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Pure Vanilla Chapter 4



         The Boobisaur squealed in pain as the chain dug into her body, Trish straining to keep her grip as the feral desperately tried to twist out of Lea’s way. Unable to, she took the full force of the punch Lea threw, the Amazon sending both her intended target and Trish to the ground from the force.


         Daniel quickly pegged the feral with a pokeball, Trish recoiling her chain as the capture tone sounded. “Good job. Clean up the area quickly, we’re running low on balls and the commotion may have-“ He stopped as a shadow passed overhead. “Shit.”


         Lea quickly slid into the undergrowth at the forest’s edge as she scanned the sky. “Can’t tell you what that was, Sir. Should we get out of the open?”


         “Trish, set up. Lea, be prepared to counterattack. With luck they won’t attack from the trees, but we need to be ready if they do.” Daniel stuffed the new feral into his bag. “If that’s a scout for the flock, we’ll be seeing the rest very soon.”


         Trish warily whirled her chain as she watched the sky. “Any ideas on breeds, Master?”


         “Pidgy, maybe some evolved ones, might be some Harpies or Racks.”


         “In other words, no fuckin’ idea.” Trish muttered to herself. “That shadow seemed small, and I don’t smell anything too crazy. Probably Pidgies.” She relayed back.


         “Fair enough.” Daniel responded. “But don’t drop your guard.”


         The three of them waited in silence for a few minutes, each listening intently for possible attacks. Finally after about five minutes Daniel stirred. “Lea.” He hissed. “Is it just me, or did the wind just pick up.”


         Lea raised her head slightly, brushing at her hair as it whipped across her face. “Uh, yea. It did.”


         Daniel gasped as a sudden gust blew over the forest, and with it three shadows that arrowed towards Trish’s back. She barely had time to dive out of the way as they shot past, braking hard as they spun back around. Daniel quickly pointed his ‘dex at them, wincing at the result. “One in the front is a Falcongentle.” He muttered, watching as the pokegirl cartwheeled through the air as she tried to stop her momentum. “Other two are Pidgies. Take them out now, before the falcon can recover!” He shouted.


         Trish responded quickly, whipping her chain up and swiftly entangling the wings of one of the Pidgies, slamming the feral to the ground. Seeing it’s ally disabled, the second Pidgy screamed in fury and dove at Trish’s unprotected back. As the bird pokegirl dug its talons into her she screamed, but cut it off with a gasp as Lea blitzed into the attacker, ripping pieces of Trish’s shirt off when the talons were forced free. The disentangled Pidgy hit hard and rolled before struggling to her feet with one wing dragging at her side. Lea circled it carefully, waiting for an opening. Meanwhile, Trish had run up to the downed and struggling Pidgy and had thrust her blade into its throat. Holding it down until the struggles had almost ceased, and a well-thrown pokeball had come from Daniel, she untangled her chain and began running towards the Falcongentle, which had oriented itself and was beginning to dive at Lea. The diving feral dodged her first sweep of the chain, flipping back around and watching the wounded Slicer carefully.


         Daniel watched each of their fights. Blinking against the wind gusts, he constantly swiveled his gaze upwards to make sure no new ferals appeared.


         “Stupid wind.” He muttered, shading his eyes against yet another surge. “It would get windy while we were…” He trailed off as he noticed the clouds in the sky. They were unmoving, completely unaffected by the gusts he felt.


         A twig snapped behind him and Daniel had to fight the urge to turn around. Regulating his breathing, he pressed himself deeper into the bushes before slowly turning. He held his breath as he saw a pokegirl walking towards the forest edge, her tattered clothing and wild eyes marking her as feral. He watched as she waved her hands slightly, hissing as he realized the gusts corresponded with her movements.


         At his gasp the pokegirl whirled, raising her hands defensively. Daniel carefully inched his pokedex forwards until it was pointing in her direction. Instantly it beeped, causing Daniel to curse and the feral to throw her hands forwards. Sudden winds buffeted his hiding spot, blowing the vegetation back and revealing him. As soon as the feral saw him she leapt backwards and a maelstrom began to build around her.


         “Shit.” Daniel muttered, struggling to his feet and glancing at the entry displayed. “Airmaiden. No enhanced strength.” He hooked the dex back on his belt and braced himself. “Thank god for that.”


         He swayed as another burst of wind blew at him but stood firm, staring the Airmaiden down. “Well?” He called. “Come and fucking get me!”


         The pokegirl’s air shield seemed to waver and Daniel watched her expression waver between scared and aroused. “Well, if you’re not going to come to me.” He reasoned. “I’ll just come to you.” He stepped forwards.


         Instantly the shield solidified, the feral sending gusts of wind to try and blow him back. As Daniel continued to advance she stumbled backwards, finally finding herself against a cluster of trees as he got closer. She screamed, the gusts picking up until Daniel was forced to stop about a foot away from her. Gritting his teeth he grabbed an empty pokeball and punched forwards, spinning as his arm was redirected. Catching himself he waited until the wind died down a little, the feral flagging under the constant strain. Taking the chance he dove forwards, earning a panicked scream as his fist burst through the Airmaiden’s shield and impacted the pokeball squarely against her.


         The light flashed and Daniel was blown backwards as the winds scattered, the pokeball flying from his hand and disappearing somewhere in the undergrowth. In the open, the Falcongentle’s dive was interrupted as the winds it was using to easily maneuver suddenly dropped, allowing Trish an easy shot to entangle and drag it down. Behind her Lea used the distraction to surprise the Pidgy, pummeling her until the bird girl stopped moving.


         “Phew! That could have been bad.” Lea called. “Sir, pokeballs?” She waited before turning to look for Daniel. “Hello?”


         Daniel groaned, picking himself up as he felt something move against his arm. “I’m… Here.” He called, turning and looking at the branch that had been speared through his forearm. “…Ow.”


         “SIR!” Lea jumped off the unmoving feral, running past where Trish still struggled. She knelt besides Daniel and began to reach for his arm but stopped, redirecting to his bag. Rummaging, she grabbed two pokeballs and stood. “I’ll be right back.” She ran back to her downed feral, pegging it before knocking out and doing the same to the Falcongentle.


