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Chapter 24

A New Dawn




          The Sky Pillar had not had any beds, or any furnishings at all, which Nicholas assumed was because it had been nothing but a tomb ever since Rayquaza’s death centuries before. And so, as Latios was left to nervously fumble with Nicholas, Latias had flashed across the sky a few times until a full four-poster bed was assembled on the roof. The rest of his harem had retreated inside the tower as night approached and now Nicholas and the twins were alone together.


          Nicholas slid back onto the mattress and glanced to either side at the legendaries watching him. “Well? How’s this going to happen?”


          The two shared a glance. “How would you like it to happen, Lorekeeper?” they chorused in unison.


          Nicholas grinned. His shirt flew off the end, followed quickly by his pants and underwear and Nicholas leaned back, stroking himself a few times to get going before relaxing and placing both hands behind his head. “I think I’d like Latios to start by servicing her Lorekeeper.”


          Latios glanced aside and grumbled but climbed onto the bed, ignoring Latias’ look of glee as her claws wrapped around Nicholas’ erection. She tugged on it a few times before finally giving in and dropped her head, inhaling his penis and beginning to run her tongue along his shaft.


          “Latias.” Latias crawled past her sister when Nicholas called, kissing him and humming happily when his hands moved to begin exploring her body. “How do you think I should treat your sister?”


          Latios’ jaw clenched but she kept herself from biting down on Nicholas’ dick as she listened to Latias pretend to think. “Well…” Latias moaned when Nicholas’ exploring hands began pressing into the scales of her stomach, getting closer and closer to her groin with every motion, “she truly does love humanity, Lorekeeper. All of it.”


          “With all her body?” Nicholas asked, a sly smile twitching on his lips. The smile vanished when he felt something sharp cut into his penis and he heard Latios growling.


          Latios’ growl turned into a yelp when Latias spun and smacked her sister’s cheek. “If you don’t like it then leave!” she shrieked, staring down at the suddenly motionless Latios until Nicholas felt Latios’ tongue gently licking where her teeth had nicked. When Latios lowered her eyes contritely Latias turned back to Nicholas and wrapped her hands behind his neck. “Now. Where were we?”


          “Teasing your sister a bit too much, I think,” Nicholas replied.


          Latias deflated, pressing against him as she sighed. “I think you should treat her first,” she breathed in his ear. “With all the care and tenderness she deserves.”


          Nicholas blinked to show he had heard her and kissed her mouth again before pulling his hands away from where they had been about to enter her pussy. “That’s enough, Latios.” When his dick popped out of Latios’ mouth he gently pushed Latias away. “Join me.”


          Latios glanced at her sister but did as Nicholas said, waiting for Latias to crawl away before taking her place. “Yes, Lorekeeper?”


          Nicholas sat up, forcing Latios off balance as he did. While she was shifting in an attempt to find a new position he pressed both hands to her shoulders and leaned into her, causing the legendary to crash onto the mattress with a squeal when Nicholas ended up perched above her.


          “Lore…?” Latios bit her lip when she felt the slick shaft she had been lubricating sliding down her taint. “I…”


          “There are many Lorekeepers,” Nicholas said, keeping Latios pinned as he methodically rubbed his penis around her body. “I have a name.”


          Latios panted slightly when the tip of Nicholas’ dick pressed against her clit for a moment before continuing up her stomach. “Lorekeeper… Nicholas.”


          “Too lengthy. My name is not my penis,” Nicholas chuckled, pressing down to force his shaft between Latios’ labia and beginning to slide back and forth as she whimpered. “Well?”




          Nicholas smiled down at her. Latios had screwed her eyes shut as she said his name and he was pretty sure she was blushing. “You love my name, don’t you?” He whispered, his entire body lowering to lay against Latios’. “Say it again.”


          “N-Nicholas,” Latios whispered. “Nicholas… Nichol-“ the rest of his name was turned into a tiny noise Latios made when Nicholas wrapped his mouth around hers. He kept her locked in this way as his hips shifted backwards, popping his shaft free before he reoriented himself and began pushing inside.


          Latios tried to cry out but with Nicholas still kissing her it all came out muffled. He felt her panting and used the distraction of his penetration to probe her mouth with tongue, playing with her as Latios continued to let out muffled cries with every breath.


          Finally Nicholas felt his thighs pressing against Latios’ scales and he broke off the kiss, letting the gasping legendary catch her breath for a few seconds before he brought his attention to her chest. “You know,” he said, bending down and listening as Latios moaned when the motion began sliding his penis back out, “I never understood why you wanted to hide such beautiful things.”


          Latios’ eyes slid shut when she felt Nicholas’ teeth pressing into the scales around her nipples. “I…”


          “Shh-sh-sh.” Nicholas let off with the biting for a second to lick the straining flesh of her nipple. “I don’t need to understand. You’ve let them free now.”


          Latios screamed in pleasure as Nicholas made his first major move on her. His hands shifted from pressing down on her shoulders to looping underneath them, stretching Latios’ body out as he bit down on her breast. By shifting his grip he also gave himself a few extra inches to work with and he used them to their fullest, slamming his dick back into Latios down to the base before pulling back, thrusting as fast as he could for a few seconds before slowing and testing various rhythms until he felt Latios’ body straining against his hold. He maintained that speed as Latios’ screams began to rise in pitch, her head thrashing back and forth until Nicholas was forced to stop playing with her nipples in order to maintain his hold. Latios’ screams suddenly shot up before she seemed to go silent and Nicholas felt her insides contracting, sucking on his dick as he continued his pace. He resisted the sensations until Latios’ body trembled and she stopped straining, her breathing heavy as she basked in her orgasm. It was at that point that he yanked the surprised legendary into a bone-crushing embrace, keeping his penis deep in her vagina as he came.


