ZODIAC (AKA MYSTIC-KAT/GOAT/DOG/etc), the Wild Warden Pokegirl

Type: Near Human-Humanoid (Animal Metamorph)
Element: Fire/Ground
Frequency: Very Rare
Diet: Solar Energy, Omnivore
Role: Bodyguard
Libido: Average to High
Strong Vs: Bug, Fire, Steel, Electric, Poison
Weak Vs: Flying, Water, Ground
Attacks: Fire Strike, Flamethrower, Flame Shot, Flame Bite, Heal, Mega Shield, Sabre Claw, Solar Beam, Earthquake, Resonate
Enhancements: Magic Affinity, Metamorph (Two forms), Telepathy, Intuitive Aptitude (Fire, Earth, and Defensive magic), Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Sight, Smell) (x3), Enhanced Strength (x3), Enhanced Durability (x3), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Agility (x3), Danger Sense (Tamer and bond members)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: Mystic (Any E-Medal)
Revised: April 2011

Like most pokegirls, when a Mystic comes into contact with an E-Medal, they undergo a species-shift evolution. This is where the similarities end, because the Mystic has the interesting evolution of the Zodiac, a pokegirl breed which sports a myriad of animal appearances though they are essentially the same pokegirl in power and ability. Also known as the Mystic(insert animal form here), this breed of pokegirl gains the ability to utilize magical powers outside of their dependency on cards. Primarily focused on defensive, fire, and earth magic, the breed is still used in their primary role as a guardian and defender of other magic users.

While normally applying an E-medal to a pokegirl would produce a species shift towards the type of animal on the evolutionary item, a Zodiac is notable due to this only influencing the species shift slightly. What matters most for this breed is when the E-medal is applied. From studies conducted, this breed's evolution relies mostly on both of the ancient eastern and western zodiacs. Depending on the date and year, the evolving pokegirl can have four separate possibilities for evolution, for example, a tamer evolving their Mystic with a Cat E-Medal on August 5, 299AS can possibly get a Lion, Cougar, Salmon or Rabbit (see charts A and B below for dates). E-medals do tend to influence the outcome, however, and in the example above the tamer is more likely to get a Lion or Cougar than a Salmon or Rabbit animorph pokegirl. Why this pokegirl evolves along these lines is theorized to be more connected with the stars than with actual dates.

Upon evolution, this animalistic breed leaves behind their human appearance, gaining wings (usually avian in nature despite an individual's animal type, though butterfly, bat, and draconic are also possible) and other animal 'accessories' that cover the near human range of appearances. They grow about six to eight inches in height, and lose their youthful enhancement, showing an individual's true age. Bust tends to be proportional. Also common to the breed is an eight pointed star located on the forehead, which is used to draw in solar energy. Some tend more towards the human side of the near human spectrum, while others are closer to full animorphs. Surprisingly, this wide range of appearances is considered the breed's taming form, their combat form is much more animalistic.

The breed's battle form tends to gain nearly two feet in height, and they become much more animalistic, some becoming nearly full animals with only slight human features such as usable hands or the ability to walk upright without difficulty to note them physically as pokegirls. Sometimes individuals my become tauric, though the star is still located on the forehead to differentiate them from other breeds. Despite the change between battle and taming forms, this breed does not have any change in strength or speed. Indeed, it seems that this breed, despite their myriad of appearances, remains static in their abilities.

Common to the breed is the breed's love of entertainment. While individual preferences vary, a Zodiac enjoys games or other forms of what they consider to be fun. Even foods can be part of the entertainment, as like plant types, this breed gains most of it's nourishment from solar energy, though they can eat and gain energy from the digestive process like most pokegirls, it tends to be half as effective as absorbing solar energy. Some members of the breed take this love of pleasures and entertainment to excess, becoming hedonistic. However, even hedonistic members of the breed are tempered by this zoological pokegirl's secondary trait; a protective streak to those they've bonded to.

Even when alpha bonded to a tamer, this breed sees it as their duty to protect them from harm, usually eschewing their favored forms of entertainment when their tamer's safety is involved. Many tamers have remarked on the breed's incredibly light sleeping habits when trouble arose, and this is due to a specialization of Danger Sense, where the pokegirl is alerted should their bond mates become imperiled.

In battle Zodiacs live up to their warden nickname, they seek to protect their harem sisters and are especially protective of their tamers. This often extends to magic type pokegirls as well, as the breed were designed to effectively be the shield and front line in a battle while relying on further magical backup from a caster type pokegirl. In battle the breed is equally at home fighting hand to hand or at a distance, and with their magical affinity, the breeds abilities tend to take on a wide range of capabilities.

This 'circle of animals' breed are enthusiastically bisexual, though they have a slight preference for men and prefer either, a one on one taming with their tamer or, that their tamer join them while they have some fun with a harem sister or two (or three or four). Their major preferences for partners aside from their tamer are those of their breed line, specifically the Mysticangel and Starmystic. Other preferences tend to vary by individual and their physical traits.

Researchers have determined that should a Starmystic, a Zodiac and a Mysticangel all join the same harem then a psychic link is formed between them which bonds the three pokegirls together for life. While this bond has been compared to a Delta bond since it allows them to sense each others location and emotions at all times, it actually goes much deeper since they can communicate over it telepathically. This allows all three pokegirls to co-ordinate their attacks making them an almost unbeatable team, which most researchers believe was Sukebe's intention. They have also determined that if a tamer has a Delta Bond or later forges a Delta Bond with one of the pokegirls then he automatically gets a Delta Bond with the other two.

Threshold cases of the breed are very rare and require a family history of the breed line. Unlike the rest of the breed line (save the Mysticangel) threshold into a Zodiac is very noticeable. The animalistic features come in all at once, and though the ordeal is painless, it very noticeable. This often happens when the breed is hit with full sunlight, meaning that it is often witnessed by friends or family. Thresholders of the breed tend to be more hedonistic, due to trying to lose themselves in the sensations to forget their dramatic threshold.

Chart A:

Jan 20 - Feb 18 = Peacock, Eagle, Otter
Feb 19 - Mar 20 = Fish, Dolphin, Wolf
Mar 21 - Apl 20 = Sheep, Fox, Hawk
Apl 21 - May 20 = Cattle, Moose, Beaver
May 21 - June 20 = Magpie, Butterfly, Deer
Jun 21 - Jul 20 = Crab, Turtle, Woodpecker
Jul 21 - Aug 20 = Lion, Cougar, Salmon
Aug 21 - Sep 20 = Cat, Mink, Bear
Sep 21 - Oct 20 = Elephant, Snake, Crow
Oct 21 - Nov 20 = Scorpion, Wolf, Snake
Nov 21 - Dec 20 = Horse, Dog, Owl
Dec 21 - Jan 19 = Goat, Donkey, Goose

Chart B:

296 AS - Rat
297AS - Ox
298AS - Tiger
299AS - Rabbit
300AS - Dragon
301AS - Snake
302AS - Horse
303AS - Ram
304AS - Monkey
305AS - Rooster
306AS - Dog
307AS - Pig