Chapter 03 is here!


This Chapter is the end of our introduction to the story, but by no means is it the end. Stay tuned!

Loose Threads 63 is posted.

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...Is this a weekly upload? That's a bit ambitious, don't you think Socom?

Well. It'll crash and burn eventually.

Growing Pains Chapter 02 is released! Thanks for reading!

I'm as surprised as you are.


It's a weekend double feature, everyone! Please enjoy the first chapter of a new side fic: Growing Pains, a story about a young Tamer who just doesn't know what he's going to do with his life. The world shuns him; his peers abuse him; and his pokegirls... Well, they're alright. He seems to have something that the petite girls he finds himself with just can't get enough of.


Chapter 01 is already released, and I can actually promise semi-constant releases. At least for the first few chapters. No idea the time frame on that yet, but stay tuned.


Thanks for reading!