         “What is wrong with you?” Trish hissed as she stood. “Help him!”


         “If the ferals had gotten back up they would have been more of a problem.” Lea responded calmly. “He was clear that he wanted me to think for myself. So I am.”


         Trish growled but scooped up the two pokeballs and ran to Daniel’s side. “Master, what happened?”


         “There was another one.” Daniel replied, his breathing catching as the pain began to hit. “Ow, ow, ow.”


         Lea jogged up. “No sign of more ferals. Did you say there was another one?”


         “Yea. An Airmaiden.” Daniel bit back a scream as Trish snapped the branch, leaving a piece still embedded but his arm freed. “I got her in a pokeball but it flew off somewhere. Mind finding it?”


         Lea nodded and began searching, Trish gently feeling his arm. “Does any of this hurt, Master?”


         Daniel shook his head, wincing when she got too close to the wound. “I’m not broken. Just a bit impaled.”


         She nodded. “Should I pull it out?”


         Daniel quickly shook his head. “I don’t know what it’s punctured. We need to get back to Cardiff before removing it, or I might bleed out.”


         “Found it.” Lea called, standing with the pokeball in her hand. “Good thing these are easy to spot.”


         “Alright.” Daniel carefully eased to his feet, holding his arm as still as possible. “I don’t want to leave our gear out here. Thankfully we’re mostly packed. Lea, you need to run back to the tent and get it collapsed. You know how. Get it packed and grab both of your bags. Sorry, but you’re going to have to carry yours and Trish’s. Trish, we’re going straight to Cardiff. Could you grab my pokedex?” He waited for her to get it, Lea already running off. “Turn on the recording, would you?”


         Trish did so in confusion. “Why, Master?”


         “Someone might try to battle me again.” Daniel replied. “And considering I have a branch through my arm, I’d like a record of me telling them to fuck off because I’m injured.”


         Trish suppressed a laugh. “I understand.” She waited for him to start moving before falling in beside him. “Lea should be fine, right?”


         “She’ll catch up.” Daniel replied as they emerged onto the road. “I’m more worried about the two hours it’ll take us to get to Cardiff.”


         True to his prediction, Lea caught up after only a few minutes. Daniel made good time, only having to stop a few times to rest his bracing arm. They got into Cardiff in the early afternoon, easily making it into the pokecenter without anyone stopping them. As they entered, the Rapha on duty glanced up before quickly getting to her feet and running around the counter. “Sir, are you alright?”


         “Fine now.” Daniel replied. “Had a bit of an incident in the forest. Mind helping to patch me up?”


         “Of course not.” The pokegirl replied, reaching towards the wood. “Let me just-“


         Daniel pulled his arm to his mouth, biting down hard on the branch as he yanked it free, his scream of pain muffled as all three pokegirls looked at him in shock. Panting, he let it drop, the wood nearly bitten in half. “There you go.” He said weakly, blood beginning to drip from the hole.


         “Sir, I could have done that.” The Rapha admonished, beginning to heal him. “There was no need for you to endure that pain.”


         “Keeps me from doing it again.” Daniel muttered, watching as the flesh closed. “Was it serious?”


         “It went through the muscle. Thankfully the puncture was well below the brachial artery, but you’re going to have a hard time working that hand for a while.”


         “Oh no. No masturbation for a while.” Daniel remarked drily. “Hopefully I can find someone to do that for me.”


         The Rapha smiled. “I’m sure you’ll manage.” She glanced at Trish and Lea. “Would you like healing cycles while you’re here?”


         “Please.” Daniel worked his hand, wincing at the twinge. “Pokeballs are kind of unreachable to me, though.”


         “I’ll get them, Master.” Trish supplied, reaching into his back right pocket and withdrawing the two balls. “Ma’am?”


         The Rapha took them and triggered the returns, turning back to her post. “It will just be a moment, Sir.”


         “Sure.” Daniel walked over to one of the chairs, collapsing and taking stock of their situation. It had been nearly two weeks since they left Cardiff, so supplies were low, but they had done well. Twelve Boobisaurs, an Ivywhore, two Cutipies and a Cutipie that had evolved into a Tomboy mid fight. And now two Pidgies, a Falcongentle, and an Airmaiden. He grinned. Twenty ferals. Well above the ten to twelve he had been expecting. And Trish and Lea were stronger because of it, just as he had expected.


         He stood as the Rapha came up to him, taking the two pokeballs. “I’m obligated to tell you that you are only allowed six pokegirls.” She said. “I gather you have just come from a hunting trip, so make sure you offload any extra pokegirls, or they may be seized on your next visit to a Pokecenter.”


         “I’m aware. Thank you.” Daniel hefted his bag. “Do you have a public transfer station here?”


         The Rapha shook her head. “Unfortunately not. The Pokecenter by the gym does, however.”


         “Great.” Daniel grumbled. “I came here so I could avoid that area.” He sighed. “Where’s the ranch?”


         “Not far.” The Rapha replied, and gave him directions. “Good luck on your journey.”


         Daniel smiled. “Thank you.” He exited, working his way towards the ranch while doing his best to avoid other Tamers. Finally making it to his destination he slipped inside, nodding at the receptionist. “Good afternoon. I’d like to make some sales.”


         The receptionist nodded. “Alright. We offer 80% of the league price for pokegirls, and full price if they are of a tech breed. Do you have a list?”


         Daniel placed his bag on the counter. “They’re all ferals. I have sixteen common and three uncommon pokegirls.”


         “I’ll have to scan them to make sure.” The receptionist rolled the pokeballs out, passing each under a scanner. “I read twelve Boobisaur, one Cutipie, two Pidgy, one Tomboy, one Falcongentle, one Ivywhore, and one Titto.” They looked up. “I assume the Titto is a surprise.”


         Daniel blinked. “Yes, it is.” He tapped his fingers on the counter. “I’d like that one back, please.”


         The receptionist nodded, handing a pokeball back which Daniel scanned to verify its contents before placing it back in his bag. “Alright, I suppose I only have fifteen common and three uncommon.”


         The receptionist chuckled. “You get told you found gold instead of pyrite, and this is how you react?”


         Daniel grinned. “I have to arrange a sale now. More work.”


