A group of friends were out to lunch, sitting under the patio of the restaurant at a round table with an umbrella. They were all tamers from Rapid City, in the Five Lakes League. Ronen Sangster, an effeminate young man with a talent for singing was one. He had a gentle tenor voice, long blond hair, and dark eyes. Conor, a young woman of eighteen years with a few bloodtraits and yet who hadn't gone through threshold was another. She had dusty brown hair and similarly colored fur on her lupine ears and tail. Axel Toov was the last. Or Spaz if you were to call him by his knickname, after his numerous traits of the electric variety. He had bold yellow ears that twitched constantly and a lightning bolt shaped tail. There were a few more, but they have no parts to play in this story.


They were talking and joking, Spaz taking an opportunity to take a jab at Conor. “Oh yeah, well we'll see how well you do during the next full moon. Hmm? Think you'll be able to keep your paws off pretty boy Ronen?”


Conor's ears fell back and she huffed indignantly as she reached for her glass of ice water. She splashed a little of the contents at the youngest of the tamers, the electric influenced tamer's eyes getting big as the liquid sailed through the air.


With a flash and a crackle, the young man changed into a young woman as soon as the water touched his skin. She leveled a glare at the smirking wolf eared tamer, all the others laughing at the turn around, when a woman nearby screamed. “She turned that boy into a pokegirl! She's got Jusenkyo water! RUN!”


People did run, chairs and tables were knocked over, and an OfficerJenny quickly jumped into the panicking crowd to subdue the dangerous criminal converting hapless citizens into pokegirls. Spaz tried to explain the situation to the police pokegirl that was pinning Conor to the sidewalk. “Officer, I-”


The OfficerJenny looked up from where she was locking Conor's hands behind her back. “Ma'am or Sir, whichever you used to be, I know this is a confusing and alarming time for you, but please remain calm while I apprehend the criminal responsible!”


“No, listen you don't understand. This is a misunderstanding. I have a pre-existing condition!” Spaz shouted as he thrust his pokedex at the blue haired civil service girl.


The OfficerJenny quickly scanned through the pokedex while keeping a knee between the shoulder blades of the quietly growling human female. She leaned towards her radio mic after finishing her reading. “I need confirmation on the medical conditions of tamer Axel Toov, hometown Windy.” She waited a few moments before the radio squawked back. She helped Conor up and removed the restraints before bowing low to the tamers. “I'm sorry for my rash actions against you, Ma'am. If you are injured in anyway, please notify me so that I can summon medical assistance. If you would like to file a complaint, I will direct you to the nearest Civil Servant office to do so.”


Conor's ears flicked and her tail stood out stiffly. “That won't be necessary, I'm fine. And I don't think I'll bother filing a complaint about this. It was pretty stupid on my part.” The OfficerJenny bowed again, and then went to calm the still panic stricken woman that had started the small riot. Ronen uprighted the table and arranged the chairs back in place before flagging down a waiter. Fortunately, they had finished eating before the excitement and had been loitering to chat.


“Could we get our bill, please? And a glass of warm water for the lady.” He grinned at Spaz, who sparked angrily back at him before joining his friends in laughter at the joke.