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Chapter 8

Alpha Dragon




          Nicholas slowly opened his eyes.


          His stomach still churned, the queasy feeling accompanying the dull pain that radiated throughout his body. Where was he? What had happened?


          He carefully blinked when the cavern above him began swimming, waiting for it to stabilize again. He remembered. The grotto, the pokegirls. Zisela.


          He’d slipped out of consciousness mere seconds after successfully ejaculating inside her. He remembered pain, movement, and now…


          Nicholas hissed to himself. What was he doing? Laying here like this? Ho-oh had gifted him with her regenerating aura. Just because he’d taken action to absorb that power as his own didn’t mean it had gone away.


          Flames burst to life in the cave before Nicholas pushed himself into a sitting position, taking a deep breath to chase the queasy feeling and raising his hands to inspect them. He’d done it. He’d finally done it consciously. He’d called for Ho-oh’s power and it had come. He’d called for his power and it had come.


          Still, even though he no longer felt the pain from his body the energy he’d expended nearly knocked him out again before he could force his eyes to remain open. Whether he’d just been exhausted already or that level of healing was more than he could handle at the moment he didn’t know. Everything had changed, coming to this region. Meeting Riley. Unlocking his understanding. And now…


          Zisela had been watching him the whole time and Nicholas finally turned his attention to the Gible. Her. He’d come here to find her. He’d come looking for something familiar in the midst of the unknown. He’d only been greeted with more questions.


          Zisela’s eyes flickered when Nicholas drew his legs up without a grimace. “The trinket you wear. What are you, human?”


          “I will hear your answer first.” Nicholas gazed deep into her eyes. “We will exchange questions, but you will answer me first.”


          Zisela growled quietly but she still nodded. “Fine.”


          “Wyrmling. Drake. Human. You and your mother called me many things but not once have you acknowledged me as one of you. I am a weyrleader in my own right, with eight dragons under me. Why do you not recognize me?”


          Zisela grunted. “Because you are not one of us. You are a human. The Empress’ power was gifted to your kind, not earned by it.”


          “And what gives you the right to claim that?”


          Zisela’s lips twitched back as her smile grew sly. “I have answered your question. Now you will answer mine.”


          Nicholas’ eyes narrowed. “I am not satisfied with your answer.”


          “That was not the condition you set.”


          Nicholas’ face blanked. “Very well. You ask me what I am? I am human. Now answer my question.”


          Zisela’s own smile was wiped as quickly as it came. “That is not an answer.”


          Nicholas gave her a grim smile. “I hear an echo, Zisela. Now. Satisfy my question, and I will satisfy yours.”


          Zisela glared at him for nearly a minute before she grunted. “What is it humans call this land?”




          “Yes. Sinnoh. My right is that I am of Sinnoh. The first land. The oldest land. My right is my birthplace, human. You are not one of the Celestica and so you are but a human like any other. You are a wyrmling because you were created by the Empress. I call you drake because you have proven to be more than that.” She raised her chin. “But your claim to be a weyrleader, your insistence that you are one of us… you are not.”


          Nicholas nodded. “And who are the Celestica?”


          Zisela scowled. “Have I not satisfied you yet? That is an entirely new question.”


          Nicholas smirked at her and shrugged. “I suppose it is. Very well. I am Nicholas Topolski. Lorekeeper of the Draconid clan, the clan of what you call wyrmlings. Unlike the rest of them I have remained true to the strength that first called to Rayquaza, who is the Empress I assume you are referring to. In fact I am her tamer. That is what I am, and this,” he shifted his right leg to let the anklet shimmer in the light, “is the symbol of my station. A symbol and also a tool granted to me.”


          Zisela eyed the carved dragon. “You claim to be one with the Empress?”


          “Who are the Celestica.”


          “The ancient wardens of Sinnoh. The first human clan. The Empress?”


          “That’s right. I not only claim, I am. I would never dare claim to be her Master but I am her tamer, yes.” Nicholas cocked an eyebrow. “You doubt that even after witnessing me?”


          Zisela raised her eyes to his. “Be careful, human. You have asked me a question.”


          Nicholas gazed back evenly. “So where is my answer.”


          Zisela grinned, flashing her teeth in the process. “No. I do not doubt. But that does not change what you are.” She moved for the first time during the conversation, shifting closer to where he sat. “Tell me, human. Why did you come here? What did you expect to accomplish?”


          Nicholas watched her stop just out of reach. “I came here to see what would happen. I hoped to discover a dragon to lead the harem I have created in Sinnoh.” He turned, facing her completely. “Are you that dragon?”


          Zisela gazed back. The silence between them ticked on, Nicholas’ unanswered question hanging in the air. Until she gave an answer she could ask no more.


          Eventually she spoke. “I defeated the wyrmling that came here.”


          Nicholas nodded. “The wyrmling boasted that any to defeat him would hold claim over him.”


          Zisela’s eyes flicked down his body. “However. I lost to the drake that he became.”


          Nicholas nodded again. “And in his boast any he defeated would be his just the same.”


          Zisela’s eyes returned to his. “I will honor the terms my drake put forth. If one day the wyrmling shows himself I will take what is mine.”


          Nicholas smiled. “As is our way.”


          Zisela scowled. “As is my way. Do not forget you are still but a drake, my Master.”


          “A dragon, bowing to a drake?” Nicholas raised an eyebrow. “Will your pride allow that?”


          “My drake is strong. There is no shame in recognizing strength.” Zisela slid closer to him. “And… one day, perhaps, the drake too will be replaced. By a dragon.”


          Nicholas blinked in shock. That was quite the compliment coming from Zisela.


          “I’m curious,” he said, leaning back slightly when she got even closer, “do you know the human Champion? Cynthia and her Garchomp René?”


          Zisela smirked. “I have answered your last question. It’s my turn, my drake.”


          Nicholas fell back on his hands. Zisela was leaning over him now. “And what is your question?”


          Zisela bent even lower, her breath hot as it scurried past his cheek. “I have seen how you treat an usurper. But how do you treat your consorts?”


