Ocean's Seven: Chapter One






“So, how is this going to work.  You put a leash on me and make sure I don’t get into trouble at your expense?”  Christopher Wallace was standing outside of a pokecenter in the city of New Vegas, in what was apparently the Sunshine League.  He had no idea where that was in relation to where he had been kept in what was basically luxurious captivity for the past month, like some celebrity under house arrest.  He also had no idea if New Vegas had anything to do with Las Vegas, though he thought it was highly likely.


“Leashes are impractical and short sighted.”  Yssabella, the apparent leader of the group of magic-wielding women who had kidnapped him gestured towards a red-roofed building as they walked.  “This, as I’m sure you’ve already surmised from the lessons that Gwen has given you over the past few weeks, is a pokecenter. Medical clinic and hostel rolled all into one.  Past that, services available can vary based on location.”


“And we’re here because…?”


“Because you are only half-equipped for your journey.  You’ve a pack full of clothes, emergency medical supplies, rations, everything a tamer needs for his journey.  What you don’t have are pokegirls who can guide and protect you. That’s why we’re here. I’ve already arranged for you to pick up a pokedex and two pokegirls.  I’ve selected powerful women who will be an asset to you, and help keep you out of danger.”


“And keep an eye on me on your orders, I bet?”  Chris plainly disliked Yssabella. Her ‘bedside manner’ left much to be desired, and he wasn’t a fan of the way she seemed to prefer to make others bend to her will.  She had practically thrown the guard who had been watching him back at the safehouse out of the front door with a gesture and a rush of magic that had left Chris worried for the poor woman’s safety.


“Yes.  It wouldn’t do for you to end up dead in an alley somewhere because you thought that it would be a good idea to stick your dick in a Demoness or a Panthress.”


Chris ground his teeth together.  “I don’t just ‘stick my dick’ in people.  That would be rude. Among a dozen other things.”


Yssabella looked at him and scoffed.  “Yes, with that attitude, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.”  Come on.” She led the way into the pokecenter, approaching the counter.  “This young man is here to pick up his starter pokegirls.”


The woman behind the counter looked up and frowned, seeing Yssabella standing there, with Chris behind her, looking for all the world like he needed an escape route.  Being kidnapped across dimensions was one thing. Being under what amounted to house arrest while being first interrogated about who he was and the world he came from and then taught about the world in which he now resided in was yet another.  And now, from what he understood of Yssabella’s intentions, she was hell bent on fixing him up with two women who answered to her and only her. Which, given the sum total of all the previous interactions he had had with the woman, it was not something he wanted to have happen.


“Well, what are you waiting for?”  Yssabella produced a small, red, oblong device that looked like a cross between a tablet computer and a cellphone, sliding it across the countertop to the woman.  “He’s already gotten his license and has pre-picked his starters, both of them.”


“I’m sorry ma’am, but did you say two starters?”


“Yes, two starters.  Check the file, the explanation is there.”  Yssabella rolled her eyes dismissively as the pokecenter attendant picked up the pokedex and plugged it into a reader connected to her computer.


“Yssabella?”  She turned to look over her shoulder at Chris.  “I can handle it from here, I think.”


“Oh, you think so?  I’d like to see that.”  She gestured for him to step up to the counter.  “Go ahead. Let’s see how well you fare without one of us holding your hand.”


“You know, you have a really low opinion of me for never really having taken the time to speak to me for more than a couple of minutes.”


The raven-haired Archmage scoffed as she turned to Chris, lowering her voice.  “I’m not like Gwendolyn. She was the one that insisted on supporting this plan.  Even if it was my daughter who pushed us on this path, I still never thought it was a good idea.  And now here we are ten years later with nothing to show for it but you.” She sneered. “Forgive my unpleasantness but that’s ten years of my life I can’t get back, ten years of research and hard work all for naught.”


“It’s not my fault I’m not what you were hoping for.”  He looked at the attendant, and she handed him the pokedex.


“Here you are, Mr. Wallace.  I’m going to have to go pull the pokegirls you’ve pre-selected out of storage, they were just transferred over this morning.”  She flicked her gaze back and forth between him and Yssabella for a moment before pushing out of her chair and disappearing into a back room.


Yssabella crossed her arms and shook her head.  “I’ll be outside, I have an important call to make.  Meet me once you’ve picked up my girls.”


Chris watched as she stalked out of the room, and suddenly everything felt lighter, as if a great weight had been lifted off of his… well, everything.  By that time the attendant had returned, and he leaned over the counter. “Excuse me, miss? But I was just wondering if you could…” Chris looked back over his shoulder, and once he was sure Yssabella was no-where in site, he decided to do what he had been planning for two weeks now if he ever got the opportunity.  “I was wondering if you could put that uh… transaction on hold. I’ve changed my mind on those pokegirls, honestly.”


The attendant looked at him, then rolled her chair slightly to the right to look past him to see if Yssabella was anywhere in sight.  “Let me guess, one of your mothers?”


Chris paused, not sure exactly how to parse that question, but he figured playing along would result in the best outcome, at least for now.  “Uh, yeah, actually. As you can probably tell she’s…”


“A bitch.  A big one. I hope you don’t mind me saying so.  Ones like her come in here every day demanding this and that and gods know whatever else they think they can get away with.”  The attendant looked up at him and suddenly looked sheepish. “Sorry.”


“No, no.  I agree.”


The attendant inhaled and then clicked around on her computer screen.  “Yes. I can cancel the transfer of the two girls you had selected to your account.  But I’ll warn you, it’s slim pickings here for starter girls. Always is. You’re better off taking them no matter what.”


Chris bit the inside of his lip, tapping the pokedex on the counter as he thought quickly.  Something Gwen had said during one of her ‘lessons’ about the world had stuck with him. “How does the system for the starter pokegirls work?  Can I like… redeem them anywhere, or does it have to be here, in this building?”


The attendant shrugged and shook her head.  “No, it can be anywhere in the Sunshine League.  Anywhere in any WAPL affiliated pokecenter, actually.”


Chris paused.  “Any pokecenter worldwide?”


“Just about.”


“That’s… awesome.  How hard would it be to get a teleport to a different league.  Like, right now. Right this second?” The idea of teleporting across the face of the planet like it was hoping into a taxi to get across town was crazy to him, but Gwen had said it was possible, and if it got him away from Yssabella, he was willing to try it.


The attendant looked at him for a second like he was crazy, and then understanding bloomed on her face.  “That’s a big risk, what with a mother like that.”


“I know, she’s the definition of a helicopter parent, but I’ve got to try.”


The attendant clicked around on her screen again for a second, and then nodded.  “Janine is on duty. She can do it. We mostly use her for deliveries, but she had a license for taxiing people when we need her to make emergency runs.  One second.”


Chris looked back over her shoulder, and noticed Yssabella pacing across the street, talking to the thin air, communicating with someone with what he could only assume was magic.  “Hurry, please?”


The attendant nodded, and then slipped out of her chair again and into the back room again.  Almost immediately, she was back, and produced what Chris recognized as a pokeball, triggering the release.  A splash of red light resolved into a slender purple haired woman with cat ears who was rubbing her eyes sleepily.  “What time is it?”


The attendant looked at Chris, and then jerked her head towards the purple-haired cat lady that he could only assume was Janine.  “She’s your ride. Where do you want to go?”


Chris looked at the feline-esque woman.  “How far away from here can you teleport?”


           Janine shrugged.  “How far do you want to go?”


           Chris looked at her, deadpan.  “As far away as you can take me.”


           Janine looked at the attendant, who nodded, before she looked back at Chris.  “How’s the Ocean League sound? Oslo?”


           “Norway. Perfect.  How do we do this?”


           Janine frowned and reached out to grab his hand.  “Like this.”







           Chris fell to his knees as he and Janine popped out of thin air, leaving him gasping for breath.  “What the fuck?!”


           Janine grimaced and patted him on the back.  “Ooooh, sorry. You clenched, didn’t you? Don’t worry, it’ll pass in a few minutes.  Anyway, here we are, Oslo, capitol of the Ocean League.”


           Chris rolled over to sit down on the brightly painted concrete pad they had arrived on, panting.  He felt like someone had gutpunched him, slammed a knee into his balls, and slapped him hard enough to make his head spin all at the same time.


           “You might want to move off of the teleport pad, honey.  Don’t want someone else to appear standing inside of you.  Doesn’t happen often, but you never know. New girls who aren’t used to teleporting have been known to make a pretty big mess from time to time.”


           Chris looked up at her and then crawled off of the concrete pad into the grass.  “Well, I’ve got to go. I might as well get an early head-start on my deliveries and pickups.”  He watched as she vanished into thin air, and then rolled over and vomited into the grass.






           “Can we help you, Sir?”


           Chris inhaled deeply, and then stepped up to the Pokecenter counter.  It had taken him nearly a half hour of wandering to find the place, and had finally had to flag down someone who was wearing what he had assumed was a police uniform to point him in the right direction.  Office Jenny, as she said her name was, had directed him straight to the pokecenter without a second's thought and then moved on down the street to break up a fight that had started further up the block.  It turned out that he had been on the right track, even if he had been wandering blindly. A couple more blocks and he had found the place.


           Still feeling a bit woozy from the ‘clenching’ during the teleport, he had slumped down in an empty chair in the medical center’s lobby to catch his breath, but almost immediately a pink haired woman in what appeared to be a nurse’s uniform taken straight out of a porn movie had come up to him and started asking questions.  Once she had ascertained that he wasn’t about to keel over dead in her hospital lobby, she had moved on to take care of someone else. Once about an hour had passed and Yssabella still hadn’t shown up to kill him or abduct him again, he was feeling more confident, and had gotten into the line of people forming at the counter.


           “Yeah, I’m uh, just in from the Sunshine League.  I got my tamer’s uh, license there, but really I wanted to be here in the Ocean League.  I’ve got what I guess are two um, I guess they’re requests, or tokens, or hell, I don’t know, coupons for two starter pokegirls and I wanted to see if... I was told that I could get them filled at any WAPL pokecenter.  Am I in the right place?”


           The woman behind the counter smiled as he hesitated and stuttered his way through his explanation, holding out her hand.  “Your pokedex please.”


           Chris fished the rectangular device out of his pocket and handed it over, resting his elbows on the counter.  “Here you go, uh… Kathleen.” He read the woman’s name off of her nametag, and she smiled warmly at him as she plugged his pokedex into a reader that was identical to the one that the pokecenter attendant in New Vegas had used.


           “Yes, you can fill those starter requests here, Mr. Wallace.  Though it will require you to file for type three citizenship.”  She smiled. “It’s basically just to say that you’re a foreign tamer operating within the Ocean League’s jurisdiction, and that you agree to obey all Ocean League laws while within the internationally recognized territory of the league.  The application process is seamless, and I can do it all here in just a few seconds. Your official status won’t be updated for a day, at most, but after that you’ll officially be a type three citizen. Would you like me to start your application?”


           Chris hesitated for a second, and then realized that to him, no one league was likely better than any other.  “Yes, please. Go ahead and do that, thank you.”


           Kathleen nodded and began typing furiously on her keyboard, and then reached for his pokedex as she watched a slowly loading progress bar on her computer screen.  “Sorry, the system we use to update pokedexes is slow.” She smiled up at him apologetically. “We’re supposed to be getting a new system installed next month, but you know how that sort of thing goes, I sure.  We probably won’t really have it till the end of the year, and then it will take weeks for it to actually be useable.”


           Chris held up his hands placatingly.  “Oh, I get it. Bureaucracy is slow even on the best of days.  It’s not a problem.”


           Kathleen smiled and watched as the progress bar finished loading, then unhooked Chris’s pokedex from the dock and handed it back to him.  “I’ve also taken the time to set your pokedex’s home page to the Ocean League’s official website. You’ll find the section for type three citizens and foreign tamers linked on the home page, please make sure to read all of the attached documentation.”  She reached over and pulled a large tablet computer from a charging station that held several more like it, handing it to him. “The home page on this tablet is set to direct you to the website for this particular pokecenter. On it you can find links to the list of available starter pokegirls we have on offer.  When you’ve made your choice, just get back in line, and I’ll be here to help you start the process of transferring them to your possession, okay?”


           Chris nodded and took the tablet from her.  “Yes, thank you, Kathleen. Thank you very much.”  She smiled as he slipped out of line and back over to the lobby area where he had been sitting before, arranging himself where he was out of sight of the windows, but could still watch the door.  The last thing he wanted was to be stuck reading some legal document full of confusing terms that made his head spin if Yssabella decided to show up.




           Forty minutes later, after agonizing over first the morality of what he was doing, and then the actual decision of who to pick, Chris had settled on two pokegirls.  One he was relatively certain he wanted to meet, the other he was still iffy on. Back at the head of the line, he smiled at Kathleen as she looked up at him. “Oh, Mr. Wallace, right?”  Chris nodded and set the tablet computer she had given him earlier back onto the counter. “Have you come to a decision?”


           “I have, actually.  The first…” Chris woke the tablet’s screen with a press of his finger, and then tapped on the picture of a young rabbit eared girl with brown eyes and hair.  “Her. I’d like to uh… get her.”


           Kathleen took the tablet and looked at his selection.  “A Bunnygirl? You’re sure, Mr. Wallace? Usually they’re better suited as pets than as starter pokegirls for traveling tamers.”


           Chris frowned at this revelation, then shook his head suddenly.  He had made his choice, and it would be easier on his conscious if he stuck with it.  He had already resolved that he wouldn’t be like all the tamers Gwen had told him about, who treated pokegirls as little more than pieces of meat or toys to satisfy their own sexual fantasies.  He wasn’t about to fall into the trap of wondering what it might be like to be able to pick and choose his bed partners like he was ordering off of a fast food menu. “I’m sure, Ma’am.”


