If you’re under the legal age where ever you are don’t read this. It’s very much NC-17. Also there’s plenty of sarcasm and sadly there’s no official guidelines for rating those kinds of levels. Barbarians.

Note: This is based on a spin-off AU of the Pokegirl canon called Jedugirls. Background information for that universe can be found at http://jedugirls.wikidot.com/home.


The Bed You Make

By: Dante 


Chapter 1: THERE IS NO TRY


“Why do I need to list a beneficiary?”  Jonas looked up from his pile of paperwork to his father, fidgeting uncomfortably as he leaned against the counter.

“What?  Oh, well being a Tamer is pretty dangerous, but it can be lucrative too.  If you collect on some warrants and things take a nasty turn they need to know who to give it to.”  He paused and squared his shoulders to his son, “Are you sure you want to do this Jonny?  If you applied for a Guardian license and you could still take care of Leslie.  You’re not that far from graduating, right?  One last push?”

“Well, kind of, but I… I need to do something else for a while.  This is an opportunity.”

“Don’t you mean adventure?  Opportunities don’t usually not to ask about next of kin.”

“Well, sometimes they do.  Besides, things aren’t as dangerous as they used to be.  You came away fine.”

“That’s a liberal use of the term.  I know you’ve heard my stories, but Rikki would be furious if I told you how some of it really went.  It’s not just risking your neck out there y’know.”  Looking straight into his son’s eyes, “things happen on the road that can ask more from you than your life.  I…”  His eyes drifted away.  “Just watch your back.  You can trust Leslie out there, but don’t think everyone you call a friend has your best in mind.”

Jonas stared at his dad for a moment before turning back to his papers.  He’d already decided.  Everything had been argued and arranged before this moment.  It was for the best.  Victor Sinclair grunted and pushed off from the counter where his son continued filling in the blanks provided.

He’d been retired from taming for the better part of his second decade.  Maybe things were better now, but Rikki wouldn’t see it that way.  It felt like a betrayal to her, supporting their son like this, but he wasn’t about to start making Jonas’ decisions for him.  That was the first step in teaching them to need it.

“Jonas Sinclair?”  Sister Rose walked through the door with a clipboard in hand, confirming her pronunciation before looking up.  She wore a light pink mini-dress that highlighted her tight figure.  Her bust pushed the uniform out to give the impression it was much too small, but looked comfortable.  At the look of recognition from the pair she gave them both a pleasant, professional smile. When Jonas approached she held the door open to the side, “right this way”.

All Sister Roses looked pretty much identical, down to the regulation Cascade League clinic uniforms, but they all asserted their individuality in some way.  For the life of him, Victor couldn’t figure out what this one had done.  They liked to show it off, so it couldn’t be under the uniform, right?

The Sister Rose made a casual swipe at something on the floor and the hem of her dress leapt up to expose chili pepper patterned panties.  For a self conscious moment Victor jumped when he realized why she’d done that.  As she closed the door behind her she snuck a wink at him from under her long blonde hair through the crack.  “Maybe I’ve been away from the road too long…” he mumbled to himself.  A wry grin creased his face as he found a seat to wait for his son.




“Morning Jonas, how are you feeling?” Dr. Madison slid a stool up to the table Jonas was perched on.  When Jonas didn’t immediately respond he looked up from the clipboard he’d been staring at.  The boy was about average height and had some muscle on him.   He didn’t look to be the jittery type. Still, “no need to be nervous now, I understand you did quite well on the written exam and the psych eval.  I’m just here to make sure you’re not gonna drop dead on the road for non-profession reasons.”  He ended with a grin, but Jonas was still thinking about what his dad had said and didn’t react.

Dr. Madison raised an eyebrow at the behavior, but decided to drop the bedside manner approach and get this moody kid on his way.  He picked up a small syringe and held it until Jonas looked up at him.

“Now we’re going to need to take a blood sample to do some genetic analysis.  Some mutations can be dangerous for a tamer to have, and you’ll need to be aware of them.”  He glanced over his shoulder as the Sister Rose slipped into the room and began swabbing a spot on the inside of Jonas’ forearm.