          Not a dragon or weyrleader, but a drake. Not my weyr, but my consorts. Nicholas reached one hand to cup Zisela’s face. Aria has nothing on you, Zisela. I came here looking for an Alpha dragon and I have found one.


          Zisela resisted his movements but she wasn’t fighting him. Rather she was giving just enough resistance so that everything he did had to be deliberate. When he pushed her back she stopped in the exact position he left her, in this case back above him and in full view. He wanted to take the look he had been forced to ignore before.


          Zisela shifted ever so slightly when Nicholas unfolded his legs and pushed them between hers. Now she was straddling him and he could see her twitching with every heartbeat.


          Estimating her height from their fight and what he saw now put the Gible nearly to six foot tall. The largest first stage evolution pokegirl he could remember meeting. She was probably a solid few inches below that point but the rest of her helped add to her general bulk. He wasn’t going to argue with her for example whether the round black horns poking out of her short, rich golden blonde hair counted or not. Or the fins that could be seen sprouting from her neck and thick, muscular tail.


          Zisela hissed when Nicholas raised a hand to her skin. Her front was a vibrant red, the rough texture he felt either from scales too small for him to distinguish or perhaps just the texture of her skin. It was only her stomach that held that vibrant color, however. Almost like a leotard the red spread from her groin, across her stomach, over her small, perky breasts before converging again at her neck, where it ended in the middle of the deep blue that covered the rest of her.


          Zisela’s noises grew sultry when Nicholas’ fingers twitched closer to her chest. “My drake?”


          Nicholas flipped his hand so that his fingernails were dragging along as he drew ever closer to her breasts. Just like the rest of her muscular figure they were firm. Defined. He cupped one, feeling how the roughness of the rest of Zisela’s body still existed here but in a much softer state, before taking hold of her side and dragging her on top of him.


          It was slightly irritating, feeling her skin chafe his, but really it was just like Marin’s own scales. Two sharks. One of sea, and now of land. He smirked, Zisela blinking when Nicholas began to laugh. He’d stopped those maniacs in Hoenn and now he truly had brought together the land and the sea.


          Her light confusion popped when Nicholas grabbed her breasts and began kneading them, enjoying finding the exact gradient as Zisela’s skin went from rough to smooth just as much as he was enjoying watching the Gible’s pleasure. A thought hit and he let go, ignoring when Zisela made an unhappy noise and slipping a hand into her cunt.


          Zisela wasn’t going to just come on command but she still gasped at the sudden intrusion. Her insides pulsed around his fingers, the walls soft. He slowly dragged his hand back out, similarly reveling in the transformation from soft insides, to firm lips, to the rough skin. He would have continued exploring her if he didn’t hear Zisela growl and look up to see the Gible staring at him hungrily.


          He gave her just enough of a nudge so the Gible had permission to move and she crushed her lips to his, kissing and sucking as Nicholas’ other hand joined the first and he began working her pussy. The inside of her mouth was just as soft and he savored it, massaging Zisela’s clit and stroking her insides until the Gible finally came. He felt her juices spurt past and withdrew the soaked hand, rubbing his dick a few times to lubricate it before shifting his hips and firmly pushing down on Zisela’s shoulders.


          She moaned as he slid deep inside, though even that was muffled due to her still working at his mouth. With his hands replaced Nicholas went right back to Zisela’s breasts, teasing them as she took the lead on the thrusts, moving her hips up and down to rub his dick against everything she could.


          It was a searching motion and Zisela found what she was looking for before long. Nicholas blinked when she ripped her lips away, a piercing scream echoing as her back arched and her body dropped fully onto his length. Her legs trembled as she tried to lift herself up again but Nicholas had an idea what had happened and Zisela screamed again when he thrust his own hips up to follow her, slamming against her g-spot and holding the pressure while Zisela fought another orgasm. She didn’t make him move her when he cupped her head this time, melting into his touch as Nicholas repositioned and began slowly, methodically, massaging both inside and out. One hand pressing into her skin, his dick pushing out from inside. She was lost as he itched the spots she had never been able to satisfy before.


          Nicholas smiled when she moaned and a new tremor swept through her. He had a feeling she wasn’t going find this answer ‘acceptable’ either. That was okay. He could answer her question as many times as she desired.







          The sun had set by the time Kalmiya saw the two figures emerge from the cave. Nicholas greeted her but didn’t say much, and neither did Zisela, the Gible pressing herself very very close to her new Master. Once Nicholas had cleaned up and put his clothes back on they all turned back to camp.


          Nicholas stepped into a war zone. The tent was crumpled, tossed out of the clearing and hanging from the branches of a nearby tree. Miru cowered to the side, panicked eyes darting between Sohn and Sammy.


          The two were locked in battle, Sohn straining as she fought to keep the slippery Rotom contained, Sammy slipping through her fingers and trying to electrocute the Monferno. Neither could gain ground, and as Sohn attacked again they tumbled towards the approaching trio.


          “What the fuck-“ Nicholas started before he felt the thundercloud beside him.


          Zisela’s roar shook the forest and more importantly shook the fighting pokegirls, three sets of wide eyes turning to the newcomer. Zisela’s face was twisted with fury and Sohn gasped when the Gible stepped forwards and ripped her free by her chest wrap.


          “This is the harem you’ve built?” Zisela snarled, twisting her hand as she lifted to take up every inch of slack Sohn gave herself to be comfortable. The motion brought the Monferno’s breasts popping into the open, the wrap beginning to tighten painfully under her shoulders. Zisela paid no attention to Sohn’s attempts at making her let go. “This?”


          She didn’t turn to him because Nicholas’ anger was smoldering right alongside her. “No,” he said, affixing Sammy in his glare as the Rotom started pulling herself together. “I want an answer. From all of you. What is going on here.”


          “Master please it wasn’t me!” Miru wailed.


          Sammy froze when she saw Nicholas’ lips draw back. “I. Don’t. Care.” His gaze snapped to Sohn. “I leave you three alone for ONE DAY! One day without me and you’re at each other’s throats. Explain yourselves, NOW.”


