I’m back bitches!  I apologize for my prolonged absence but I did promise to finish my story and I intend to do so.  I also have ideas for a followup but I’ll be creating a bigger buffer of completed chapters before I start the next one.  At any rate I’m going to be a bit sporadic on posting chapters, but I have some vacation time coming up and hope to use part of it to get ahead on writing.  In the mean time, happy 4th of July and enjoy the chapter. :-)

Pokegirls Unlimited Ch 19

Loose Threads 42 is posted.

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Loose Threads 41 is posted.

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You ever miss your characters so much that you start ruining your narrative in a desperate attempt to reinclude them?

Yea. Me too.

THANKFULLY my break has been long enough on this story that I've had some quality time with my creative demons and have come to an agreement on who my characters are and why I shouldn't try to go all Viktor Frankenstein on them.


G&R CHAPTER 36 IS HERE! Featuring a short term conclusion, a long term intrigue, and a few new minor arcs that will intersperse with our heroes as they struggle to find order in their chaos.

Oh, wait. I gave them some order as well. Nice.


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