          He’d been hoping that the trick might send her over the edge for a second time but all it did was make Latios squeal and start scratching at his skin in an attempt to escape. He quickly released her and she leapt off his dick, nearly falling off the bed in her haste as a trail of cum squirted from her slit.


          “You- You just-“ Latios pawed at her vagina, lifting her claws to see the thick white cum stretching between them. “You-!”


          “Fill me!” Nicholas yelped when Latias threw herself at him, her hips searching for his erection. “ME TOO!”


          “What the hell has gotten into you?!” Nicholas cried, fending Latias off for long enough to get a hold on her arms. “I’ve just barely finished my first round with your sister!”


          Nicholas felt his head slam against the mattress as Latias reversed the position he’d had with Latios. “I have never wanted a human like I want you,” she hissed, finally getting his dick inside of her and beginning to shift up and down. “I’ve never wanted an egg before.” Nicholas grimaced when Latias turned her wild eyes on him. “But maybe with you…”


          “You’re insane.” Nicholas glanced at Latios before he looked back up at Latias, bouncing on his cock. “You’re both insane. Hey, Latios, help get your sister off of me!”


          Latios was frozen staring at the strands of Nicholas’ cum. “I don’t want to lay an egg…”


          “Legendary pokegirls can’t even-“ Nicholas shouted when Latias’ claws sank into his chest and she began bouncing even faster. “OW!”


          “A true Lorekeeper. A dragon in human skin.” Latias’ wings flared as she came, her exuberant cries echoing before she resumed pounding Nicholas’ hips. “FILL ME! BREED ME!”


          Nicholas grabbed Latias’ arm and forced her claws out of his chest. She’d completely lost it. How had the gentle Latias turned into this?


          “First of all,” Nicholas growled, letting Latias continue riding him as he kept her claws from digging into his skin, “Humans and pokegirls can’t breed. Our energies are not compatible. Second of all, only normal pokegirls, those born of Mew, can reproduce and lay eggs.” He pushed his face closer to Latias’. “That means you and your sister can’t.”


          If Latias heard him she didn’t show it and Nicholas dropped back onto the mattress when she picked up the pace. “Fine.” He felt his second orgasm rising and grinned up at Latias. His blood was boiling. “I’ll give you what you want. I’ll give it to you both until you can’t walk straight.”







          Zinnia and Aster returned just before dawn to find a pile of debris on the roof of the Sky Pillar and a form underneath a fallen curtain still shifting back and forth. Nicholas glanced up when he felt the fabric covering him get pulled away and he grinned when he saw them. “How was your flight?”


          Zinnia slowly looked down at who Nicholas was straddling. The man had one hand gripping Latios’ breast, the other on Latias. Both legendaries were unconscious, semen spilling from Latios’ vagina and likely a similar scene from Latias’, if Nicholas hadn’t currently been buried in her cunt.


          “It was… nice,” Zinnia said after a moment. “How was your…” she gestured. “This?”


          “Pretty nice,” Nicholas replied, pulling out of Latias. As he did some of his load pulled out with him, stuck to the skin of his dick. Most of it dropped free on its own when Nicholas stood and he wiped the rest using a corner of the curtain Zinnia was holding. “They acted like they’d never been tamed before.”


          Zinnia nodded and stepped aside to give Nicholas space to clean up. “I’m not sure if they ever have. Not since they formed, eons ago.”


          “And what about you?” Nicholas asked. “Have you been tamed in the eons you’ve lived?”


          Zinnia coughed. “Does it matter? My Master will tame me at some point all the same.”


          “Just wondering.” Nicholas glanced back at the unconscious twins. “They kept going on about getting bred. It almost hurt to break the news.”


          “Ah.” Zinnia smiled sadly. “I see. Well, who knows. Just because it has not happened before does not mean it never will.”


          “Hey. Don’t scare me like that.” Nicholas staggered over to a broken piece of wall and sat down with a long sigh. “Ahh. So.” He smiled at the two dragons. “You say I’ll tame you ‘at some point’, hmm? When do you want that to be?”


          Zinnia and Aster shifted a bit closer together and Aster in particular was blushing pretty hard. “Maybe… after we get some rest,” Zinnia replied with a shy smile.


          “Sounds good to me.” Nicholas waved and leaned back, letting his eyes drift shut as he did. “Sorry. I broke the bed so you’ll have to curl up together instead.”


          Aster giggled and Zinnia felt the Salamence pulling her towards the stairs that led into the tower. “We can do that, right, Mistress?”


          Zinnia smiled back and followed Aster out of sight. “I think we’ll manage.”







          Nicholas climbed up the last few steps and stepped onto the roof. In the days since Rayquaza’s resurrection the structure had been tidied up bit by bit and now the roof was completely clean. No sign of the ancient, broken walls, nor of the mass of wood that the bed he’d tamed the Lati twins had become. They themselves had left the afternoon after that wild session to begin shaping the fragmented cults.


          Nicholas walked over to where Zinnia sat and carefully sat down next to her, making sure not to tread on her tail where it lay between them. “You called?”


          Zinnia was nude, as she had been ever since she had chosen to make the former Lorekeeper’s form her own, and her short black hair rustled in the constant breeze that blew up here. “Yes. I called you, because… Today, I feel that the last whispers of my power are fading.”