           Kathleen looked at him for a moment, as if trying to decide whether to try and dissuade him, but then nodded.  “I’ll need your pokedex again, Mr. Wallace.” He handed it over, and she slipped it into the dock beside her computer and began typing.  Chris stood there for a few minutes, trying to look nonchalant but in reality more nervous than he could ever remember being in his entire lifetime.  He knew he was sweating, and tried to dry his palms on his jeans as Kathleen frowned at her computer screen and turned to look at him. “Mr. Wallace, there seems to be a bit of a…”


           “What’s the problem?” He tried not to let panic leak into his voice, but for all he knew the Ocean League knew he was from another world and was on their way to arrest him and then run all sorts of tests on him.  Or worse, Yssabella had found him.


           “It’s not a problem, really.  More like a… well, it’s not a situation, either.  Perhaps a lucky coincidence?” She beckoned him to lean over the counter, and he did while trying his best to ignore her display of impressive cleavage.  She pointed at her computer screen, where what looked like a profile picture of the Bunnygirl he had chosen was displayed next to the picture of an equally pretty, if shorter haired, brown eyed brunette.  “There is a hold on each of these girl’s processing papers. It’s… well it’s unique, to be honest. I didn’t know that such a thing was possible, but the system is saying that if someone tries to adopt out one of these girls, then an alert is sent to a stand-alone bank account that pays for the tamer to also receive the other girl, free of charge.  The only stipulation is that both girls must remain on the tamer’s account for the full two years of their legally required bonding period.”


           Chris frowned, and Kathleen noticed his confusion.  “Someone, somewhere, is paying for you to have both of these girls for the price of one.  The only catch is that you can’t trade or sell them to anyone else, even back to the league, for two years, or several financial penalties kick in.  Frankly, I’ve never seen anything like it before, and it has to have been something arranged privately with the city council’s taming commissioner, if not the commissioner for the entire league.”


           “What does it mean, though?”


           Kathleen raised her shoulders slightly, almost as if to shrug.  “You can have both of them, and then also get a third pokegirl thanks to the two starter credits on your account.  Just, like I said, you can’t trade or sell the Bunnygirl or the…” Kathleen checked her screen again. “Or the Seamstress for two years, or some serious fines kick in.  The kind that would bankrupt any tamer. I’ve got no idea who set it up or why, but it’s there. They’re there. If you want them.”


           Chris stared at the screen for a long moment.  He didn’t know what it was, but he felt like he had seen the second brunette somewhere before.  Maybe… no, no, he couldn’t place her. But he also felt like this was just the kind of luck he needed.  Still, something about them just seemed… “Right. Right. Okay, yeah. I’ll take them both.”


           “And what about your second starter, Mr. Wallace?”




           “Your second starter.  The Seamstress doesn’t count against your starter credits.”


           Chris looked at her for a brief second.  He had gotten lost looking at the pictures of the Bunnygirl and the Seamstress, drawn to them for a reason he couldn’t put his finger on.  “Uh… let’s hold off on that one. Two for one is kind of a big deal, I’d think. I want to uh… see how this goes before I add a third person to my… harem.”  Harem. That was the word that Gwen had kept using when referring to the group of women tamer’s kept with them at all times. He knew the historical meaning of the word, and now the modern definition, and truthfully, he didn’t like either.  And he despised the word.


           “If you say so, Mr. Wallace.  You can always return in the morning to collect your second starter pokegirl.  If you’ll give me just a moment, I’ll have the Bunnygirl and the Seamstress brought out to you.”


           Chris watched Kathleen get up and head back into the bowels of the pokecenter, but his attention was soon drawn back to the faces of the two girls on the computer screen.  He wasn’t one to believe in fate, or soulmates, or destiny. But still, something felt strange, as if he were supposed to be staring at their pictures right now, as if he was supposed to know their names.


           “Mr. Wallace?  Mr. Wallace?” Chris snapped back to the present as he realized Kathleen was holding out two red and white pokeballs to him.  He blinked rapidly and then took them, feeling the weight of them in his palms. They were the size of baseballs, though they weighed slightly more, as if they had metal cores instead of ones made of rubber.  “The first time can be a bit overwhelming, I hear.” He looked back up at Kathleen realizing she was still talking to him.


           “Sorry? Oh, yeah.  Just still kinda processing it.  Uh…” He slipped both balls into his jacket pocket, zipping the pocket closed to be absolutely certain the balls didn’t fall out as he reached for his pokedex as Kathleen handed it back to him.


           “Would you like to rent a taming room for the night?  The basic rooms are free of charge, but the ones equipped for an overnight stay are well within your price range, I believe.”


           “I’m sorry?”


           “We offer premium taming rooms, Sir.  Your account is well within the black and wouldn’t suffer at all from renting one for the night, if you’d like one?”


           Chris was still sort of out of it.  “Uh, no. No, I’m good. Thanks though, Kathleen.  You’ve been just a massive, massive help. Seriously.  Thanks.” The pokecenter attendant smiled and nodded, waving goodbye as he backed away from the counter and then turned to rush out of the pokecenter.






It hadn’t taken Chris more than a block of walking before he had found a hotel that he thought was within his price range.  He hadn’t known he had any money to his name before Kathleen had mentioned his account, and a quick search of his pokedex’s functions had revealed that there was a bank account in his name that was tied to the device, and that it was full of money.  Five million standard league credits, whatever that was. To be honest, though, he wasn’t sure how much value that really was. He’d kill for an app or program that would give him the exchange rate to a type of currency he was familiar with, or even to know if standard league credits were indeed standard, and had the same value across the different leagues.  For all he knew, his five million credits were only good back in the Sunshine League, and were useless here in Ocean.


           He entered the lobby of the high-rise hotel, and approached the counter.  “Excuse me, but how much are your rooms per night?”


           The female attendant smiled at him.  “We have rooms that range from twenty-six thousand credits per night to ones that are a hundred thousand credits a night.  Anything more expensive than that requires a reservation more than a week in advance, Sir.”


           Chris shook his head.  “I don’t think I’ll be needing anything more expensive than those, thank you.”


           “Excellent, Sir.  May I enquire to the number of pokegirls you have in your active harem?”


           Chris furrowed his eyebrows.  “I’m sorry?”


           “Your number of active pokegirls, Sir.  It determines the price of the room.”


           “Oh, uh, two.  Well, it might be three by tomorrow night, actually.”


           “That’s fine, Sir.  Our standard rooms allow for four total occupants.  Unfortunately, the only rooms of that size that we have available are single bed. King size.”


           “Uh, that’ll do just fine, I think.”  He wasn’t really sure it would be fine, but he was anxious to get somewhere off the street where he could sit down and think, catch his breath, and try to clear his head.


           “Excellent, Sir.  If I may see your pokedex?”  Chris handed it over, and the attendant plugged it into a dock.  “Alright, for a single bed room with a maximum of four occupants, the nightly charge is twenty-seven thousand credits a night.  Is that acceptable to you?”


           Chris wasn’t about to argue over her initial price of a thousand credits cheaper, when he was apparently playing with five million.  Plenty of pocket change, it seemed. “That’ll be fine.”


           The attendant nodded, smiling, before tapping on her computer screen and then removing his pokedex from the dock and handing it back to him.  “If you’ll wait just a moment please, Sir, I’ll get your room keys.”


           “Thanks.” The attendant turned around and went to the desk behind the main counter to work at a second computer screen, and as she tapped away at her keyboard, Chris took a moment to breathe and look around.  The hotel was like many others he had been in before. A spacious lobby, dining area and even a bar, with plenty of seating spread around for travelers waiting for appointments or for dinner reservations to be made.


           “Mr. Wallace, I have your keycards.”  Chris turned around to see the attendant holding out two standard white plastic cards for him to take.  At least all of this so far was exceedingly familiar, even if one of the women drinking over at the bar had what looked like angel wings.


           “Thank you, ma’am.”


           “It’s my pleasure, sir.  You’re in room 612, Mr. Wallace.  Please enjoy your stay.”




           Chris shut the hotel room door behind him and slumped to the floor against it.  He couldn’t tell if he felt like a criminal who had gotten away with something or if he felt more like Jason Bourne evading his enemies.  At least, he considered Yssabella enough of a bitch to be an enemy to his wellbeing. He had been running on adrenaline for the past three hours or so, and getting out of the night and off of the street into what was frankly a rather nice hotel room suited him just fine.


Without getting up, he kicked off his shoes and pulled his backpack off, resting it beneath the window beside the door.  He reached up and began pulling on the drawchain that would close the curtains, before struggling to his feet and making sure they were completely closed before turning on the light and then collapsing onto the bed.  He instantly felt the two baseball-sized devices in his pocket dig into his side, and then suddenly his body shifted as it felt like one of the orbs disappear. In a panic, he rolled over and fumbled with the zipper to the pocket the two pokeballs were in, pulling out the red and white device and then shoving his hand into the pocket to try and figure out what had happened to the other.


           To his surprise, the other pokeball hadn’t disappeared, but had instead shrunken down to the size of a shooter marble.  He pulled it out, holding it up incredulously as he stared at it. What kind of technological advancement had made that sort of shift possible?  He had never even heard theories about shrinking a solid object down like that… “Unless it’s magic.” Chris turned the ball over in his palm as he examined it, noticing a slight divot on the top of the red side of the sphere.  He tentatively touched it with his fingertip, and then dropped the pokeball in an almost comical fashion as it grew back to normal size before his very eyes. “How the hell…”


           Chris slowly climbed off the bed and placed both balls on top of the bedspread, looking at them carefully.  Somehow, inside of those two red and white metal baseballs were two fully grown women. Women that, as he understood it, he needed to sleep with.  Fuck. Make love to. No matter how he turned the subject over in his mind, he couldn’t escape the sheer madness of it.


           “How to…” He didn’t know how to go about this, to be honest.  He looked around the room, and then back at the pokeballs. He pursed his lips, and then with a quick motion snatched them both up and then began tugging the heavy comforter off of the bed with his free hand.  Apparently even the cheapest rooms in this hotel were fancier than he was used to, because the sheets he found underneath were made of the softest, most breathable silk he had ever encountered. He set the pokeballs down on the sheet and then tried to arrange the bedspread at least somewhat appropriately across the foot of the mattress, and then shrugged out of his coat and dropped it across the back of the chair.  He looked down at himself, and then hopped on one foot to tug off one sock, and then switched feet to remove the other. He paused and then looked at the two pokeballs, and realized that everything he was doing was being done in an attempt to stall the inevitable.


           He reached out and snatched up both pokeballs and took a few steps away from the bed, pointing the flat disks adorning the balls surface towards the empty floor beside the bed.  He struggled for a second to remember how the things worked, only going off of the memory of a few video clips Gwen had shown him to help explain his new reality to him. Carefully, he slipped his forefingers around the top of each ball to press the white disks on the fronts of the balls, feeling them depress slightly before two jagged beams of red light rushed out past his fingertips, momentarily blinding him as they resolved into two human forms.



           Chris stared, dumbfounded as he found himself face to face with two women who looked at the very least five years his junior, likely placing them in their early twenties, if that.  He blinked at them as they blinked back, and finally someone decided to speak.


           “I guess you’re my new owner?”  The speaker was the woman that Kathleen had called a Seamstress. She was shorter than Chris by about a head, though she was still several inches taller than the Bunnygirl standing next to and slightly behind her.


           “Caramel?!?”  Chris watched as the Bunnygirl’s eyes grew wide with shock, and the Seamstress spun around to look at her, astonishment equally plastered across her face.


           “Satin?!?” The Bunnygirl threw herself into the Seamstress’s arms, and soon enough both women were crying and holding each other tightly as Chris looked on in confusion.  Rather than interrupt what was apparently an unexpected but very welcome reunion, he waited for them to acknowledge him.


           Both young women wore what looked like a simple, no frills dress made of a gauzey, filmy white material that did just enough to obscure their bodies while also seeming to be thin enough to rip through with your bare hands.  The woman who had spoken, the Seamstress, filled out the short dress slightly better than the Bunnygirl, even though if the muscle definition in the rabbit eared woman’s legs hinted at a much more physically strengthened body than her apparent friend’s.


           The Seamstress had short brown hair the color of warm cocoa, the ends of her bangs looking like they had been dipped in caramel given their warm chocolate-orange color.  Perhaps that was fitting, given that her name seemed to be Caramel, according to the Bunnygirl. And her name appeared to be Satin, if ‘Caramel’ was to be believed. Her own hair was much, much longer, reaching down to the backs of her thighs, long and straight.


           It took a few minutes for the apparent tears of joy to stop before both women turned to him, the Bunnygirl positioning herself behind the Seamstress so that she could just barely peek out around her shoulder.  It was the Seamstress that spoke again to him. “You’re our owner?”


           Chris tried to remember what he had initially thought he was going to say to them, and then realized that the grand speech he had planned had fled the moment he had seen their faces in the flesh.  “Uh… yeah. My name is Chris. It’s… nice to meet you?”


           “Why do you sound surprised?”


           “Oh, uh…. Because I kind of am.  I wasn’t really expecting to end up sharing a hotel room with two women, let alone one.”


           The Seamstress looked at where he had dropped the two pokeballs on the floor by his feet in shock.  “You had two pokeballs, why were you only expecting one pokegirl?”


           Chris shook himself gently, shivering as he felt something like a chill pass over him, goosebumps prickling his skin.  “Uh, really I meant that when I went to the pokecenter, I was only expecting to get one of you. Not both.”


           “About that.  How did you know that we knew each other?”


           “I didn’t. I didn’t even plan to get both of you, like I said.  I chose one, and then the attendant at the pokecenter, a very nice lady by the name of Kathleen, informed me that there was some sort of special clause attached to both of your papers or accounts or whatever that said that no-one could have one without the other.  There was even a special bank account set up to pay for one of you if either of you was selected first. The rules attached to the account said that whoever got one of you had to take both, and had to keep you both for two years.”


