AMACHOP, the Tough Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon to Rare
Diet: Human style
Role: Physical Labor, Construction Workers
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Special Weaknesses: Can't swim
Attacks: Body Slam, Toss, Crushing Punch, Low Kick, Focus
Enhancements: Enhanced Density (x2), Enhanced Strength (x8), Enhanced Durability (x6), Reinforced Musculoskeletal Structure
Evolves: Amachoke (normal), Atemi (Healing Palms)
Evolves From: None

One of the most common types of the Fighting breeds, the Amachop is not a beauty by pokégirl standards. The Amachop could almost be mistaken for a Soixante-Neuf if it wasn't for four main characteristics. While the Amachop is 'normal' looking by human standards, her entire body has a grayish-blue tint to it. An Amachop that tries to tan only finds her odd coloration to darken. The second characteristic is that Amachops as a whole are around the size of young teenage girls. While the average Soixante-Neuf is around 5' tall, no Amachop has ever been documented to be more than an inch above 5'6”. The third trait, is they they are not are of course not as beautiful as some pokegirls, having a rather average face, with eyes and hair that stay in the realm as an average humans, though, they can look prettier with the application of beautification products. The fourth, and most distinct trait, is that they're very muscular.

All Amachops tend to fall into one of two categories when it comes to their muscles. Bulk or Definition. The former are heavy body-builders, wanting to pack on as much muscle mass as possible. During their free time, and when not in need of taming, they can be found lifting weights or doing other work outs. The Amachops that prefer to focus more on definition are just as strong as their bulkier sisters, just not as bulky, due to their latent ability to use chi, to enhance their muscles. They prefer to spend their training by lifting light (to them) weights instead of maxing out at every chance they get, because they can of course make up for it with the use of chi. Though, oddly enough, it is not often that an Amachop realizes that they are using chi to enhance their bodies. Because of their muscular nature their bodies, even if they've let themsleves go, stay firm. Their breasts are a universal B-cup. Permanent applications of Bloom Powder and Buttsprout Powder last longer than the temporary versions, but the Amachop's metabolism burns through the additional fatty tissue quickly as she works out. Swimming isn't a sport, past time, or form of exercise for these girls. Because of their dense muscle mass, and even denser skeletal structure, Amachops all swim as well as Rock-types.

Amachops are ever rarely found at any dojo's or any other place that teaches Martial Arts. However, when another pokegirl or someone who understand Chi, points it out to an Amachop, some of them decide to practice martial arts to better understand Chi's applications. Despite this a majority rely on their strength, dense bodies, and walls of muscle to not only protect them from damage, but to crush their opponents quickly. Because of their general lack of discipline to any form of martial training an Amachop rarely uses weapons. If they do then it will more than likely be something that they can use as a club, though because of their strength their weapons tend to break rather quickly. Restraints are absolutely required for tamings. Amachops very rarely learn how to restrain themselves from anything they do, and a horny Amachop riding her tamer can quickly turn her Tamer's pelvis area into nothing more than broken bones and bruised tissue. Though some of the Amachop's who go for definition have been noted to control this urge to tame their tamer into a literal pulp. Thresholding into an Amachop is common, especially if the girl comes from a line that has an abundance of either Fighting-types or the stronger pokégirls in their ancestry. Feral girls, while not inherently menacing, should be carefully approached. Ferals hold nothing back when they fight, which can prove devastating to even an experienced Tamer.