Ophelia, her master, and her harem sisters had been out training deep in the northern wilderness of the Five Lakes league, in preparation for her master challenging the Elite Four at the Indigo Plateau, a handful of the world's best tamers that tested tamers who had managed to gather a combined number of twelve badges from anyone of the three allied leagues, Indigo, Johto, or Five Lakes, the youngest. Over the course of three years, seeing harem members come and go, seeing matches won and lost, they finally had the twelve they needed. But that didn't mean they were ready. Challenging the Elite Four was nothing like challenging a gym. So Ophelia would push herself and her harem even further out here, for the sake of her master she loved, the master who loved her.


After all, that's what the bond they shared meant. Every day she took comfort in the feelings that came across their delta bond to her from her master. At least, she did. She wouldn't anymore. She couldn't anymore. The bond was gone, torn from her to leave only a gaping, aching hole.


How none of her harem sisters had seen it coming was a mystery. That she hadn't seen it coming was her greatest failure. A tree, removed from the ground, stripped of its branches, had come crashing down from the sky and crushed her master, killing him instantly. There had been no sound to warn them of the approach of the Giantess, the towering pokegirl to them had come out of nowhere.


Ophelia dropped to the ground, not to her knees because she was in her battle form, but she dropped as much as her four spider legs allowed her. She wrapped her arms around her body, her eyes fixed on the mangled body of the man she had devoted her life to. Another sweep of the massive crude club and four of her harem sisters were broken. What had happened? They were almost ready to become champions of the league. How did this one foe obliterate them in less than a minute?


Someone threw her body against hers, wrapping their arms around her waist, clinging desperately. She couldn't see, darkness had surrounded her and blinded her to the world. The voice of her beta, whom she loved second only to her master, reached her, but she couldn't understand. Her vision returned. She turned to see the last of her sisters backing away from her in fear. Not looking at the Giantess, but at her. Finally, her beta turned and ran, and before Ophelia knew what she was doing, she was chasing after, overcoming her beta, and driving a massive, curved blade through the pokegirl's back. The last of her family fell to the ground dead. Ophelia didn't understand, there had always been something in her head that made her think of her taming partners as prey, but she never hurt them because of it. But when she saw something running from her, the urge to hunt and kill it had overwhelmed her. She watched the blood drip off the end of her scythe blade.


Motion! She moved to the side in a blur as the tree came crashing down again, right where she had been standing, though now she was behind the Giantess. She leapt forward grabbing onto the behemoth pokegirl's back. She bit into the Giantess' flesh. She drove her new blades into the Giantess' flesh. She plunged a stinger at the end of her abdomen into the Giantess' back, one she hadn't even known she possessed. The Giantess fell to the ground, the corpse melting as Ophelia tore her blades out with a spray of crimson. She stood over her kill, an unbearable pain surging through her body, causing her muscles to spasm and twitch uncontrollably. She didn't know how long she stood like that; she couldn't distinguish seconds from hours. It didn't matter if it was light or dark, she could see, and she could see everything around her, in an odd way. Her trance was broken when she caught sight of movement behind her. She attacked even as she spun around, spraying a thick, noxious fluid from her spider-portion's abdomen that hissed and smoked as it ate through the trees and underbrush. She heard the sound of wood groaning and then fracturing. A tree toppled over, crashing into the others around it. Ophelia charged forward to attack this new noise, this new threat. And so the Widow plowed her way through the forest, attacking nothing more than noises and the wind, as she sped her way south towards civilization.




So many things moving to attack her. So many things causing her pain. She destroyed each one. She moved without letting herself be seen, another ability she just knew she had, but still she was under constant attack. Some things were also prey, the things that were warm before she killed them. Some she consumed, some she left once they were no longer a threat. Nothing she did stopped the pain though, the burning that seemed to be flowing through her veins. Suddenly the trees cleared out. She could see buildings; she recognized one as a place her master always took her when she was hurt. Pain always went away when she was in that building.


No one in the pokecenter moved, no one made a sound save for their hearts pounding in their chests. Everyone just stared in disbelief at the monstrosity that had come crashing through the window and was now slowly gazing about the lobby. Then the chime for the healing machine went off, and the Widow drove its bladed arms through the machine and the attendant between the two. Red flashes filled the room as every tamer released his or her harem as fast as they could. Some stayed to try to rally their pokegirls against the beast, others just ran.


A very short message with a time stamp was sent out from a pokedex belonging to the one Mobile stationed there. 'Widow attack, Green RS. No survivors.'




The building that her master used to take her to for healing was gone. She tore it apart when the things inside attacked her. One of the other buildings was too small; she destroyed that one because it was easier than walking out. The last though, she left standing. It had prey in it that didn't fight back, so she ate that. It also had things that took the pain away, for a little while. She remembered her master giving them to her; it seemed like a long time ago. They were called potions. Eventually, she started making a web around the building and up in the trees. Prey came here frequently and in small groups. It was easy for her to kill and eat them.