         The receptionist shrugged. “I could always take it off your hands.”






         Daniel snorted. “I could get three times that on a bad day.”


         “I know.” The man shrugged apologetically. “That’s 40% of the standard, which is what we offer for ferals.”


         “I know.” Daniel parroted and nodded at the pile of pokeballs. “I’d still like to sell those.”


         “Of course. Pokedex, please?” The receptionist took it and plugged it in as he dropped the balls into a basket. “For fifteen common and three uncommon feral pokegirls, I can offer 180,000. Additionally, your League bonus amounts to 33,460, bringing the total to 213,460. Is that acceptable?”


         “No, but I’m not going to complain.” Daniel waited for the man to finish the transaction and hand his ‘dex back. “Thanks.”


         “Thank you, Mr. Adams.” The man replied. “We hope to see you again.”


         Daniel left, rolling the two remaining ferals’ balls through his hand as he walked. One surprise, a very valuable one, and one… He shook his head. Was the Airmaiden worth it? Probably. She had had clothes, even though they were torn to pieces by her time in the wild. And she was obviously smart, considering the tactics she had used to give the rest of her flock an advantage. Smartest feral he’d ever run across. He sighed. Was he seriously considering adding her to the harem? After only two weeks of his journey?


         He was shaken out of his reverie by a shout. Turning, Daniel could see a man pointing at him. “Yea! You! I challenge you to a salvage battle!”


         “Look man, I’m real new.” Daniel tried to explain as the man walked up. “I can’t lose my pokegirls.”


         “You’ve gotta have some ferals, right?” The man reasoned. “Look, how about this. I won’t take any of your harem, just a feral. If you don’t have one I want, then the prize’ll be, oh, 20,000.”


         “That’s… Actually fair.” Daniel conceded. “Alright. You’re gonna kick my ass, but ok. 2v2?”


         “Sure.” The man pulled out two pokeballs. “2v2 battle for one salvage or 20,000.” He paused. “Double battle? Or single.”


         “Just do double and get it over with.” Daniel grumbled. He pulled out his pokeballs. “Lea, Trish, let’s go.”


         The two materialized and looked around in confusion. “Master, what’s going on?” Trish piped up.


         “We’ve been challenged to a battle.” Daniel explained, nodding at the other man, who was taking up position across from him. “He seems a bit more experienced than we are, but let’s give it our best, yea?”


         “You got it.” Lea replied, settling into her stance. “What’s he got?”


         “Don’t know yet.” Daniel watched the man trigger his releases, pointing his dex at the forms that materialized. “Let’s find out.”


         The pokedex beeped, showing Daniel that the two pokegirls across from them were a Whoretortle and Peekabu. He grimaced. “Trish, avoid the mouse. She’ll just electrocute you if you try to snare her. You both should focus the Whoretortle before switching to the Peekabu.” He winced. “This guy’s probably local. An electric type and a strong water type here in a port town? Might be a dock worker or something. Be careful.”


         They nodded, the man across from them waving. “My recording is started.” He hollered. “Go ahead and give us a count.”


         Daniel nodded. “Alright. 3, 2, 1, begin!”


         Trish and Lea both had to dive out of the way as the Peekabu unleashed a Thunder Shock, the Whoretortle charging Lea, who had landed closer to her. Lea responded with a kick that the Whoretortle easily blocked as she spun, Lea’s foot bouncing off her shell. Lea managed to avoid the follow-up Scratch attack, watching her opponent warily as Trish hurried to her side.


         “Not gonna let you do that.” The man hollered and Trish had to jump back as another Thunder Shock played across the ground in front of her. She turned to see the grinning Peekabu taunting her and frowned.


         “Master?” She called back.


         Daniel sighed. “Lea, disengage, you’re letting them dictate the pace.”


         “Trying.” Lea muttered, dancing back as the Whoretortle shot spurts of water at her. “She’s not letting me get close.”


         “Which is why I said to have Trish handle her.” Daniel shook his head. “Trish, you’re going to have to take a hit.”


         “Understood.” Trish grit her teeth but shot towards the Whoretortle, bracing herself as the Peekabu fired another Thunder Shock. This one caught her squarely in the side, sending electricity playing across her body as she stumbled to Lea’s side. Lea took the opportunity to grab her, pulling her out of the way of another Water Gun from the Whoretortle, but taking one herself.


         “Now GET HER!” Daniel yelled. “Trish, go!”


         Trish shuddered from the shock and tried to raise her weapon, but only succeeded in getting it to her waist. “Can’t… Move.” She forced out.


         Lea reached down, grabbing the Wakizashi from Trish’s slack grip and began whirling the chain. “Cmere you turtle bitch.” She snarled, whipping the counterweight at the Whoretortle, which had to start ducking as she advanced. “Trish, pull it fucking together!”


         Daniel’s eyes widened as the two slowly edged away from Trish’s unmoving form. “No! Lea, look out!”


         Lea whipped her head around in time to see the Peekabu take aim at the unmoving Slicer and release a full power Thunderbolt, which sent Trish to the ground. She yelled in anger, whipping the counterweight around again and catching the Whoretortle firmly on the side of the head, sending the turtle pokegirl to her knees. Before she could step up and finish her off she was forced back by the Peekabu, both Daniel and the other man recalling their fallen. The man looked at Daniel with a grin. “One for one.”


         Daniel didn’t bother to respond. “Lea, drop the goddamn weapon and blitz her!”


         “Nah, I got this.” Lea called back. “I’ll just entangle her like so…“ She called, swinging the chain around the Peekabu’s leg and pulling her off balance. “and then I-“


         Daniel winced as the electricity blew its way down the chain and into Lea’s body, sending her flying away. The man smiled as his Peekabu untangled herself. “Sorry, man. Looks like I win.”


         Daniel ran up to Lea but stopped and smiled. “Not quite.”


         Lea slowly got up, her clothes smoking but her glare as strong as before. “Bitch tried to tase me.” She spat.


         The Peekabu looked completely surprised as Lea stepped forwards, only coming back to the fight when her tamer yelled at her. She shot a few more bolts at Lea as she charged but the Amazon dodged each one, weaving inside where she landed a solid punch.


