CHERRY, the Tropical Healer Pokegirl

Type: Very Near Human
Element: Plant/Magic (Celestial)
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Herbivore
Role: Healer, Support unit
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Electric, Rock, Plant, Water
Weak Vs: Fire, Flying, Ice, Dark
Attacks: Absorb, Mega Shield, Heal, Teleport, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, 10,000 Cherry Blossoms, Love 'N' Affection, Milk Drink, Antitoxin, Fruit Juice, Command Plants
Enhancements: Longevity, Reduced Feral, Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Enhanced Durability (x7), Active Lactation (Ambrosia milk), Aura of Healing, Innate Knowledge (Medicine), Intuitive Aptitude (Healing and Support Magic)
Evolves: Juniper (Normal), Cherry Blossom (Orgasm), Megami (Angel Stone)
Evolves From: None

Created later in the War of Revenge, this pokegirl breed were used in conjunction with other healing pokegirls such as the Pollita and Mamaripede to help heal the pokegirl forces. While occasionally found on the front lines, the Cherry was mainly regulated to the mobile hospitals that cropped up, usually quiet affairs that housed two or three healer pokegirls able to repair injuries that would endanger the lives of the healers if they tried to do so on the battlefield.

Cherries are largely human appearing pokegirls, their appearance also ranges in the spectrum of human appearance, with the exception of their hair which comes in any color common to flowers as well as having the related flower in their hair. Individual flower types can often be determined from the faint scent of the flower that this plant breed's hair naturally gives off, though cherry scents are common. Their hair flowers tend to make patterns, and can be as few as two that seem to be constantly tucked behind their ears to a crown or a myriad of other styles.

Common to the breed is their tendency to be shy, be it introductions to new pokegirls or people. Known for their preference for the familiar, these gentle floral pokegirls are known for their helpful and kind natures. With tamers, humans, and pokegirls the breed is familiar with, individual personalities tend to come to the fore much more easily. Despite their shyness, this breed has a variety of personalities, with the exception of being extroverted. Many members of the breed dislike evolving, especially by their orgasm evolution, and any tamers who are willing to keep their Cherry from evolving earn the breed's affection. Oddly non-competitive for a pokegirl, these plant types dislike being in leadership positions, but if placed in one by their tamers, they will do their best (which varies based on the individual).

This floral pokegirl breed has little in the way of natural offensive techniques, though many pokegirls have found themselves to be hard pressed to defeat a Cherry in battle. The breed has an solid defensive and buffering style, healing themselves constantly while avoiding attack and occasionally whittling down their opponents. This style makes for very long battles, unless an opponent is lucky enough to land a knockout blow to the breed within the first few moments of battle. Unlike many plant pokegirls who have multiple vines with which to attack with, Cherries only have a single vine which sprouts from the crown of the head, much like a high ponytaurtail. This vine can be extended and retracted at will, though the resting position is completely retracted and only visible under the hair upon close inspection.

Cherries are constantly lactating in the same manner as a Milktit, however, this milk is a mixture of Ambrosia and milk, making the product of the breed sweeter than regular milk as well as having properties close to the Honey techniques. Unlike the bovine pokegirl, any females who drink milk from this breed do not lactate themselves. Many are seen as 'Mini-Megamis' due to their helpful attitudes and celestial natures, though they are known to give straight answers to questions when pressed, unlike the more enigmatic Megami breed.

Talk of taming usually puts this breed on edge, though not through any celestial dislike of the subject. Cherries are incredibility easy to evolve via Orgasm evolution. The oddity of this breed comes in that a complete rupture of the hymen followed by any form of orgasm evolves them into a Thorne. Tamers who wish to keep their Cherry from evolving usually utilize alternate forms of taming, as use of an Ever Stone only works so long as the stone touches the pokegirl's skin, and this breed has been known to evolve immediately upon removal (either intentional or accidental) of the Ever Stone. Due to this quirk of the breed, they are as rare to find as the Thorne. Strangely, these plant types have been known to form Delta-bonds with their Tamer during the act of her first taming, should the tamer be able to bring her to orgasm vaginally without evolving her. This oddity is commonly attributed to the breed's magical nature.

The Cherry breed has a greatly reduced feral state. These pokegirls are able to perform on a consistent human level, however her fear of strangers now extends to strange places, to the point of the breed being agoraphobic. Some hospitals have employed ferals of the breed on staff for healing purposes, though these extremely shy pokegirls tend to work best when their patients are sleeping, no reports of these feral healer pokegirls injuring humans have ever been reported.

Threshold into a Cherry is more common than their evolved forms, though research is consistent that thresholders must have at least partially intact hymens to threshold into a Cherry. To date, research has not discovered why this plant breed's evolutionary stage is dependent upon their status as a virgin, though it is strongly suspected the breed's magic typing plays a key role.