           The Seamstress’s eyes grew wide.  “Father did this!”


           “I’m sorry?”


           “My father is the one responsible, he has to be.”  She turned to look at the Bunnygirl. “I told him that I wished we could stay together, and he said he wished we could too.  He must have been able to pull some strings with the councilmen, and insert some sort of contract clause into our adoption files.”


           “Kathleen said something to that effect.  I’m sorry, but I’m assuming you both have names?  Caramel, Satin?”


           The Seamstress turned back around.  “Yes Sir. My name is Caramel, and this is Satin.”  Caramel looked over her shoulder at the Bunnygirl. “Say hello, Satin.”


           The sound that came from Satin’s lips wasn’t so much a word as it was a frightened, embarrassed squeak.  Chris realized something was amiss almost immediately, and turned around and pulled out a chair from the small dining set that was tucked in beside the dresser.  He sat down and gestured toward the bed. “Sit down, please. It’s nice to meet both of you, Carmel, Satin. I think we have a lot to talk about.”


           Caramel looked at the bed, and then shook her head.  “You’re not going to tame us?”


           Right. Taming was the euphemism for sex in this fucked-up world.  “I suppose I’ll have to, but I’d much rather get to know you first, at least a little bit.”


           Caramel looked at him, and then the bed, and then back at him.  “You might want to do the taming now, though. I…” She gripped the hem of the short, plain white shift she wore.  “I’m a threshold. A recent one. I’ve… never been tamed before. I mean, I’m not a virgin, but I’m… I don’t want to go feral.  Ever. You understand that, right? Surely you’ve got sisters, or friends who’ve gone through the same thing?”


           Chris swallowed back a sudden surge of anger and disgust for the situation that this young woman was forced to confront, and he hated that he had to be complicit in it.  “I have a sister, yes. But she didn’t… she didn’t have to go through this. She doesn’t need taming.”


           Caramel slowly nodded.  “Then she was one of the lucky ones.  But I’ve never experienced losing my mind before.  The slow spiral. I don’t want to. But I feel it coming on, and I need you to tame me.  To tame us.” She reached back and squeezed Satin’s hand. “I know that Satin is already on the cusp of going feral.  She… she needs to be tamed more often than I do, and it’s been too long already. Keeping us in storage, our minds frozen, can only delay the inevitable so long.  Please. We need you to do this.”


           Chris sighed deeply, and then stood up.  “Okay. I get it. I just want you to know that I am probably not like any other tamer you might have met, I guess.”


           “You’re older, obviously.  But we can discuss that later.”


           “I’m older because up until now, I’ve been a student at university.”  It was the lie Gwen had concocted for him if anyone asked questions. He might have been Gwen’s prisoner for a while, but perhaps some sort of Stockholm syndrome had set in, because now he was trusting the advice she had given him when it became clear that she and the other members of the coven intended to free him.  He still didn’t understand the logic in it, but he was glad enough to have a chance at freedom, so much so that he had pushed the envelope to be truly free from Yssabella’s influence.


           “But you’ve had pokegirls before, surely?  Maybe you were a pet owner?”


           “Owned a pokegirl?  No. No. I’ve been in a good number of relationships with women, though.”  He shrugged. “My last one ended a few months ago to be honest. Sort of an inevitable break-up.”  He shook his head. “That’s not important right now. What is important that I’m different because I was never taught to be a tamer.”  He gulped. This was the more difficult part of the lie, because of, according to Gwen, how unlikely it was for someone his age to be this ill-informed about life and culture on this planet.  “I don’t… I prefer to see pokegirls as friends or family. Not property. I know that in the eyes of the law and all that crap you are, but I’d much rather prefer to have someone I can rely on and trust and maybe, maybe even love.


           “You want to be friends first, before we even tame with each other?”


           Chris shrugged.  “I usually just call it sex.”  He frowned. “Look, I’ve had one-night stands, before.  But I’ve never been this kind of responsible for another person’s well-being before, let alone their sanity.  It’s kind of overwhelming, and I’d rather have partners than property.”


           Caramel was staring at him like he was crazy, though her soft features were slowly resolving into something more like understanding as he talked.  “I was training to be a tamer before my threshold. A watcher.” She shook her head. “I still think of myself as human. My threshold was only a few weeks ago.”  She looked up at him, something hardening in her eyes. “If you’re offering to treat us as friends rather than just holes to get off in, then I’m all for it.”


           Chris winced at her words.  “Yes, that’s what I’m offering.  It’s what I’m hoping for.”


           “Then you need to tame us.  First and foremost. Then… then we can be friends.”  She shook her head. “It doesn’t matter if we end up not being friends, because in the end we’re still pokegirls, and we still need you no matter what.”  She shrugged. “It doesn’t hurt that you’re cute and we’re both horny, but still. I’d rather have a chance to be friends if it’s offered. It makes everything easier.”


           Chris nodded.  “Well, thank you for saying so… I think.”  He smiled. “If it’s any consolation I don’t think any of the women I’ve been with in the past can hold a candle to either of you.  The length of your dresses aside, of course.”


           Caramel giggled, and then clapped a hand over her mouth in surprise.  “Sorry.”


           “No, no. Laugh at me all you want.  It breaks the tension, I’ve found. I try to be funny when I can.”  He smiled. “So…”


           “So…” Caramel looked at the bed.  “This is a big bed, even for three people.”


           “I know. I think I’m used to King sized beds actually being a bit smaller, truth be told.  I think we’re also both stalling now.”


           “First times are awkward, I’m told.”


           “I’ve been told that as well.”  He smiled. “What about you, Satin?”


           The long haired Bunnygirl’s eyes bulged and she took a half-step back behind Caramel.  The taller brunette patted her shoulder comfortingly. “Sorry. She’s always shy around new people.  I guess I should explain how we know each other?”

“I had already assumed that you did, but explanations never hurt.”


           “Satin has been my pet for the past eight years.  I got her when I was twelve, she was eleven. We started taming with each other around age fourteen, and we’ve been together ever since.  She’s my best friend.” Caramel looked down as Satin slipped her arms around her waist from behind, hugging her tightly.


           “That’s her way of saying that I belong to her, I think.”  Caramel looked up. “No disrespect, Sir. She’s just very possessive of people she likes.”


           “No, no. I don’t want to get in between anything you two have if I can avoid it.  I…” He tilted his head to the side as he watched Satin’s fingers begin to gently bunch the front of Caramel’s dress up in her hands, exposing the taller woman’s upper thighs and soon enough her crotch, a short, closely cropped tuft of dark brown pubic hair crowning the junction of her thighs.


           “Sorry. She’s getting horny.  Like I said, she’s near the edge of ferality, and she needs to be tamed.”


           “Then maybe we should just…”


           “Get down to business?”  Caramel half-turned and hauled the rabbit-eared girl out from behind her, even as Satin wordlessly protested.  “Satin, relax! He’s our new tamer, and he’s nice. I think. Don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine.”


           “Caramel…  Satin’s voice was tiny and soft, barely audible as Caramel shook her head curtly.


Chris smiled and shook his head slightly, looking from Caramel to Satin and back again.  “I…” He paused, nodding slowly. “So, we’re agreed, then? I know you’re more used to this sort of thing than I am.  I’d rather be friends first, and let the sex come later, but given the biological needs you both have, we’re going to have to go the other way around.”  He caught Caramel’s chocolate brown eyes with his own. “Assuming you still want to be friends after you see how inexperienced I probably am in bed compared to you two.”


Caramel managed to suppress her laughter to just a chuckle, while Satin chose to blush and hide her face behind her long bangs.  “Don’t worry, Satin and I both can teach you. Besides, I haven’t had a real friend aside from Satin in years. So, I’ll take you up on the offer.”


Chris nodded, a rueful smile on his face as he looked to Satin.  “And what about you? Friends? Lovers? Both?”


Satin bit her lower lip and nodded shyly.  Caramel was watching her intently, and gave the Bunnygirl a gentle nudge with her hip.  “What do you think? Is this an orange ice cream moment?” Satin snapped her eyes up to look at Caramel, and seemed to ponder something for a moment before nodding her head curtly, a small smile beginning to grace her heart-shaped face.


Chris wrinkled his eyebrows in curiosity as Caramel took Satin’s cheeks in her hands, leaning in to kiss her firmly on the lips before turning back and winking at the confused man standing in front of them.  “It’s a long story. Just go with the flow, and you’ll get more than your money’s worth out of both of us.”


Chris blanched, and quickly shook his head.  “I don’t look at it like that, just so you know.  You’re people, not property, we discussed this already.”


“And you’re not trained as a tamer, I remember.  It’s just going to take some getting used to, for both of us.  After all, it wasn’t long ago that I was human too, and Satin was legally my pet, not just my best friend.”  Caramel stroked one of Satin’s ears affectionately before turning to Chris. “So…”


Chris inhaled deeply and then pushed aside his concerns about the way the world he had ended up in worked, at least temporarily.  “So, I know you’re a Seamstress, and from what I’ve gathered from your pokedex entry, Seamstress’s are rather fond of their clothing.  But I have to ask what your opinion is on… well, these?” He indicated the thin, white, rough-cut dresses that seemed more shift than full dress, the hem only coming down to Caramel and Satin’s mid-thigh and with sleeves that didn’t even seem to be fully hemmed, looking like they had been roughly cut with a pair of scissors.


“They’re awful and I plan on burning them or recycling the material the first chance I get.”


“Well, then you don’t mind if I…?”  Chris chuckled as he rose and took a step forward, fully invading Caramel’s personal space as he gripped the high neckline of the flimsy dress with both hands while simultaneously pressing his lips to the auburn-haired woman’s own.  He felt Caramel’s gasp, her breath filling his mouth as he suddenly and firmly yanking at the thin fabric, gratified to hear it immediately start ripping in his hands. The motion jerked Caramel’s shoulders forward slightly, and she wobbled on the spot, hands at her sides as she moaned into the kiss with her new tamer.  Chris’s hands followed the tear down, moving between the paper-thin fabric and Caramel’s warm, pale skin. His knuckles brushed over her full, soft breasts, down over her toned, firm stomach, and against the junction of her thighs before he finished ripping the dress all the way down the front, before reaching up to push the ruined garment off of her thin shoulders.


All the way through, they hadn’t broken the kiss, and their tongues were dancing, playful and teasing as he felt a trickle of their mixed spit run down between their chins messily.  Beside them, Satin was blushing, one ear clutched in her hands and pulled down over her face bashfully as she watched Chris and Caramel kiss, bouncing slightly on the balls of her feet as she watched the ruined dress slide down Caramel’s arms before falling around her ankles, leaving her nude in front of their fully clothed tamer.  Caramel finally broke the kiss, her hands rising up to play with the buttons on Chris’s shirt. “You owe me a new dress…” She looked up at him. “You’re also not as awkward as you let on.”


Chris’s face remained blank for a moment, before he let out a loud, short laugh before pressing his forehead to Caramel’s.  “I thought I was doing you a favor, really… but if you insist…” His eyes cut mischeviously to Satin, before his entire body turned to face the timid Bunnygirl.  “You two are perfect for each other, really. Caramel’s all bravado and forceful personality, and you’re as awkward and adorable as they come.” He held out his hands to Satin, waiting patiently until she reached out and laid her hands in his.  Gently, and with much less force than he had kissed Caramel with, he pressed his lips to Satin’s, allowing her to set the pace.


Caramel sat down on the edge of the hotel room’s bed as she watched Chris and Satin kiss, the fashionista’s lower lip caught between her teeth as she watched the culmination of quite a few threesome fantasies play out before her eyes.  Satin’s lips were soft against Chris’s, noticeably more so than Caramel’s were, though he suspected that was a result of the passion that simmered beneath the shorter haired woman’s personality. She was forceful, steel concealed by soft curves and pale skin, whereas Satin was all softness and slender beauty, with long brown hair as soft as her namesake.  Chris guided Satin’s hands to his shoulders as he reached out and snagged the hem of her dress between his fingertips, his close-cut nails gently scraping against Satin’s tan thighs as he began to work the shift-like fabric up her body, and over her hips.


Caramel licked her lips as she watched Chris expose Satin’s crotch, the bunnygirl’s mound shaved bare, skin slightly darker there than her flat belly and slender thighs.  Slowly, careful not to interrupt the chaste kiss they were sharing or to spook the timid bunny, Chris peeled the one piece dress up her body, exposing breasts that seemed almost too big for her tiny frame, with large, dark areolas capped by firm, cute little nipples that Caramel knew from experience were as sensitive as the rest of the sweet little bunnygirl.  Eventually, they had to break the kiss as the dress was lifted over Satin’s head, Chris helping her to carefully extricate her long hair and ears from the tight neck opening. As he draped the dress over his arm, Chris pulled Satin into an embrace. “Are you always this warm, Satin?” The slender girl was giving off an amount of body-heat that was surprising for her size, and he kissed her on the forehead as she nodded.


“Mmmhmm.  I joke that she’s my personal bedwarmer, but it’s really the truth.”  Caramel’s eyebrows rose as Chris held out Satin’s dress. “Why are you giving this to me?  I was joking about reusing the fabric, it’s not worth the effort.”


Chris laughed and pressed a quick, playful kiss to Satin’s cheek before answering Caramel.  “You said I owed you a new dress, so I got you one.” He winked at Satin, who giggled and then hid her face against his chest, peeking out at her former owner past Chris’s arm.


“Oh, you two think that’s funny, huh?  I see how it is…” Caramel’s grin dismantled any malice that her words could have carried, and she took the dress from Chris and held it up in front of her, pretending to examine it with a critical eye, glancing over at the nude bunnygirl clinging to the man she was already starting to like.  Caramel then suddenly wadded the thin fabric shift up and pressed it to her face, inhaling deeply, staring unblinkingly at Satin as she did so before finally pulling it away from her nose. “I think I like the smell of who was just wearing it more than I do the dress itself.”


