It's time for this series to come to it's (not so) earth shattering conclusion. Will the earth really shatter? That might have been better than what I did do. :)

A Little Blue 25

A Little Blue 26

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End of the month and it's time for a bit of a data dump!


Various short stories have been pumped out the last few weeks as well as the first chapter in the new 'saga' of G&R. To make things easier the title won't change, but the storyline sure will.


G&R Chapter 34 can be found here, and be sure to check out my short stories page over here to see the two new ones!

And of course, as always, review can be posted below, to my email, or my review page.

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Nothing witty today. Sorry!


Chapter 33 can be found here, and as always reviews can be posted to the comments below, my email, or my review page.

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Hello again, folks. You may have noticed, that I'm posting thing! Go and check out Forces Unbound the prologue, or chapter zero. of my long awaited self insertion. Going to be a bit before I get around to re-writing Wraithlord. Again. Since I'm not writing 'canon' now, I can make things more interesting, and less....silly.

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