(insert name here) HUNTER, the Lethal Pokégirl

Type: as per base type
Element: Base Type/Dark/Magic
Frequency: Extremely Rare (1 in 100,000 of a particular Pokégirl breed is a Hunter)
Diet: as per Base type plus all show carnivorous tendencies
Role: Assassin
Libido: as per base type
Strong Vs: adds Psychic, Electric, Ghost (Then recalculate Strong Vs)
Weak Vs: adds Ground, Plant (Then recalculate Weak Vs)
Attacks: Dark Goggles, Dark Blade MKII, Dark Shield, Dark Bomb, Light Drain, Sketch, Absorb, Energy Blade, Power bolt, Teleport, Heal, Sleep Powder, Drain, Ingest, plus as per base type
Enhancements: Longevity, Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Agility (x4), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Recovery, Enhanced Senses (Vision and Olfactory)(x4). Enhancements are in addition to base type enhancements, so an Amachop Hunter would have Enhanced Strength (x14)
Evolves: As Base Type (All evolutions keep the Hunter template)
Evolves From: As Base Type (All evolutions keep the Hunter template)

It is well documented that Sukebe was a genius and possibly a madman. Few consider the fact that he wasn’t perfect. Sukebe, however, knew this fact quite well. He realized that sometimes his creations wouldn’t be quite what he wanted and that this fact might not become obvious until after some time had passed. Therefore he created the Hunters to eliminate any unsatisfactory pokégirls that might prove resistant to self-termination.

The Hunters were designed to hunt down and eliminate problematic pokégirls, whether individuals or groups. They are tireless predators when seeking out their targets and relatively normal pokégirls otherwise. Hunters can be from any species of pokégirl that was specifically created by Sukebe.

The loss of Sukebe has left the Hunter types at loose ends. Each responded to this new condition in different ways. Some have kept hunting their previously assigned targets while other have stopped and gone on to seek other pursuits.

All Hunters, regardless of actual libido, are sexually aggressive and do not hesitate to communicate their status to their Tamer or to the members of his harem.

All Hunters eat meat in varying amounts. In fact, to use one of their most potent abilities, Ingest, they must feed off of a target. Once they do this, they gain the ability to shapechange themselves into their target for twenty four hours. This was developed to allow them to take out a member of a group and then assume its identity to infiltrate the rest of the group. They keep their own powers, however, as well as Type. If they ingest brain matter from their target, they gain its memories for the same interval. Note that Hunters with total recall will keep the memories forever.

They were never produced in large numbers and were deliberately given reduced rates of fertility. As all Hunters have longevity, and as of 300 AS, none have currently become pokéwomen. The Hunter template is not incorporated into normal pokégirls lines and only Hunters can give birth to Hunter template pokégirls. The template does not appear in normal pokégirl breed lines and will not appear in a pokégirl line. Considering their role, it is not surprising that Hunters are found only in the predatory or aggressive pokégirl lines.

Hunters are ferocious mothers and refuse to be separated from their young. They will kill their Tamer or anyone else who tries to interfere with their offspring and flee with the young if necessary.

Hunters will try to seek out a Tamer before going feral and with their teleport ability have a very good chance of attaining this goal. Feral Hunters are much more sexually aggressive and will seek out a human male to regain their sanity. They will destroy anything that stands in their way of attaining Taming.

It is suspected that a feral Wildcat Hunter was responsible for the destruction of a series of harems in the northwest Indigo Plateau over a six month period. All of the attacks followed the same pattern: the harem was destroyed and then the Tamer was tamed to death over a period of several days. In each of the cases, evidence indicated that the Tamer frequently accessed his or her pokédex and other net capable items. It is suspected that the Wildcat Hunter had been hit with an extremely powerful magic attack of some sort and had become confused about its location and therefore was unable to successfully teleport.

The Hunter class was designed comparatively quickly and so all Hunters show a personality quirk. Personality quirks vary from individual to individual, and even parthenogenic litter mates do not have the same quirk unless the mother’s personality was also included. Some examples of quirks include extreme superstition, limited diet, various phobias, and various “locked in” speech patterns, such as using the royal we or the inability to use personal pronouns. In a harem, Hunters will not necessarily reveal their extra abilities or that they are Hunters and so even an approximate idea of the number of Hunters existent is impossible to determine. The existence of the Hunter template is not commonly known and it is suspected that behind the scenes some Hunters are actively working to keep things that way. Using a pokédex on a Hunter will not reveal that she carries the Hunter template.

As no Hunter has produced human children, there have not been any instances of threshold resulting in a Hunter.

Some scientists think that the Hunter is not a true template at all and instead is a sub-breed of each of the individual pokegirl breeds that have been shown to have Hunters in their ranks.