Been a while, but I have time to write again, so here are some new chapters for Bureaucracy. Again, there is a reviewing station here. I hope you enjoy the story.

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Welcome to September everyone.


This month represents the beginning of the end for G&R. I've more or less introduced everyone I want to, and the cast has grown more than large enough to provide a good, lengthy slugfest down the road. I've begun reshuffling some things to phase two of the story, which will follow Andrew's story into Pokegirl One. Thank you (publicly) to Kerrik for allowing me to intrude on his corner of paradise!

Now for the quick teaser about the chapter. I plan on releasing two short stories that complement G&R, and might post a teaser of the first this coming month sometime. However, I have foreshadowed one of them in Chapter 23 - But where? I'll never tell. You'll have to wait and find out. ;-)


Chapter 23, as I said, is the beginning of the end. And so no more is the story a semi-sappy romp around Blue. It's time for real action, with real consequences. Real threats will be popping up soon, not just some half-baked chase scenes. Decisions will be made, some for the better, some for the worse, but everything is on a collision course to an explosive conclusion - And I hope you'll enjoy the ride.


Chapter 23 can be found here, and as always you can send reviews to my email, the comments down below, or my review page.

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