         And was promptly electrocuted on the spot.


         Daniel sighed as the Peekabu recovered from the punch, her counterattack leaving Lea unconscious on the ground. “God damn it.”


         “You know, I don’t know how she stayed up after that first hit, but that’s pretty good.” The man called, recalling his Peekabu and walking over. “You’ve got some tough girls. I can understand why you don’t want to lose them.”


         “I’ve got two tough girls and one idiot.” Daniel griped. “I specifically warned her not to hold that chain.”


         The man laughed. “It almost seemed like she didn’t take the full hit though, so it must be a well made weapon. Resistant to shock.”


         “Yea, maybe.” Daniel recalled Lea and held out the two ferals. “Fresh caught. One’s an Airmaiden, but I’m betting you’ll want the Titto.”


         “Oh, damn.” The man scratched his neck. “Well, uh, sorry, dude. That’s a bit more than the 20,000 I was talking about. I figured you had a Pidgy, maybe a Catgirl or something. Not something as rare as a Titto.” He reached out and took the pokeball Daniel was offering. “I’m still going to take it, though. That’s a few month’s pay for me.”


         Daniel cracked a smile. “You beat me, fair and square. At least now I can walk around without having to worry about the other one getting lost.”


         “You know what?” The man pocketed the Titto. “I actually feel bad. Let me buy you dinner, at least. I know it doesn’t make up for losing, but it’ll make me feel better.”


         Daniel sighed but grinned back. “Alright. I mean, I basically get a free dinner out of this.”


         The man laughed and threw his arm over Daniel’s shoulder. “I suppose if you think about it, you did only lose the price of the pokeball.”






         It was past sundown by the time Daniel made his way back to the Pokecenter, a small bag of food hanging from his arm. The man, who had introduced himself as Garth, had been eager to get to know Daniel. While their talk had mainly been about Garth’s work as a dockhand, and Daniel’s two weeks in the wild, the conversation had eventually turned to the upcoming championship. Garth had extended an invitation for Daniel to come to a viewing party he was hosting with some of the other tamers he worked with, which Daniel had accepted. He chuckled as he sat down at one of the open chairs. “Well. Some good experience and an invitation for more. Overall, I think that was all worth it.” He glanced around at the handful of Tamers spending the night around him and stood to approach the counter. “Hi. Can I get a healing cycle?” He paused. “And possibly a taming cycle and room.”


         “Of course, Sir.” The Rapha on duty replied, taking his pokegirls. “Which is the feral?”


         Daniel pointed out the Airmaiden’s ball and waited for her to return with the pokeballs and a small key. “Room 3 is open. By the way, Sir,” She asked curiously. “You wouldn’t happen to be the one who came in earlier and pulled a branch out of his arm, would you?”


         Daniel blinked. “I made that much of an impression on the day worker?”


         The Rapha laughed. “You did indeed. She was rightly impressed, but also a little worried for your sanity.”


         Daniel chuckled. “Well, that’s good to know.” He waved. “Thanks for the key.”


         The Rapha nodded as he left and began looking for the taming rooms, settling on a hallway with doors marked with large numbers. Finding the door marked with a 3 he unlocked the door and stepped inside. Various restraints dominated the room, with a small pad laid out on the floor next to them. Considering his plan he started to reach for Trish’s pokeball but stopped. He took out Trish and Lea’s balls and set them aside, instead weighing the Airmaiden. “They can wait.” He muttered, triggering the release. “Let’s start with you.”


         The girl materialized in a similar pose as when he had captured her, her mouth wide open and eyes wild as she glanced about the room. Daniel held up his hand. “Hey.”


         The Airmaiden’s eyes darted to him but she didn’t make any move to attack, which Daniel took as a sign of the taming cycle working. He smiled. “So, you threw me pretty hard. You’re strong. I like that.” He sighed at her lack of a reaction. “I don’t know what I was expecting from a feral.” He reached forwards, the girl shivering but allowing him to run his hand over her shoulder. “Let’s get you out of those ruined clothes.”


         The Airmaiden moaned at his touch, causing Daniel to recoil. “The heck?” He muttered, reaching once again for her ruined blouse. “Let’s try this again…”


         This time the girl leaned into his touch, making breathy noises as he worked free the one remaining button holding her top together. He chuckled as it fell away and the Airmaiden made a relieved sound. “Sensitive, are you?” He traced circles on her chest as she moaned softly, suddenly collapsing onto the mat as her legs gave out. Daniel followed her down and lifted her legs, easing the tattered skirt off. Contrary to her bra, the Airmaiden’s panties had stayed mostly intact, though Daniel was impressed at the moisture currently soaking them. He made to remove them as well, but stopped as his touch caused the feral to shriek and shake as another orgasm racked her body.


         Daniel sat back with a frown. “Alright. This isn’t working. Hopefully you remember most of this fondly.” He grumbled, lunging forwards and yanking the girl’s panties down her legs. The rougher action, compared to his previous attempts, seemed to push the Airmaiden well over the edge, sending her into an almost uncontrollable spasm from her orgasm. Daniel had to lean out of the way as she scrabbled at her groin, crying out as she masturbated furiously.


         Daniel didn’t waste any more time on words, pulling his pants off and crawling forwards to take hold of the Airmaiden’s arms, forcing them away from her vagina as his penis took their place. The girl screamed in pleasure as he penetrated her, before lapsing into satisfied moans as he fell into a rhythm. Already nearly spent, she let him move, Daniel grunting as his own orgasm came a few moments later. Pulling out he let the pokegirl grind her legs contentedly while he sat back in amusement. “Crazy little nymph.”


         The girl giggled, scooting towards him and laying her legs across his shoulder while giving him a pleading look. With a shrug, Daniel massaged her groin, earning happy sounds from the pokegirl as he did. “I’m not exactly recharged.”


         The Airmaiden let him continue for a few minutes before righting herself and crawling into his lap, stroking his member until it started to harden before bending down and taking it in her mouth, her head bobbing as she gave him a slow blowjob. One hand helped steady her while Daniel leaned back in pleasure, the other fondling her breasts as she continued. Popping his dick out of her mouth after about a minute she positioned herself more comfortably before continuing the ministration with her breasts.