The pinch barely registered to the young man.  He could tell his dad had been a moment away from telling him to give up this plan of his, and that was something he never did.  It went against everything he’d been raised with.  If you can’t convince someone, you don’t command them unless it’s to save a life.  Did he really think he might die on the road?  But he was smarter and better trained that most beginning tamers.  His mom had made sure of it, forcing him to get up every morning since he was six to join her daily katas.

Jonas shook his head.  No, he’s just worried that there’s a chance.  But there’s always a chance he’ll get hit by a bus walking to class too.  This’ll be more dangerous, but he’d keep his head about him.  Besides, he couldn’t give up the opportunity to DO something before he settled down.

“Mr. Sinclair?”  He looked up again, a little embarrassed to have lost track of his surroundings so utterly.  Clearly he’d just been told or asked something.

“Yeah?  Sorry.”

The doctor dropped the concerned look on his face reluctantly.  “Like I was saying, while we wait for those results to come back we’ll run you through some basic motions and see how you do.”  He let his eyes stay on the young man a moment before standing up and leading him out of the room into a large space with large pieces of some sort of equipment spread across the floor.  He gestured to a row of treadmills with cables hanging off them as he looked the other direction and nodded.  Jonas didn’t see who he nodded at but headed over to the gestured area.

“Hi Jonas,” the same bright smile met him as the Sister Rose stopped in front of him.  “My name’s Aubrey and I’ll be helping you with your stress test.”  She let the comment sit there a moment before winking, having timed appropriately how long it would take for her patient’s mind to go to there.  He blushed, but kept his composure as she giggled and led him to the first of the treadmills.

“Take off your shirt and stand right here.”  He quickly stripped off his t-shirt, stood on the treadmill’s belt and grasped the handrails as she attached sticky white circles to electrical leads onto his abs, chest and forehead, ensuring plenty of skin contact.  “Press your thumb right there and it should begin.”  Jonas looked over the console until he spotted a little partially covered thumb-sized window and pressed his against it.  The screen lit up with his information and the belt under him started moving backward at the same moment.  Hopping ahead to get back into position he started off at an even trot.  The Sister Rose’s eyes followed his movements carefully, but when their eyes met she gave him a winning smile, “Very good, now keep that up and I’ll see how your blood work is coming along.”

As she sashayed off Jonas couldn’t help but feel like he would do anything for her right now, and he wasn’t sure he liked that feeling.  He looked forward and inwardly sighed.  Before he could let dark thoughts creep back into his mind he started humming some Vaguely Obvious1 in his head and tried to keep his pace even.


1.     Vaguely Obvious is a blues-tech fusion band who played between 280 - 295 AS




Jonas sat down in the indicated chair while Dr. Madison leaned back in his desk chair.

“So first things first Jonas,” the Doctor was fully into bedside manner again and gave him almost a conspiratorial grin, “if your test results are any indication I think you’ll do quite well.”  He paused.  Jonas assumed for dramatic effect, but the grin slipped a bit when the doctor didn’t get the response he’d been looking for.  “Well, let’s see here, your records indicate your mother is aMongoose, and that shows up fairly strongly here.  Likely a high Poison Resistance.  It looks like you have the genes for Recovery as well, but they haven’t been activated.”  Jonas perked up a bit at that, but too little too late for the doctor who drolled on, “There’s some other possibilities, but no full gene combinations.”

He looked up from the clipboard again.  “I take it from the stress test results that you have good exercise habits?”

“Well, my mother is a Mongoose after all.”  Jonas smiled, attempting some levity and the doctor seemed to respond well to it, returning the smile.

“Yes, that would make sense.”  He looked down again and chuckled softly.  “The sperm sample seems normal,” he looked out from under his brow, “did Audrey give you a hand?”

Jonas blushed.  When he’d gone into the bathroom to give the sample Aubrey had given him a very intimate bump, but that wasn’t what he thought Dr. Madison was referring to.  Still, the blush seemed enough for him and he burst out a laugh only to cut it off sharply.  He addressed the sheet again with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Yes, good.  Everything appears in order.  I think you’re ready to select your first Jedugirl.”

