ABOMINA (aka SNOWLASS), the Snowwoman Pokégirl

Type: Near Human
Element: Ice/Dark
Frequency: Uncommon (very cold or mountainous regions, Very Rare elsewhere)
Diet: Carnivore
Role: wintery ambush, search-and-rescue, scouting
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Psychic
Weak Vs: Fire, Rock, Steel
Attacks: Snow Storm, Snow Blind, Snowball, Big Snowball, Boulder Snowball, Slushball, Big Slushball, Dark Goggles, Light Drain, Tenebrous Strike, Shadow Shot
Enhancements: Hydrokinesis (Snow), Enhanced Strength (x6), Enhanced Speed (x3), Enhanced Endurance (x4), Enhanced Reflexes (x3), Infravision, Enhanced Senses (Visual, Auditory, Olfactory)(x2)
Evolves: None
Evolves From: None

The first observed Abomina was seen near a small town in the Mountain League, in the early third century After Sukebe. A Tamer by name of Yukon Cornelius was searching for precious metals in the mountain, when he was attacked by a Feral Abomina. After catching the Pokégirl (who he named ‘Samantha’), Yukon returned to find the village has caught fire in his absence. The Snowwoman Pokégirl’s attacks proved vital to stopping the blaze. One of the members of this village happened to be a former Researcher, Hermey, who pulled himself from his retirement (working as a dentist) to study this new Pokégirl, aided by his Donna.

Researchers were surprised to find that Abominas had actually been made more than a century ago. One of the extremely rare conversations with Cocooner that didn’t result in the other party being turned into an experiment revealed that the Snowwoman Pokégirl had been created the December of 98 A.S.. However, apparently even Cocooner hadn’t expected this breed to be so stealthy as to avoid detection for over a century.

Looking at an Abomina, they simply do not appear to be particularly capable of subterfuge. They are rather large, standing an average of seven feet, and although their breasts tend to be on the small size are generally very well proportioned. Their entire bodies are a deep, inky black, although both the eyes and hair are more inclined to have pale colors. They tend to have rather hard, stern-looking faces, and overall look very tough, with a well-defined musculature and their large size. This often makes them appear to be overly serious, violent, or stupid.

Unlike what one would expect from their appearance, Abominas are actually rather graceful. Even when going through the snowy terrain that is healthiest for the breed to survive in they hardly make any noise. Using this silent movement together with their superior senses, and their ability to change their vision to see in infrared (through the adjustments of various rods and cones within the eyes), the Abomina could be an excellent scout for the harem.

However, being quiet is not, in and of itself, sufficient to make a Pokégirl stealthy. The Snowwoman Pokégirl possess a special ability; they can draw all the nearby snow to their location, and if they so desire compress it into a denser form. This can allow the Pokégirl to quickly pull together a natural-looking pile of snow to hide under, form snowballs so condensed they resemble iceballs, or even call the nearby snow to coat their body like armor. This last use is what makes them so stealthy. While black would normally be quite visible in the middle of snowy terrain, the Abomina’s ability to coat herself in snow makes for nearly perfect camouflage from most other Pokégirls. When combined with Hazy Vision, Snow Storm, and Snow Blind, it makes this Pokégirl virtually invisible, a critical advantage for a Pokégirl that uses stealth and ambush.

To further contrast against their appearance, most Abominas are also rather intelligent, and many of them excel at clever ambushes or short-term tactical plans. This can make them a good candidate for Alpha, but there are generally other Pokégirls that would do much better at the job. Abominas generally don’t get too upset about such things; despite their solemn appearance, most Abominas are actually quite fun-loving, and enjoy frolicking in the snow, playing with their harem-sisters (particularly snowball fights), and are otherwise rather social Pokégirls.

These Pokégirls are fairly popular amongst Tamers, particularly those of the Ruby and Mountain Leagues, but because they are so stealthy they are rather difficult to find. Should one find one of the somewhat shy Ferals, the Tamer will have to deal with it either running away and hiding, or attacking (should the Abomina be hungry). Although Abomina aren’t particularly intelligent Ferals, they are smart enough to create ambushes that are rather devious (for a Feral). Feral Abominas are generally coated with a rather thick, compact layer of snow, which may need to be melted off to actually get at the Feral to start Taming her.

When it comes to Taming, one ought to be careful. They have very low body temperatures, so it is suggested that their Tamer buy supplementary supplies from a nearby Pokémart or sex toy store in order to avoid frostbitten genitals. Once that problem is resolved, the fun can begin, and Abominas are often willing to explore new things, particularly if the Taming can be done outside. With their ability to call and compress snow, it is not uncommon for an Abomina using solidified snow as handcuffs (for those that likely that sort of thing) or other sex toys.

Thresholding into an Abomina is best done with the care of professionals, and sending a Thresholder to a nearby Ranch is almost required, if one wants the former human to survive. The problem is that the Threshold takes quite a while, and the first part to change is always their body temperature, which drops severely. Such a change in temperature without the accompanying body changes could prove fatal until the Threshold.