A young woman stepped out of her tent, secured her cap on top of her head and finished tying a hooded sweatshirt around her waist, stretched, and blinked as the morning sun shone down on her from halfway up its daily climb. She had dusty brown hair kept functionally short without much effort in keeping it tidy. She was a tamer in the Five Lakes league, setting out late at eighteen years old. Her name was Conor.


She didn't have a last name. She supposed she could have used her father's but he had left her mother in a ranch before Conor was born and her to a life of growing up in an orphanage. She was never adopted, she had certain qualities that none but very few couples would want in their daughter. Her records as a tamer listed her as Conor Brown, but that was something she made up to get past the paperwork and she never gave that name to anyone else.


Conor looked over at a neighboring tent, the only other one occupying the campsite. It would be interesting to meet the tamer, she had caught a glimpse of her when Conor and her harem arrived late last night. Conor had seen a few other female tamers, but this would be her first chance to sit and talk with one and share stories.


An elf breed was cooking over a fire pit already, a High Elf belonging to Conor's neighbor. She was quite an eye catcher, her hair, the same color as the needles on the white pines that grew all over this part of the league and her eyes the rich color of fall leaves. Especially last night when she was dancing around the camp, naked under the stars and moon. Conor was tempted to issue a challenge for the High Elf, but didn't think it'd be a fair fight considering all of the other human girl's pokegirls seemed to focus on singing.


A figure emerged from the tent on the opposite side of the campground. It was a lusciously figured pokegirl with waves of blonde hair and deep, brown eyes so dark they seemed black. All she had on was a t-shirt with print on it that was long enough to function as a miniskirt, and clung to her body like one too. The white letters across the chest read, “If you think they're big, you should see what's in my pants.”


Behind the Dildoqueen was the pokegirl Conor guessed was the alpha. She just had a knack for guessing those sort of things. She had been the one playing the music the High Elf had been dancing to, a Bardess with sparkling green eyes, passionate red hair, and a modest yet enticing body. Finally the tamer emerged behind her, and Conor stared openly as she blinked at the person she saw.


The tamer sat down amongst his pokegirls and started to eat the breakfast the High Elf had made, biscuits, some preserves, and fried kattle. The tamer looked up to wave to Conor in a friendly manner; Conor quickly looked away to avoid eye contact, then resumed staring as soon as the other human's attention was back to eating.


Conor studied every feature as thoroughly as she could. The tamer sitting a ways from her, eating, had hair longer than hers, light blonde and well maintained and trimmed. A slender body that was softly defined. Captivating, large round eyes and a round shaped face. A soothing, gentle voice. Conor scratched at the band of her cap and let out a low growl in confusion. The other tamer looked up at her again, this time motioning a plate towards her. “Biscuit?”


Conor responded by blurting out, “You're a BOY?!