My apologies - somehow I disabled the publishing flag.
So the "Default author posts as published" trick I set up stopped working.

My bad.

All your articles are still present, not poofed into ether.
Once logged in, you should see the link at the top that says "all articles/lost articles".

You can click on it, and browse through categories to find your missing chapter/story.

Then edit it, flip on published (and/or move it to the correct category) and it will show up in the Author's List. You should only be able to see your own unpublished stories.
This is a permanent feature - if you want to work on a story onsite you are welcome to leave it unpublished till such time as you feel it is matured.


I hit the publish flag on a bunch of the stories. Some folks had started entering dates /featuring articles to try and force them to appear - please remove the dates to cause your article to show up again. My sincerest apologies for the extra work caused. Please let me know next time something like this goes wrong.

Thanks much for the bug report, Kerrik.