First off, I bow down to the site administrator.  Mr. Grim, I'm sorry I've been inadvertantly giving you so much trouble while trying to get my chapters posted.  You've been patient and helpful and thank you greatly.  I don't know why the website seems to hate me all of a sudden, but if I need to buy it flowers or something to get back on its good side, just let me know. 


That being said, the first chapter of Ocean's Seven is actually posted where other people can see it now! 


Ocean's Seven: Chapter One


Ocean's Seven Reviews


As I mentioned on the review page, I started writing this chapter (and the entire story over all) about one-third to halfway into this chapter, and then went back and added to the front end.  If it seems slightly disjointed in pacing or scene structure, I do apologize.  Regardless though, I hope you enjoy reading, because it has certainly been a joy to write.