“Actually, sir, I was going to take the family Kitten as my first.  She should already be registered under my name.”

The doctor frowned again and lifted up a couple sheets of paper on the clipboard.  “Hmm, quite right, still I can’t in good conscious let you start off with just a Kitten to keep you safe.  It means you won’t be eligible for any of the combat types, but I’ll let you pick a back up from the rest of our stock.  Why don’t you meet me at the front desk.”  It wasn’t a question, so Jonas simply pushed back the chair and slipped out the door.

Victor jumped when his son opened the door.  He didn’t say anything and Jonas grinned.  His dad had a way of not saying things loudly.  “It went fine.  They just took some samples and made me do some tests on their exercise equipment.”

Emotions warred on Victor’s face a moment before he replied, “So do they need anything else?”

“I just need to pick my backup Jedugirl and then we’ll be good to go?”

“Backup?  Oh, because you’re taking Leslie and she’s only a Kitten.  That was nice of him.”

Jonas replied with a small grin and leaned over the counter of the service window to see if anyone was coming.  He gave a startled jump when Aubrey appeared from the other direction and gave him another of her pretty smiles.  She seemed to take special pleasure in keeping people on their toes.

“Here’s the list Jonny.  Just let me know if you want to know anything the girls.”  Aubrey gave him a wink and went back to some unintelligible paperwork.

When Jonas picked up the provided sheet of paper Victor crowded over his shoulder.


Available Starter Jedugirls (Noncombat):


CL-032346-2506 Lamia – Two previous tamers, feralborn

CL-032347-0206 Kitten – No previous tamers, threshold, former student

CL-032346-4665 Bunnygirl – One previous tamer, feralborn

CL-032346-8045 Honeybee – One previous tamer, converted, former tamer

                                              ---- End of list ----



“Whoa, Jonny-boy, I’d steer clear of that Lamia.  Rikki and I never had any luck with those snake types.  If you’ve got her scent in your blood that isn’t like to change.”

“I know dad.  Just trust me.”

“Well forgive me for knowing how stubborn my son is when he decides something,” when Jonas turned to him he had a giant grin on his face.  Jonas grimaced and turned back to the list.

“The Honeybee sounds like too much for me.  Aubrey, what can you tell me about the Bunnygirl?”

She moved over to him so smoothly he suspected she wasn’t doing anything with those papers she was shuffling.  “Sure, let’s see.  Looks like her first tamer put her in storage from the get go and sold her off about a month ago.  We picked her up when the overstock at the local ranch was shuffled around.”

When she looked up and he realized she’d just told him everything she thought he wanted to know he pressed, “Education? Did she learn anything at the ranch?”

She pursed her lips and looked back at the sheet in front of her, “Doesn’t look like it.  Those ranches can be awfully busy places.  It’s doubtful she’s got much instruction since she was caught.”

“I’ll take her.”

Victor grinned to himself.  “My son has found another project.”

“C’mon dad, she needs someone’s help.”

“You don’t know how she feels about any of this, and you’ve never tried to teach a Bunnygirl before.  You may have met your match.”

Jonas turned back to Aubrey, “I’ll take the Bunnygirl.”

She gave him a different kind of smile and nodded.  After rummaging through a drawer she pulled out two storage disks and checked their serial number against the sheet.  Putting one away she set the other in his hand.  “You’ll need your pack to get her out of storage.  Have you arranged for one?”  She turned to Victor pointedly when she finished.

Victor coughed at the subtle accusation and pulled out a large paper bag from behind the chair in the waiting room.  Audrey beamed at him as Jonas unleashed his rarely seen enthusiasm to pull out an olive green mesh backpack with a hardened storage unit occupying the bottom half of the frame.  “This is great dad!  You didn’t come in with this, did you?”

“You were back there for a while.  I just wanted to surprise you.”  Victor tried not to be too obvious as he enjoyed seeing his happy son.  Jonas gave him a big smile and stuffed the Bunnygirl’s card into the reader for the unit.  “Now, you better not let her out now or Leslie will be terribly disappointed.  You’re supposed to be making this sacrifice for her, remember?”

