COYSHE (aka SHY MAIDEN), the Armored Introvert Pokegirl

Type: Humanoid
Element: Ghost/Water
Frequency: Rare
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Water filtration girl, oil producer, tactical support
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Ghost, Poison, Psychic, Rock, Water
Weak Vs: Dark, Electric, Ice, Plant
Attacks: Brightbeam, Clamp, Crushing Wrap, Goo Cannon, Great Shell Shield, Long Tongue, Phase, Prismatic Aura, Scent Alteration, Slick Stroke, Tentacle Dance, Water Spear
Enhancements: Blind Sight, Camouflage (Aquatic), Enhanced Durability (x10), Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Olfactory, Touch; x4 each), Enhanced Strength (x3, certain tentacles only), Environmental Purification (Water only), Hydrokinesis, Improved Respiration, Immutable Form, Intuitive Aptitude (Hiding), Natural Weapons (Shell-Wings, Tentacles), Pressure Resistance, Toxic Body (Oils), Water Breathing
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None
Revised: November 2012

Though rarely seen during the Revenge War itself, the Coyshe was discovered during a strike upon one of Sukebe's forward advance bases on a small island near Hawaii that resulted in the devastation of the base and the scattering of most, if not all, of the pokegirls that had been stationed there. One of the bodies recovered from the assault was that of a previously unidentified pokegirl that became known as the Coyshe. Despite the damage that the body had sustained, autopsy reports showed that it was very difficult to crack through the shell that covered most of the body. It wasn't until closer to the end of the war that the breed was captured by tamers and brought into use by them within harems that more of the breed was learned. Their water filtration abilities made the breed important in communities reliant on few sources of water, and as humanity continued to rebuild, the Coyshe's importance, along with other breeds capable of filtering water, merely grew exponentially.

Physically, the Coyshe is humanoid and has skin that matches the normal human range, though darker pigmentation is quite rare. Few stand taller than 1.6m in height, though 1.8m has been recorded in some instances worldwide. Though curvy to an extent, the breed typically is lithe in build, though they can easily hide this fact in two ways. The first involves a variant of what researchers call 'toxic body', where the body typically releases some form of toxin to coat the pokegirl's skin. This is a necessity for the breed's skin, as it is quite sensitive to touch and even clothing can chafe and irritate a Coyshe. However, what coats the pokegirl's body is actually a form of natural oil, rather than any sort of poison, which keeps the pokegirl's skin moist and protected from harsh elements. The oil is created by processing various fat cells that the pokegirl ingests, and forms a barrier around the pokegirl's body that is commonly between two and eight centimeters in thickness by solidifying the topmost layer of oil into a form of pliable yet tough rubber latex skin that can absorb most impacts. Piercing techniques are far more effective in cutting the layer off, however. The pokegirl can shed this topmost skin without harm at will, so long as there remains oil upon her body between her skin and it. The breed also commonly keeps their face covered with this skin as well, looking much like a mask of sorts, which is basically attached to the rest of her 'suit' above her insulating layer of oil, which can also be removed just as easily by the pokegirl. Though some choose to not leave obvious markings of where her eyes are upon the mask (like an idealized visor or eyepiece) due to the fact that the breed can see just fine even without light, an increasing number of Coyshe over the years have been known to form their mask in a way that visually looks reminiscent of gas masks. It is unknown why this is happening. The pokegirl is even capable of changing the colors of her rubber-like skin while it's forming, creating patterns and such in whatever way she likes. Forming this skin takes roughly twenty-four hours, though in order to customize it as some do will lengthen this time to around thirty-six hours instead.

While this suit-skin is an unusual feature on a pokegirl, the breed also has a body-enclosing bivalve-like shell that connects to her back and closes around most of her body. The shell itself is actually separated, rather than jointed and attaching to the pokegirl's back, by being connected to a pair of large tentacles that retract into the pokegirl's back and can fling outward, with the shells that are a part of it, up to a range of around six meters. The shells themselves are each around two meters in diameter and have a closed circumference of roughly two and a half meters. The pokegirl also has several additional pair of telescoping-style tentacles (usually between two and four additional pairs in all) that emerge from their back with a reach of up to four meters, though these are not as strong as the main pair with the shells connected to them, they are physically smaller and more capable of delicate work. When closed, there is enough room for up to two others her size inside of it, though typically a Coyshe will not allow anyone other than a bonded person to enter her (literal) personal space. The shells are also made of solidified oil and large amounts of calcium, which gives them a rough exterior. The inside portion of the shell, however, is most typically as soft as the pokegirl's skin itself. It should be noted that while the breed has her shell clamped around herself, she cannot utilize her tentacles beyond the inner boundaries of the shell protecting her.