          “Is it not obvious?” Sohn cried out when Zisela tossed her away and she hit hard, groaning and rubbing her butt while the Gible took her own look at the harem. “This is nothing more than a group of pokegirls. They respect you but not one another, my drake.”


          “And who are you, huh?” Sohn snapped. She was still nursing her sore ass but she had shifted enough to be in a battle position. “Sammy was mouthing off so I-“


          “Mouthing off.” Nicholas interrupted Sohn and turned from her to the Rotom. “It better have been something worthwhile, Sammy.”


          Sammy’s eyes flicked. “Um…”


          “So it was something you’d never say to my face.” Nicholas walked over to her. “I thought we were getting along, Sammy. What changed?”


          Sammy’s face set. “I wanted to do as you suggested, Master. Train. She wanted to goof around and practice her tricks. So… so I ordered her to stop. That’s what happened.”


          Nicholas looked back at Sohn with a raised eyebrow. “That’s what started this? You two disagreed on how to spend the day?”


          Sohn scowled. “It wasn’t that. It’s that she told me what to do.”


          The only sound in the clearing was a quiet sigh as Nicholas exhaled. He tiredly rubbed his face. “It’s Elizabeth and Ashley all over again.” He lowered his hands. “You’re bickering over who’s in control. That’s what this is all about. I’m in control, and when I stepped away you started fighting between yourselves. Because there’s no Alpha.”


          Sammy started to puff up. “I-“


          Zisela gave Nicholas a glance before sweeping out and appearing right in front of the Rotom. “None of these pokegirls have the strength to lead, my drake. You were correct to seek me out instead.”


          Sammy’s assertion died on her lips and she struggled to continue. “I- you-“


          “The one in the back-“ Zisela paused. Nicholas watched her body language shift as she looked at Miru but after a few seconds she cautiously continued. “-she is… worthless in that regard. This one,” she continued, picking up steam as she returned her attention to Sammy, “she is unfocused. And that one,” she said to Sohn, “she is uncertain. Doubtful. All traits that would only harm the ones depending on them.”


          Sohn pushed herself to her feet. “Who the hell are you?”


          “This is Zisela,” Nicholas replied. “Your new Alpha.”


          Zisela watched Sohn’s expression flicker. “Is that an issue, whelp?”


          Sohn purpled. “WHELP?”


          Nicholas quickly held out his hands. “Sohn, wait. Zisela doesn’t mean it like that.” He gave the Gible a winning smile. “Usually you’d refer to her as your sister or harem sister. To show that you’re equal parts of the harem.”


          Zisela looked back at him in confusion. “But we are not equal.”


          “It’s… a respect thing,” Nicholas replied lamely. Zisela still had a confused look on her face and he could see Sohn getting more incensed by the second. “Like you said, right? A harem isn’t a harem unless you all respect each other.”


          “I will respect these pokegirls when they give me a reason to,” Zisela replied. “So far I have seen none.”


          “Alright. Let’s go.” Zisela turned when Sohn strode forwards, stuffing her chest back into the wrap the best she could. It didn’t really work - the strips were scattered, only securing her breasts, not covering them. Both nipples were standing proud. “I’m not going to argue Nicholas’ decision to make you the Alpha, but I will make you respect me.” She came to a halt and took a striking position. “That’s how it always is. I’ve always got to fight to make others listen to me.” Sohn’s teeth ground against each other as she howled. “I’M TIRED OF IT! COME ON!”


          Zisela was preparing to join her when she felt a hand on her shoulder.


          Nicholas stepped past the Gible to approach Sohn. “Sohn. You don’t have to keep picking fights. There’s nothing for you to prove - I want you here. That has never changed.”


          “Can’t you hear?” Sohn asked bitterly. “There is absolutely a reason to pick fights. Miru didn’t respect me when I first met her. Sammy doesn’t respect me now. And now this- and now Zisela, who you have brought here to be my Alpha, does not respect me.” She firmed her stance. “We’re pokegirls. No, I don’t need to prove myself to you. But I need to prove myself to them.”


          The positions were reversed when Zisela pushed past him, her hand pulling him back as she did. “Well said, whelp.” She planted her feet as her energy began to build and gave Sohn a grim smile. “Come then.”


          With a scream Sohn attacked. Zisela dodged, an arm sweeping Sohn’s flames aside before she struck back. Sohn desperately blocked, spinning away and skidding to a halt before planting her feet and charging back with a roar.


          Before she could connect Zisela had straightened. “Enough.”


          Sohn’s angry expression morphed, indecision creeping in as she neared the relaxing Gible. Just like that?


          Zisela watched Sohn’s steps falter, the Monferno coming to a stop almost on top of her. She raised a hand, hesitantly, before barely tapping Zisela right between the breasts and dropping it again. “Why?”


          Zisela was looking her over approvingly. “Because I see what my drake saw in you, whelp. I mean you no disrespect. It is a strange thing for I, a dragon, to bow to a drake, but it is not strange for a whelp to do the same.”


          Nicholas cleared his throat. “If that’s true, Zisela, please use a different title for her. To most the word ‘whelp’ is a derogatory insult.”


          Zisela scoffed. “It is no insult. It is merely a fact.”


          “Be that as it may,” Nicholas chided, “non-dragons use it as one.”


          Zisela grunted and turned her attention back to Sohn. “Very well. Harem-sister, then. I will call you that.”


          Sohn let out a shuddering sigh. “Th… Thank you.”


          “Um, what about me?” Sammy asked nervously.


          Zisela turned. “What about you?”


          Sammy gave her a beatific smile. “I’m a harem sister too. Right?”


          “When you impress me.”


          Sammy’s smile vanished. “That’s no fair!”


          “I’d like it if you gave Sammy the same respect, Alpha.” Sohn edged into view and held out a hand to the Rotom. “I… know we were being stupid when you first met us, but if you’re willing to respect me I’d like it if you could also respect her.”


          Zisela tapped her foot as she considered the request. In front of her Sammy eventually accepted Sohn’s hand. “Very well. What I witnessed today will never happen again, after all.”