          Nicholas nodded. “You can no longer take your true form.”


          “This is my true form now,” Zinnia replied, “regardless of whether I could change it. But yes. My… ‘original’ form is nearly beyond my reach.”


          “Rayquaza dies today.”


          Zinnia chuckled softly. “She died many days ago, Nicholas. Her last memory died when a human named Zinnia did.” She gazed out over the ocean. The sun overhead sent diamonds glittering through the waves. “Rayquaza was an old, old soul. Perhaps too old. Perhaps even her memory should have died millennia ago. This world is no longer hers, you see. New generations have rose and fell. This is their world now, not hers. As far as I am concerned, I am Zinnia. Zinnia as she always prayed to be, and never was answered. An inheritor of a new world, not Rayquaza’s world.”


          “I’m sorry. But I can never just forget who you really are,” Nicholas replied. “You look like her. You speak, and you act like her. But…”


          “That is how it must be.” Nicholas trailed off when Zinnia interrupted him. “You are the Lorekeeper. You are the man who remembers when no other can. I, too, am Lorekeeper. And so I remember.” She reached in front of her and Nicholas watched her pick up a folded bundle of cloth. It was Zinnia’s cloak, tattered and burnt. “However, I am not the Lorekeeper, not anymore. So this belongs to you.”


          “I couldn’t take your…” Nicholas trailed off when he saw Zinnia unwrapping something from within the cloak. As she pulled the cloth away Zinnia’s emerald dragon anklet was revealed and Nicholas’ protests died away.


          “This is an ancient artifact some say Rayquaza crafted herself,” Zinnia said, turning to present it to Nicholas. “It has been held by the Draconid clan, passed from Lorekeeper to Lorekeeper through the ages.”


          Nicholas smiled slightly. “And what do you think? Is there any truth to that rumor?”


          Zinnia blushed slightly and her eyes dropped down. “I did my best.”


          Nicholas laughed and accepted the anklet. Time had dulled the finer aspects of the sculpture but he could easily tell that it was meant to be Rayquaza in her full draconic form. “I think it looks beautiful.”


          “Eh-hem.” Zinnia cleared her throat. “That is crafted from the meteorites I- I mean, Lady Rayquaza was said to feed upon. It is a powerful tool in the right hands.”


          Nicholas hefted the anklet. He could feel something within the sculpture and after a moment he looked at his ring. “It’s a Key Stone.”


          “Yes.” Zinnia reached out to stroke the face of the sculpture. “But it is more than any Key Stone. It is unique. The only thing that will resonate with a certain pokegirl.”


          Nicholas blinked at her. “You?”


          “You have accepted Zinnia into your harem, Master Nicholas,” Zinnia said. “Now… will you accept me, and all that I am?”


          Nicholas barely hesitated. Zinnia watched him slip his ring off his finger and it dropped to the ground as he kicked his shoe off and slipped the anklet up his leg, stopping when the coils began to flex around his shin. As he was getting his shoe back on he heard Zinnia shift and looked up to see her getting to her feet. With a flourish she draped her cloak over her shoulders, waiting for him to stand with her before she raised a hand to her neck and gently gripped the cloth. “For a moment you believed I was giving you this, didn’t you?”


          Nicholas smirked. Zinnia stood as naturally as if she was fully clothed when all she had covering her was the cloak. “I wasn’t sure, considering you don’t wear anything else.”


          Zinnia rolled her eyes. “This is sacred to her. Sacred to me. It is all that is left of Aster, the Lorekeeper before us.” Nicholas pouted when fabric began weaving across her body until she was dressed in the human’s outfit, a black top with flames woven through, and short jean shorts that stopped well before her white thigh highs. “My old, physical clothes would never fit with my wings and tail,” she explained. “Oh, but I see.” She smiled when Nicholas tried to look innocent. “You enjoyed seeing my naked body, didn’t you, Master.”


          “I think we were having a moment here,” Nicholas deflected. “Ancient artifacts and all that.”


          “We were.” Zinnia stepped forwards, her tail curling around until it began rubbing against Nicholas’ leg. “This anklet. I have seen that you can harness your power, Master Nicholas. But your understanding is still rough. Unpracticed. What you know is just a miniscule shred of what humans are truly capable of.” She smiled up at him. It felt so wrong but Zinnia had been shorter than him before she had taken his place. That hadn’t changed. “I will teach you. You are already so wonderful, my Master. With my help I know you will become so much more.”


          Nicholas laughed nervously when he felt Zinnia begin pressing more than just her tail against him. For a few moments he felt her shirt. Then it was skin. “What is the first lesson?”


          “You will learn the best way to form a new bond,” Zinnia whispered. “Then, I will teach you how to stabilize it. Then, I will show you how to strengthen it.” Nicholas felt Zinnia’s hands running up his body and a few seconds later his shirt was gone. He held her as he waited for her to drop his pants as well. “Your artifact is much, much more than the simple ring you knew,” Zinnia murmured, exploring his mouth with her tongue as Nicholas’ erection began pushing into her stomach. “It is what is fit for a Lorekeeper, not simply a human.” Nicholas shivered when he felt her break the kiss and her lips tickled his ear. “Come, Master. Have no regrets. Feel my embrace.”


          “Heh. I remember regretting that I would never feel the embrace of your primal form,” Nicholas replied, running his hands down Zinnia’s back and under her cloak. She hissed contentedly when his fingers began digging into the joints where her wings met her skin. “So I still have one regret.”