Against Chris’s chest, Satin gave a cute little squeak of surprise and buried her face in his arms again, clinging tightly to him as Caramel laughed at the reaction she was able to elicit from her friend and lover.  Chris wrapped his arms around Satin and hugged her close, his chin resting atop of her head as he smiled at Caramel. “You too, huh? Me? I’m more wondering what she tastes like. I’m guessing she’s just as sweet as she looks.”  He felt Satin immediately begin to squirm in his arms in response to his jibe, and Caramel laughed out loud before standing up and moving behind Satin.


“I’m rather partial to her flavor myself, even without the chocolate flavored salves I always practically bathed her in.  I’ve got a bit of sweet tooth, FYI, and you should get used to us fighting over which salves to use on you on a regular basis.”


Chris chuckled as he stroked Satin’s shoulders; the young bunnygirl fit perfectly against his body, his arms holding her tight as Caramel pressed her breasts to Satin’s warm, slender back.  “Flavor salves are something I definitely want to experiment with, we didn’t have them where I uh… grew up.”


Caramel smiled and nodded, accepting the explanation without question, thankfully.  “They can be expensive, but with my father being who he was, I had some access to manufacturer test samples.  You haven’t lived until you’ve drank breastmilk that tastes like strawberries straight from the tap, so to speak.”  At Chris’s questioning look and a finger crooked at Satin’s back, Caramel nodded with a lewd grin. “Mmmhmm. We’ll have to get some fresh Milktit milk and a handful of different flavored salves so we can figure out what you like best.  I’m particularly a fan of a mixture of the caramel and chocolate combination.” Chris’s face was almost dumbfounded at what Caramel was suggesting, and she licked her lips and laughed before gently pulling Satin out of his arms. “But you said you wanted to see how sweet Satin was, so why don’t you get down to our level, while we get comfortable?”  Caramel gestured to his state of dress compared to their state of undress as she tugged Satin towards the bed, hands on the blushing bunnygirl’s hips.


Chris shook his head with disbelief at the lewd situation he had ended up in, but obediently began to remove his clothing all the same.  “I’ll warn you, I’m nowhere near as beautiful to look at as you two.” He began unbuttoning his shirt as Caramel guided Satin to the bed, scooting up beside her and holding her in a sideways hug, positioning herself so that one of Satin’s legs was trapped, tangled up in her own and pinned down as she fondled the brunette bunnygirl’s breasts, their lips locked in a passionate kiss as they stole glances at Chris as he undressed.


“Well, we don’t expect you to be.  We’re the beautiful, cute, adorable pokegirls, after all.  You’re supposed to look plain next to us, remember?” Caramel winked and stuck out her tongue, grazing Satin’s cheek as she did so.


Chris nodded as he laughed, discarding his shirt.  “I’ll keep that in mind.”


Satin squirmed as Caramel pinched one of her nipples, and whispered something into the seamstress’s ear as Chris began working on his belt.  “Satin says that you’ll be perfect once I get you into a fitting room and work my magic on you. And while I think she’s just trying to flatter me, she’s right.  A well-tailored suit, some custom designed clothes, fashionable underwear designed by yours’ truly that shows off your surprisingly cute butt… I think you’ll do just fine.”


Fighting to keep his balance as he struggled out of his pants, Chris shot a look at Caramel.  “I’m glad you find me acceptable, your Highness.” He stuck his own tongue back out at her as she laughed and leaned in to kiss Satin while holding out her hand and crooking her finger at him, beckoning him forward before moving said hand down to push Satin’s legs open, keeping the bunnygirl’s left leg firmly pinned using her own thighs.


Satin whined as she felt the bed shift in response to Chris’s knees pressing into the mattress as he crawled towards her, but Caramel kept her occupied.  The shorter-haired brunette fondled Satin’s breasts and kissed her passionately and loudly, the wet sounds drifting down from their mouths wreaking havoc on the hard-on Chris was already sporting after undressing the two beauties.  He felt Satin’s thighs twitch, skin prickling with goosebumps as he gently laid his hands on her knees, settling down onto his stomach between her legs. Satin clung to Caramel as Chris began to kiss her legs. His lips trailed soft, warm kisses across her thighs, slowly moving upward towards the junction of her legs.  He was still amazed at how warm the bunnygirl’s skin was, lightly tanned and radiating heat as if she had just stepped off of a sun-drenched beach. He might have mistaken her for the “Beach Bunny” mentioned in his new pokedex if the device hadn’t told him otherwise, given her tan and her larger-than-average for her frame breast size.


Caramel continued to nip at Satin’s lips, making the bunnygirl split her attention between the sensations at her mouth, chest, and thighs as both her former tamer and her current one helped each other build up her arousal to a peak that had her squirming with need.  When Chris’s lips hit her own, she let out a gasp into Caramel’s mouth, back arching at the sensation of Chris’s mouth on her labia. Not that the sensation was new for her, but the totality of the situation had her on a proverbial knife edge. Chris’s left hand planted itself on top of Caramel’s where the Seamstress was holding Satin’s thighs parted, and Caramel slowly withdrew her hand, instead placing it atop Chris’s head, stroking her fingers through his short chestnut colored hair.


           Chris’s hands slipped down, his fingernails lightly scraping at Satin’s warm inner thighs as he moved to cup her ass, feeling the muscles in her cheeks clench.  He gave her a soft squeeze as he gently kissed her lips, eyes flicking up to watch her face contort, the bunny-eared teenager gasping as Caramel nibbled and sucked on her neck.  As Caramel kept her hands and mouth occupied with Satin’s upper body, Chris committed himself to bringing the young bunny as much pleasure as he knew how. He blew gently across the flushed skin of Satin’s labia, feeling her clench the muscles in her lower body in response to the tickling sensation, her right leg draping itself over his left shoulder and his upper back, her bare heel pressing against his spine.  Chris massaged her asscheeks firmly, coaxing her, trying to get her to relax as he leaned in and gently kissed her again, this time letting his tongue sneak out, tracing her shape gently.


           Satin was already wet, as he might have expected, but the flavor he found on the tip of his tongue drew him in in a manner he wasn’t prepared to.  Caramel had been right; Satin’s pussy juices were sweet, almost cloyingly so. He had been expecting something more along the lines of what he was used to from past lovers, and he briefly wondered if all rabbit-eared, bunny-tailed women tasted like this.  He pushed that out of his mind though when he took his next taste, now quite eager to taste her, more so even than he had been before. This was something he genuinely enjoyed doing for his past girlfriends. The reactions it could elicit, the sheer exhilaration that he got from knowing that he could make a woman squirm and moan with just the touch of his tongue was well worth any effort.  He pulled each of her lips into his mouth one by one, sucking and gently cleaning them of her juices before gently nosing the fold of skin covering her clit, making her hips twist in response. He drove his tongue into her suddenly, and almost pulled back with surprise when he discovered just how tightly she clenched down on him.


           Up above his head, Caramel was playing with Satin’s nipples.  The dominant brunette smiled as she held her forefinger and thumb up to the Bunnygirl’s mouth, a motion that Satin understood completely.  The long-eared beauty craned her neck up slightly so that she could take Caramel’s fingers into her mouth, suckling on each digit up to the first knuckle.  She lavished them with her tongue, even as Chris lavished her pussy with his own. Her left leg was still trapped by Caramel’s, but she was free to move her right leg, Chris having neglected to pin it down with one of his hands while he devoured her.  He was soon to learn just how much of a mistake that was when it came to Satin, as she drew the leg she had been resting on his back up, the smooth warmth of her inner thigh pressing against his ear as she bent her knee and wrapped her leg around his head.  Her calve pressed against the back of his head tightly, and she pinned his face to her crotch as Caramel looked down at him and chuckled. “Ever the greedy bunny, aren’t you?” Caramel laughed as she withdrew her fingertips from Satin’s mouth, leaning in and kissing her before moving her hand down to pinch her right nipple.


           “Ohhaaa!”  Satin’s voice was small and sweet as she finally gave voice to her pleasure, and Caramel smiled as she began to coat the Bunnygirl’s nipple with her own saliva.  Her forefinger and thumb twisted in a circular pattern as she played with Satin’s nipple, the warm brown nub short but stiff, her areola almost the same shade of soft brown as her eyes.  Caramel spit-slicked the crown of one of the bunny’s breasts, then moved to the other, giving it the same slippery treatment sprinkled with pinches and brief-but-firm tugs, smiling to herself as each motion made Satin’s legs twitch.  The appendage entangled with Caramel’s own didn’t go much of anywhere, but she couldn’t help but laugh as she watched, and heard, Chris splutter for breath as the long, slender bunny-leg around his head tightened.


           Caramel leaned in and nipped at the base of one of Satin’s ears, making the younger girl shudder, before tickling with her breath the tiny, soft, almost imperceptible strands of fur that lined her inner-ear.  “Relax, sweetie. Try not to snap your new boy-toy’s neck, yeah?”


           Satin’s eyes flew open in distress when Caramel’s words registered in her pleasure-wrapped mind, and she instantly released the pressure on the back of Chris’s head, moving her leg entirely to the side and off of his back.  She squealed in panic and tried to sit up, but Caramel (and to Caramel’s surprise and approval) and Chris both held her down. Apparently, his gasping for breath hadn’t been that dire of a situation, because he looked up at the suddenly frightened bunny and winked, before leaning forward and taking her clit between his teeth.  Satin’s eyes grew even wider as she felt him gently pinch that sensitive nub between his front teeth, and she trembled as his tongue pressed against the tip, fluttering up and down and side to side across the bundle of nerves. Her hips bucked, and this time, he reached up to place a firm hand on her inner thigh, preventing her from moving around too much, as much for his own protection from the strength hidden in her deceptively soft legs as for hers.  The last thing he wanted to do was to have her buck around too much and accidentally bite her. As he licked her clit, he brought his right hand up, free thanks to Caramel’s legs keeping Satin’s other leg trapped. With a gentle motion, he used the fingertips of his middle and index finger to stroke up and down her labia, coating his digits with her slick juices before slowly sliding his longer finger into her slit.



           Caramel watched, grinning at the sight playing out before her before leaning down and kissing Satin hard, claiming the young bunny’s mouth for herself as she cupped one of her best friend’s breasts, squeezing and kneading firmly as Chris began to pump his finger in and out of Satin’s pussy.  The long-haired, long-eared brunette lost herself in the pleasure, hips squirming, twisting as Chris pumped his arm, adding his index finger to the penetration and making Satin grunt into the kiss with Caramel. The short-haired brunette was flexing her legs for all she was worth, trying to keep Satin’s trapped leg from freeing itself as she tried, almost involuntarily, to draw it up to her chest; her right leg had escaped Chris’s grasp and was doing that now, and Caramel knew it meant that her friend was precariously close to an orgasm.  Caramel pulled her mouth back from Satin’s as she realized the younger woman was mumbling into their kiss, breaking strings of saliva with her tongue as she pressed her forehead to the bunny’s, both of their cheek’s and faces flushed with arousal.


           “I’mgunna…gonna, I’m…!”


           Chris flicked his eyes up across Satin’s body in time to watch her flex, back arching and the toes of her right leg curling as she pinned her knee against her breast, her entire body shaking as she clamped down on his fingers, juices welling up and coating his chin as the beautiful young Bunnygirl orgasmed.   Chris stopped flicking her clit with his tongue, removing his teeth and instead electing to gently suck on the bright pink nub, keeping his fingers still as she clenched and released in an erratic rhythm around his two fingers.


           Caramel and Chris waited for Satin to come down from her orgasmic high, the woman who wasn’t currently sweating and panting in the afterglow of an orgasm looking down across the bunny’s body, smiling at their new Tamer.  “That was very well played, for the first orgasm you’ve given her.”


           Chris rolled his neck, grunting as he felt a sharp release of pressure that came with a satisfying ‘pop’.  “I feel more like she took it, rather than me giving it.” He looked up at Caramel, then shifted his eyes to Satin, her head flat on the mattress, long brown hair strewn messily across the pillow above her head.


           “Bunnygirls can be intense like that.  Just remember her legs are stronger than yours, and always will be.”


           “Right. Don’t piss her off, or a kick to the balls from her will require hospitalization.”


           Caramel snorted, holding back a peal of laughter.  “While true, Satin isn’t the type of person to do that, to anyone, even if they literally ask for it.”  Caramel turned and planted a kiss on the long-eared girl’s cheek as she panted and cooed, mind still swimming.  “She’s just too sweet.”


           Chris nodded, and then propped himself, up, chest resting against Satin’s thighs.  Concern played across his face as he watched Satin’s expression, and he looked at Caramel.  “Is this… normal for her? I don’t remember being able to make a girl pass out like that before…”


           Caramel smirked.  “Taming shock. Minor in this case, but still there.  You haven’t stuck your dick in her yet. Give her an orgasm and a load of sperm, and she’ll be stuck in Taming Space for an hour after your first time with her.”


           “Taming shock, huh?”  Chris tried not to let his puzzled look show, but Caramel was apparently too smart to not pick up on his confusion.


           “You must really have been raised in the backwoods to not know about Taming Shock.  I mean… I’ve never heard of anyone who’s never… Where did you say you were from again?”


           Chris averted his eyes, leaning down instead to gently kiss Satin’s stomach, her warm skin glistening with sweat.  “Uhmmm… I hadn’t yet.”


           Before Caramel had a chance to continue her questioning, at knock at the hotel room door startled both of them.  Chris snapped his head around, staring at the source of the offending noise, and Caramel looked back and forth between the door itself and her tamer.  “We’re not expecting anyone, are we?”


           Chris turned to look up at her, before rolling off of Satin.  “No, we’re not.” He snatched up his discarded pants and began hurriedly pulling them on, as Caramel stood up and began to move towards the door.  “Wait, what are you doing?”


