Hey everyone! Hope all of you with dates had a nice one, and all the others had... A nice Saturday. I personally avoided all movie theaters like the plague so as to not see anything relating to 50 shades of stupid.


On a related note, here's a smutty chapter! Wahhaha! Surprise G&R Chapter 15!

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As promised, a slightly longer Chapter 14 of Gunbunnies & Rosebreasts is now up! This chapter marks the beginning of a special little something that Jean Koovi and I are going to be doing - stay tuned for how it all turns out!


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A Little Blue 12 has been posted.




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Alrighty, as of right now the pokedex here is up to date. There are currently two listings: the regular Pokedex and the Retired Pokedex, bare in mind that if you just click Pokedex from the storyboard listing tab all the girls will be visible despite their status. Any entry you see listed as "Retired-" is an older version of a breed, said breed may or may not still be in the dex, could have been merged, or just plain deleted from dex entirely (we lost a couple of legendaries). If you have any questions or see something I missed feel free to let me know.