“Right.  OK, then we better get home.  I can’t believe this is really going to happen.”

Victor raised his eyebrow at the vulnerable admission and nodded.  “Thank you, Audrey was it?”

“You’re welcome Mr. Sinclair, and do take care of that girl of yours.”  Jonas looked up from his pack and saw real warmth in her look.  He filed that away for later and followed his dad out the front door.




Leslie lay on Jonas’ bed counting the minutes.  She’d come of age a few days ago and the event had prompted a flurry of activity, culminating today.  Jonas was going to become her tamer.  Everything was so weird.  She’d lived here for years and he’d been like her older brother, but now all she could think about was pinning him to the bed.

Rikki had tried to prepare her for the change, but it was hard trying to rationalize that her whole thinking process could change so quickly.  Coming to grips with the change quickly led to relief.  Now she recognized what a gift it was to have known her tamer for so long before being bound to him.  At least that’s what she’d been told and now she believed it.

The song winded to a close.  Jonas loved Vaguely Obvious, but she didn’t get them.  Not poppy enough.  It didn’t matter how loud she played it, all she could sense was his smell in the blankets.

She shot bolt upright.  Was that the door?  Were they back?




“Mom?”  Jonas shouted as he walked inside.  She’d want to hear the news.

“She’s probably in the back yard, I’ll go get her.”  Victor had smelled a distinctive scent as soon as he’d come inside and knew what that meant.  As soon as he was through the back door he closed it and found himself some place peaceful in the garden to sit down.

Jonas felt comfortable at home.  The day was done, so he leapt onto the couch and laid out.


That was Leslie, Jonas thought, but she sounds odd.  Suddenly his dad’s actions made sense and he blushed.  “Yeah Leslie?” He reviewed the facts quickly.  Nothing to stop him from taming… from taming her.

“Can you come here?”

Jonas steeled himself.  No time like to present.  “Sure, just a moment.”  As he climbed up from the sofa he subconsciously ran a hand through his mop of brown hair and walked down the hallway.  His door was open, so he took a step inside and froze. Leslie was a knockout of a Kitten.  Downy blue-grey fur covered her tight body.  Her bright amber eyes were closed as she lay on her back with a hand between her legs.  Her other hand gripped her baseball size breast like it was a life preserver.

He always walked on the balls of his feet was silent on the carpet, but she could hear him breathing as he watched her and that made her smile.  She opened her eyes and rolled off the bed stand in front of him.  “Did you pass?”

Her body was dangerously close to him, so he could feel her breathe when she spoke, but she never touched him.  “Yes,” he was glad the answer was so short because he could swear his voice would have cracked otherwise.

She leaned forward into him until their lips met.  A thrill shot through Jonas’ spine and his head spun.  This wasn’t his first kiss, but he suddenly felt the pressure leave him allowed him to absorb her like a heady aroma.  He wrapped his arms tightly around her waist as she reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, using the leverage to pull him most tightly to her.

She broke off abruptly as they both gasped for air.  “Good” she said with a breathless smile.  For a moment he simply appreciated the slits of her irises surrounded by a pool of amber.  She brushed her face against his cheek breaking the spell and with a mischievous grin he stepped between her legs and flipped her back on top of the bed.  At some point in the air her claws hand come out of her finger tips and caught his clothes because he suddenly found himself yanked along with her to land awkwardly on top of the squirming Kitten.

An abrasive tongue licked his cheek as her cool furry fingers made their way under his shirt.  Chuckling at her efforts he reached down and began pulling it over his head, but she grabbed a hold of him as soon as the shirt was over his face and rolled over on top of him.

“Hey now!” he squirmed in his sudden confinement as she reached down with her other hand and undid his pants with nimbleness far beyond what she’d shown with his shirt.  “I’m gonna have to learn to watch you like a hawk.”