           “I’m seeing who it is.  You honestly think that I’m going to let my tamer open the door to a total stranger, putting himself in possible danger?  I may not have been a pokegirl for long, but I’m smart enough to know that I can be healed a lot faster and with a lot less complications than a human if there’s danger on the other side of that door.”


           Dismayed, Chris took two bounding steps towards Caramel and the door, putting himself between her and it.  “No. Back to bed, cover Satin up. I can handle this.” Caramel’s brown eyes were wide, and Chris noticed for the first time that there were tiny, almost imperceptible flecks of gold buried in her soft amber eyes.  She stared up at him, head tilted up and to the side slightly as if she were about to disagree with him, but he reached out and grabbed her shoulders, physically turning her and giving her a gentle push towards the bed.  “Go, go. It’s fine.”


           As she went, looking back over her bare shoulder at him, Chris certainly hoped it was fine.  If the person on the other side of the door was one of the people he thought it was, it was probably going to be fine.  Maybe. Anyone else, and his understanding of what may or may not be ‘fine’ got more complicated. As he turned to grab the handle, he motioned to Caramel, who had hesitated at the foot of the bed as Satin began to stir.  He moved to place himself between the door and the bed, opening it just a crack and peering out with one eye.


           Who he saw both filled him with relief and frustration.  “You. To be honest, I had hoped I lost you.”


           Standing in the hallway with her arms folded beneath her breasts, Yssabella looking as if she was filled purely with frustration, and no relief.  “I’m an Archmage, you’re not losing me. And if you think that losing me is a good idea, it shows just how little you really understand about your situation.” The raven-haired woman’s voice dripped with condescension and not a little bit of impatience.


           Chris pursed his lips, teeth grinding together as he silently fumed.  “A situation I wouldn’t be in if it wasn’t for you, I might add.”


           Yssabella rolled her eyes.  “How was I supposed to know that we would get such a complete ass to show up when we performed our summoning spell?”


           Chris tilted his head slightly, biting back a much more scathing response as he chuckled darkly.  “Well, maybe you should have done more planning, huh? More research, more homework? Maybe then you wouldn’t have abducted an innocent man from the one life he’s ever known, huh?”  He started to slam the door, but jumped back when Yssabella’s hand shoved through the opening and she snapped her fingers. Chris cursed under his breath as the sturdy door chain, taut as a steel rod, sagged, two of the links turning to a silvery paste with the consistency of school glue.  Chris slammed his heel against the back of the door and turned, bracing his shoulder against it to push it closed. “Oh no you don’t!” He heard the bed creak and looked up to see Caramel rising from it, but he shook his head and pointed back at Satin, who was still blearily looking around.


           “Mr. Wallace, I’m going to insist that you let me in.”  Yssabella now had her own shoulder against the door, the two of them pushing back and forth.  Lucky for Chris, enhanced strength was not something Yssabella had in her genetic make-up. What she did have was a lifetime of magical training and experience.  Chris cursed as a sudden shove of some invisible force sent him stumbling into the hotel room, allowing Yssabella to enter unhindered. She promptly shut the door behind her, placing her fists on her hips and glowering at Chris as he rounded on her.


           “I told you that…!”


           “Mr. Wallace, I was trying to protect you, and at your first opportunity you bolted halfway across the surface of the planet to escape me?”


           “Oh, really?  A kidnap victim attempting to escape his kidnappers?  That just makes no sense at all, does it?”


           “You were not kidnapped!”


           “Then what do you call being snatched across dimensions?  Hmm? This is not the reality I grew up in! I don’t come from a world where this sort of thing is fucking possible!”  Chris was gesticulating wildly, arms outstretched and fingers splayed wide as he fumed at Yssabella.


           “I…” Yssabella stopped talking before the first words were out of her mouth, as she noticed Caramel and Satin on the bed.  The Bunnygirl had drawn the sheet up around her body, the dusky pink silk damp with her own sweat. Slightly in front of her, as if to intentionally place herself between her friend and the intruder, Caramel’s face was a mask of fury and deadly promise.  Chris had no doubt had he put a weapon in the Seamstress’s hand she would be fully inclined to utilize it. “These are the girls you selected. A… Seamstress…. And a common Bunnygirl.” Yssabella turned back to face Chris. “You are hopeless, aren’t you?”  Chris’s face changed, frustration replaced with quiet warning that Yssabella was either heedless too, or intentionally ignored.


“I pull strings to enable you to acquire two extremely powerful protectors who could defend you from anything this world might conceivably throw at you, and instead you somehow end up with two pokegirls who are utterly…”  Exasperation, confusion, and something akin to disgust or resignation washed over Yssabella’s expression. “Useless.” She looked back at the two young women on the bed. “Useless. A Seamstress? She has no combat capabilities at all.  She’s just as weak as you are, and just as uncoordinated… and quite possibly just as much a danger to herself as you are to yourself. I arranged for trained, experienced, disciplined pokegirls to form the core of your protectors. Not…. Not a fucking teenage Bunnygirl!”  Yssabella gestured at Satin, her face twisted into a scowl that was somewhere between furious and pleading, as if she was begging him to do better somehow.


“Yssabella!”  Yssabella spun to face Chris, eyebrows arched and with an expression of surprise on her face.  “Get out.”


The short ravenette pursed her lips and shook her head slowly, sadly.  “I cannot help you unless you let me, Christopher.”


“Then you’ve missed the oh-so-subtle context clues I’ve been giving that say I don’t want your help.  At all. Leave. You’ve completely and totally destroyed my life as I knew it. I won’t let you do it again.  You will not insult them.” He gestured to Caramel and Satin on the bed. Caramel’s hands had curled into fists, and she looked almost as if she were about to burst a vein in her temple as she silently fumed at this strange woman who had invaded their hotel room, and for all intents and purposes seemed to be threatening her tamer, Satin, and herself.


Chris pointed at Yssabella, bringing her attention back to him.  “I chose them, because I had to. I chose them, because I wanted to.  I chose them, because I needed to. You, of all people, will not second guess my decisions.  You, of all people, will not threaten, insult, or disparage the two of them because they aren’t your fucking cronies that you tried to insert into my life so you could control me!  Get OUT!”


Yssabella flinched slightly at the venom in Chris’s words, and she drew herself up, shoulders back and the right corner of her lip curling as she opened her mouth to respond.


She was cut off, however, by another knock at the door.


“What do you want?!”  Chris’s voice was still laced with anger as she shouted past Yssabella to the closed door behind her.  He ground his teeth together again as the door slowly opened, and then a freckled woman with red hair stuck her head into the room.


“Hi, Christopher.  May I come in? I might be able to… well, at least calm this situation, if not diffuse it entirely.”


“Who in Jenova’s name are you?”  Caramel was now just as furious as Christopher was, if not for the exact same reasons.


“Ah… Caramel, isn’t it?  I’m sorry for the intrusion, but I…”


“You’re one of Yssabella’s friends, isn’t that right.”  Chris was shaking his head, and he turned around and snatched up his shirt from where it had been discarded earlier.


“Right, well, sort of.  We’re not always friends.  Acquaintances, allies, lovers once upon a time, only sometimes friends.  My name is Trista. And yes, I am one of the people responsible for bringing your tamer to this world.”  Trista stepped fully into the room, shutting the door silently behind her and then gesturing into the air.  “If there is going to be anymore shouting, I suppose a warding spell to keep anyone from complaining about the noise is in order.  I wouldn’t want to be the cause of getting you thrown out of your hotel room.”


Chris rolled his eyes and stalked towards the bed, taking the shirt in his hands and draping it around Caramel’s shoulders before wrapping his arms around her, trapping her hands at her side as he pulled her down onto the bed with him.  He scooted back until he was sitting beside Satin, Caramel forcibly pinned in his lap as he helped her slip her arms through the sleeves of his shirt and began working on the buttons to dress her as she kept her focus on the two strange women who had invaded her previously perfect night.


Caramel, though enjoying being in her tamer’s lap, wasn’t about to let that comfort take precedence over the caution she felt.  “Who are you people?”


Yssabella started to speak, but Trista stepped forward and placed her hand on her fellow Archmage’s arm.  “My name is Trista, and I greatly apologize for our intrusion into your... hotel room.” The pixie-like redhead cast a glance at Yssabella.  “And I especially apologize for the rudeness of Yssabella. Though I will include that she was only doing what she thought was needed to keep your tamer safe.”  Caramel’s eyes narrowed as she glared at the two magic-capable pokegirls, and Chris interlocked his fingers together around her waist as he tugged down on her lap, keeping her pinned with the seatbelt he had formed with his arms.  Satin meanwhile was staring up at her tamer from where she reclined next to him, the sheets tucked up under her chin as she pressed her cheek to Caramel’s bare outer thigh.


“I don’t see how controlling my every move makes me safer.  I would contend that I’m in as much danger from you as from everyone else.”  Chris grunted as Caramel shifted in his lap, and looked down as Satin nudged his side with the tip of her nose.  He raised an eyebrow questioningly, and she snaked one hand up from beneath the sheets to crook a finger at him, beckoning him closer.


He looked at Caramel, who looked at Satin, then back at him before nodding.  Chris leaned down, careful not to loosen his grasp on Caramel, who he was quite sure that despite her inability to really harm their intruders, would be out of his lap the second she was able to try and force them out of the room.  Satin snuggled into his side as she propped herself up on one elbow, placing her lips directly against his ear and whispering quietly so that only he could hear. “Why are you in danger?”


It was the first time he had ever heard her speak a full sentence, much less an intelligible word.  For the brief time that he had known the shy rabbit-eared girl, she had spoken through Caramel, almost like a younger sibling would rely on an older brother or sister to speak for them.  Her voice was sweet, high and lilted, with an accent he couldn’t place, perhaps one that evolved on this world long after the divergence in the timeline Gwen had told him of. He briefly wondered what she sounded like when she sang, if she ever did.


Chris was brought out of his brief contemplation of the sound of Satin’s voice by Yssabella’s reply.  “You have not told them. Good. That will make it easier when you return them to the Pokecenter. No level five conditioning cycles required.”  How she had heard Satin’s question, he didn’t really question, but the two girls next to him reacted with understandable surprise to what the overbearing Archmage said.


Chris felt Caramel tense in his lap, and Satin instantly shrank into his shadow.  He rested his forehead between Caramel’s shoulder blades and took a deep breath. “Trista.  If you want to salvage anything of the plans you and your co-conspirators have made, remove Yssabella from this room, and ensure that she is never near me or any of the people I care about ever again.”


He didn’t see Yssabella’s physical reaction, but he heard her sputtering for words as Trista spoke over her.  “I understand, Mr. Wallace. I do hope you don’t hold her words against her, though. Her intentions are good, even if she is out of practice when it comes to thinking of those other than herself.”




“We will discuss any problems you might have with me later, in a location where no one will be harmed by the devastation that will likely be visited upon the site of our airing of grievances.”  Trista’s voice was calm but carried just as much of an edge to it as Chris’s had. “I’m asking you as the godmother to your daughter, please leave this room, Yssa. Let me handle this.”


Chris looked up in time to watch Yssabella storm out of the room, the ruined door chain slapping against the door frame as it slammed shut.  “If she comes back…”


“She won’t.  The only interactions you have with any of us from here on out will not include her.  If they do, the rest of us will deal with her. We may defer to her in matters of leadership, but she does not control us, and we will step in if we think her overzealous nature will lead to a detriment that affects the rest of us.”


In his lap, Caramel was out of patience.  “Will one of you fucking tell me what is going on?”  She twisted out of Chris’s grip, bouncing up off of the bed and beginning to stalk towards Trista.


Chris was right behind her, grabbing her hand and tugging her back, arms wrapped around her, spinning her so that he could hold her head to his chest.  “I’m sorry. I was trying to find the right time to tell you. Both of you. But this is still so overwhelming for me, and I wasn’t sure if you were better off not knowing at all.”


Caramel pushed out of his grip, but didn’t break physical contact with him, her palms flat on his chest.  “If you let her take us away, I’m going to slap you. I’m going to slap you so hard that your jaw breaks and no Nursejoy will ever be able to fix it.”


“And I would deserve it. No.  I’ve no intention of letting you go anywhere, either of you.  Unless you specifically decide to leave. I’m not going to let anyone take you anywhere you don’t want to go.”


Caramel’s pretty face twisted into something halfway between a confused scowl and a relieved smile.  “Then what’s going on.”


“Your tamer is a dimensional traveler.”  Trista’s tone was matter of fact, her words simple, as if Caramel would understand exactly what she meant.  Though, from the reaction of the short woman standing in front of him, apparently this happened often enough that the idea of people from other realities wasn’t as strange to Caramel as it was to Chris.  She pushed back away from him, those gold-flecked amber eyes growing as large as the proverbial dinner plate.


“No.  No, there’s no way.  Really?” Caramel reached out to place her hands on his chest, as if she were just seeing him, just touching him for the first time.  “Really?”


“Yeah.  I’m not exactly sure how that makes me special, actually.  He placed one hand over Caramel’s, pinning her palm to his bare chest as he used his other hand to gesture towards Trista.  “She and a few others have been trying to drill into my head just how dangerous it is, though.”


Caramel turned to look over her shoulder at Trista.  “Really? He’s a…?” When the redheaded Archmage nodded solemnly, Caramel turned back around to face her tamer and then wrapped her arms around him, planting her cheek against his chest.  “That’s… that’s amazing. I’ve never met someone from another world before… much less tamed with one.”


Chris smiled slightly and patted the top of Caramel’s head as he watched Satin’s reaction.  The young rabbit-eared girl was gathering up the top sheet from the bed, wrapping it around herself as she slid off the mattress and padded towards them.


“That’s because most often individuals from another world are intercepted by one government or another.  They are sequestered, evaluated, pumped for information...”


Chris laughed, interrupting Trista’s explanation.  “Much like you did to me?”