          Sohn quickly nodded. “Of course not, Alpha. We promise.”


          “We promise,” Sammy agreed.


          The situation defused, Nicholas headed in the direction of the tent, intending on getting it set back up. Zisela, on the other hand, stayed right where she was. And smiled. It was not a kind one.


          “I do not need your promises,” she replied. “It will not happen again.”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Mine Badge

          Forest Badge



          Zisela, Gible (Alpha) – Level 19

          Sohn, Monferno – Level 19

          Miru, Buneary – Level 17

          Sammy, Rotom – Level 17



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 7







          Nicholas lay back as he listened to the news. “…The Galactic Corporation board of directors has filed suits against the Eterna City governor’s office and the Sinnoh League alleging that the supposed raid on their Eterna location was an illegal search and seizure by the government. Eterna police forces investigating the scene have declared no evidence linking the band of paramilitary thugs spotted Thursday to any governmental entity. Police presence has been increased across the region following the attacks. The Galactic Corporation has been mired in controversy ever since…”


          “Hmm.” Nicholas kept listening as the reporter outlined the alleged links between the two Galactics. “Crazy that they actually have a public entity to hide behind. When you told me about all this I thought it was a Silph/Rocket situation, not something this direct.”


          Miru didn’t respond except to push his dick deeper down her throat. He sighed. Even now, in the middle of nowhere, when the two of them were alone, she was the airhead Buneary. Hungrily sucking his cock. It was the choice they’d made, that he’d made, when he’d decided to intentionally draw attention. There were eyes looking for him now. She couldn’t let the disguise slip even for a second.


          Outside the tent Zisela appraised Sohn and Sammy. “We have yet to truly meet… harem-sisters. What are each of you?”


          The two pokegirls blinked in confusion. “Um, well I’m a Monferno…” Sohn began.


          “That is not what I am asking,” Zisela interrupted. “I know well what humans call each of you. I know what my drake has named you. You are Sohn, the Monferno, and Sammy, the Rotom. What I ask is what you are, not what others have made you.”


          Sohn’s confusion began to fade but before she could speak Sammy was grumbling. “You’re making no sense. Why did Master make you the Alpha again?”


          Sohn quickly stepped in front of the Rotom before Zisela’s sharp eyes could do more than turn to her. “Please forgive her, Alpha. She’s still new.”


          Zisela’s eyes flicked imperceptibly to focus on the Monferno protecting her target. “Is this one not your rival? Would it not benefit you to see her taught a lesson?”


          Sohn stood firm. “No. Because this is what I am.”


          Zisela’s lips curled back in a toothy grin. “I see you, harem-sister. I know what you are.” Sohn flinched when Zisela stepped forwards and rested a gentle hand on her shoulder before the Gible’s fingers tightened, claws digging into Sohn’s skin and drawing blood. “Now I will know what she is. Move aside.”


          Sohn did try to resist at first but she was shoved away and had to stagger to keep her balance. Before she could recover Zisela was up in Sammy’s face.


          Sammy did her best to maintain a bored expression even as Zisela slowly inspected her, the two barely inches apart at times. Eventually Zisela spoke again. “You would never succeed, whelp. Why are you here? If you wish to be free why remain with a human?”


          “…Master Nicholas captured me,” Sammy replied after a pause. She was hiding it, but Zisela’s keen intuition was rattling her. “He is my Master.”


          “There is no human that can truly hold a pokegirl,” Zisela replied. “You wish to be free? Leave. You especially would find it easy to succeed. And yet you stay.” Zisela’s mouth turned down as she snarled at the Rotom. “If you stay you will serve me just as you serve my drake.”


          Sammy’s eyes narrowed defiantly. “No. Everything was fun before you showed up. I’m going to keep having fun and you won’t stop me.”


          Sammy was taken aback when Zisela laughed happily and took a half step away. “Good! There is a pokegirl here after all, one as the humans say with a spine.” She smiled, a genuinely warm smile as she addressed Sammy again. “I wasn’t sure, harem-sister. I didn’t see one in that slime of yours.”


          Sammy blinked slowly. “Was… was that a joke?”


          “Was it?” Zisela winked at her before turning to more generally address them both. “I now know what each of you are, harem-sisters. My drake has told me what he intends to accomplish. I promise that you will grow to become what you wish to be, Sohn. And you will learn of the excitement that is to come, Sammy.” Zisela spread her arms, inviting both wide-eyed pokegirls to join her. “This may not be a weyr. But it is my harem, and I will not see it fail.”







          Nicholas emerged from the tent sometime in the late afternoon and was treated to the sight of three pokegirls training one another. Four, if he counted Kalmiya, who he was shocked to see sitting nearby and watching the other three move. Even though the Porygon was in plain sight Sammy didn’t seem to be giving her even a glance, the Rotom too focused on the other two in front of her.


          Zisela turned when an excited squeal rang out and Miru dashed into the open, catching a wayward blow when she sprinted in front of Sohn and tumbling through the dirt until she landed at the Gible’s feet. Instantly she’d hopped back up and was grabbing at her Alpha. “I want to join! Me! Me!”


          Zisela glanced at Nicholas before taking hold of the overexcited Buneary and turning her towards Sammy. “Fight Sammy then. Go.” She let go and watched Miru crash headfirst into the Rotom only to go straight through when Sammy drew her ectoplasm aside and let the Buneary smash face first into the dust.


          Nicholas was chuckling at the sight when he noticed Zisela approaching him. “How are things?”


          Zisela stopped in front of him. “The one of light. She is not mine, correct?”


          Nicholas shook his head. “Kalmiya is her own pokegirl, really. She’s taken to calling herself one of my Alphas.”


          “And what of the rabbit.”


          Nicholas raised an eyebrow. “What of her?”


          “She is not mine either. Is she, my drake.”


          Nicholas folded his arms with a sigh. “I’d like Miru to be a part of your harem, but I suppose she isn’t yours. You realized that right away, didn’t you.”