“I can live with that… master.”  The word came hesitantly, and Jonas had a sudden dislike of it.  Especially coming from Leslie. The thoughts were driven from his mind in a rush as she slipped her hand under his boxers and wrapped around his penis.  She trails kisses and licks down his chest and he slipped the shirt off the rest of the way when she was too low to keep a hold on it.  It cleared his head to find her kneeling suspended over the erection in her hand.

Looking slightly nervous she bit her lower lip and sank down, guiding him into her.  The sensation wasn’t anything like Jonas suspected and for a moment he did nothing but feel the wet warmth as she slowly dropped lower.  She seemed to feel the same as her mouth opened slightly and she let out a quiet grunt.  Jonas placed his hands on her hips and shifted his hips around under her.  Her eyes snapped to his and she exaggerated the motion as she leaned forward and dropped her hands to his chest.

Jonas traced his hands up her sides to cup her breasts briefly to which she arched her back pushing herself into his hands. Before she could react he placed one hand around the back of her neck and the other on one of her supporting hands and pulled it out.  She tumbled over in a heap, leaving Jonas now on top and very close.  He pulled his hips back slightly and nuzzled his face against the downy fur of her breasts.

She mewed up at him and Jonas thrust forward, slowly at first.  Finding the position to not be too awkward he quickly picked up the pace.  Leslie gasped and wrapped her legs his waist, denying him the ability to pull out more than a couple inches at any time.  Making up for motion with tempo he sat up slightly and unleashed his enthusiasm.  As she wrapped her arms around his neck again and increased the pressure Jonas was grateful he was in as good of shape as he was.  Without warning the sensation built in him and he managed a kind of moan before he poured himself into her.  He managed to get a few more thrusts in, when suddenly she contracted again and pulled him off balance to rest fully inside her.  All he could hear was a deep panting noise by his ear and the pounding of someone’s heart for several seconds.

Abruptly she pulled his head away and kissed him deeply.  Pulling away again she looked at him with undiminished lust and a mischievous smirk.  “That was a good appetizer.  Ready to get started?”

Oh my.




Jonas moved on autopilot packing clothes into his backpack.  His mind wouldn’t be sidetracked from what happened last night. The feelings had been intense, and many unexpected, but there was so much to learn from the experience.  If he could just isolate each moment he could figure it all out.  Or at least it felt that way.

He looked inside the backpack and realized there weren’t any socks.  With a reluctant sigh he decided put his thoughts aside and focus.

Leslie wouldn’t need much.  She was a big fan of sweat wicking fabric and that all packed pretty tightly, but what about the Bunnygirl?  He hadn’t even come up with a name yet.  His mom told him to let inspiration strike when he saw her, but he couldn’t let it go.  Shaking his head and mentally moved back to packing.  What would she need?

He looked around the room and grabbed a couple of his textbooks with a smile to himself.  You could never have too many books, and he might be able to use these to help with her education.

“Jonny?”  Victor had poked his head into the room.  “If you’re done here you might want to stop Leslie from talking quite so much to your mom.”  Suddenly he broke in a broad grin about some hidden joke and slipped back out.

Jonas raised an eyebrow at that.  “Shit!” he leapt to his feet, snatched the backpack and rushed outside.  When he go to the living room wasn’t what was worse, the evident look of satisfaction on Leslie’s face or the look of pride on his mother’s.

“There you are!  Are you done?  Leslie, why don’t you make sure he’s finished packing so I can say goodbye to my son.”  The Kitten hopped up and headed off towards his room, pausing long enough to lean into her tamer and brush her cheek against his.  Jonas turned brighter red than he had in a long time.

“If Leslie is any indication, maybe you’re more ready for this than I thought,” Rikki stood up and gave her only son a hug, careful for his sake to stay away from his unwanted erection.  “I know I haven’t been the most supportive lately, but I am proud of you baby.”

“Thanks mom.”  Despite the embarrassment Jonas felt the warmth of her sincerity and returned the hug.

“I think we’re all ready,” Leslie came bounding back into the main room to stand next to Jonas.

“My turn, c’mere,” Victor scooped up both of them in a giant bear hug.  When he released them, they both appeared to be the worse for wear.  “Now Leslie, you’re in charge of making sure Jonny doesn’t do anything stupid, ok?”  Leslie grinned widely and gave an exaggerated wink.  “And Jonny, remember, glory is for fools and widows are for fools among fools.”

