PHAENINE, The OTHER Catbird Pokegirl

Type: Near Human Animorph (feline/avian)
Element: Flying
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Human-style diet
Role: Flying Scout, babysitter, maid
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Plant
Weak Vs: Electric, Ice, Rock
Attacks: Feather Blizzard, Double Needle, Tempest, Gust, Squall, Quick Attack, Love 'N' Affection, Yell, Quickturn
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x4) (Flight x3), Enhanced Senses (Vision, Olfactory) (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Nightvision, Natural Weapons (Claws), Flight (Wings)
Disadvantages: Low Vitality, low Strength
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Catgirl (Bird E-medal), Cheetit (Bird E-medal)

One of the three total feline Pokegirl breeds capable of winged flights, at one time they were believed to be a natural pre-evolution of the Griffon, and by extension, the Sphinx, in a manner befitting the Rack species. However, years of research has disproved this assumption. The differences are readily apparent in just their physical appearance: At no more than five and a half feet tall and with less obvious muscle-mass, this Pokegirl is by no means meant as an intimidating presence upon a battlefield compared to those other somewhat similar catbird pokegirls. Other than that, they seem like a miniature version of the Griffon in general. Thanks to the breed's lack of interesting abilities, provocative appearance, or evolutionary potential, they remain fairly difficult to find even in Pokegirl ranches. Phaenines usually have B-to-C-cup breasts, and always have four-toed bird-like feet (three forward and one behind). Despite having so few common traits with the Griffons, the Phaenines' similarities did cause the few Griffons that also had birdlike feet to be misidentified, leading to some almost catastrophic breaches of human defenses in the Sukebe War, but these ended once humans took note of the key differences.

Commonly overlooked by just about anyone who is a tamer, watcher, or researcher, simply because of their sheer misrepresentation of themselves as a breed. One would typically believe that a Pokegirl that looks like a Griffon could, and would, evolve into a Griffon. Despite the fact that the breed typically appears to look much more like a human girl in her late-teens, the fact that they do not evolve into a Griffon has made them a relatively unwanted breed throughout much of the world. Even amongst liberal leagues, the Phaenine are considered the 'Mock-Griffon' or the 'Poor-Tamer's Catbird'. Oddly, it has come to the attention of numerous researchers that the Phaenine breed's population in the wild exploded around 200 AS or so, perhaps even before that, which has led to issues around the world with the possibility that tamers that took a Phaenine at some point just dumped her in the wild. The truth of the matter has never come to light, but this does seem to be the case.

Despite this issue, the breed has begun to gain in popularity in at least one setting- as a Pokegirl pet. Unlike Bunnygirls, the Phaenine has a decent attention span and can remain on task for far longer than that breed, while also popular with children thanks to training that many pets receive. Far less likely to be the cause of accidents or damage within a house despite their wings (which are, normally, 75% as long as the Pokegirl is tall) compared to numerous other Pokegirl breeds, the Phaenine is quickly becoming quite useful in roles that other Pokegirls may not be trusted to do. Their wings also make them excellent choices when it comes to working in, or above, a house, allowing them to ascend to get hard to reach spaces or even to the roof of a building. Household work suits this Pokegirl well.

However, there are some disadvantages to the Phaenine as well. Unlike natural flying Pokegirls, she must build up her endurance, and until she does, her flight times are short and her mobility is quite limited. And because Phaenines were designed as scouts or trackers, they are not as strong as most cat-types tend to be when evolved. However, most Phaenine are laid back, much like Catgirls can be, and prefer to relax and take things in stride when not out hunting. They love to play with children, so long as none pull on her tail (which is rather sensitive) or wings (which can be even more sensitive). Phaenine are sometimes used as Mascots at schools, where they are also used to demonstrate taming theory, as well as the proper way to be a tamer.

Ferals are pack-oriented, typically living in moderately-sized packs of 6 or more individuals of their breed. Using their wings to escape from possible predators, they often manage to drive off solitary hunters thanks to their greater numbers. This also makes them mostly scavenger packs that live near or in urban areas, causing a ruckus when frightened, or digging through trash for foodstuffs and things to sleep on. The breed has an unusual passion for soft things, be it skin, blankets, or anything else, and so if something soft is left outside (say, clothes on a clothesline) and there is a scavenger pack known to exist in or near the city, your things may not still be there after a while.