There's been three times where I thought my life was over. The first was when I broke up with Trevor, my first boyfriend. That turned out to not be that big of a deal at all. The second was a few months after I turned seventeen, and I started to undergo threshold. That, as you know, was a bigger deal.




It didn't take very long for me to change at all. Just a week of cold sweats, insomnia, cramps, and extreme irritability; then I was a Goth. I stayed up in my room while people came over to offer their support to my grieving family and ask what they could do to help with the wake my family would have after I was gone. I should have felt angry, hurt, betrayed, but I knew how things worked, so I didn't let myself. I just waited, it wouldn't even take a week.




But then Jack came over. Jack was a boy from school. No one paid much attention to Jack. He wasn't good at any sports, he wasn't good with any of the girls, and he got good grades as far as anyone knew but there were plenty of people who got better. He was just a quiet boy who ate lunch by himself every day, and sometimes would say 'hi' to you when you passed him in the hallway. He came over to see me, me, after I was a pokegirl, to see how I was doing.




I got mad at him.




My parents were at work. My brother ran into Jack on his way out. He let Jack in. He didn't really care what might happen. I was just a Goth, I wasn't even worth that much. So no one was in the house besides me and Jack, so I screamed at him. I asked him, “Why are you here? Why do you care?”




I'll never forget what he said to me. He said, “You know, I had an younger sister. My parents never were very close to her, because they were afraid she'd threshold. And me and my brothers did the same thing as Mom and Dad. She did wind up going through threshold, and the day she was sent to the ranch you know what she told me? 'I love you, big brother.' I guess, I guess I just talked to her a little more... I'm not really sure. But... even though she changed, I was still her big brother. She was still my little sister. And I didn't know her for fourteen years and then she was gone.” He looked me in the eyes and said, “You're still you. And I guess I wanted a chance to get to know you before you're gone as well.”




“No,” I said, “I'm not. I'm a Goth. A pokegirl.”




“I know, but that doesn't change who you are.”




“Yes it does!” I shouted back. “I won't go to school any more. I won't get a job. I won't see my friends, or my family. I'm going to need fucked once a week or I'll turn into a pathetic, whining, brooding bitch and hopefully I'll get fived before some pimple-faced drop-out sticks his dick in me!”




Jack tried to hug me, but I shoved him away. “What the hell are you doing?! Did you come here to try to score a free pokegirl?”




“No, that's not-”




“You shouldn't even be here, no one's home right now.”




“You're here.”

“I'm a pokegirl! And if you're here to tame me get it over with!”




“Vivian,” That was my name, Vivian, “I'm not here to try to tame you. I'm just here to make sure you're doing okay.”




“OKAY?!” I could feel my pulse behind my eyes. My head was pounding and everything Jack was doing was just making me more and more upset. “How can I be okay?! My life is over!”




“No it's not, it's just changed, Vivian-”




“Stop acting like that?! What?! What is this all about?! Your little sister? You're here to try to fix how bad you screwed up with her? Did you want to fuck her too when she changed?” That was out of line, I knew it as soon as I said it. But I never did apologize for it. Right then, it got me what I wanted. It got Jack angry, even if it was just a little.




“That is not why I'm here! Would you just shut up and listen for-”




“You want me to shut-up?” I stepped forward angrily and grabbed hold of him. “This is how you get a pokegirl to shut up!”




Later that night I had to sew a new zipper into the fly of his pants. The teeth in its old one broke; when I yanked them and his boxers down to his ankles in one quick motion as I dropped on my knees. He yelped in surprise when I sucked his cock in but not even a nice boy like Jack would stop what I was doing to him. It wasn't my first time giving head, but I was terrible at it before. More time gagging and coughing than it took to actually get my boyfriend off. This time felt right though.




I could feel the throbbing, warm pulse of his life in his veins and the smooth, delicate skin passing over my lips. I could taste the bitter saltiness of his sweat. My throat opened up and I took him all the way in as easy as I breathed in the musky, earthy smell of him that was covered up by fresh, plain soap. He groaned in pleasure and approval and I was silent except for an occasional quiet 'mmph' or 'ulp'. When he came he came in my mouth and I let it run down the back of my throat before releasing him and letting his cock spring and splash me in the face. I licked up the gooey, warm drops as they ran down my cheek and the bridge of my nose.