          “She has no place being here,” Zisela replied. “You say she is meant to be a part of my harem?” Nicholas nodded. “Then I will treat her as such, my drake. I trust there is a reason she is here and it is one you have. I will not question it further.” She turned to survey the now three sparring pokegirls. “I have learned what each of the others are and why they are here. Whelps they may be, but they were each chosen by a drake. That alone means nothing. When combined with what they have shown me, it means everything.”


          “You have no regrets in your loss, then?”


          Zisela looked back at him with an amused smile. “I did not lose.”


          “Yes, yes, you beat the wyrm and all that.” Nicholas stepped up beside her and took the moment Zisela was distracted by an especially chaotic sequence from Miru to grab the slowly swinging tail behind her. Zisela hissed when his fingers ran along her fins before the solid muscle was pulled from his grasp. “I asked a question.”


          Zisela grinned out at her harem. “I have no regrets, my drake. No… it is not even that. I am thankful to have been brought to a place of my own. It is small. It is weak.” Her lips twisted as she grinned savagely at the others. “It will not remain that way for long, and neither will I.”


          “Now that your mother isn’t containing you. Is that right?” This time when Nicholas caught her swinging tail Zisela only flicked the tip to slap his arm and didn’t pull away, allowing him to stroke her. “Still, remember this, Zisela. This is my harem, my place. It is yours as well but it is not yours alone.”


          Zisela twisted, her tail still in Nicholas’ hands as she sidled up to him, her hands pushing up his chest while she stared into his eyes with a playful smile. “Is that so, my drake?”


          Nicholas grinned back and kissed her nose. “It is, and I will remind you of that as many times as is necessary, my Alpha.”


          Zisela replied with a throaty growl but refrained from going any further, only pulling her tail free again before kissing his lips. “You will have to remind me often.”


          “Of course.” Nicholas watched her turn away. “We’re focusing on the hike to Oreburgh starting tomorrow. I want our harem ready to move fast.”


          Zisela nodded. “They will be. Even if they are not, they will be.”


          Nicholas snickered. “Good. And, while we travel, you should think about what you want me to get for you while we’re there.”


          Zisela’s brow wrinkled. “Hm?”


          “Clothes, equipment, all that.” Nicholas gestured out at the others. “Miru, ah… doesn’t care about any of that, and Sammy does as she pleases, though she does usually hide her pussy and nipples unless we’re taming. But Sohn has her protective wrappings and does keep herself covered, if only a tiny bit.”


          “Ah. I see. You are offering me human ‘things’.” Zisela stepped away before turning and holding herself proudly. The way she’d posed flaunted her naked body to the world. “I would never hide myself in that way. I am a dragon. Let the lesser pokegirls wrap themselves in human clothes if it makes them feel strong. I need none.”


          Nicholas pointed over her shoulder at Sohn. “Sohn’s chest wrap isn’t just to hide herself. It’s also a way to secure her growing breasts during combat. I guarantee you will have more than those little mounds on your chest before long if your mother is anything to go by.”


          Zisela grabbed one of her tits, kneading it and squeezing her nipple as she grinned at him. “I look forward to it. I look forward to the day when all eyes turn to me in envy, just as mine so often turned to my mother. I appreciate your offer, my drake, but no. To hide myself would be shameful. I may not be as glorious today as I will one day become, but even now I will make sure all can see the dragon my drake conquered…” she pinched her nipple once more and this time let out a quiet moan, her cheeks having been slowly flushing from her actions, “…and none of them ever could.”


          “You going to touch yourself like that in public?” Nicholas asked quietly, pushing into her space and capturing the flushed Gible in his grasp. This time she invited him in. “You talk but you just get off on people seeing you, don’t you?”


          “Of course I do,” Zisela replied shamelessly. “Their looks as they hunger for my body are as sweet as your touch.” She let him draw her into a deep kiss, moaning as his fingers teased her. “The power I hold over them is only right, my drake. You would not deny me my birthright.”


          Nicholas snickered to himself. “The power you hold over them. And hold over your harem now as they watch us.” His grin widened when Zisela’s muscles clenched down on his probing fingers. “Very well. I will not take this from you. But you will still be disappointed, Zisela, because you are not theirs to hunger after.” Zisela felt her head tilt back when he grabbed her chin and suddenly she was still, somehow free to move and yet unable to escape the blazing eyes that captured her. “You are mine.”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Mine Badge

          Forest Badge



          Zisela, Gible (Alpha) – Level 23

          Sohn, Monferno – Level 22

          Miru, Buneary – Level 21

          Sammy, Rotom – Level 22



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 9







          Nicholas watched a wild pokegirl wheel overhead. It stayed well out of range of the group, the avian girl’s eyes picking out the four figures below her, until Nicholas heard a curt command.


          “Drop her.“


          The naked blonde woman to Nicholas’ left suddenly let go of him, a corona building around the disguised Sammy before she thrust her hands to the sky. The wild pokegirl had begun breaking off when the attack began but she’d drifted too close and lightning speared from Sammy’s fingers to pierce the bird’s heart.


          Nicholas lobbed a pokeball when the pokegirl smashed to the ground, watching it suck her up without issue. “Nice shot.”


          Sammy quickly returned to him but not before grabbing Zisela, her stray electricity grounding out through the Gible and letting her nuzzle her tamer again without worry. “Thanks, Master!”


          Nicholas watched the human skin tone she’d adopted surrender once again to her usual orange and smiled. Over the last few weeks Zisela had molded Sammy into a vicious battler, taking the Rotom’s aversion to her ghostly nature and using that as a way to focus her electric powers to a terrifying extent. She was less versatile now, that was true, but she was stronger. Much stronger. The versatility could come later.


          Nicholas held out his hand when the grass in front of him bent against the wind. Sohn deposited three pokeballs into it before stealing a kiss and taking two steps away before she vanished again. Sohn too had grown exponentially from Zisela’s efforts. To the inverse of Sammy. The Monferno was much wilder, unpredictable, and while she was still the same pokegirl - he’d gone to bed a few days before to find his sheets coated in sticky pine sap, which had taken hours to clean from his skin (and Sohn’s, after he’d tackled her in revenge) - he almost never saw her using Miru’s fighting moves anymore. She had her own now, and they embraced the speed he’d first seen her use when she’d evolved. She still had a ways to go, but she had come quite far already.