“I know dad.  Next time you should just write all those things down so I don’t have to remember.”  Jonas grinned, but when Victor looked thoughtful he quickly changed the subject.  “So I better get going.  I still have a Bunnygirl to tame and a long road to the next town.  Don’t want us wandering down the road at night, right?”

Rikki weaseled in between father and son to give him another hug.  Though she was much smaller than Victor, her hug was far stronger.  With wetness welling up in her eyes she gave him a kiss on the cheek, “You keep yourself safe baby.”  With a sniff she stepped back and then wrapped Leslie up in hug.  She whispered something in her ear and stepped back.

Leslie followed her step and gave her a hug of her own before turning to Jonas with an expectant look and hefted the backpack onto her shoulder.

“I guess this is it.  I promise we’ll be back to visit soon.”

Victor chuckled, “You’ve a lot to learn about the road still.  Just keep in video contact with us when you’ve got the reception for it.  Deal?” he held out his hand.

“Deal” and he spit into his dad’s hand.

“Crimony!  I hope the road improves your sense of humor,” Victor replied with a grin as he wiped his hand on Jonas’ jacket. “Now get out of here before I change my mind.”

“Roger that,” Jonas smiled at his dad, trying to pack in the emotional intensity that he knew he’d be feeling in a few weeks before turning to the door.




“Don’t get frustrated or your claws’ll come out and we won’t have to tent to sleep in.”

Leslie grumbled.  “The damn thing doesn’t fit, I swear!”

“Here, let me try.”

“No, keep your hands to yourself, I got this.”  She stuck her tongue out at him and he patted her on the butt playfully before jumping out of reaction range.

“Just finish up so I can sleep with another woman tonight.”

Leslie paused at that and dropped the poles and canvas in a heap before walking off.  “Fine, have it your way.  I’m gonna make dinner.”

Jonas laughed and snatched up the mess to figure out how to make odds and ends of it.  The tent hadn’t been packed with any instructions.  “Are you going to unpack the rations?”

“No, silly.  Those have to last when there isn’t anything to eat, and this area is pretty high in fauna considering what with all the tamers passing through in the last several years.  I’ll hunt something up.”

Jonas mumbled to himself, “Yeah you do that… so this goes here.  Then this must go over in the corner…”




The Bunnygirl looked around at the camp.  It looked much like she’d expected until she realized the types of trees were entirely different.  She’d never seen any trees with all those needles on them before.  A hand rested on her shoulder and she jumped around to look at the young man who’d touched her shoulder.  Something inside her told her not to be aggressive, but she was still very confused.

“Hi, my name’s Jonas Sinclair.  Do you have a name yet?”

Her ears swiveled around, but she couldn’t hear anything besides the man’s heart beat, breathing and the crackling of the fire. No, there were some other animals out there.  That was good.  They must not think he’s a predator.  “No.  No name”

“May I call you Sandra?”

Something about the way he said that made her suddenly very excited.  Was he claiming ownership over her?  Was he her master now?  She remembered being captured, but nothing beyond that.  Long dreams.  She realized he was staring at her and realized she hadn’t answered his question.  “Yes.  Sandra.”  Feeling that she could relax she focused on the young man and realized it was him making her excited.  Did this mean she would get to have sex with him?  Oh, now that was a good thought.  Better than what she’d be able to get before.

Jonas furrowed his brow.  He assumed her original tamer had taught her something but she sounded like the Jedugirls he’d heard straight out of being caught feral.  Tawny fur covered her well toned body and ample curves.  Her naked body looked ready to run for miles, but her eyes looked like they wouldn’t leave this clearing except under threat of death.  So the other tamer had never bothered to tame her.  She must not have been impressive enough.

Jonas squared himself up.  His loss.  “Well Sandra, I’d like you to join my harem.”

“Master fuck Sandra?”

Something caught in his throat.  Well maybe this will be simpler than he’d thought.  “Yes.”