Jack flopped down onto my bed and just breathed heavily before gasping out, “That... that wasn't... but it was good.”




I giggled from my spot down on the floor and then slid up to my feet as I slid my own clothing off my body. “It was good. And it's what I wanted.” I was moving automatically. “I want you.” I didn't want, I needed. I knew what would happen, I'd be his and I'd never be able to tell him no again. I knew I'd make myself into whatever I thought he wanted me to be and be glad to throw my old self away. And I wanted all of it. I wanted the comfort and the pleasure more than anything, and as I pushed him on his back, stood over him, and spread myself open for him with my fingers I thought in the back of my mind, So this is how Vivian, star of the varsity tennis team, sixteenth in her class, daughter of Paul and Renee... dies. Killed by a scared, desperate, cock hungry slut who's afraid she'll go feral after two days without a good fucking. And I didn't care. As far as I was concerned, the girl I was already was gone.




But Jack didn't want Vivian to go away. After he bought me from my parents and got a pet license with money he had to borrow from his dad he took me home and treated me better than nine out of ten pokegirls in the league. He had me help him with his homework every night even though he was completely able to do it on his own and was teaching me everything I was missing in class. He got me hired as a night clerk in the town's pokecenter for a when I was up all night and sleeping away most of the day. He walked me there every evening after dinner and came to get me as soon as my shift ended before he went to school. He got all the money I made, but he spent more than that on me when he'd take me out shopping for clothes and makeup and jewelry. Real jewelry too, not a sparkly collar you'd give to a Doggirl. He was the best thing that could have happened to me.




And I wasn't happy with him. Everything he did for me; it just seemed like a tease. A bitter reminder of the life I could have had and so secretly I hated the life I did have with him. That's when, when she came into the store one night, I was so surprised, so enchanted by how she treated me. She was nice, she was funny, she was smart, and she was the first woman I'd ever felt real lust for. And she came back, night after night, just to talk to me. She treated me better than I thought anyone would have treated me as a pokegirl. She treated me almost as good as Jack did.




One night she touched my hand before she left and I blushed. The next, she brushed some hair out of my face and her fingers caressed my cheek. The third night after that first little accidental bump, I took her back into the break room where she changed my world forever by taking me somewhere I didn't even go in dreams. Her skin was silk and her touch was like velvet. Her voice was a choir of dark angels and that night I made a deal with a tattooed devil.




She told me her secret. That she was a pokegirl too once. That she wasn't any more. That there were more like her, free. She told me that I could become like them if I went with her. All I had to do was meet her in the park at night a week from now, and I had to bring my master.




That wasn't a problem for me. I wanted Jack to be there. I wanted him to be there with me when I got my life back and we'd celebrate together. I'd still be with him, he was a good guy. But he'd be my boyfriend, not my master. I wouldn't need him even though I still wanted him. I was so excited and I knew he'd be happy for me. But I didn't know what they'd do to him.




It was all a lie. She didn't turn me into one of them that night. She never even planned on it. She just wanted me for a pet. Sure, she still strung me along, said I just had to prove myself. But she wouldn't say how long that would take or even how I'd do that. And I couldn't be with Jack, even though she laughed and said I still could. But Jack wasn't a toy, and you aren't Jack.




I still went with her. I had no other choice. But I didn't plan on staying with her. I hated her. I could never forgive her for what she did to Jack, for thinking you could take his place. I found out their dirty little secrets sooner than she wanted me to, and I stole their precious stones and hid away with them; and with you. They say there's no way to save Jack, but they're wrong. I'm going to make this right. I found friends who will help me; help Jack. They said they'd be waiting for him if he makes it out of the city. I know, it's not a matter of if. Jack will make it, and I'll be there with him.




All you need to do, is wait until I count to three, and then touch that stone I put on the table.




















