Cuz it's June first today, right? right?

And since it's the first that means I need to post the new chapter, right? Yea!

So here's G&R Chapter 20. I swear, the title will make sense. Later. I promise. There will be a Rosebreasts. Somewhere.


Maybe. Review below or at my review page, all that jazz. And I was able to get an extra chapter in the queue again - If something special happens I might be persuaded to release it in advance.

Hello everyone!


I am terribly sorry about how late this is, but I've been really busy lately.


Chapter 2 of Sanctuary's Inferno can be found here


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I debated whether or not to do this, but hell. Why not.

Most people recieve gifts on their birthday. I've decided to give one. So here you go! An early chapter! And I'll still post one on the first. What this means in regards to posting June's chapter is that I won't have an extra one written out and ready to be posted, soo it might be late. Or on time. Not sure yet and I will post an update closer to that deadline.

Now that that's out of the way, here's Chapter 18 of G&R, two days late! I'll update this post with Chapter 19 on the first of May.

May 1st and Chapter 19!

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P.S. I'm testing out a new editor for Grim, so if anything is strange please let one of us know!

Well it's been a long time but here we go, the first chapter in the (what should be) three part epilogue. Unfortunately I don't think they'll be as long as the other chapters but enjoy none the less.

Ch.01 Dogs of War

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**Oh, also, while I'm working on these I'm also re-re-re-re-editing the old books. Aside from mentioning some characters a bit sooner I'm just plain embarrassed by the amount of spelling, grammatical, and word replacement errors I find when I read them again. So I'm taking this time to clean things up and possible improve on the tone of the story.