          “We were one once,” Zinnia replied and Nicholas felt his feet swept out from underneath him, falling as Zinnia rode him to the ground. “As my Lorekeeper, we will be one again.”


          Nicholas was preparing to slam to the hard ground but instead he felt something soft bend under his weight. Whatever it was was sturdy enough to support both of them because Zinnia was perched completely on top of his body, her wings flaring to keep her steady as she worked the head of his penis past the soft folds of her labia. She hissed as his dick slowly penetrated her, her fangs glistening in the sunlight as her lips parted in ecstasy.


          Nicholas took a deep breath, his hands having slid down Zinnia’s back as he fell, and took firm hold of Zinnia’s ass. She arched back with a blissful smile on her face as he began to thrust, surprised to feel whatever it was he was laying on warping to let him move. “What am I on? There was nothing here a moment ago.”


          “The air obeys my will,” Zinnia replied, and Nicholas grunted when he felt her walls massaging his shaft. “You will not fall.”


          Nicholas nodded and began picking up the pace, adapting to the strange orientation quickly as he slid in and out of Zinnia’s pussy. He heard her scream as her entire body stretched out, the noise quickly turning to a roar as Zinnia’s aura erupted from her body with her orgasm. Nicholas felt something click in his mind and he pushed forwards, using the air around him to get closer to the roaring pokegirl and wrapping his lips around hers.


          Energy surged through him and Nicholas felt his dick pull free as his body stiffened. Zinnia’s juices dripped to the stone below as her aura began to slowly engulf him. In a flash he saw Rayquaza, the primal legendary, her eyes searing his mind. As heat consumed him from the inside he felt her presence as clearly as his own thoughts.


          “Our souls are joined.” Nicholas glanced down to see Zinnia’s eyes blazing as she stared at him. “Now take hold, Lorekeeper. We are joined, but we are not yet one.”


          “I don’t understand,” Nicholas let escape past his lips.


          Zinnia’s eyes narrowed. “Because you cling to your human frailty. It holds you back, my Master. Let. It. Go.”


          Nicholas felt his breath escaping his lungs as Zinnia spoke. Cum sprayed through the air when he orgasmed, his fluids joining Zinnia’s on the ground in a mocking representation of what the two figures were. Together, but still distinctly separate.


          Nicholas retreated inside himself at first. The heat burning through his body threatened to consume him. To destroy him. He hid from it, fought it, until he slowly recognized where it was coming from.


          His blood, the piece of Rayquaza within him, was what burned. He had always reached for this power as he needed it. Kept it locked away when he didn’t want it. Now it was no longer content being restrained. It had been stoked by its source, the body clinging to Nicholas. The soul that had touched his own. There was no hiding from it anymore.


          Zinnia felt something rising within her as she felt Nicholas’ fingers begin to tense. They skipped along her skin, jumping as Nicholas’ head similarly began to curl in measured ticks. Every one of his muscles were contracting together in the same way and when his body could go no further, every bit of him strained and gripping Zinnia, Zinnia felt his presence surge through her.


          Nicholas roared and Zinnia’s head snapped back, joining him with her voice as Nicholas’ own aura swelled within hers, pushing back and mixing as it swirled around both figures. Neither could tell if they were the one who felt Nicholas’ dick throbbing as it forced its way into their pussy, or if they were the one who felt Zinnia’s muscles clenching down on their straining shaft. As they each opened their eyes and saw the other, there was no longer anything to help tell them apart, either. Nicholas’ eyes mirrored Zinnia’s, and both stared into draconic yellow irises.


          Nicholas felt himself come, and Zinnia felt herself orgasm, and that moment separated them again. Nicholas hissed as he felt Zinnia’s legs wrap around his waist and she hissed back, drawing blood when she dragged her fangs across his chest. “Now,” she whispered, “we are one.”


          “There was a third lesson,” Nicholas said, releasing one of his hands to both protect his chest and fight back by kneading Zinnia’s breast. “Shall I teach it to you?”


          Zinnia’s eyes lit up and she laughed. “I am your mentor.”


          “And I am your Master,” Nicholas replied, the hand that was still gripping Zinnia sliding up her body until she felt it wrapping around the back of her neck. “The bond flows from the Master. They are the one who strengthens it.”


          “You asked me if I had ever been tamed, in the eons I have lived,” Zinnia said as Nicholas shifted his grip to more easily hold her still. “I have not lived for eons. Rayquaza lived for eons. I have lived for but a few short days, and felt no human’s touch until now.”


          “Well in that case this is a special moment for you, Zinnia,” Nicholas whispered back, his dick straining within her. It had not softened even slightly after his last orgasm. “Your first taming. Which of us will be satisfied first?”


          Zinnia flashed a grin and Nicholas snarled when he felt her nails, as sharp as any claws, drawing streaks down his back. “You are but a mimicry of my self,” she gloated. “I have never been satisfied.”


          She was grinning up at him as Nicholas bent down and grew his own. “Neither have I.”







          Nicholas held still while Lucy’s hands moved slowly across the hundreds of scabs that covered his skin. Zinnia was sprawled out on her cloak, fluids covering her body and soaking the sacred garment, but she was not unconscious. She was gazing up at the morning sky while she waited for Lucy to get to her own wounds. “I am still not satisfied, Master.”


          “We agreed to call it a draw,” Nicholas replied, his shoulder relaxing when he felt one of the larger scabs melt away. “That is the only outcome when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.”