“We don’t intend to use any of the knowledge we’ve gleaned from you to line our pockets, to build new weapons, or, gods forbid, attempt to access the world you came from.”  That last bit of information caused Chris’s humor to die, and he instead held his arm out to Satin as she reached them, pulling her into a hug with himself and Caramel. “Most often, individuals who come to this world are dangerous in and of themselves.  Sometimes they are killed on the spot if they are determined to pose a threat either to the people of this world, or to the established order. Guess which category you fall into?”


“Seeing as I’m incapable of even keeping a single person from interrupting my first night with these two beautiful women, I’m going to guess that I don’t pose a threat at all, really.”


“That is where you would be wrong.  However obliquely, you could pose a threat to the way the civilized world works, such as it is here on our own version of Earth.  You have already expressed disgust at the slavery, sexual and otherwise that is a fact of life here. In the discussions you had with Gwen, you picked out the ways in which this world has stratified its social hierarchies.  You see the inequalities that exist for what they are. Most people born and raised here simply accept the status quo and never question it. Much less often do they ever seek to change it. That is usually the purview of the Celestials, and gods know they aren’t making any headway.”  Trista gestured towards Caramel’s back. “Even your Seamstress, Caramel, is it? Even she accepts the way things are. She was human not too long ago, and the moment her body betrayed her, she accepted her new fate as a member of the subservient class. As a slave. Even I am guilty of thinking that way, sometimes, and I’m old enough to remember times before this way of life became engrained in society.  Of course, back then things were much more violent. But they weren’t perhaps as… despondent.”


“And so what?  I’m in danger from the governments of this world because I think differently enough that they’re worried I might start some sort of social revolution?”  Chris hugged Caramel and Satin tightly, leaning down to kiss the top of the Bunnygirl’s head.


“You are a danger because that is exactly what we hoped you would be when we brought you here.”


Chris’s head snapped up and he stared at Trista.  “Gwen conveniently forgot to mention you wanted me to lead a revolution when she was interrogating me.”


“Because you can’t.  The ritual that brought you to this world was designed to summon an entity who could, either through the knowledge or power they possessed, break some if not all of the chains that gripped this world.”  Trista caught Satin’s eye as the bunnygirl peeked out past the back of Caramel’s head. “We had hoped you could help us cure ferality.”


Caramel and Satin both gasped, Caramel turning around without letting go of Chris, and Satin clinging to his arm as they focused their attention on Trista instead of him.  “What do you mean?”


Trista looked at Caramel evenly.  “We hoped that the man you cling to so desperately…”  Caramel loosened her grip on Chris’s torso “would be able to provide us with a cure, either scientific or magical in nature, to the curse that grips nearly every woman that lives on this planet.  To free us of a blight that steals our sanity and forces us without choice into the arms of individuals who could potentially subject us to even worse fates.”


“I would never…”


“And you, though not unique, are a rarity, Mr. Wallace.”  Trista, turned to the small dining table in the corner of the room, withdrawing a chair and settling down in it.  “To find someone of your integrity and personal convictions, I would usually have to diligently search through the human population of a Celestial enclave.  Because you were not raised alongside them, you do not see Pokegirls as slaves, as pets, as animals. You see them as the people they really are. As worthy of attention, love, and respect as you yourself are.”


Chris shook his head.  “Lady, I’ve spent a long time disrespecting myself, no offense.”


Trista frowned.  “None taken. But despite your own sense of self-esteem and lack of knowledge of the situation you find yourself in, you are still one of the most honorable humans I have ever met.  And yes, I intend that as a compliment. I know your personality profile is going to make you suspicious of everything I just said, but I believe it to be true, and you should as well.”


“So what, I’m a saint compared to everyone else?”


“Mr. Wallace, you are, let me be clear, no saint.  Your sexual kinks and the thoughts you are having even now about the two women in your arms prove that to be true.”  Chris blinked and loosened his grip on Caramel and Satin. “But you’re the best they’re ever going to meet, because instead of simply imposing your will on others, you’re more than willing to compromise.  You ask permission, where others only take because they can. But I myself have been accused of thinking with my heart and my lusts over my mind on more than one occasion, so I am not capable nor am I willing to judge you.  I will say that had I a daughter, I would be comfortable in allowing her to be with you. That is perhaps the highest praise I am capable of giving to a man.”


“I think I’m more confused than flattered by this conversation.”


“Before Yssabella charged in, you were engaged in a threesome.  A threesome that you sought explicit permission and engagement from all relevant parties before engaging in, but a threesome nevertheless.  This world revolves around sex, that is an inescapable point of fact. And as a young man still in his sexual prime, I have no doubt that you will take advantage of that fact.  I do however expect that you will be more of a gentleman than a monster about it.”




“I know.  More confused than flattered.  But my intent stands. As an individual with standards of decency, conduct, and respect that originated in another world entirely, one that could be said to be objectively superior in terms of the way people, especially women are treated…”


“Unfortunately, my home-world not as rosy a picture as you paint it to be.”


“No.  No, it is not, I saw that the last time I was inside of your head.”  Caramel raised her eyebrows and started to ask a question, but Trista overrode her.  “But even the standards of conduct present in your world are far better than the ones we have here.  I don’t expect you to be able to change our world overnight, if at all. I have long ago accepted the fact that men and women might never again be equals in this world of ours, and if they are, I will be long dead by that time.”


           “What is it you want me to do then?  Gwen was never quite able to articulate that point whenever I asked her.”


           “Be yourself.  Find people you can love.  Start a family, have children, grow old.  Teach them to be better people than you yourself were.  Plant a seed of civility. Let it grow.”


           “You want me to save the world by having… kids?”


           “Yes. Lots of them.  It would also help if you were able to provide a positive influence for other people, as well, but that I know might be a taller order, what with you attempting to stay clear of anyone asking questions about your past.”


           “So, you want me to just… live a normal life.  The kind of normal life I would have lived before you brought me here, where living that kind of normal life is next to impossible?”


           Trista smiled broadly.  “Now you’re starting to understand.  Complicated and damn near impossible, isn’t it?”


           “And you still don’t know how to send me home?”


           Trista looked at him for a long moment, then glanced at Caramel and Satin.  “I’ve seen the kind of man you are, Mr. Wallace. Do you honestly think you could live with yourself if you went home now, even were it possible?”


           Chris started to respond, and then realized what she meant.  He hugged Caramel and Satin close. We he to leave, he would be leaving them behind, to face whatever fate this very cruel world would throw at them.  “I suppose taking them with me is out of the question, then.”


           “I, nor any of my coven sisters would willingly impose the biologic havoc a pokegirl can cause upon an unsuspecting world.  Were their DNA to mix with the general population, the projected outcomes usually result in the decimation of the existing civilization, and the rise of one very much like the one that exists here and now.”


           “So that’s a no?”  Trista nodded as Chris bit his inner lip and nodded back, thinking.


           “You’re saying that you would take us with you, back to the world you came from?”  He looked down to find Caramel staring up at him, her bangs partly obscuring her face.  He brushed them out of the way.


“Yes, I would.  Though it would mean not having any children.”  Behind Caramel, Trista started to say something, and then held her tongue, nodding.  “Probably no letting you give blood at the local Red Cross, either. Any medical conditions would probably ruin us.  And I don’t think that Satin here could leave the house without a really big hat on.” He looked at the sheet-wrapped Bunnygirl.  “As cute as you are, the bunny ears are a dead-giveaway that you wouldn’t be normal where I come from.” Satin frowned, her face scrunching up into a deadly-cute pout, but she leaned into his side anyway, burying her face against Caramel’s shoulder.


           “I believe Yssabella has left the building, finally.”  Chris looked up as Trista stared off into space. “Yes.  Yes, she’s gone. I’m not sure where, but she’s departed, just as I asked her to.”


           “I thought you just asked her to wait in the hall?”


           “I also asked her to piss off and let me handle the situation, though not in as many words.  It helps when you have magic to communicate in ways no-one else can hear or see.”


           “Is she going to continue to be a problem?”  Caramel had her back to Chris now, turning around and planting herself squarely in front of him, though no more than a handful of inches away from her previous spot plastered to his chest.


           “Only if she begins to believe that I have lost control of the situation.”


           “And what exactly is the situation?”


           “As I said, if the local, or League-wide governments got wind of your Tamer being from another world, they would certainly investigate how he got here.  And they would, perhaps inevitably, be led back to us.”


           “You’re protecting your own asses.”  The short brunette folded her arms across her chest, Chris’s button-down shirt looking several sizes too big on her petite frame.


           Trista looked past Caramel to Chris.  “You have an exceptionally perceptive young woman in your care now.  I hope you appreciate that.”


           “I do, believe me.  I’m not smart enough to do this thing on my own.  Every little bit helps.”


           “Does it now?”  Trista looked thoughtful.  “I have a proposition in that case.”




           Trista looked back at Caramel, who had a defiant look on her face.  “You haven’t even heard what I want to suggest.”


           “Because I can already guess.  And the answer is no.”


           Trista looked Caramel square in the eyes for a long moment.  “She is perhaps more perceptive than I first gave her credit for.”


           “Her name is Caramel, and if she’s saying no to whatever it is you’re suggesting, I’m sure it’s with good reason.”


           Trista crossed one leg over the other and folded her hands on her knees.  “I want to ask you to take Gwen into your Harem.”


           Chris could practically imagine the steam coming out of Caramel’s ears as she puffed up her cheeks and began to shake her finger at Trista.  “No! No no no! Who’s Gwen? You keep mentioning Gwen, both of you do, who is she?”


           “She is an Archmage like myself, in so much as she is also a spliced pokegirl.  She is the one that conducted the initial interviews with your tamer, to learn who he was, and if he could help us with our plans to cure ferality.”


           Caramel rounded on Chris.  “Who is she?”


           “She’s… she’s one of them.  Nicer than Yssabella, though maybe not as much as Trista here.  Stricter though, or at least more exacting in her demands, which are nothing like what Yssabella wanted, if I’m to be honest.  Gwen wanted me to spend more time training and learning about this world before I left the house where they were keeping me locked up.  To be honest, she reminds me more of a strict elementary school teacher than she does some all-powerful witch.”


           “She was a teacher, in a past life.  But I wouldn’t call her a witch to her face.  It’s considered rather demeaning, seeing as a Witch is also an evolutionary stage in the life-pattern of an Archmage, which she is.  It would be like someone calling you a little boy.”


           “Which Yssabella did on several occasions.”


           “And I apologize for her, though I know it would mean more if she said it herself.”


           “Why would I take her into my… harem.  I don’t like that word.”


           “And again, we go back to how I place you higher in the rankings of the men I’ve met.  I don’t like the word either. Neither does Gwen. But we use it because it is the common terminology.  And you would take her into your… group because doing so would eliminate any need for you to ever interact with Yssabella ever again.  Consider her something of a live-in caseworker. She would work to keep the eyes of the governments and other actors that might seek to use you for what you are averted.  She would, in doing so, ensure our own safety in the process. She would also be a powerful addition to your security element, one that you knew where you stood in relation to.”


           “She would expect to sleep with me, yeah?”


           “As I understand it, no.  She would not seek it out, though she recognizes that she cannot predict the future.  She would certainly not push the issue, as her views on the matter are similar to yours, especially given her unique history and biology.  Consent is paramount when it comes to her relationships with others.”


           Caramel sneered at Trista.  “And what does that mean?”


           Trista smiled placidly.  “Gwen is a spliced pokegirl, as I said.  Her memories are that of an Archmage who was born relatively soon after the end of the Revenge War.  Her general demeanor and approach to life come from the other half of her soul, that of a Dominatrix.”


           Chris didn’t miss the moue of surprise from Satin at his side at that revelation from Trista.  He hugged the Bunnygirl close as he moved towards the bed, pulling her with him and gently guiding her into his lap, where she promptly wrapped her arms around his waist and snuggled into his chest.  “I’m going to need some help unpacking that statement. First off, because this didn’t come up during all of my talks with her, even the most enlightening ones, what’s a spliced pokegirl?”


           Trista smiled.  “If you don’t mind, I’ll let Gwen herself explain most of your questions, but I can personally speak to that one, as I too am a Splice.”  The redhead reached up and touched the square shaped amulet around her neck, and everyone watched as it briefly pulsed with an electric-hued blue light before growing sullen and dark again.  Trista paused for a moment more, and then smiled. “Gwen will be here in a few moments, she’s actually downstairs apologizing to the manager for the apparent commotion Yssabella caused on her way out the front door of the hotel.”


           Caramel moved towards the bed and sat down next to Chris, and he wrapped an arm around her.  “And you claim this Gwen is nothing like the bitch that threatened to kill Satin and me?”


           Chris nearly jumped up.  “Whoa, whoa! Who said anything about killing anyone?”


           Caramel looked at him like he had just asked how someone knew what color the sky was.  “She threatened to have us put through a level five conditioning cycle. That is as good as a death sentence.”


           “Did Gwen not cover these sorts of things with you?”  Trista looked slightly surprised.


           “She gave me a copy of Taming for Dummies, and then told me to ask her any questions I might have, and she would answer them as best as she could.”


           Caramel shook her head in disgust.  “No wonder. That book gets more people killed than it saves.  My parents paid for real tutors in wilderness survival, taming and relationship mediation methods.  That sort of education is far more comprehensive than what the WAPL puts into that stupid guidebook.  Most Pokecenters, and many police stations and hospitals, have machines called conditioning cyclers. They… well, I’m not sure how they do it, but they take a pokegirl inside of a pokeball and mess with her brain.  The effects can range from a level one cycle that calms a pokegirl about as much as a long taming session might, to a level five cycle that basically destroys all of her memories and her entire personality. It’s like killing someone but leaving the body breathing, so that you can replace who she used to be with someone else.”


           Chris blanched at the disgust, and honestly, the fear he saw in Caramel’s eyes.  He pulled her close and pressed his cheek to the top of her head. “I’m never going to let something like that happen to you.  Either of you. Never.”