She was beginning to feel an urge. Children. She needed to mate and give birth. She started seeking out a mate, but found only prey. She left small silk trip lines behind her where ever she went, so she would know as soon as something entered her territory. Still, all she found was prey. She couldn't find anymore of the potions that stopped the pain, but it wasn't as unbearable as it had once been.


She was moving above her territory, up in the trees, when she felt strong vibrations coming through her network of trip lines. Many things were entering her territory, all from the same direction. She moved unseen through the treetops, to where the intruders were. She could hear noises, noises her prey made. But they had meaning behind them now, or they had meaning behind them again. There were orders, whispers, worries. She could smell prey, and smell something else. Some of the prey were also males. She needed a male to mate. She climbed down lower, slowly and silently, still unseen. Some of the prey became fearful anyway; more fearful then they were entering her territory. She knew what they were, before they were all just things that attacked her, or things for her to attack. There were strong ones that could hurt her more than the others. She would kill them first.


She climbed down lower, low enough to reach the prey. A large blue one walking in the middle, that was one of the strong ones.


There weren't enough tamers in range of the all call. This group had been sent out just to try to stall the menace until more forces came. Their strongest pokegirl was a Gynadose, one of the few 'girls that could even use dragon type moves. All tamers, Mobile or independent, had their full harems out, and were walking spread out, but within range to assist should contact be made.


The tamer of the Gynadose turned to speak to his 'girls, only to see dagger-like fangs sink into his strongest pokegirl's throat. She was lifted off the ground screaming, dragged up into the canopy of the trees. There was a blast of energy that sent leaves cascading and burning to the ground, but after the one hyperbeam was discharged there were no further signs of life from the Gynadose. The tamer could hear shouting coming from all around him, more people were converging on the spot where he had lost his 'girl. She'd been with him since she was a Magicunt; he'd actually caught her when she interrupted a relaxing day of fishing. He was still dumbstruck by his sudden loss when the Widow dropped down behind him and his harem.


Ophelia struck fast. The faster she killed the less these things would hurt her. That blue one had tried to shoot light and fire at her, so she ripped off its head. Now she was on the ground, she was done stalking. Rearing up on her back legs, she stung the prey in the very middle of this group; a small one she knew was weak. She brought her front legs down on two, forcing them to the ground and breaking their bodies. Another two were impaled on her arm blades. The last she bit, drinking in the blood that gushed out of the wound. Throwing the corpses from her, she charged into another approaching group with a roar of fury. She picked out the strongest of this group too, one that looked weak, but wasn't. This one could throw fire and lightning and ice only by waving her hands and muttering words. She was speaking the words right now. Ophelia spat out a gob of poison that sailed through the air and splattered over the chanting one's head and shoulders. She fell to the ground, wailing as the skin and tissue around her face and throat burned away. The rest of this group the Widow simply trampled over or shoved out of her way as she raced to the next largest threat. She would kill them one by one before any of them could hurt her more. Then she would take care of the ones that weren't even able to hurt her. She felt heat, she felt cold, she felt rock and earth slam into her. They didn't stop her, but she put a stop to them.


Blood soaked the ground all around her. A few of the intruders still lived; she had left them to die from her venom. They were no threat once stung. She looked about, she could still smell the scent of a male, and she still needed to mate. Whimpering, it was a noise prey often made. She found the source of the pathetic noise. It was a male, and he wasn't dying or running. He only sat on the ground making his sobbing and whimpering noises. Bodies of the intruders were all around him, the ones here had been very weak.


She had found her mate.




She was tired. It had been days since she had last seen any prey, and even longer since her mate had died. The last prey had been far off, and it hurt her too much to chase after them. More intruders had come before that, even more than the first time. She still hurt from that fight. One of her legs wouldn't work anymore; it was shriveled and dragged along the ground under her. The pain had returned too. She had brought down the last of the buildings, desperately searching for the potions that would make it go away. She was hungry and wanted to go out to find more prey, but she couldn't leave. She had to watch over her eggs, her children.




Ophelia couldn't feel the pain anymore. Not because she had healed, but because it was simply past that point. As her body fell apart her mind seemed to piece itself back together. She was dying, she knew she wouldn't make it to see her children hatch, even though the soft leathery eggs were now much larger than when she had laid them. She dragged herself over to the closest one, placing a hand on the top as gently as she could so she could caress the shell.




She could remember all of her life from before. Not the short broken glimpses she had been experiencing since the Giantess took her master and harem sisters from her, but everything as clear as the day she had lived it. She knew that her master and sisters, her family, would have never wanted her to do what she had done. She never wanted to do it either. She had lost herself to the rage, the despair, the pain.


I'm so...


She was done. Her body was being eaten away from the inside, her own venom killing her like it had killed her countless victims. She slowly ran her hand down the membrane of the egg; she could feel her precious child stirring within it. It wouldn't be long before it hatched, and the monster inside was let out into the world. The same kind of monster she was. Her hand fell to the ground; she lay there unmoving, fighting to take her last breath. She had to finish saying it. Even if the Thousand were the only ones to hear.