          Zinnia grinned. “Which am I, and which are you?”


          “Considering I was the one thrusting. I’d say I’m the unstoppable one,” Nicholas replied with a chuckle.


          Zinnia laughed back. “True. You did have me on my back for much of the night.”


          “On your back but still fully in your power,” Nicholas pointed out. “We didn’t touch the ground until the sun rose.”


          “And our truce began.” Zinnia smiled at the sky. “You could not make me budge.”


          “I think that answers your question completely,” Nicholas said, stretching when Lucy stepped away from him. “Thank you, Lucy.”


          “It is my duty,” Lucy replied simply, moving to where Zinnia lay and inspecting her.


          Nicholas watched her begin wiping Zinnia’s skin, seeming not to mind that her hands were quickly getting covered in semen as she worked. “When you next report to Steven let him know that I’ll be returning soon.”


          Lucy stiffened. After a few seconds she bent back over Zinnia. “I will, sir.”


          “Eh? We had a spy here?” Zinnia asked and Nicholas saw Lucy’s body tense. “Steven, Steven… He was the one who called himself Champion, wasn’t he?”


          “I wouldn’t call Lucy a spy. She was just helping me out and keeping an eye on me at the same time,” Nicholas replied. “Steven and I are friends, or at least I think we are.”


          “You are, sir,” Lucy replied quickly. “He was worried that you might be consumed by your own energy, as he almost once was.” She looked back at Nicholas, scanning him as she did. “He will be overjoyed to know that you have not only survived, but have seemingly mastered mega evolution so thoroughly.”


          “Please. A descendant of mine, being consumed by this power?” Zinnia snorted. “I am the origin of this technique. Lorekeeper Nicholas took some nudging but there was never any doubt.”


          “So you’re the one who taught humanity how to infuse pokegirls with their energy?” Nicholas asked as Lucy returned to her work.


          “No, that’s not what I’m referring to.” Zinnia sighed. “Humanity sought the power of their gods on their own. I, and my sisters, were once the only ones who burned with both types of energy. That is what I mean when I say I am the origin of the technique. Humanity… acted, and since that point any pokegirl and any human could form a bond. But without my guidance, I doubt many of those early bonds would have survived.”


          “I see.” Nicholas nodded. “That’s why I seemed to pick up on it so quickly. I mean, it makes sense; some part of me is you, and that part remembers how to wield both primal and origin energy as one.”


          Zinnia sat up when Lucy backed off and began wiping her hands on the ground. “All done?” When the Chansey nodded she got to her feet. “Wait just a moment.”


          Nicholas watched her flip off the tower and a few seconds late he thought he heard a distant splash. Lucy finished getting the worst of his cum off her hands and made her excuses, fleeing downstairs before Zinnia arced back across the sky and landed in front of Nicholas.


          “Yes. That part of you does, and today it woke,” Zinnia said, continuing their conversation as if there had been no interruption while she wrung the seawater from her hair and cloak. “You should find it much simpler to understand and grow the bonds you already have, and much easier to create new ones as you go.”


          “Before, I could make things work,” Nicholas said. “Sometimes it hurt, and sometimes it was hard, but I had enough power to force through. Now, I understand the process itself. The two of us, our bond is much greater than a simple relationship between a pokegirl and a human, or even what I hold with Morgana, a linking of our minds. Our entire selves are linked together. What would happen if I held that kind of bond with a regular pokegirl?”


          “That is up to you to find out,” Zinnia said with a slight smile. “However, when you are willing, I will show you what that means for us.”


          Nicholas frowned. “You’re asking me to mega evolve you?”


          “I am. We are ready, and it will be my final lesson on this subject,” Zinnia replied.


          “Do you have a stone?” Nicholas asked curiously. “I mean all you’re wearing is that cloak, so…”


          “A stone.” Zinnia snickered. “I do not need a thing to filter your energy, Master. My body itself can do that better than any aid.”


          Nicholas chuckled. “Then do you want to do it now?”


          Zinnia laughed. “So eager. Why not? My ancient foe is still approaching. Let today be Rayquaza’s final flight.”


          Nicholas nodded and the anklet began to glow. He didn’t feel power flowing through him anymore. All he felt was a slight drain as the power that now constantly filled him found its way to Zinnia.


          Zinnia slouched back with a long sigh. She felt her reserves, drained and nearly empty, begin to fill as a trickle from Nicholas entered. The trickle swelled when Nicholas relaxed even further, increasing from what he had once been able to barely send to a rushing flow. He felt no fatigue, no pain. Only the slight pull as his energy was released. The anklet continued to glow, a Key Stone that massed a hundred times what his ring had.


          “Is that all you have?” Zinnia murmured and Nicholas focused harder. “It is better than what you could do before, but it is still nothing compared to what you are capable of.”


          “What am I supposed to do? What we did yesterday was insane. I could never replicate that feeling.”


          Zinnia laughed. “Try.”


          Nicholas grimaced. He closed his eyes, reaching deeper. His whole body thrummed with power. And he immersed himself, reaching for the sparkling gem in his soul.


          Zinnia’s mouth opened as she felt the rushing flow of power explode, filling her completely in an instant. But it did not stop, pressure building within her until a brilliant light began to shine from her chest. The green scales covering her wings and tail began to darken as Nicholas’ power took the place where Rayquaza’s had once been until Zinnia’s emerald green had been fully overtaken by a black as dark as her hair. The light did not expand into a sphere as every mega evolution had until this point, instead beginning to trace patterns of rings and lines on her skin eerily reminiscent of the patterns Rayquaza’s full body had. Then Zinnia felt Nicholas’ power overflow.


