Site will remain at
Transfer process has been started, and should complete in a few days and a rubber stamp at moniker & the admin.

I haven't had a chance to look at the table format that drupal has the stories in yet. That's a long term thing and will require a fair amount of work on my part. My intent  is to preserve the works done by authors who've grown out of touch with the community and don't visit as often as once they did.

When the new site comes up (it will replace the old one) folks should sign up. Authors will need to request authorship privileges. There's a bit of administrative work on my end moving registered user to be an author, & setting security.

The new interface is fairly straight forward. Authors have access to their own works, and to add posts to the blog. Authors should have no trouble editing old chapters.
You'll have to create a book under your own section before you can add chapters to it.
And a chapter that is not assigned to a book will 'float' attached to the blog (You can edit it and assign it to the appropriate book). See the tutorials on the side of the page.

If you have any questions use the contact form (on the new site) and I'll get right with you.

The old pokegirls site SQL exceeded PHPmyadmin's ability to export. I do not have access to old stories except as a site dump. At this juncture, I will wait to see what authors are going to upload fresh. After that I will (as personal time permits) begin importing author data for authors who haven't had time.
Maintenance is done - let me know what you feel is missing and I will do my best to address it.

Edit 5/7/2013: restructured permissions. You shouldn't notice any difference, if you do contact me.