She jumped the distance between them in one jump and tackled him to the ground.  He was again grateful for his falling training when his hit the dirt much slower than it should have.  The look on her face was ravenous and excited.  She reminded him of Leslie when she was just a little kit, except for impending the sex part.  A loud ripping sound brought him back to the present as she’d decided tearing his shirt in half was better than removing it any other way.  He bucked her up onto his chest to quickly remove his pants before they suffered a similar fate.

As soon as his lower half was clear she swiveled around and dove face first at his crotch.  With the violence of the foreplay he was a little worried, but he thought maybe it was worth it when he felt her tongue running laps around his penis.  Her feet were planted so he couldn’t return the favor without leaning uncomfortably far forward and after the first couple attempts she seem to resent his movements and started bobbing her head onto him.  He let his eyes roll up into his head at the sensation.

He wasn’t sure how long that lasted, but he felt the pressure start building and bodily pulled her off to keep from potential catastrophe.  She didn’t get the point and while he held her mouth away, her hand reached forward and continued her relentless assault.  Almost angry at the potential for failure he pushed her forward onto her hands and knees.  Climbing up onto his own knees he was a little surprised to find that she was now patiently waiting for him to mount her from behind.  Her tail wiggled excitedly.  Oh, she’s fun.

Jonas crept up behind her and slipped his member into her drenched pussy.  When his initial slow pace didn’t get the response he’d gotten from Leslie he quickly picked up the pace.  Her first scream caught him completely off guard and he nearly went soft as his fight or flight response kicked in.  She responded by hammered herself backwards into him and he recovered.  Twice more she screamed and he wasn’t sure whether those were orgasms or just her being really into it.  Still, she was gamely pushing back on him as he slid in and out.

Thankfully before his muscles started to tire he felt the familiar pressure building and subtly sped up his thrusting.  She sensed the change and screamed, “Master!” as he pushed fully inside her and let loose.  In a remarkable display of flexibility she kicked one of her legs over his head and managed to fall on top of him without ever letting his softening penis out from inside her.  As she cuddled against him he became acutely aware of the fact they’d been having sex in the dirt outside the tent and his back was now scratched, itchy and otherwise filthy.

Her nose sniffed at his neck and she pushed up to look at him.

“I think we’ll be more comfortable sleeping the tent tonight Sandra,” Jonas smiled affectionately at her.

She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.  She made a face and opened her mouth again, but Jonas put a finger to her lips.  “That’s taming shock.  It will pass soon enough.”  She reluctantly let his softened member slip out of her and he led her to the tent.  It looked like except for her hands and knees, she was clean enough for the tent, but he had to brush himself off with his torn shirt before he climbed in.

When he climbed into the tent and collapsed onto his sleeping bag he closed his eyes and let exhaustion take him.  At least until he felt her tongue down below again.  Jonas couldn’t help but wonder if she was simply too much fun for him.




In the morning Jonas had returned Sandra to storage and Leslie was giving him a disapproving look.  “So who tamed who? Your shirt it ruined and you need a bath.  I hope you’re happy.”

Jonas was still too tired to fire back and simply nodded.  She rolled her eyes and finished stuffing the tent into its special bag and activating the inorganic storage field on the pack.  The bag seemed to disappear in a flash of energy and she pulled a folded map from the standard storage compartment.

“You better buck up.  We can’t fall behind on our second day.”  She plopped down next to the stump he sat on while marshalling his resources.  “Speaking of which, where are we going?  Ashland is a pretty large community.  We might be able to pick up some better supplies there, but there won’t be many ferals about.”  As she traced her finger across the map Jonas grabs her hand and laces his fingers into hers.

“Is the destination really the important part?”

Leslie rolled her eyes, cuffed him upside the head and smiled lopsidedly at him, “Cheeseball.”


-o0o-   -o0o-




 This story takes place in the southern reaches of the Cascade League (Pre-Sukebe: Southern Oregon, United States) in an alternate universe known ostensibly as the Jedugirl Universe.


Tamer: Jonas Sinclair
Registration: 3rd Class Tamer, Cascade League
Leslie - Kitten
Sandra - Bunnygirl