          She sighed as she felt her wings splinter, the black segments linked together by the glistening power that was overtaking her. A few pieces swirled away from her, linked back to her body by tendrils of golden energy and weaving as if they had a mind of their own. The cloak on her back began shimmering the same colors as the rising energy surrounded it and when Nicholas opened his eyes he saw Zinnia, her skin shining gold, black and gold swirling around her, and her wings and tail gone from green to black, their segments held together by the same golden energy that suffused the rest of her.


          Zinnia was basking in the feelings when she heard Nicholas speak. “I thought this was meant to be Rayquaza’s final flight.”


          Zinnia opened her eyes. “I told you. This is my true form now.”


          “Well…” Nicholas drew himself up. “I wanted to fly with Rayquaza, not Zinnia.”


          Zinnia gazed at him until a smile tugged at her lips. “Just this once.”


          Nicholas grinned as Zinnia’s body swelled. For some reason as her legs disappeared, replaced by the massive coils of scales, those scales remained black. The shattered fragments and the golden energy holding them together remained, and the lines that had glowed across Zinnia’s skin swelled into orbs of light that ran the length of Rayquaza’s body, but when the emerald dragon eventually reared into the sky she was no longer emerald, but pitch black.


          Nicholas slowly placed his hand on her coils. He could see a brilliant red highlight running through them, though it was mostly overtaken by the black. “Rayquaza… isn’t this… aren’t these the colors Zinnia wore?”


          Rayquaza bent down, feeling herself and staring at the same lines of red Nicholas was. “Why have my scales changed?”


          Nicholas began laughing. “You truly are Zinnia. I see that now.” He smiled up at her. “Mega evolution draws out the soul of the target. In your soul, you are Zinnia.”


          Rayquaza grew a stunned expression as his words crashed over her and Nicholas watched as she blinked, her face screwing up while she fought back tears. “Rayquaza is truly dead.”


          “Through you, Zinnia will live forever,” Nicholas replied.


          He watched as Rayquaza bent down, one of the fins along her body lowering to give him a ramp. “Join me, my Master, my Lorekeeper. Ride me on my final flight. Fly with me.”


          Nicholas didn’t need any more coaxing and ran up the fin, leaping onto her back and sliding along until he reached a comfortable point near her torso.


          “Say,” he called as Rayquaza launched into the sky, “do you have a vagina in this form?”







          That evening people across the world saw a brilliant display of light in the sky. Astronomers placed it somewhere in the outer solar system and humanity set to work, observing, appreciating, and studying what appeared to be the dissolving fragments of an interplanetary body. Only a few saw the explosion as what it truly was, and they bowed their heads, offering their grateful prayers to their Mistress, the emerald dragon of the sky.


          Two days passed before Rayquaza was seen swooping back towards the Sky Pillar. Seen only by a single pokegirl, whose guard had not wavered for a moment. As Rayquaza landed and Nicholas dropped from her claws, Aster hurried towards them.


          Nicholas was laughing and didn’t really see Aster approaching until the Salamence had crashed into him. Nicholas cried out when he slammed to the floor, stars dancing across his eyes as his head impacted. By the time he’d recovered all he could see were Aster’s red wings wrapped over him.


          “I thought you had left me,” Aster sobbed, holding tightly to Nicholas as Rayquaza began to shrink. “Why, Master? Why, Mistress? Where did you go?”


          Zinnia looked guilty as her scales returned to their normal green. “I am so sorry, Aster. We didn’t tell anyone, did we.”


          “No!” Zinnia winced when Aster screamed. “You… you just… vanished!”


          “Zinnia, can you tell the rest of my harem that we’re alive?” Nicholas asked, his voice hard to make out through Aster’s wings. Zinnia still got the message and bowed slightly, moving to the stairs as her clothes formed and walked down to muffled cries of surprise. “I’m sorry, Aster,” Nicholas murmured, reaching up to stroke the Salamence’s face. “We would never abandon you.”


          “I thought… I thought I had lost her,” Aster wailed, “lost you, lost everything…”


          Nicholas gazed up at the dragon girl as tears began streaking down her cheeks. There were no words that could fix this, nothing he could say that would calm Aster.


          …However, there might be a way to salvage this situation.


          “We got carried away,” Nicholas said. “We’re sorry, but your Mistress couldn’t help herself.”


          “Couldn’t help…?” Aster gasped. “She… she forgot about me that easily?”


          “Easily?” Nicholas scoffed. He was teetering on a knife’s edge. He barely knew anything about this pokegirl, but he knew one thing. She was a dragon, and he had yet to initiate her into his weyr. He’d barely even looked at her in favor of Latias, Latios, and now Zinnia. That was a mistake he needed to immediately fix. “I gave her my full attention, Aster. Was that unfair to you? Yes. But it means my full attention can now turn to you.”


          “What are you saying…?” Aster began to ask. She stiffened when she felt Nicholas’ hand curling around her body and gasped when he massaged the larger scattering of blue scales that spread from where her wings attached. “M-Master…?”


          “You just forgot about your Mistress for a second, didn’t you?” Nicholas purred, and Aster’s widening eyes and slowly brightening face was all the answer he required. “Your Mistress forgot about you for days, Aster. No. She did not forget ‘easily’.”


