taken to her Flowergirl’s figure-enhancing abilities rather quickly, spending nearly a week of experimenting before settling on the lower end of a D-cup, and a firm, round rear end that certainly rivaled some pokegirls.  Joan was beautiful as she was, but compared to some pokegirls, she was rather plain, given that she still had to apply her own make-up and do her own hair every day, where as some girls were able to wake up looking like they had just stepped out of a salon.  Her older sister had called her on her random bouts of vanity long ago, but Joan had come to accept that though she might not be as perfectly beautiful as some of the pokegirls she might one day welcome into her family, she was rather glad to be exactly who she was, and that was a philosophy she planned to teach to any pokegirl that came into her life.

                And so when Tess wrapped her legs around her waist, Joan knew she was doing something right as the Flowergirl cried out in ecstasy as the blonde’s body began to tire from exertion.  Joan laid herself out flat atop Tess while keeping her knees beneath the redhead’s thighs, nuzzling at her collarbone and kissing her way up the side of her neck to suck on her earlobe.  “Keep something in the tank for our new friend, sweetheart…” 

                Tess shivered as her lover’s saliva cooled on her skin, and pursed her lips tightly shut as she thrust her hips up against Joan’s hard humping motions, until she felt the oncoming wave of another orgasm rapidly approaching.  She felt it first deep in the pit of her stomach, like a bundle of nerves coming undone and lighting off like fireworks that spread through her limbs, her body tingling and her vision going slightly blurry as she succumbed to the pleasure.  She vaguely realized that Joan had wrapped her arms around her, and lifted her up so that she was sitting in her tamer’s lap, gravity pulling her down onto the strap-on now as her juices leaked around down across the base of the pink plastic phallus, and she buried her face in Joan’s hair as she cried out.

                For her part, Joan continued to gently stroke and rub Tess’s back, coaxing her down from the strongest orgasm she’d had in weeks, gently kissing her shoulder and whispering loving words into her ear as the Flowergirl caught her breath and came back to her senses.  Finally, Tess roused, pulling her face back from the tangle of Joan’s hair and smiling sleepily.  “That was gooooood.” 

                “I noticed.  Still feel up to helping me with our new friend?”

                “Mmhmm, just let me get some water first…”  The lithe little Flowergirl leaned back, forcing Joan to relinquish her hold on her as she scooted back and off of the dildo, giggling as it pulled out of her with a lewd little sucking sound, springing up to slap Joan on the stomach and leave a splatter of her cherry-flavored sexual fluids on her tamer’s tanned stomach.  “Sorry about that…”  Tess leaned down and quickly licked up the mess she had made, before reaching for the buckles on the strap-on.  “I’ll take over from here, you and my new sister just get to know one another better while I do the work this time.”

                Joan smiled and brushed Tess’s hair out of her face before cupping her chin and drawing her up for a kiss, before the Flowergirl scampered off of the bed and went to the mini-fridge in the corner of the taming room.  By the time she had stripped out of the strap-on harness, Tess had drained one bottle of water and was working on a second, and belched as she approached her tamer, stopping in her tracks in surprise and clamping a hand over her mouth before breaking into a fit of giggles.  “Want some water?” 

                She shook her head in amusement, but took the water bottle, draining the rest and tossing it to the ground beside her backpack before standing up and walking to where she had hung her jacket on the back of the door to the hallway.  Reaching into the inner lining, she withdrew the second pokeball slotted into the inner panel, pulling it out and depressing the button on the front that would enlarge it to its normal size.  “I put her through a level three conditioning cycle.  Her memories aren’t altered, but she’s going to be pretty docile, confused even.”  Joan set the pokeball containing the white haired Witch down on the bed and stood beside Tess, regarding the red and white orb that contained, somehow, a living, breathing person who was waiting to be released.  “I didn’t get this far in my planning, did you?”

                Tess was currently combing her hair through her hands, looking at the flowers that had been regrown among her red tresses thanks to the healing cycle she had been through not forty-five minutes earlier.  “Nope.  I figured that I’d use one of these, though…”  She plucked a flower from her hair, bringing it to her nose and breathing in the sweet scent deeply, before gently closing her hands around it and concentrating for a moment, a dull green glow leaking out of her fist before she opened her hand to reveal a perfectly oval shaped seed resting in her palm.  She brought it to her lips and licked it, bathing the seed in her saliva before reaching down between her legs and holding the seed against the apex of her legs, pressing it firmly against her clitoral hood and giving a little shiver as the magic took hold.  By the time Joan had stepped forward and picked up the Witch’s pokeball, Tess was sporting a seven inch, vine-like Grass Cock, the surface knobbed and ridged like the toy she had wanted to experiment with earlier, the tip a blunt, rounded surface except for the tiny slit from which her Fruit Juice technique slowly oozed. 

                Joan looked back at her Flowergirl, the corner of her lower lip caught between her teeth as she watched the petite redhead stroke her newly grown cock with a mischievous look on her face.  “What are you…”

                Before she had a chance to finish, Tess blew a breath of air laced with pink dust into her tamer’s face, making Joan’s eyes go wide and a startled squawk leave her mouth as she dropped the Witch’s pokeball and fell back onto the bed, rubbing her eyes and sneezing as the Lust Dust filled her lungs and mouth, and quickly began to affect her body’s chemistry, tricking it into craving sex and lowering most, if not all of her normal inhibitions.  As Joan writhed and sneezed on the bed, Tess picked up the pokeball containing her new harem sister and depressed the release button, pointing the front of the ball at the bed and watching as the red beam of light that emanated from the ball resolved into the Witch that she had fought and ensnared hours ago.  She was pretty, Tess had to admit.  Her breasts were only slightly bigger than the Flowergirl’s own, partly visible beneath the ripped white and sky-blue dress she still wore. Her hair was much longer than either Joan’s or Tess’s own, reaching down almost to the backs of her thighs, and was a pure white in stark contrast to the startlingly deep blue of her eyes. 

                The Witch coalesced from the light in a standing positon much like she had been captured in, and promptly fell backward onto the bed with a cry of surprise, her squeak rousing Joan, who’s eyes had become half-lidded with lust, her nipples stiff and jutting out from the soft mounds of her breasts as she rounded on both Tess and the Witch. 

Tess smiled and stroked her vine-like cock again, readying another lungful of Lust Dust for the white haired Witch.  “Oh, this is going to be fuuuuunnnnn…” 






Joan Miranda Paris

Combat Tamer


                Tessanee ‘Tess’: Flowergirl

                Unnamed: Witch


Chandler Paris

Combat Tamer


                Rosa Paris: Doppledame

                Charlotte Paris: Bramage

                                Daughter: Mia Paris (Human)


David La’Croix

Combat Tamer


                Irene: Whorc


                Megan Paris: Doppledame