In battle, the breed is not especially adept. They were not truly designed for combat, due to a lack of speed and endurance to compete with even human forces, but appear to be designed to take a punishment and keep attention upon themselves long enough to cause trouble for anyone attacking them. Coyshe can blend into her environment when underwater, and can also breathe underwater as well, allowing her to outlast numerous pokegirl attackers without comparable capabilities. When forced to fight, however, they prefer to fight from mid-range: close enough to be accurate and use their shells as weapons, and far enough to keep most non-projectile piercing attacks from being a viable battle tactic. Their ranged abilities can make it difficult for foes to close in on them, which often leaves them more vulnerable to attack when one manages to quickly engage at melee range. However, a Coyshe can capture a pokegirl that can fit into her shell by clamping it around them and then filling it with her oils- a slow process, but if the target cannot break out, one that can end a battle easily enough. This is, however, typically banned in normal pokegirl battles, while in sex battles it is illegal to kill the target in this manner. Sex battles are where the breed is far more capable, however, using their tentacles and shells to pin and manipulate their target while remaining at a fairly safe distance. Though this tactic in not foolproof, it has proven to be quite viable, especially since their latex-like skin does not convey the sensation of touch to the pokegirl's actual senstive body. Should one manage to get past the oily layers between the latex-skin and the pokegirl's physical body, however, the breed is almost guaranteed to lose the battle.

Within a harem, the Coyshe tends to be quite reclusive and rarely lets down her guard even when near a tamer that she has bonded with. In fact, the breed is so quiet, and so skilled in hiding, that there have been numerous occasions reported when a Coyshe had been accidentally left behind at a pokegirl center, hotel, or even a restaurant by a tamer she'd been un-bonded with simply because that tamer had forgotten that he or she had even let her out of her pokeball. Of these numbers, only around a third of those tamers returned to claim their pokegirl, especially of those that had already left the area completely. Often, they will not say anything when strangers are nearby, and if they do it is rarely more than a word or two. This bashful nature on the part of most pokegirls of this breed has led to the nickname of 'Shy Maiden' over the years. When it comes to taming, although some might believe the breed to be difficult to work with, this is not the case. The Coyshe can easily reabsorb her oil into her skin, leaving her body shiny, slick, and soft to the touch- far softer than most any other known pokegirl to this day. The oil can also be harvested and sold, which is often done by Coyshe 'farmers', harvesting their oil every couple of days (draining a Coyshe of all but the thinnest amount of oil takes little time, but for enough to be produced and solidify with a skin again takes up to several days). Taming after draining away most of the oil from her body (one way or the other) is typically a messy yet enjoyable affair, as their oils are hypoallergenic in nature. Coyshe prefer to be intimate with only her tamer and, in some rare cases, one other at any given time. Their bodies are more sensitive than a Titmouse's, so care should be taken so that one does not damage their body unduly.

The breed is exceptionally useful outside of a tamer's harem as well. Though not especially useful amongst hunters, researchers, or watchers, the Coyshe are commonly utilized by bath houses, hotels, and massage clinics as well as various medical facilities worldwide. Their oils, which can easily become scented by adding certain compounds to them or by the pokegirl herself using her Scent Alteration technique, are exceptionally well known for cleaning and tenderizing skin, making scales and skin shiny, softer, and smoother than normal. It is commonly utilized in lotions, soaps, conditioners, as-is, or in some locations, a replacement for bath water where water alone is a scarce commodity. The natural latex that forms out of their oils also makes the pokegirl an excellent choice in various fashion circles around the world as well, more or less capable of creating most any given size of the material in question within days. The breed is also a fair choice for pet owners, capable of acting as security and taking care of children, thanks to the breed's otherwise lacking capabilities in combat ensuring that they can be kept without too much worry within the confines of a home.

Feral Coyshe are fairly sedentary and can be found at times within springs, underwater rivers, and along bays and riverbanks at in winter and spring. Though not altogether dangerous, they will protect themselves and other Coyshe (oddly, both feral and tamed) nearby, so tamers should take care to separate one from any group that may be nearby before attempting to capture her. Though simple to capture, it can take a level four conditioning cycle to get one to remove their defenses so she can be tamed at all. Signs of feral Coyshe in the area often include oddly scented oils or even shed latex-like skin. Ferals shed their outermost layer of skin around twice a week, and appear to use it to either attract other ferals or animals into traps, or to distract them so she can flee. Threshold cases are quite rare, as most change into a pre-evolutionary breed such as the Nymph or a Swimslut, but those that do often must be submerged to handle their new found sensitivity of the skin until the clam shells can grow in. Most threshold cases must learn how to best regulate their bodies, need for taming, and the like, which is a process that can take a while. For most, ferals and those born as Coyshe (rare as they are) are commonly the most highly sought variety among tradesmen, while thresholds are typically left in a breeding center until they can control their bodies well enough to be sold.