         Daniel’s breath caught as a second orgasm came, cum sedately welling from his penis and dripping onto the Airmaiden’s chest. She licked the tip, making an unhappy noise as it began to soften. “Give me a second.” Daniel gasped. “You’re running me dry.”


         The Airmaiden sat back before looking around, crawling to Daniel’s bag and beginning to rifle through it. Finding what she was looking for, she slid back over and offered the can to him. Daniel took it, glancing at the label. “Stamina XXX.” He sighed. “Of course dad threw some of these in there. I take it you’re not feral anymore, considering you knew what to look for.”


         The Airmaiden made a happy noise and pushed at the drink, Daniel shaking his head and popping the top to down the bitter liquid. Coughing, he set it aside, the Airmaiden already stroking his shaft erect. “Alright, alright.” He muttered. “Let’s keep going.”






         Daniel stirred, opening his bleary eyes to see the Airmaiden curled up against his chest. He groaned, rubbing at his eyes as his stomach growled. “Shit. What time is it?”


         The girl stirred slightly, yawning as she rubbed against him. Daniel lightly slapped her arm, causing her to sit up and rub at her eyes. “Pwy? Meistr?”


         Daniel blinked in surprise but responded in kind. “Bore da.”


         The girl straightened up, noticing their nudity. “O! Bo… Bore da.”


         Daniel chuckled. “At least I think it’s morning. Do you speak English?”


         The girl shifted, her legs squeezing together as she remembered the night before. “Ai… I do.”


         “Good. My name is Daniel, and I’ll be your master from now on.” He waited for a response. Getting none, he continued. “Do you have a name?”


         “I… Was called Serena, Master.”


         Daniel frowned. “You don’t seem happy with that.” He thought for a moment. “Would you prefer Cyrene?” The Airmaiden perked up and nodded. “Good. I prefer that version over the bastardized version you had been given.”


         Cyrene giggled and nodded. “Thank yeh.”


         “You’re welcome.” Daniel gestured at her nudity. “I apologize, but you will need to get some new clothes. Your old ones were, well…” He trailed off and just pointed at the heap of ruined fabric. “Unusable.”


         Cyrene picked up her blouse and looked at it sadly. “I understand.”


         “So, we need to go get you some new clothes.” Daniel paused. “Are you comfortable going there as you are now?”


         Cyrene shook her head. “Not really, Master.”


         “Alright.” Daniel reached for Trish and Lea’s pokeballs. “Let’s see if we can’t find you some temporary clothes.” He triggered Trish’s release. “Trish, how are you feeling?”


         Trish materialized and groaned. “I’m sorry.” She looked at Daniel guiltily. “I was useless.”


         “It’s alright.” Daniel soothed. “They were much more experienced than we were. You did your best.” He snorted. “Lea, on the other hand, ignored me and got electrocuted.”


         Trish sighed. “She used the chain, Master?”


         “She used the chain.” Daniel agreed. “So she gets to sit in time-out for a little while longer.” He gestured at Cyrene. “Trish, I’d like you to meet Cyrene. She’s the Airmaiden we found yesterday.”


         “The one you fought alone.” Trish’s voice carried a hint of disapproval. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Cyrene.”


         Cyrene nodded. “An’ yeh, Trish.”


         Trish grinned. “That’s a fun accent. Welsh?”


         Cyrene blinked in surprise. “Ah, yeh. We nae in Wales?”


         “We are.” Daniel stood, scrounging for his clothes. “But anyways. Trish, Cyrene needs to borrow some clothes.”


         Trish glanced at Cyrene’s build. “Master, anything I give her will be too… tight.”


         Daniel snickered. “I won’t complain. Besides, it’s temporary.”


         Trish grumbled but dug through her pack and withdrew a t-shirt and shorts. “If you stretch these…” She muttered to Cyrene.


         Cyrene gave her a bashful grin. “Sorry.” She pulled the shirt on, struggling slightly to pull the shirt over her bust but managing to squeeze into it. “Ai can’t help that I’ve got bigger boobs.”


         Trish growled, reaching for a weapon that wasn’t there. “No, but I could fix that.” She glanced around, noticing her Wakazashi attached to Daniel’s backpack. “Oh. Thanks for grabbing that for me, Master.”


         Daniel nodded. “You were a bit unconscious. Seemed like the right thing to do.” He removed it and handed it back to her. “Now, Cyrene, let’s get going.” He called, recalling Trish and arranging his gear.


         Cyrene finished squeezing into the shorts, struggling with the zipper before giving up and leaving it hanging open. “Please, Master. This feels very uncomfortable.”


         Daniel winked. “I dunno. I could get used to that look.” Cyrene blushed and turned away, the smaller clothing displaying her breasts almost as if they were uncovered, the open pants showing her bush and hinting at more. Daniel shook his head to clear it. “Ok, on second thought, let’s not go with that look. I’d never be able to focus.”


         Cyrene laughed nervously. “Please?”


         Daniel hefted his bag, snatching at a piece of paper as it fell out of a pocket. “Oh, bugger.” Picking it up, his eyes widened as he read the text. “Oh. I forgot about this.”


         Cyrene stepped over. “Master?”


         Daniel showed her the coupon. “My parents gave me two sets of battle clothes when I started out, and a coupon for a full harem set. I forgot about the coupon.” He analyzed the print. “So, that’s good. That’s a set of good clothing for you, and we can get you some casual clothes as well.”


         Cyrene visibly relaxed. “That sounds good, Master.” She walked to the door and waited for him.


         Daniel walked over and pulled it open, glancing around before retracing his steps to the front desk. The lobby was nearly empty, only two tamers and their pokegirls. One of them glanced up as they past but turned away when he saw Daniel. Nodding to the Rapha he handed her the taming room key and continued outside, Cyrene tagging closely behind. Pulling up a map of the city, Daniel navigated to the closest shop where they could find what he wanted. Stepping inside, he immediately walked to the battle clothes, Cyrene following after she took in the store. “What can I get, Master?”


         Daniel was busy pulling down a set of the battle gear. “I don’t care.” He glanced at her. “Grab three or four outfits that you like.” He turned back to the shelves as Cyrene disappeared.