          Miru, of course, was still the lucky rabbit she’d been before. Nothing Zisela tried seemed to refine the Buneary’s fighting style so she’d stopped trying and instead of attempting to refine Miru’s clumsy success had instead embraced it. As she had told him, she knew the Buneary didn’t belong in her harem, but she trusted her to be there, and that was more than Nicholas could have ever expected to see.


          And then there was the Gible herself. The Alpha. Nicholas glanced at Zisela. She was… glowing. Not literally, not yet, but from the beginning she’d stood confidently, proudly, secure in her abilities and her new position. She’d only grown stronger as time went on. Explosively. Nicholas no longer could even tease her without preparing himself for a physical contest with the Gible. It had made him stronger, too. Having her constantly testing him, constantly threatening to overwhelm him and thus ‘taking her prize’, he’d found his own strength increasing alongside her. The man that had come to Sinnoh, even the one that had met with Cresselia and Darkrai, was nowhere to be found. He wondered what Zinnia and Kali would think if they saw him now.


          “There it is.” Nicholas nodded as the mountains fell away in front of them and hints of a city could be seen through the trees. “Oreburgh City. The gym here specializes in the earth, specifically I believe Rock and Ground-type pokegirls. Unlike the refined Steel-types you faced in Canalave, Sohn,” he called into the empty air, “these will not drop to your flames as easily.”


          The Monferno popped into view nearby. “So I’ll punch them. That floating girl didn’t burn either, Nicholas.”


          Nicholas chuckled. “I suppose not.” He tweaked Miru’s tail, making the Buneary yelp and skip a few extra steps ahead. “Same to you though, Miru. They’re going to be too solid for you to just bumble through.”


          “Then-?” Sammy started.


          “No.” Nicholas blinked. Zisela had turned around and was walking backwards without hesitation, her calm eyes locked on his. “You should know better by now, Sammy. Your electricity does nothing to me and it will do nothing to the pokegirls here. My drake. Allow me to take care of this battle.” She turned, smiling at Sohn. “If necessary Sohn will end it. But it will not be necessary.”


          Nicholas slowly nodded. “Okay. You’ll lead then, Zisela. There will probably be a lot of cameras.” He paused. He’d just noticed - the Gible had called each pokegirl she’d addressed by name. That was… new. His eyes widened as he realized, his lips pulling back in a smile. Whelp, or descriptions, sometimes harem-sister. Never by name. Zisela had said she had no reason to respect the others. Now, she did. Now, they were her harem. “What am I saying? You’ll love that even more, won’t you.”


          Zisela matched his smile. “Of course.”


          They entered the city and Nicholas took a deep breath. Show time.


          He took an intentionally circuitous route, letting Kalmiya do her work. She was very good at interpreting his words as he hummed them through clenched jaws, his earpiece detecting the vibrations for her to translate. It was how she’d known to contact Gardenia. Now she listened as he directed her to the relevant people of Oreburgh.


          By the time he was approaching the gym crowds had begun to gather. Cameras flashed, Nicholas’ pokegirls spreading out loosely around him. Zisela took the lead, tail held high, one side of her mouth turned up in a perpetual sneer. They pushed into the lobby.


          Nicholas approached the counter as a handful of reporters chased him inside. “I have a reservation.”


          The man behind the counter took in the growing scene in front of him and drew the correct conclusion. “Champion Topolski, I received your challenge not long ago. Leader Roark is waiting.” He cleared his throat. “Ladies and gentlemen of the media, you are free to enter the stands. However there will be no scene such as the one you created in Eterna. If you cause one, you will be removed.”


          Nicholas strode past the flashing cameras without so much as a glance and entered the battle stadium. The main floor was littered with stones, towering cliffs separating each arena and framing the main one where a man waited. Nicholas stepped into the ring, recalling the other as he and Zisela approached the gym leader.


          “Welcome to the Oreburgh Gym, Topolski,” the man said in greeting. “I am Roark. You met my father Byron in Canalave.”


          Nicholas came to a halt and smiled. “He did mention I should have fought his son first. Said he wanted to give me a better welcome than he did.”


          Roark chuckled. “That’s my pops. I intend to give you the welcome he didn’t. Your destruction of Sinnoh ends with me.”


          There were no more words as Nicholas and Roark each retreated to their respective boxes, leaving Zisela standing alone inside the arena. A referee raised their flag. “This will be a four on four unlimited battle! Ready? On my mark! Begin!”


          Zisela let her lips draw back as she waited for Roark to choose his first pokegirl. “Four.” Her mouth stretched excessively wide as she cracked her jaws open, her breaths coming slowly as she made sure to hold each one in her lungs until her body had taken from it as much oxygen as it could. The action made her exhalations plummet immediately to pool around her feet, the heavily concentrated carbon dioxide and other gasses causing wisps of smoke to scurry around her as they dissipated. “Not enough.”


          Roark’s first pokegirl was a Geodude that saw the snarling Gible and instantly locked her arms in front of her body to shore up her defenses. Zisela took a soft step forwards, then another, before she broke into a dead sprint with a earth shattering roar.


          The arena was crafted for the gym’s pokegirls. Rock and Ground-types. Ground-types like Zisela. This was her domain.


The Geodude grunted when Zisela’s fist crushed her arm but she held firm, dropping her block when she felt the attack abating and poising to strike back. She froze. There was nothing in front of her.


          Zisela’s knee rocketed into the Geodude’s groin and the girl gurgled, eyes rolling back as she fought to endure the surprise attack before a second fist hit her face and she slammed to the ground.


          Roark watched Zisela slip backwards, her feet sinking slightly into the rock beneath her. She’d used her power to turn the solid floor into a soft cushion, ducking under the Geodude’s view before reverting the change to send her strike rocketing back up.