          Aster didn’t put up any resistance as Nicholas pushed her off of him. She barely even gasped when he pushed her all the way on her back, and that was likely only because she’d fallen back on her blood red wings. Nicholas perched over her, still as naked as he’d been when he’d flown off with Rayquaza, and gazed down at the blushing Salamence.


          When he’d first agreed to be her tamer he’d teased Zinnia for looking like a green salamence. She was almost purely human, save for her eyes, fangs, wings, and tail, and he’d made the comparison because at the time all he could see of Aster had been the same. Sparkling, crystal blue eyes in that distinctive draconic shape. A mouth of sharp fangs hidden behind her lips. A set of blood red wings, sprouting from her back, and a long, blue-scaled tail with a stripe the color of her wings running along the bottom. She’d had on clothing before, Nicholas couldn’t quite remember what, but he recalled that most of her body had been covered. No longer. After that moment, Zinnia had ripped the wrapper off her mate and Aster had spent every day since as naked as she had. Well, until Zinnia had started summoning her clothing, that was.


          It was this now lack of clothing that allowed Nicholas to see more differences between the two dragons. One he’d been able to see before – Zinnia’s hair was a short black, while Aster’s was a long cyan – but with his eyes on her bare skin he could see what set a dragon pretending to be human apart from a dragon who was simply that. Zinnia’s lightly tanned body was pure skin, soft to the touch, even if it was backed by her power and resisted attacks as well as any armor. Aster’s, on the other hand, was speckled in scales.


          There was still a lot of pale skin to be seen between the scales, especially on the Salamence’s generous (and bare) breasts, but the rest of her body had a light tint to it from the dusting of blue, or red, or even a dull white that Nicholas could see. He’d felt and seen the larger blue scales that spread from the wings on her back, but without this closer look he’d assumed those were the only scales she had on her skin. Not even close. As he ran his fingers down Aster’s stomach he felt the rough pattern, almost as if, instead of body hair, she grew scales instead.


          Aster’s breaths were coming haltingly as he ran his hands over her body, peering closely at the shifting colors instead of her heaving breasts, or her labia, as it swelled from her arousal. For some reason this man… Her Master. Her… Weyrleader, her Lorekeeper, was more interested in who she was than the pleasure she could give him. And without realizing it Zinnia faded from Aster’s mind, replaced completely by Nicholas’ face and his gentle hands.


          Nicholas carefully traced a seam where the white scales of Aster’s stomach transitioned to the blue that covered her tail and back. Aster shivered when his hand traced past her breasts but Nicholas didn’t pause, stroking her neck as he inspected the flare of red there. Aster had had enough, though, when Nicholas brought his attention to her groin and instead of teasing her slit he began running a fingernail between the red of her inner thigh and the blue of the rest of her leg.


          Nicholas’ head was already pretty close to where she wanted it so he didn’t have any time to dodge when Aster’s legs shot out, wrapping around his head and dragging his face right into her groin. He heard her growling as her hold tightened, pushing his nose and mouth into her slick folds. Aria had done something similar once, he thought with a mental smile, though this pokegirl wasn’t feral. She was just horny.


          So he figured it was okay to give her what she wanted.


          Aster was beginning to squeeze Nicholas a bit harder, intending on suffocating the human until he gave in, when Nicholas’ hands shot up and wrapped around her legs, locking them in place and stuffing his face even further into her snatch. Aster’s surprise from his motion vanished the instant she felt his tongue probing deeply into her pussy and she squealed, trembling a bit before she tried to release her hold, wanting more than just his tongue now that Nicholas seemed to be ready to begin. She shrieked again when his grip tightened. She couldn’t move her legs and Nicholas’ tongue seemed to be reaching deeper and deeper with every motion. It… It felt like…


          Nicholas tilted his head back ever so slightly so that his nose pushed up to rest against Aster’s clit. She’d been Zinnia’s pokegirl, so he knew she was used to lesbian encounters. He wanted to show her that she had lost nothing in the switch between Masters.


          Electricity shot through Aster’s body when she felt Nicholas’ nose vibrating against her clit. He was humming, scrunching his face to make the vibration build specifically in his nose but she also felt it a bit everywhere his mouth touched. Whenever Nicholas paused to take a breath she felt his tongue licking her insides and this pattern of vibration and penetration made her come faster than she ever had before.


          Nicholas heard Aster’s scream and took a deep breath, focusing completely on vibrating his nose as the Salamence spasmed. When he felt her legs stop tensing he pulled them away, using Aster’s momentary weakness to position himself over her once again.


          Aster stared up at Nicholas with wide eyes. She was panting, her chest rising and falling as she worked down from her orgasm, and deep in her gaze Nicholas saw what he was looking for. Joy.


          He had not seen joy in Aster’s eyes, ever. His first meeting with this pokegirl had been to stand together and watch her Mistress give her life. Every moment after she had had eyes only for Zinnia. He had never seen joy in them. Desire, lust, rivalry, sure. He’d seen all that. But never joy. Not until now.


          Aster’s breath caught when Nicholas straddled her. She could feel his balls tapping against her ass as Nicholas positioned himself and her eyes slid shut as she prepared for what would come next.


          Unfortunately, Nicholas wasn’t done with her yet. Aster felt something enter her, but it wasn’t his penis. It was Nicholas’ fingers and her eyes shot open to see him leaning over her with a lecherous grin. She stared back at first before she felt something press down on her pelvic region.