         About twenty minutes later Daniel had finished grabbing what he needed and began walking around the store. “Cyrene?” He scratched his head when there was no response. “Hello?”


         “Are you looking for the Airmaiden, sir?” A voice asked, Daniel turning to see a Seamstress smiling at him. “She is currently in the back room being fitted.”


         Daniel blinked. “There wasn’t anything in her size?”


         The Seamstress shook her head. “There was, but not specifically what she was looking for.”


         “Huh.” Daniel glanced around. “Well, I’m all done. And I have a coupon. So I guess we can get this out of the way first?”


         The Seamstress nodded. “We can. If you could follow me?” Daniel walked with her to a counter, the Seamstress taking his coupon and scanning it. “This is good for six sets of battle fabric. How many are you redeeming today, sir?”


         “Just the one.” Daniel replied, holding up the clothes he had. “Just fitting Cyrene.”


         The Seamstress beamed. “Wonderful. I’ll just punch this…” She said, pulling out a hole puncher and making an additional mark on his card. “And you’ll be able to redeem it for three additional sets when needed.”


         “Excellent.” Daniel stood expectantly before continuing. “So, uh, how long will Cyrene be?”


         The Seamstress’ smile widened. “She was very specific in her wants, sir. Considering she has three outfits she wishes fitted, she may be a while.”


         “Ah.” Daniel glanced to the chairs set up specifically for waiting. “I’ll just go ahead and take a seat, then.”


         The Seamstress giggled. “Probably wise, sir.”


         Daniel settled in with a sigh, pulling out his pokedex and opening a news article. It was nearly noon by the time he heard movement. Looking up, he saw another Seamstress walking out of a back door, Cyrene just behind her. Standing, he started to ask a question before noticing what Cyrene was wearing.


         She had Trish’s clothes under her arm, and a small bag in her other hand, but Cyrene herself was wearing a flowing, strapless green dress, her bust accented by a small pendant that twinkled in the light. Her hair had been completely styled, cascading over her shoulders but held in place with a small silver and gold pin over her ear. Daniel stood in shock as she walked up to him and bowed. “How do I look, Master?”


         “I…” Daniel trailed off, his jaw working without sound coming out. “…it’s… stunning.”


         Cyrene giggled. “Thank yeh.” She straightened up. “Brittany said the necklace and pin are free, since they work so well with the dress.”


         “I see.” Daniel glanced at the Seamstress. “And I assume the dress is twice the price of most of the clothing in here?” He shrugged at her bashful nod. “Fine. What else did you get, Cyrene?”


         Cyrene pulled some pieces out of the bag. “I replaced my combat uniform. The blouse, and skirt.” She showed Daniel what could have been her original clothing, “And… Well…” She pulled out another shirt, letting it unfold. “You said yeh liked how it looked.”


         Daniel nodded at the outfit she held, a stylized version of what Trish had loaned. “That actually fits, yes?”


         The Seamstress Brittany smiled. “It is form-fitting but actually fits, yes.”


         Daniel grunted. “Well, I won’t complain. Where do I pay?”


         Brittany took his ‘dex and scanned it, processing the transaction before handing it back. “Of course we cover all clothing under warranty, so if it is damaged please feel free to bring it back for a replacement.”


         “Thanks.” Daniel held out his hand, taking Trish’s clothes back. “Let me just get these packed…” He muttered, triggering Trish’s release and organizing her bag before putting her back up. “Alright. Come on, Cyrene.” He called, walking outside. “We need to get some supplies.”


         Cyrene followed, a sudden wind gust threatening to blow her dress up before she forced the air around them still. “Supplies, Master?”


         “Yep.” Daniel hefted his light bag. “All out of rations. You were caught at the end of a two week feral hunting trip.”


         “Oh.” Cyrene looked surprised but recovered. “So, you are a feral hunter, Master?”


         “Oh, no.” Daniel passed up a small convenience store before walking into a camping warehouse. “I plan on becoming the League Champion some day. But feral hunting is how I need to make money, and get scorecard points to be eligible.”


         Cyrene nodded. “I see.” She waited while Daniel filled up a small basket with various dried rations. “Will we spend lots of time in the wilds?”


         Daniel shrugged. “For the next month or so, yes. I still need to capture more ferals for my scorecard, and it’s good training.” He took his purchases to the front, waiting while the attendant tallied up the total. “For the month after that we’ll be training hard. We’re ahead of schedule on scorecard points, so hopefully we’ll get two to four weeks of hard training before going for badges.”


         Cyrene watched him pack the food away. “What am I supposed to be, Master?”


         Daniel blinked. “You’re part of the harem. Which means I expect you to be combat ready.” He frowned. “Is there a problem with that?”


         Cyrene quickly shook her head. “No, Master. I jes wanted to be sure.”


         “You were strong enough while feral to send a branch through my arm.” Daniel explained. “Granted, that was because I was falling, and my weight helped, but you still pushed me.”


         Cyrene’s eyes widened. “I… I’m so sorry, Master.” She babbled. “I’m sorry that I hurt you!”


         Daniel turned, wrapping Cyrene up in a hug. “It’s alright.” He murmured. “You were feral. Honestly, your strength in doing that is what made me want you in the harem.”


         Cyrene smiled nervously. “I’ll nae do it again, Master.”


         Daniel snorted and pulled away. “Screw that. Do it all the time. Just, not to me, ok?”


         Cyrene chuckled and nodded. “Alright.”


         “Good.” Daniel led the way back to the pokecenter, walking inside and nodding at the Rapha while he found a seat. “So. I need to restock on pokeballs and then we can get going…”


         “Hey dude.” Daniel glanced over to see the tamer from before looking at Cyrene. “I want her. Battle you for it.”


         Daniel frowned. “You didn’t seem to care before when we left. Now that she looks nice you want her?”


         The tamer shrugged. “Yea.”


         Daniel snorted and stood. “Sure. Why not.” He pointed at the girl clutching the other tamer’s arm. “She your only one?”


         The tamer glanced at the Charamanda. “Yea. So?”


         “You know if I accept your salvage battle, and win, she’d be the only one I could take.”