          The next pokegirl that appeared was another familiar one and Zisela had to take an extra step away from the materializing Onix. Somewhere in the last few seconds the referee had called the point and now both pokegirls stared each other down.


          “Are my words welcome?”


          Zisela firmed her stance. Her drake was speaking through the small device he had gifted her. The only reason she had accepted it was because it was nearly invisible within her ear. She did not like wearing anything human, even something this small. Still, it was useful. “You believe to know something I do not, my drake?”


          “I know many things you do not, Zisela, but that is not what I asked you.”


          Zisela snarled. The Onix was beginning to shift her rocky coils. “I am listening.”


          “She can’t hurt you. But you can hurt her.”


          Zisela grinned to herself. Obviously not. But she understood what he said. In a moment he had shown her the best path to victory, and he had done so in her briefest of moments of indecision. There was good reason why this drake had been able to defeat her, it seemed.


          Roark barked a command when Zisela attacked, his Onix curling up even tighter and easily withstanding the Gible’s onslaught. As Zisela backed off the stone lamia raised her head before letting out a shout.


          Zisela’s breath was knocked out of her when the Onix’s tail whipped around, catching her and sending her rocketing towards one of the cliffs around the arena. The Onix snarled, managing the follow-through, when her noises died on her lips.


          Zisela slammed into the cliff, but she didn’t ricochet. Instead her hands snapped out, fingers digging into the rock and catching her. Before the slowly panicking Onix could react she’d thrown herself back. The girl’s massive body was out of position, uncoiled from her strike, and her vulnerable torso was completely exposed. The Onix gasped when Zisela struck, the Gible’s fist pushing deep under her rib cage before Zisela spun, using the rest of her momentum to bring her own tail whipping around. The Onix fell, blood running from the side of head where Zisela’s fins had cut her skin.


          Roark howled in rage, recalling his Onix and immediately releasing another pokegirl. This one was new to Nicholas and as he watched the girl slammed her hands together, black sand ripping from the ground around the arena and forming long blades that sprouted from her clenched fists.


          She wasn’t new to Zisela though. And the Gible laughed. Laughed, and laughed, and as the other girl readied her weapons Zisela raised her own hand.


          “I see your fear,” she crooned, gazing deep into the pokegirl’s sparkling silver eyes. “You know me.”


          The girl didn’t outwardly respond before charging. Zisela let her close in before spinning, energy springing to life in her hands. Her opponent lunged past and Zisela slammed her palms into the sturdy looking girl’s side, where for a moment nothing happened. Then the earth under her erupted and the girl was blasted away, screaming as she smashed into each and every shattered spike. Zisela hadn’t broken contact, either, and now she landed on the struggling pokegirl, her weight pushing the girl to the ground and right into a heavier cluster of spikes. Their combined mass crashed through the stony protrusions, but it was only Zisela who stood afterwards.


          “What is it humans call them?” Zisela called as Roark recalled his pokegirl. “Nosepass? Probopass?” Her teeth glittered in the light. “I call them prey.”


          Roark gazed at her before raising his eyes to Nicholas. “I was foolish to simply go along with your badge count, Topolski. You have made a fool of me today.” He scowled, pulling out a black pokeball with gold highlights. “I will not let your dragon mock us any longer.”


          For the first time in the battle Zisela took a semi-defensive stance. The girl that had appeared slowly rose from one knee, her beady red eyes darting around the arena before focusing on where Zisela stood. Large white spikes protruded from her neck, and her grey skin was covered in an armored blue shell that also covered her head and ran down her face. She roared.


          Without hesitating Zisela roared back and charged, just as this new pokegirl did. The two were closing when the other pokegirl dropped her head, intending on crashing into Zisela using her armored skull, but Zisela deftly avoided the now blind pokegirl and grabbed one of the spikes around her neck. The girl roared again, whipping her head to the side in an effort to throw Zisela off but the Gible held grimly on. Held on and roared in return. Roared, and began to glow.


          The girl’s roar turned pained when Zisela’s glowing hand grabbed another spike and with a crack broke it in half before driving the tip into her opponent’s throat. Even after such a devastating blow the other pokegirl barely slowed and now, finally, Zisela was thrown off, her still evolving body rolling when she hit. The other pokegirl gave chase, lowering her head again and intent on trampling the prone Gible.


          Zisela’s tail shot into the air as a new roar rattled the arena. The glow was finally beginning to fade and the pokegirl that waited for her charging opponent was not even close to what she had been before. Her tail alone stretched an extra fin length over her head.


          Zisela was braced on all fours, eyes wild, mouth open, as the other pokegirl approached. Then, she struck. The crack as Zisela impacted the charging girl was nearly as loud as her roar and the two tumbled, the other girl’s head dipping due to Zisela’s weight and drawing her off balance. The pained cries from both pokegirls emanated from the cloud of dust their entangled bodies kicked up until a loud thud cut off all other noises when the two slammed into a wall.


          Nicholas turned to watch the drifting dust. He’d fully expected this, with how Zisela had been acting the last day or two. With her no longer being smothered by her mother’s presence the bursting power she had had to restrain could finally emerge. The only question was whether she’d managed a full sweep.


          In the dust, a figure staggered upright. The tail behind it didn’t mean anything - the other pokegirl had had one, too - but when the figure straightened and rose well above where Roark’s pokegirl had stood there was no longer any doubt. Nor was there any when Zisela roared one final time. This one was full of energy, guttural, shaking her throat. A dragon’s roar before she burst from the dust.


          The cameras were going crazy as they took pictures of the unblemished Gabite. Zisela slowly looked around, giving each and every view every angle they could ask for, before focusing on where Nicholas was approaching. With the battle over the barriers had fallen and now her drake approached.


          He didn’t say a word. Only took her by the hip, turning her ever so slightly, as he raised his eyes to the stands. Zisela stood above him now but it was the human who spoke. “I want a challenge!” He narrowed his eyes and raised the hand not holding Zisela to the sky. “You are WEAK, Sinnoh! Championed by a tamer who does not understand the power of the dragons. I do. I’m coming for you, Champion Cynthia. And nothing will stand in my way!”