           “You won’t find too much disagreement from any pokegirl you’ll encounter throughout the rest of your life.  Most people don’t like being brainwashed, it turns out. But back to the original question.” Trista uncrossed and crossed her legs.  “Spliced pokegirls are single individuals who are the combination of two others. It’s taking two distinct, separate people, and turning them into one person.  The methods can vary, and usually, the resulting individual has myriad physical, mental, and emotional problems. Sometimes enough that the only way to help them is indeed putting them through a level five conditioning.”  Chris shook his head, but Trista continued. “Gwen and I were both spliced by magical means a very long time ago. I am half Archmage, and half Sprite. Djinni to be exact.” At Chris’s look of confusion, Trista continued. “One half of me, and most of my memories, to be frank, are that of a powerful magician who served in the armies that attacked humanity during the Revenge War.”  Trista raised an eyebrow. “Gwen did explain about the Revenge War, right?”


           Chris nodded.  “I still don’t understand the rationale behind Sukebe’s actions, but I know what it is.”


           Trista scoffed.  “If you knew his motivations, everyone in the world would be lining up to hear you talk about them.  That’s a mystery that might never be solved. But I digress. The other half of my soul, my body, my mind, is that of what you might consider a fairy, one who thrives in hot, dry temperatures and has the innate ability to generate and control fire.  I can also shrink my body down to the size of a child’s doll or action-figure. And no, I’m not going to demonstrate.”


           Chris blinked, about to protest that no, he wasn’t going to request that she demonstrate, when there was yet another knock on the door.


           “Ah, that’ll be Gwen.”  Trista rose from her seat and moved to the door, opening it for a tall, smartly dressed blonde woman with green eyes and a pair of rimless glasses perch on her hawk-like face.  “Good evening, Gwen. I was just explaining to Mr. Wallace what a Splice was. Apparently you hadn’t covered that part of his education, among others?”


           Gwen flicked her chartreuse colored eyes towards the three individuals seated at the edge of the bed.  “No, unfortunately. By that point, Yssabella was pushing me to move on from him. She believed inserting him into a pre-made protective detail of her choosing would keep him out of our hair until such a time she could decide what to do with him. I did not expect her to still attempt to do so after the agreement we all reached about how to handle young Mr. Wallace here.”


           Trista nodded in understanding, and then dropped her voice, no sound coming from her lips as she mouthed her next words.  Of course, facing away from Chris, Caramel and Satin, they had no idea that Gwen was reading Trista’s lips as she ‘spoke’.  “That explains much of her fury earlier. Cacey was right. He will be difficult, but rewarding to work with I think. And the more Yssabella and the others are kept away from him, the better the results will be for all of us.”


           Gwen made no visible indication that Trista was relaying information to her, and continued on as if she hadn’t stopped talking.  “I told her, just as her own daughter told her, that I thought that would be a mistake.” Gwen pulled out another chair from beneath the table in the room, and set it beside the one Trista had been occupying earlier.  “You require a hand to hold as you navigate this new world, Christopher. Not a hand to drag you along.” Gwen shifted, the silvery eyeglass chain around her neck shifting as she smoothed her knee-length pencil skirt, the tall upper hem nearly reaching to her armpits but leaving her impressive bust untouched, wrapped in a ruffled white key-hole cutout blouse that exposed plenty of her ample cleavage.  “If you would allow me to be that hand, I would be both thrilled and honored.”


           “Why don’t I necessarily believe that?”  Chris wasn’t much impressed by her outfit, not with Satin in his lap, wrapped in nothing but a silken sheet and Caramel at his side wearing nothing but his shirt.


           “Because you’re a smart man.”  Gwen pulled her glasses off and polished them with the sleeve of her blouse, before balancing them back onto the bridge of her nose.  “I don’t necessarily wish to go traipsing across the countryside with you, in and out of danger and back again. But I will, because you represent the investment of a great deal of my personal time and energy.  I did not conceive of the plan to bring you to this world, but I did most of the legwork. I have no intention to let you wither and die on the proverbial vine because things didn’t turn out quite the way I had hoped.”


           “You still hope to get some use out of me.”


           “I do. As Trista indicated, you might never to anything more noteworthy than pass on your genes and personal ethos to your children.  And that will be fine by me. But I intend to make sure you survive long enough to do so.”


           “Chris already has pokegirls.  Ones he has yet to truly tame.”


           “And I apologize for the interruption to your night young lady.  But seeing as it already has been interrupted, I am going to unapologetically take advantage of the opening that has been presented to me to present my case to your Tamer.”


           “As I was explaining, I am an Archmage-Djinni Splice.”  Trista sat down beside Gwen as she spoke, hoping to move the conversation along.


           “And I am an Archmage-Dominatrix Splice.  From the brief amount of time that Trista and others have spent surveilling your mind, I take it you already have a definition of a Dominatrix in your head, Christopher.”


           “I do.”


           “Well the definition here is much more homogenized that any you might have.  Dominatrix’s are not a sexual specialty or female individual who likes to top during a BDSM session.  The definition that has evolved here refers specifically to a breed of pokegirl who’s entire psyche and ethos revolves around the twin concepts of dominance and submission, though it is not strictly related to matters of the bedroom.  Dominatrixes are often considered some of the best teachers for any subject matter, as we strive to instill a sense of responsibility, decorum, accountability, and honesty in our students. I myself have taught subjects as far ranging as from magical divination, to close quarters combat to cooking.  I pride myself on being honest, fair, and reliable. If I were to travel with you and yours, I would be your teacher. Your pokegirls’ teacher as well, if they wished me to be. I would teach you things as varied as wilderness survival techniques…”


           “It seems young Miss Lindor here has the basic skills needed to survive as a tamer, prior to her threshold into a Seamstress.”  Caramel nodded quickly as Trista gestured towards her.


           “Then you can learn the basics from her.  I will teach you both more advanced techniques.  How to determine if an area is safe to enter from nothing but an educated glance, for example.  I will train your pokegirls in combat techniques, and all of you in methods to avoid detection by individuals you would like to avoid, namely, anyone who might become interested in your past.”


           “And in return, you get to make sure your own asses are covered.  If they aren’t coming after me, then they logically can’t be coming after you.”


           “In a word, yes.”


           “You don’t expect me to sleep with you, right?  I’m finding it hard to think of either of you as anything other than my kidnappers right now, even if you’re offering to protect me from something that might be objectively worse than you keeping me locked in a comfortable house for a month.”


           “I have my own contacts that I can use to prevent the onset of ferality, yes.  To be frank, I have no carnal interest in you either.”


           “Good.” Chris looked down with a start when he realized that Satin had spoken, bundled up in his arms as she was.


           The corners of Gwen’s lips curled up into what might have been a smile if not for her serious demeanor.  “I assure both of you that I have no designs on your tamer past keeping him safe. You will not ever find me in his bed.”


           “As she said, good.  Now… can we have some time to ourselves?  Like maybe, the rest of the night? You did interrupt us during our first night together.”  Caramel had her hand on Chris’s knee, and he had begun to become worried as her grip had steadily tightened as Gwen talked.


           Trista looked at Gwen, who nodded.  “I will see all three of you in the morning.  I expect that you will need to buy clothes, equipment, and other sundry items before we decide on our next course of action.”


           The two spliced Archmages stood in unison, and filed out of the hotel room as Satin, Chris, and Caramel watched them.  They all sat silent for a moment, and Chris waited for the inevitable arguments that he was convinced this entire situation was about to precipitate.  Which was why he was so surprised when Satin twisted in his lap to straddle him, throwing off the twisted sheet she had been covering herself with. “I’m still horny.”  She licked her lips and leaned forward, one of her long ears draped over the top of his head as she kissed his cheek and then whispered in his ear. “As horny as a Minotaura…”


           Chris looked surprised for a moment, glancing at Caramel, who’s eyes had bugged nearly out of her skull as she jumped up and dashed towards the hotel room door, grabbing the back of one of the two chairs Trista and Gwen had pulled out along the way.  She angled the chair back and shoved it under the door handle, making up for the ruined door chain before turning back towards the bed and beginning to strip out of Chris’s shirt. He watched her as she approached, still marveling at the lines and curves of her body when Satin took two double fistfuls of his hair and then kissed him hard, leaning forward and making them both tumble back onto the mattress.  He just managed to avoid the Bunnygirl’s insistent kisses as Caramel worked her hands between their bodies, pulling at the button of his jeans and then working the zipper down, carefully pulling the denim down over his hips before moving around to grab the loose fabric around his ankles. “What is happening?” He looked up at Satin as she practically hummed, her nose buried against his jawline as she sniffled and inhaled deeply, her hips grinding down on his stomach as Caramel stripped him bare.


           “The girl’s horny, just like she said.”  Caramel finished undressing Chris and then hopped up onto the bed beside them, slipping her hands under Satin’s arms and hauling her bodily towards the center of the large mattress.  The Bunnygirl instantly began to hiss angrily, pouting at her friend as she tried to scrabble back on top of their tamer. “But I’ve only ever heard her say that, the Minotaura line, twice before.  She wore me out both times, and I even needed an IV drip the second time.”  Chris’s eyes grew larger, almost as big as Caramel’s had as the slightly taller brunette girl shrugged.  “Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I felt like I needed the IV. That was during her heat cycles, though, and I didn’t think that it was that time of year… yet.”  Caramel looked at Chris, slightly panicked. “Congratulations, maybe? Christmas has come early, and I got you a horny Bunnygirl.”


           Caramel released her hold on Satin at about the time that Chris had reached the center of the bed with them, and with a squeal of pure delight, the young woman playfully pounced on her tamer.  Chris had the air knocked out of him as she landed on his back, her weight and momentum carrying him to the side, rolling him onto his back as Satin scrambled to get back atop him, her strong legs folded atop his own, pinning him down as she leaned in to kiss him enthusiastically.  Chris returned the kiss as Caramel reached out to gather her best friend’s hair into a loose ponytail, the Seamstress reaching for the discarded shifts she and Satin had been wearing when they came out of their pokeballs. She deftly tore off a strip of fabric with her teeth and then used it to tie a makeshift ribbon around Satin’s ponytail.  “There, better. Slightly.” Caramel ran her tongue over her front teeth as she watched Satin gyrate in Chris’s lap, his erection already growing again as the slender rabbit-eared girl kissed him with the kind of passion she had previously only showed Caramel herself. She had a pang of jealousy when she realized that she would no longer be the sole object of her former pet’s affections, but at the same time, the prospect of being able to share both of them, Satin and Chris, with each other was an irresistible prospect.


           “A dimensional traveler, huh?”


           Chris cut his eyes to the side to find Caramel crouched by his head, her fingers reaching out to brush his hair out of his eyes.  “Mmmrrhhuummm!”


           Caramel laughed, and then reached out to gently cup Satin’s chin.  The young girl reluctantly broke the kiss with their tamer, looking up at Caramel with eyes that were wild with passion, a little strand of her own drool forming a tiny bridge between her lower lip and her chin.  “Try a little lower, honeybun. He’s not ready yet, why don’t you help make sure Chris is nice and slick so you can bounce as fast as you want to?” Satin grinned wordlessly at Caramel at her suggestion, leaning forward and playfully pecking the Seamstress on the cheek before wiggling her body, sliding down Chris’s legs and then beginning to assault his erection with a playful growl.


           “Whaaaat is happening…?”  Chris tilted his head up to watch Satin, her lips parting as she blew on his stiffening cock, delighted with the way he twitched and pulsed in her grasp.


           “A dimensional traveler?”  Chris’s attention snapped back to Caramel as she repeated the question.


           “Uh… more like dimensionally kidnapped.  I didn’t exactly book a ticket to this place.”  He gasped as Satin sucked the head of his cock into her mouth, her tongue going a mile-a-minute as she licked and slurped on him, the wet sounds drifting up from his crotch making him moan, which in turn made the offending Bunnygirl giggle.


           “You’re from another world.”


           “Yeah, yes. Yes, I’m from another world.  What is this, some kind of interrogation? I’ll have you know, I got enough of that from Yssabella and Gwwwwaaahhhh….!”  Chris couldn’t finish his sentence thanks to Satin’s mouth, his head thumping back against a pillow as she slurped his cock into her mouth, all the way down to the base.  He could feel the tight constriction of her throat as she swallowed, and even Caramel was momentarily distracted by the sight of the Bunnygirl’s bulging throat, her eyes closed contentedly as she pressed her little nose into the curly dark hair that crowned the root of Chris’s shaft.


           “No, no interrogation.  But it changes things. I’m not sure what it changes, but…”  Caramel leaned forward and pressed her lips to Chris’s in a brief kiss.  “I think I might be catching Satin’s heat.” Caramel’s voice was low, seductive, sultry.


           Chris swallowed as he felt Satin pull his cock out of her throat, her tongue giving him a slow, wet lick from the base of his cock to the tip as she did so.  “I honestly don’t know if that’s possible…” His own voice was barely above a whisper as he replied to the brunette crouched by his head. He looked back down at Satin as he felt her shift again, staring up at her as the long-legged brunette grabbed his cock with one hand as she straddled his lap again, using her other hand to spread her own pussy lips as she contorted her face with pleasure.  Chris’s eyes rolled back in his head as he felt Satin engulf him, the warmth, the slick tightness like the most pleasurable sensation he could have ever imagined. His head thumped back against the pillow and he let out a grunt as Satin leaned forward and slammed her hands into his stomach, bracing herself as she began to raise and lower her hips to a rhythm only she seemed to be able to hear.