         The tamer rolled his eyes. “You ain’t gonna win. Mandy’ll kick that Nymph’s ass.”


         Daniel gave the kid a tight smile. “Sure. One on one for salvage.”


         “Yea.” The kid sprang up, the Charamanda desperately clutching at him. “Let’s go.”


         “Master…” Daniel heard the girl whisper as he walked out, Cyrene stumbling behind him. “I don’t think…”


         “Shut up, Mandy.” The kid hissed. “We got this.”


         Daniel sighed as they stood in the road, Cyrene looking scared. “Master, what if I lose?” She whispered.


         “You won’t.” Daniel pointed at the lizard girl’s face. “She’s uncomfortable and terrified. I have full faith in you.” He smiled at her blush. “Don’t use your aerokinesis, just use Agility to get in close. When she tries to burn you, use your wind to make a hole in the flames, get through, and go crazy.”


         Cyrene bobbed her head. “Alright, Master.”


         Daniel looked at the other tamer and raised his voice. “Hey! I want to change the prize. If we don’t want to take a pokegirl as salvage, how about a secondary prize of 40,000? That’s about the price of two common girls.”


         The tamer shrugged. “Sure! Doesn’t matter anyways. I’ll be taking your Nymph.”


         Daniel snickered. “And he still hasn’t scanned you.” He whispered to Cyrene. “That poor Charamanda isn’t going to know what’s happening.”


         Realization dawned on Cyrene’s face as the other tamer began shouting a countdown. “Yeh know I’ll win. Otherwise yeh wouldn’t have agreed to this.”


         Daniel leaned forward and pecked her on the cheek. “Yup.” He nodded as the tamer finished counting, his Charamanda advancing. “Go get her.”


         Cyrene seemed to straighten, her body language changing from wary to something more… Daniel couldn’t quite place it. Confident? Proud?


         As he finished talking Cyrene nodded and clapped her hands together, her dress fluttering as she used Agility and darted towards the advancing girl. Surprised, the Charamanda tried spitting an ember that sailed lazily past Cyrene’s dodging form. At a shout from her tamer she took a deep breath, unleashing a flamethrower that licked its way towards the charging Airmaiden. Suddenly the fires split, allowing Cyrene to blitz through and be on top of the Charamanda before either she or her tamer could realize what had happened. Cyrene struck a few blows before backing up, avoiding a desperate bite that threatened her new dress. Chanting, she threw her hands forwards, sending an Empty Dagger attack spinning through the air and impacting solidly against the Charamanda, who screamed in pain as the force blasted her back a foot. Limping from a nasty gash, and with various other small cuts dotting her body, she tried to spit another flamethrower, which once again went harmlessly past Cyrene as she use aerokinesis to split the flame. With a slight grin she waved her hands, winds beginning to whip around her as she prepared a tempest. Whipping it forwards, the Charamanda cried out in fear as the winds battered her body, sending her to the ground. Her tamer yelled in panic as the flame at her tail began to flicker and quickly recalled her.


         Daniel strolled forwards and draped his arm over Cyrene’s shoulders, kissing her as he did. “See? Flawless.” He murmured. “Didn’t even singe the dress.”


         Cyrene giggled and kissed him back before letting him turn to the tamer, who was standing awkwardly holding the pokeball out. “Here.”


         Daniel looked at it and back up to the kid. “First battle?”


         The kid nodded, tears beading in his eyes. “You’re obviously a Master Tamer or something.”


         Daniel snorted. “No. This is my second week.” He pushed the pokeball back. “I don’t want her. That’s why I said the cash prize. It’s a painful lesson for you, but one that I’ve also learned recently.” He nodded at Cyrene. “I almost didn’t have her today. I lost a battle yesterday for salvage, and the tamer took a feral Titto instead of this Airmaiden.” He grinned at the boy’s confused look. “Oh, yea. She’s an Airmaiden. Not a Nymph. That’s lesson two; always scan your opponent before making assumptions.”


         The kid sighed but pulled out his pokedex. “Thanks for not taking Mandy.” He glanced up. “And thanks for the tip. What else do you recommend I do?”


         Daniel took the dex and initiated the credit transfer before handing it back. “Start slower. Get another pokegirl or two. Work your way up. And don’t battle for salvage without specifying that they can’t take your harem. It’s just not worth it.” He stroked Cyrene’s hair. “Seriously. You’ll get nowhere by losing your trained pokegirls. I’ve only had Cyrene for less than a day, but already I’d fight tooth and nail to keep someone from taking her.” He chuckled at Cyrene’s contented purr.


         The kid straightened up and nodded. “Alright. I’ll remember that.” He gazed at his Charamanda’s pokeball. “Thank you. For everything.”


         Andrew grinned. “Go catch some ferals. Three or four will make you that money back.”


         The kid nodded enthusiastically. “Thanks. I will!” He called, running off down the street before coming to a halt and jogging back. “Right after I heal Mandy.” He said sheepishly, disappearing into the center.


         Cyrene leaned her head on Daniel’s shoulder. “I liked the stroking.”


         Daniel laughed and shoved her off. “Are you sure you’re an Airmaiden? Because by god you act like a Nymph.”


         Cyrene giggled. “Mebbe that kid was right, Master.”


         Daniel shook his head. “Oh dear. Let’s go. I need to buy more pokeballs and such before we head out again.” He laughed. “And hey. Now I have an excuse not to fight anyone until we leave.”






         Daniel gazed out into the rain, his shirt hanging behind him to dry. He could hear muffled noises as his pokegirls passed the time, their clothes also hanging beside his. A smile formed as he thought of their experiences over the last month. The first two weeks had been awkward, working Cyrene into the rotation and getting her to strategize. It was about halfway into the third week that Lea had been taken out by a rogue Cuntnaw that they had run across by the shore, the feral’s surprise attack taking her down before any of them could react. Trish and Cyrene had managed to take it down thanks to a few lucky hits, but also due to a very well executed plan from Cyrene. The Airmaiden had used her aerokinesis to whip up a sandstorm, effectively blinding the feral while Trish could take potshots from outside the cyclone. It was that encounter and Cyrene’s growing confidence that had caused Daniel to relieve Lea of the Alpha position and pass it to her. All in all, he reasoned, she had been an excellent addition.