Jack the Terminatrix opened her eyes for the first time in what seemed like a long time. For so long she felt like she was watching a movie projected onto the prison wall of her mind. She didn't stop to look around the stone walled room with curtains drawn over the windows. She didn't investigate her new, scaled, draconic, powerful, sleek, and feminine body. Her slitted reptilian eyes instantly fell on the girl sitting across from her. She was simply dressed and had untidy but managed hair. One hand lay still on a little end table and the other gently gripped the Terminatrix's taloned claw. The skin was soft, but unnaturally smooth and shiny. Her dry, unreflective eyes gazed unblinkingly at Jack's face, and the Doll that used to be Vivian the plain Goth didn't move a muscle.




Jack's brow creased and lip trembled. “Why...?” her low feminine and a little rough voice asked. Jack had of course been aware of everything Vivian had been doing. She knew that at the same time the empty shell she was trapped in touched the Ebony Stone on the table that Vivian had touched an Oil Stone right next to it. She knew Vivian had trapped herself in the exact same prison Jack had been held in.




And that's when Jack noticed the stone still under her palm. She lifted it off of the table and inspected it. Still perfectly round, still black as a starless and moonless night sky, and still marked with a dimmed infinity symbol. Something had been under it. A little piece of paper it had been resting on. Vivian's hand writing was scribbled on the surface with ink. Jack blinked back a tear as she read the words.




“I know it's not how things were. We can never get that back. I should have known that earlier and none of this would have ever happened. But I can still make this right. I can still be with you, and I'll be loyal and obedient no matter what. Like I always should have been.”








The Terminatrix smiled around the shaft of the cock in her mouth as she recognized the familiar sounds signaling that climax was near, and she responded by speeding up the rhythm that she was bobbing her head to and swirled her tongue up and around the warm, hard member; expertly mindful of the risk her sharp teeth posed to the delicate organ. It surged in size as her partner came, pulsing as it sprayed its seed onto the roof of her mouth and top of her tongue. She let the shaft escape from her lips, planting a quick kiss on the still ejaculating head and then accepting the shots to the face that she'd come to enjoy as her preferred finish. Content that she'd once again done her part to please her companion, she nuzzled against the inside of her thighs as the penis granted to Jacki by a runic tattoo diminished and returned to its natural state as the larger, more muscular Terminatrix's clitoris.




Jacki was standing over her as was tradition, but sat down now that Vivian was finished with her ritual. She pulled her lover into her lap and slowly combed her claws through Vivian's hair. “I know I've said this before, but you always give the best head when you're feeling guilty over what happened five years ago.” Vivian responded with a murmur of protest and buried her face deeper into Jacki's thighs. Although a lot had changed, at least according to Vivian, Jacki still had the same earthy smell that Vivian still buried her face in for comfort. “You're going to make me say it again, aren't you?”




“I ruined both our lives.”




Jacki smiled down with pity at the 'girl in her lap. “And I forgive you. I didn't even have much of a life to ruin. You were the best thing to happen to it and you're still here with me.” Jacki, though she still thought of herself as Jack at that time, had, much to the surprise of Vivian, immediately used the remaining charge on the Ebony stone to evolve Vivian on the spot. When she stole it, the then Goth didn't even know the stones could hold multiple charges.




“But how many times have we almost lost each other?” Vivian finally looked up at her and gingerly touched a series of large, crater-shaped scars that crossed Jacki's abdomen in two nearly parallel, shallow arches.




“Almost doesn't count. And how many evil bitches and their pet lizards have we killed along the way? How many innocent lives have we saved from the blind hatred of others like us? We're doing a lot of good here, more than we ever could have if this had never happened. As far as I'm concerned, this was always our destiny. You really did make things right that day, Viv.”




Jacki leaned back and Vivian climbed up to rest her cheek in the valley between Jacki's firm, humble breasts. Wings tucked around them both like two leathery blankets. Their tails twitched and swayed until the tips met and then they twined around each other and there they rested; quietly, peacefully, and content.