If you’re under the legal age where ever you are don’t read this. It’s very much NC-17. Also there’s plenty of sarcasm and sadly there’s no official guidelines for rating those kinds of levels. Barbarians.

The Bed You Make

Years ago I started a couple stories about a tamer in a Orange League, but I was a little frustrated by the amount of material that had been lifted from other places.  I understood that's what fan fiction often is, but I didn't want to write that.  I just wanted to write stories.  So I left.

Now I'm back and I'm taking responsibility for that sentiment by creating an alternate universe called Jedu.  Its fairly similar to the Pokegirls universe except that whenever possible I've tried to remove the direct influence of other media.  Hence calling it Jedu.  This story is a fairly run of the mill storyline, I hope engagingly written, but primarily as an introduction to all things Jedu.  Enjoy.



Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1

This story takes place in the southern reaches of the Cascade League (Pre-Sukebe: Southern Oregon, United States) in an alternate universe known ostensibly as the Jedugirl Universe.