DOGGIRL (aka PUPPY), the Lovable Loyal Pokegirl

Type: Near Human - Not Very Near Human (Canine Animorph)
Element: Normal
Frequency: Common
Diet: Omnivore
Role: Various domestic roles, Starter
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Tackle, Bite, Takedown, Strike, Snarl, Dig, Rock Throw, Puppy Dog Eyes, Sand Attack
Enhancements: Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Olfactory)(x4), Natural Weapons (Claws), Enhanced Endurance (x2), Enhanced Agility (x2), Enhanced Speed (x2), Enhanced Strength (x2)
Evolves: Dalmatian (Water Stone), Growlie (Fire Stone), Lupina (Battle Stress or Moon Stone), Hound (Orgasm), Mudpuppy (Round Stone), Boobgle (Normal), Byte Bitch (Thunderstone)
Evolves From: None
Revised: February 2014

Well known for their loyalty, Doggirls were considered to be the first canine pokegirl created, this breed is still a common sight today. Sometimes called Puppies, these canine pokegirls are often given out as starters alongside other baseline pokegirls like the Eva or Catgirl. It seems that like their animal base, the loveable loyal pokegirl enjoys a companion status that leads to their topping many popularity charts.

Based on domestic dogs, Doggirls can have the traits of virtually any known breed of real dog, even mixtures into 'mutt' variations can occur. These canine pokegirls are usually only slightly shorter than the average human female with a typical bell curve of the very short to very tall that will mostly run in accordance with the displayed traits -such as a very short individual with toy features or a very tall individual with Great Dane features. Individuals can range from only having ears and a tail with hardened fingernails to full anthromorphs with altered gaits to run quadrupedal and every thing in between. Muzzles if present may be of any size, including wide flattened human noses that are colored black. Feet can be either digigrade or plantigrade, though level of anthromorphism is typically in-line with these features (it is rare to see a digigrade pokegirl with just ears and a tail, for instance). Fur, if present, can be of any natural color or multiple colors in the ranges of white, black, grey, brown, rust, yellow/gold, or grey-blue. Occasional non-natural coloration can be seen, and are typically indicative of varied heritage (such as true red or blue, green, pastels, neon colors, etc).

In most personality trait surveys given, loyalty was chosen as a top trait for Doggirls. Secondary to this trait, the breed seems to be variable upon the individual, though gregarious or social is a close choice. Often, Doggirls who act childish are referred to as Puppies, though Puppy is also a catch-all term that notes the breed is still a pokekit, which can get confusing. Doggirls are also occasionally referred to as Inumimi, especially if they are of the ears+tail appearance. Due to the breed's individualism in personality and mental/emotional state, tamers should judge their pokegirl's abilities themselves in regards to bestowing Alpha or Beta status.

Instinctively, these canine pokegirls tend to fight melee, using their various abilities to face opponents physically. If their opponent is far superior in ability, some individuals may resort to hit and run maneuvers. Given their canine instincts, Doggirls fight best with one or more others in a pack, using superior numbers to wear down and/or corner opponents. This is usually seen in feral individuals, though tamers can also utilize this to their advantage. Individually, Doggirls are starter-grade pokegirls and cannot fend off extremely advanced breeds very well.

Often reported as cuddle-some and affectionate, this breed has the typical 'Doggirl style' preference noted among many individuals. Also notable among the breed is their increased interest in taming around the full moon, sometimes mistakenly referred to as a 'heat'; though pokegirls do not experience such. Aside from these general traits, the breed is known to adopt their preferences to their tamer's.

Ferals tend to run in packs in the wild, and can be scavengers or active hunters. Stronger pokegirls can often cause a pack to scatter, though tamers should beware as this is sometimes a retreat and regroup scenario. Around cities, the breed can be a problem, as packs can take down humans. Oddly, ferals are far more likely to 'adopt' stray pokekits and young humans (though very young humans still run risks due to their inherent fragility). Lone outcasts from any pack are often able to be safely habituated and easily captured by humans, especially when young. Occasionally, entire packs become adept at begging for food, usually utilizing their Puppy Dog Eyes technique for maximum effect. Often cities have 'Do not feed the ferals' policies to keep dangerous situations from occurring from habituated ferals.

Among one of the most common thresholds, the transformation into a Doggirl is usually relative to the degree of anthromorphism. Fevers and migraines are often the first symptom, followed by physical pains as ears, tail, and any other traits come in. Threshold usually lasts 3-8 days. Since thresholders often have the benefit of having some education, they are often sold into more domestic roles such as to store owners or other tradesmen.