          Nicholas held on tight when Aster began thrashing, her screams of pleasure coming almost without pause as he maintained the pressure on her lower abdomen while fingering her with his other hand. He made sure to only occasionally stroke the roof of her vagina and took careful note of where his fingers were when Aster’s head slammed back in a particularly powerful scream. After her reactions had started to calm down, only gasping cries and the occasional twitch, he returned to that spot exclusively and doubled his efforts.


          He was rewarded within seconds when Aster’s screams returned to their original volume and her back arched. Liquid squirted past his fingers, leaving a wet trail on the roof due to him having moved to her side to better maintain his grip on her stomach. He released that hold now but kept his other hand pleasuring the Salamence’s snatch, gently maintaining her pleasure as she came down from her second orgasm. This time when Aster felt him slide between her legs she didn’t look or even guess what was coming. And maybe that was why she felt Nicholas’ penis slipping inside.


          She was so wet and sensitive from her orgasms that Nicholas slid in without even trying and felt Aster’s walls clenching as she had a third orgasm from the relief of finally being penetrated. She looked like she had wilted, when Nicholas peered over at the barely breathing Salamence, so he simply waited with his penis inserted until Aster’s strength looked to be returning.


          “Days,” Nicholas said as Aster could only moan when he began to thrust. “You’ve lasted minutes.”


          Aster barely heard him, too focused on the feeling of his dick pressing into her vagina. This was her Master. The Weyrleader who now claimed both her, and her Mistress.


          She couldn’t have been happier.







          Bea watched as Aster flew through the air with Nicholas clutched to her stomach. “Where exactly did you two go?”


          Zinnia was watching the spectacle as well. She could feel the joy in Aster’s flight and she couldn’t stop from smiling as Nicholas gave Aster the midair taming they had had earlier.


          “We went a little past what humans call the ‘Asteroid Belt’,” Zinnia replied. “It was fun, though I don’t want to do it again without protection for our Master.”


          Bea stared at the flying dragon above her for almost a full minute as she tried to process what Zinnia had just said. “You… went into… space.”


          “Well I couldn’t wait for that bitch to smash her asteroid into the planet,” Zinnia scoffed. “I maintained a bubble of air and ozone around my body the entire time. Master Nicholas never even felt as if he had left this atmosphere.”


          Bea sat down, hard. “I… don’t even know how to reply to that.”


          “It was Rayquaza’s last flight,” Zinnia replied. “I wanted it to be special for him. So I brought him with me.”


          “I guess all I can say then, is… thank you, for giving him something so special,” Bea eventually said. “So… am I supposed to be your Alpha now?”


          Zinnia laughed quietly. “No, I don’t think so. I believe it is better to think of Aster and I as another harem of our Master’s. One in which I am the Alpha, and Aster my Beta. Though, once we meet the rest of his weyr, we will most likely become part of their ‘harem’, and our two-pokegirl system will be no more.” She shrugged. “But either way, no, you are not my Alpha. We simply share a Master.”


          “Okay. Okay, cool.” Bea stretched to relieve the tension she felt. “Good! That keeps things simple.”


          Zinnia smiled at her. “Were you worried, young one?”


          Bea laughed nervously. “Young one. Please don’t call me that. I’d like to forget who you really are, if that’s okay.”


          “I’d prefer it, actually, so I apologize for teasing you,” Zinnia replied seriously. “I am no threat to your position.”


          Bea let out her breath. “Thank you.”


          “Of course. We are both pokegirls, after all. I understand your concern.” Zinnia turned back to the show. “I just am beyond needing to worry about it.”


          Bea nodded and joined Zinnia in watching Aster and Nicholas flip through the air. “He told Aria that, too, when he was forcing her to change the way she thinks about others. How he was simply more powerful than her, which allowed him to show mercy.”


          “Yes. He has learned many lessons already,” Zinnia replied. “I look forward to teaching him many more.”


          Bea blinked up at the pair when Aster began to glow. “Hey, what’s that?”


          Zinnia frowned. “Hm. Well, Aster has a Mega Stone, so…”


          “She does? I never saw her wearing one.” Bea shot to her feet when Aster and Nicholas disappeared into an orb of energy. “Hey!”


          “Oh, she swallowed hers,” Zinnia replied offhandedly. “I do think an accessory like the five of you wear is much more practical, though.”


          Bea swore when Aster exploded from the orb. Her wings had fused together and elongated and the Salamence’s tail flicked a moment before she rocketed through the sky. “HEY!”


          “I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting Master Nicholas to be able to transform Aster so quickly. He’s gotten stronger already.” Zinnia grinned and her wings unfolded, launching her into the air as her laughter trailed back down to Bea. “Don’t worry! I’ll make sure they get back safely!”


          Bea watched her pursue the quickly dwindling speck in the sky and dropped back to the roof with a grumbling sigh. She was so glad those two dragons were not her problem. She had enough to worry about keeping her harem trained while their Master was distracted.








Tamer:Nicholas Topolski



          Knuckle Badge

          Heat Badge

          Stone Badge

          Balance Badge

          Dynamo Badge

          Feather Badge



          Bea, Metagross (Alpha) – Level 46

          Marin, Sharpedo (Beta) – Level 46

          Elaine, Blaziken – Level 46

          Morgana, Gardevoir – Level 44

          Aria, Altaria – Level 45

          Midna, Absol – Level 45


Inactive Harem:

          Zinnia, ‘Salamence’ – Level 70

          Aster, Salamence – Level 62


Non-Com Harem:

          Kalmiya, Porygon-Z – Level 5