Greetings, Salutations, Yo. I'm here tonight to throw a new Pure Vanila chapter out into the aether, but to also give some good news.

My fics will once again be updating regularly!

I've decided that returning to a constant release schedule is what I need to kickstart writing again. It worked great before to motivate me, so we're gonna pick it back up. To that end, tonight is Chapter 04 of Pure Vanilla, my new-ish Canon story. At most, every two months I will release a new chapter for one of my fics. Or even a new one or short story. Two months instead of one, because my life is still extra busy, so I have less time to devote. But rest assured that I'll be using the time I have to regurgitate as much plot as I can.


Chapter 04 can be found here and as always you can leave reviews below or at my review page.