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Mine Badge

          Forest Badge

          Coal Badge



          Zisela, Gabite (Alpha) – Level 25

          Sohn, Monferno – Level 22

          Miru, Buneary – Level 21

          Sammy, Rotom – Level 22



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 9









          Cynthia was lost in thought as she watched Nicholas’ declaration for the umpteenth time. “Yes, Grace?”


          The Roserade waited with a gentle smile while her mistress kept her attention on the television. “Mistress.”


          Cynthia finally tore her eyes away. “I’m listening, Grace.”


          “No, Mistress, you were not,” Grace chided. “Dinner is waiting for you.”


          “Bring it in here then.” Cynthia started to turn back to the tv when Grace made her pause.


          “Are you afraid of him, Mistress?”


          Cynthia had stopped halfway between the two. She could see both the Roserade and Nicholas in her peripheral vision. Eventually she chose her pokegirl. “I’m not sure, Grace,” she replied, turning to face the Roserade once again. “He puts on a good act. But was the act when he spoke to me, or is it when he speaks now?”


          “Perhaps it is all an act,” Grace replied, “or perhaps none of it is. Do you act, Mistress? Or do you simply speak in the way each moment demands.”


          Cynthia snorted and turned to give Nicholas’ frozen image one last glance. “I suppose that’s true. He’s quite powerful, after all. Just as I am. Maybe there is no act.” She stood. “I’m sure the stations will want my statement. Make sure I’m not disturbed for the rest of the night.”


          Grace bowed, shifting aside as Cynthia passed by her and headed towards the dining room.


          Cynthia stopped before she’d made it down the hall. “René.”


          The shadows next to her shifted. “Mistress,” replied a low voice.


          “You recognized her, didn’t you.”


          René grunted. After a moment the Garchomp stepped into the light. “Eyes are easy to fool, Mistress.”


          “I know. You want to smell her, feel the way she walks before you can be sure.” The two had resumed walking and now Cynthia turned slightly to allow René to take a seat nearby her. “But what do your eyes say.”


          The eyes in question glinted. “If I was not with you, Mistress, I would still be bowing to her.”


          “The next time we meet?”


          A growl began building deep in René’s chest. “She will bow to me.”


          Cynthia smiled and picked up her glass. “I’m glad to hear that.”







          “Topolski! Topolski! Can you tell us where this pokegirl came from? You didn’t have her in Eterna!”


          Nicholas glanced at the questioner. “I am a dragon master. She is a dragon. What a stupid question.”


          “Yes, but-!”


          “Champion!” Nicholas’ eyes flicked to the next reporter. “What is your statement regarding Leader Roark’s?”


          “As I said in Eterna, I would challenge your Champion if she dared show her face to me,” Nicholas replied. “I do not care what ‘level’ your gym leaders will come at me with. They are all simply obstacles I must brush aside before Cynthia is forced to fight me.”




          Nicholas muted the television. Next was the reporter asking about his speech in Eterna, then the one who piggybacked on the question to ask about the Eterna Galactic building raid… And a few questions after he would grin, and look directly into the camera on screen, and more directly call out Galactic. A challenge they could not ignore.


          He’d learned from the reporters that Galactic was not seen as evil in Sinnoh. In fact a large piece of the population promoted their cause. On the surface a shady organization, yes, but one that helped the common man. They were only really seen as a threat to the government.


          He grunted.


          It was nothing like Rocket, nothing like the cults. It was a group more dangerous than either, because unlike either of the previous criminal entities he had faced, this one fought with the population of an entire region. Rocket, Magma, Aqua, they had had their uniforms and sometimes not worn them, that was true. But it was the exception instead of the rule. Galactic was the opposite. Anyone he saw on the street, every hiking tamer could be one of them and he would never know.


          “I think,” Nicholas said quietly, “that I’ve watched myself talk for long enough.” He turned with a small smile. “My eyes would much rather be on someone else.”


          Zisela was watching the television flash between views of her and back to Nicholas but she brought her eyes to him when he stepped towards her. “And who would that be, my drake?”


          Nicholas chuckled. What a pokegirl Zisela had evolved into. There was no longer any question whether she was his height. No, she was taller, and right now was spread out on their hotel room’s couch. One leg pitched over the back, the other trailing on the floor, her tail curled up behind her. It was a position he’d seen often from his other pokegirls, a supposedly relaxed position that spread their legs and invited him in. He ignored it for now.


          Zisela’s horns were much longer now, curling from beneath her hair and making it clear what she was. As did her eyes, now set with gold irises that glowed within the black. Her skin had gained a gradient within the blue, though her stomach was still the same brilliant red. It helped showcase the stark difference in size of her breasts.


          As a Gible they had been large enough to be noticeable but now they were large enough that it was impossible not to notice them. They were larger than Sohn’s, larger even than Sammy’s when she was in a playful mood. She wasn’t even a Garchomp yet and she rivaled Kary, and Victoria, and Lili.


          Now he walked over. As he got close Zisela lazily raised a hand, taking his and idly running the tips of her now fully realized claws over his palm and Nicholas responded by bringing her hand to his mouth for a kiss. “You, my Alpha.”


          “Mmm, seeing my drake worship me…” Zisela’s face split into a grin. “The drake serves the-“


          She laughed when Nicholas dropped her hand and jumped onto the couch, straddling her as his pants managed to find themselves flung in the air. “Watch your tongue, my Alpha,” he growled low, the barest hint of aura flickering across his body as Zisela almost playfully flicked his arm. The casual action left a bruise. “Is it time for me to remind you again who is in charge here?”


          Zisela grinned up at him. “If you can. My. Drake.”


          The security deposit wasn’t nearly enough to cover the damage done to the room that night.








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Mine Badge

          Forest Badge

          Coal Badge



          Zisela, Gabite (Alpha) – Level 25

          Sohn, Monferno – Level 22

          Miru, Buneary – Level 21

          Sammy, Rotom – Level 22



Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 9