         He coughed and fiddled with his pants, the sounds behind him causing an uncomfortable erection that he repositioned before returning to his vigil. They had fended off another battle attempt on their last return to the city, but overall it had been slow. The rain was keeping most of the ferals in hiding, only twelve full pokeballs to show for the month of work. Fiddling with his dex he pulled up a local map, tracing likely feral hotspots to hit. Settling on a route, he shut it down and turned to the orgy behind him. No use in sitting around; might as well join them.






         Daniel ducked as the Ladyba flew over his head, clearing him by a good foot before slamming into a tree and sliding down, unmoving. He waited for the pokeball to follow before straightening and giving Cyrene an approving nod. The Airmaiden gave him a smile back before running back to the main fight, her winds sending a spray of debris into the eyes of the other Ladyba that was currently harassing Lea and Trish. The distraction caused the insect girl to stop her movements just long enough for Trish to score a hit with her chain, dragging the feral down and knocking her out before tapping it with a pokeball. “Thanks for the assist.” She called, waving at Cyrene. “How’s yours?”


         “She’s down.” Cyrene called back. “That makes fifteh, yea?”


         “It does.” Daniel replied. “A bit later than I had hoped, but good enough. The first regional matches take place in two days. I want to be ready to study them by tomorrow.”


         “Yes Sir.” Lea replied, stepping away from Trish and walking to Daniel’s side. “Should I pack up camp?”


         Daniel shrugged. “We’ve got a half day’s worth of travel to get back to Cardiff. No rush.”


         Lea nodded, waiting for Cyrene and Trish to join them. “Then we should get started.”


         Daniel sighed and rolled his eyes. “Sure. Go ahead.” He watched her run off in bemusement. “Does she ever slow down?”


         “Not that I’ve seen, Master.” Cyrene replied. “And yehv had her longer than me.”


         “Barely.” Daniel grumbled. “Alright. We’ll be getting into Cardiff in the evening, so prepare for a long walk.”


         They made good time, getting into Cardiff before the sun had begun to set. Daniel managed to stop by the ranch before it closed for the night, offloading their ferals and updating his scorecard. He looked at the number in satisfaction as they walked to the pokecenter. “1165. Easily badge ready.” He glanced around at each of his pokegirls. “It kicked our butts, but I’m very happy with how strong you each have gotten.”


         “I don’t feel that much stronger, Master.” Trish grumbled.


         “And that means it worked.” Daniel replied happily. “Trish, you went from struggling with a feral Boobisaur ten weeks ago to taking out a feral in a single hit. Granted, the stuff around the city is pretty weak, but you handled that Cuntnaw pretty well.”


         “If you say so.” She replied.


         “No, Master’s right.” Cyrene piped up. “Trish, we heven’ had a real challenge in weeks.”


         Trish began ticking points off an imaginary list. “The Ladyba… The… Huh.” She looked up. “It was really only the Ladyba that gave us trouble lately.”


         “And that was because they wehr flying.” Cyrene continued. “Once I stalled yehs yeh destroyed it.”


         “Cyrene, you haven’t had to break a sweat for at least a few days.” Lea complained. “Trish and I were still working our butts off while you just waved your hands and everything worked out.”


         “Maybe that’s because she’s stronger than you.” Daniel mused, grinning at Lea’s glare. “I’m serious.”


         “Not even close.” Lea growled. “C’mere, wind girl. I’ll take you on right now.”


         Daniel shielded his eyes as a gust picked up, Lea staggering back from the force while Cyrene coolly gazed at her. “You forget something.” Cyrene said, carefully enunciating each word to the point where her accent disappeared. “You need to hit me. I can make sure you don’t.”


         “Ddigon!” Daniel barked, the winds vanishing as Cyrene slowly relaxed. “Cyrene. You want a challenge, and you’ll soon get one. There’s no need to bully Lea.”


         Cyrene bowed her head. “Apologies, Master.” She murmured. “Lea, I was wrong.”


         Lea caught her breath and smoothed her hair, but shook her head at Cyrene’s apology. “I challenged you. I had no right to.” She gave Daniel a sheepish grin. “We good, Sir?”


         Daniel made to respond when a voice from behind him piped up. “You know, and I just had my hair done, too.” Daniel turned to see Sarah walking up. “Quite the addition you’ve made.”


         Daniel glanced at her messed up hair and snickered. “She’s perfect for ruining a fashion sense.”


         Sarah made a face. “Hilarious.” She crossed her arms. “So I was going to challenge you to a two on two, but it seems like that won’t be possible. Always have to be one up on me, huh?”


         Daniel smirked. “I plan to win our ‘friendly rivalry’. However I have to.”


         “Right.” Sarah sighed. “Too bad. I even went out and caught one of those Boobisaur for this. Oh well. Got any plans?”


         “The Regionals start in two days.” Daniel replied, gesturing at his harem. “We were going to go to a sort of viewing party battle party thing down on the docks. That opens tomorrow.”


         “Interesting.” Sarah gestured. “I’m assuming you’re headed to the center for the night. Lead the way.”


         Daniel nodded, beginning to walk again. “Are you interested in coming along tomorrow?”


         “Duh.” Sarah snorted. “I’ve already made some friends on the docks, so they’ll probably be at this thing. I’m assuming the intermissions are going to be filled with free for alls?”


         Daniel chuckled. “Probably.” He gave Sarah a sidelong glance. “You know, I could make all sorts of jokes about you having ‘friends’ at the docks.”


         “And none of them would be true, because like I told you, I don’t share.” Sarah replied.


         Daniel smirked. “Your girls share you.”


         “Different situation.” Sarah replied. “Also, shut up.”


         Daniel’s laugh echoed as they vanished down the street.








Daniel Adams

Age: 18

License: Basic



Pokegene 2


Enhanced Senses (Auditory, Olfactory)

Latent Strength

Latent Rage



Points: 1165




Trish – Slicer

Lea – Amazon

Cyrene – Airmaiden




Sarah Evies

Age: 17

License: Basic



Access Restricted



Points: 516




Jackie – Amazon

Abilene – Boobisaur