Added chapter 6. Enjoy. 

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Happy holidays to all!


Well, this is it. The technical end to Gunbunnies and Rosebreasts. I hope to pick the story back up later, tie some loose ends, create some new adventures. But that's going to have to wait for a while. It was abrupt, yes. It leaves questions unanswered, yes. But I've found myself slightly losing interest in the story the past few months and I've decided to step away from it (for now) before I lose interest completely.


I'll probably work on some shorts, maybe start something else before returning to Andrew and his story. Maybe I'll immediately pick back up after the holidays because I got bored. Who knows? But as of today, G&R is on standby.


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Thank you all for tagging along on this adventure!

I have no idea why I forgot to post my customary holiday chapter on Thanksgiving. Must have been the turkey coma.

Well, here we go.


Chapter 26 can be found here.

In addition, I posted Wanted: Unknown chapter 2, which shows their battle with Andrew's force from their side of view. You can read it here.

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And update on December 1st, here's Chapter 27.

A Little Blue 19 has been posted.


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