           He felt Caramel’s weight shift off of the bed by his head, and he felt more than saw a shadow fall across his face.  The next thing he knew, he was staring up at the shorter-haired woman’s ass as she straddled his face, and his hands came up to grab her thighs and pull her down eagerly.  Caramel hissed as she felt his lips touch hers, and she reached out to grab Satin’s shoulders, pulling her in for a kiss the bunny was all too eager to return with interest.  As Chris spread her folds with his tongue, Caramel wrapped one arm around Satin’s neck, holding her close, their cheeks pressed together and their warm breath mingling as they both rode their tamer.  Caramel reached down with her free hand, trailing her manicured nails across Satin’s bouncing breasts, her toned, trim stomach, to her crotch, fingers instantly growing slick from the mix of arousal and saliva she found there.  Chris groaned as he felt Caramel wrap her long, thin fingers around his cock, stroking his base as Satin slowly worked herself steadily farther down his cock. She was so tight that he wasn’t entirely sure that he would fit completely inside of her.  But inch by inch, with each roll of her hips the long-eared girl took him deeper, until Caramel had her hand lying flat, face up against his crotch with her knuckles pressed into his pubic hair, his cock trapped between her middle and ring fingers as she cupped Satin’s crotch, gently guiding, ‘lifting’ her lover off of their tamer and then intentionally slowing her pace, making Satin take him slow, drawing out the pleasure of both lovers artificially.


           It was an agonizingly slow pace, and every time he tried to buck his hips to speed things up, someone’s hand pressed down on his belly, forcing him to stay still.  Frustrated, he realized the only way to beat the two experienced women having their way with him was to distract at least one of them. His hands on Caramel’s thighs shifted, his arms twisting uncomfortably for a moment as he adjusted them until he had two twin handfuls of the Seamstress’s ass, squeezing and kneading as he used his new leverage to manipulate her hips, angling her crotch so that he could drive his tongue deep into her cunt.  That, perhaps predictably, distracted Caramel, and she withdrew the hand grasping Satin’s crotch, instead bracing it on his chest to steady herself as she squirmed her hips backwards, splaying her thighs wider and trying to encourage Chris to go even deeper.


           Without Caramel slowing her down, Satin immediately picked up the pace, bouncing on Chris’s cock with the type of enthusiasm that only a Bunnygirl could muster.  Chris could feel her squeezing around him, every clench of her muscles making him gasp into Caramel’s cunt, his fingers kneading the supple flesh of the Seamstress’s asscheeks while every member of the trio tried to sate themselves with each other.








           “Was the lust spell necessary, Gwen?”  Trista and Gwen were seated at the hotel bar six floors below the threesome happening in room 612, sipping on drinks that Trista had insisted upon paying for.


           “You heard the young woman, we interrupted their night.  Quite a special one, too. I remember my first time with my first tamer, even if he is long dead now.”


           Trista nearly choked on her drink at the casualness in Gwen’s statement.  “Goddess, Gwen.”


           The cornsilk-blonde shook her head and sipped on her own drink, her glasses dangling from their chain, resting against her cleavage.  “He was a bastard, Trista. I didn’t mourn his death, only the wasted potential of the man he could have been had he been a better person.”


           Trista frowned and set her drink aside.  “I’m not sure I like drinking with you anymore.”  The redhead tapped her fingernails on the marble bar top, glancing about to make sure that the bartender, a Tavernmaid, was far out of earshot.  “What do we make of the coincidence that has presented itself?” When Gwen raised her eyebrows questioningly, Trista sighed and rolled her eyes. “The girl, the Seamstress.  Were you not paying attention? Caramel. Caramel Lindor. Does her last name not ring a bell?”


           Gwen looked at Trista evenly.  “I’m sure it should, but you know that you’ve always had the better talent for connecting all of the far-spread threads of a puzzle.”


           Trista rolled her eyes again.  “Yeah, I thought so. You were too busy being distracted by all of them being half-naked to pick up on what was really going on.  Though you did arrive after Yssabella had left, so you didn’t hear Christopher’s earlier outburst.” Gwen had the good graces to blush at Trista’s insinuation, and the redhead noticed.  “How long as it been since you had a taming with an actual human?”


           “That’s none of your business.  You know as well as I do that I do what I must to keep myself functioning at a high level, and that when it becomes necessary for me to…”


           “Uh-huh.” Trista cleared her throat.  “And I quote… ‘I chose them, because I had to.  I chose them, because I wanted to. I chose them, because I needed to’.   That was what young Mr. Wallace said when Yssabella confronted him over his choice of Caramel and Satin.  Almost as if he were compelled to choose them over any others.”


           “He spoke in triplet?”  The tradition of repeating something three times in various ways was deeply tied to old and powerful magics, some that originated with the advent of Pokegirl-based magic on Earth, and others that Gwen knew had been imported from other worlds and realities by Sukebe himself.  There had been multiple books published on the importance of rhythm, timing, and repetition in the art and processes of spellcasting; Gwen had even helped to edit one such book several decades ago.


           “Uh-huh. Makes you a little more curious about the whole Lindor thing, yes?”


           “Lindor. Lindor.”  Gwen sipped her drink, staring blankly at the rows of brightly colored bottles behind the bar.  “Pharmaceutical manufacturer. Recently sanctioned over undisclosed contract work for a lab out of Abu Zahaire.”  Gwen turned to face Trista, recognition dawning in her bright green eyes. “Abu Zahaire is a hot-bed for pro-pokegirl research.  Especially artificial reductions in the feral state and attempts to understand and replicate psychic bonding between tamers and pokegirls.”


           “Bingo. What are the chances our ‘failed’ project ends up with the recently thresholded daughter of a major company caught doing research that directly impacts our overall plans?”


           Gwen swallowed hard.  “I’m going to have to be more involved that I would have liked, I see.”


           “I don’t think you were ever going to get off easy, sweetheart.  The others might still think he’s useless, but I’m beginning to think that Cacey wasn’t seeing the whole picture.  He’s important, somehow. More than we first thought.” Trista smirked and waved the bartender over to pay her tab.  “You might want to figure out what his turn-ons are, sooner rather than later.”


           Gwen spluttered, alcohol and saliva spraying the bar top and her blouse as Trista walked away, laughing.









           “Oh, fuck…”


           Caramel was on her back, legs pointing towards the ceiling, ankles draped over Chris’s shoulders as he pumped his cock into her at the steadiest pace he could manage.  Satin had, mercifully, passed out just a short while ago, leaving her best friend and their tamer to wind down the frenzied lust they had all fallen victim to. “Hard-harder!  Please, harder…” Caramel moaned, mouth half-open as she pressed her head back into a pillow, her hands on Chris’s forearms as he pressed down on her shoulders firmly. He obliged as best as he could, crotch colliding with Caramel’s upturned ass, setting her flesh to wobbling, rippling as he slammed into her, her walls clutching at him erratically, one-too-many orgasms for all of them leaving them twitching and exhausted, but still the need to feel each other drove them on.


           Finally, Caramel screeched into the otherwise quiet hotel room, and Chris collapsed atop her, arms instantly moving to cradle her to him as he rolled over, taking him with her and ending up pressed firmly against the soundly sleeping Satin.  Chris panted into Caramel’s shoulder as she trembled and huffed atop him, stroking her hair with one hand as he gently fondled her ass with the other, their bodies slick with sweat created by lustful exertion. Chris quietly cooed into Caramel’s ear as he felt Satin snuggle into his side, and he reached out to grab the large blanket that he had earlier draped over the sleeping Bunnygirl, tugging it across the bed and spreading it over all three of them instead.


           He grunted as he felt Caramel squeeze him one last time, the sticky mess they created together seeping out from where he was still hilted inside of her.  The short haired brunette twisted her head, laying her cheek on his shoulder and wrapping her arms around him in the hollow between his neck and the mattress.  “I think one of those bitches lust-dusted us.”


           Chris shifted slightly, bringing both arms to wrap around Caramel’s waist.  “What does that mean?”


           Caramel looked at him in confusion for a brief moment, and then blinked and smiled.  “Sorry, I forgot. You probably don’t know about that sort of thing. It means they used magic or a type of pokegirl technique to make us all artificially horny.”


           Chris shifted beneath her, looking over at Satin as the slender girl squirmed closer to his side.  “None of that felt artificial.”


           Caramel giggled.  “That’s because we were probably going to end up doing it anyway, just not that hard or that intensely.”  She bit her lip and then moved her hips, pulling off of his softening erection before rolling completely off of him and out of the bed.  Chris grabbed the blanket to keep Satin from being woken up by its removal, and watched as his newest lover… girlfriend… fuckbuddy… pokegirl moved across the room to the hotel mini-bar and removed two bottles of water before heading back to bed.  She stopped briefly along the way by his backpack, grabbing something before dropping the water bottles and one of the objects she had retrieved from his bag. Caramel quickly triggered the capture beam on Satin’s pokeball, recalling her in a flash of red light that startled Chris into full wakefulness.


           “What’s wrong?”


           “Nothing, I just don’t think any of us want to have to deal with a litter of baby Bunnygirls anytime soon.  Even if that is what the witch bitches say is your destiny.” Caramel raised one eyebrow before releasing Satin back into the spot she had previously been occupying, the bunny stirring awake just enough to crawl back under the blankets with a groan and a high-pitched feminine grunt.


           “Ah, right. Pokeballs work as a contraceptive.”  He watched as Caramel climbed onto the bed, legs folded beneath her as she sat and then pressed her thumb to the contact plate of her own pokeball, dissolving into red light that briefly lit up the room before being sucked down into the red and white ball.  He immediately picked it up and triggered the release, and Caramel appeared, smiling, right where she had previously been.


           “Thanks.” She lifted the heavy blanket and slipped beneath it, pressing her nude, and still sweaty, body to his.


           “I’m not sure I like that.  Watching you two turn into an amorphous blob of pure energy.  It just… everything about it seems wrong. Dangerous.”


           “It’s not dangerous.  In fact, the upsides outweigh any negatives there might be.  It’s a quick way to pull us out of danger, or to neutralize a feral attacker who is presenting a danger, if you can capture her.  It freezes our bodies in suspended animation, meaning if we’re hurt and you recall us, we don’t feel any pain while in the pokeballs, and you can safely transport us to a Pokecenter for healing.  Better than any ambulance.”


           “You’re still at the mercy of whoever is carrying the pokeball, though.  What if they don’t release you, ever. Or worse yet, the pokeball somehow becomes lost, and your just… stuck, forever?”


           Caramel shifted uncomfortably against him.  “I’ll admit that I’ve had those kinds of nightmares before.  But I trust you. And I don’t think that’s the taming shock talking, since I’m no longer staring up at you with hearts in my eyes proclaiming my job profession.  I’ll take my chances with my pokeball in your hands.” The brunette leaned up to kiss her tamer on the cheek before nodding at the Bunnygirl sleeping on the other side of him.  “I think she’s willing to take that risk as well, in fact, if I know her, she’ll do anything you ask her too.”


           Chris turned his head to look at Satin.  “I’d never ask her to do something that she wasn’t comfortable doing.”


           Caramel laughed.  “And that’s why she’d do it.”  The Seamstress wrapped her arms around Chris, and he draped an arm over her back and pulled her close, just luxuriating in the feeling of the two women’s bodies pressed against his own.  “You said you needed us. That you chose us. That you had to have us. What did you mean?”


           Chris turned back to look at Caramel, surprise etched across his features.  “I’m… well, I was just trying to get my point across to Yssabella. But I meant it, every word.  I chose you because, one, I didn’t want who she had picked out for me. Two, because, if I’m being honest, I fell in love with you, and Satin, at first sight.  I’m not sure if it’s that kind of playground infatuation, the whole lust at first sight thing, or if it’s something deeper. I’ve never been a believer in that sort of thing, but now I’m not so sure.”  He hugged Caramel closer. “I wanted to spite Yssabella, sure. But not with just anyone. I scrolled through like five pages of women’s pictures and profiles before I saw Satin’s, and then your picture right beneath hers.”  He sighed, staring at the ceiling. “So yeah, I chose you. Both of you. Imagine my surprise when they told me that if I chose one of you, the other was a freebie.”


           “I still can’t believe that my father was able to get them to do that!”  Caramel pressed her palm down on his chest, her eyes wide in the darkness of the hotel room.


           “Yeah. I don’t understand all of the legalese, but it’s probably still there in the pokedex.  Take one, get the other. Falling for the two of you aside, who can pass up a two-for-one deal, no matter what it is?”  Chris laughed as Caramel pouted and slapped his chest, before leaning down to rest her head on his torso.


           “Which one of us was the freebie?”


           Chris paused, and then looked down at the top of Caramel’s head.  His eyes shifted to the right, where one of Satin’s long ears was sticking out from beneath his arm.  “All you need to know is that I would have paid full price, and then whatever else I had to get both of you.”


           He felt Satin’s face burrow into his side, and her mouth press against his skin in a quick kiss as Caramel giggled and looked up at him.  “Smart answer, Mr. Tamer.”


           He laughed with her and leaned down to kiss her forehead, before leaning his head back against the pillow.  “Of course, that means I still have one un-filled voucher for a starter pokegirl from any league-operated pokecenter.”


           Caramel froze in his arms at that revelation.  “You didn’t say anything about that.” She looked up at him.  “I’m honestly not sure I’m ready to share you with someone else this quickly.”


           “And I’m not eager to divide my attention away from the two of you.  But the voucher expires in a week. So, we have to decide whether to use it or not.”


           Caramel was silent for several minutes as she listened to the sound of Chris’s heartbeat, and eventually the two of them heard soft little snores begin to drift up from underneath Satin’s side of the blanket.  “You need a combat capable pokegirl. I don’t want to admit it, but you can’t rely on the two of us to protect you, at least not until Satin evolves into a more powerful type of pokegirl. Maybe we can look in town for one of the evolution stones that would turn her into a water, or a grass-type, or something.  And see who’s available at the pokecenter while we’re there.”


           Chris sighed and hugged Caramel closer.  “Right. So tomorrow, we go shopping.”







Tamer: Christopher Wallace


Seamstress: Caramel Lindor  (Alpha)


Bunnygirl:  Satin Lindor (Beta)