CAMERA GIRL, the Photojournalist Pokegirl

Type: Very Near Human
Element: Normal/Magic
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: Human Standard
Role: Film Crew, Spy, Photojournalist.
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Ghost
Weak Vs: Fighting
Attacks: Invis, Flash, Teleport, Phase, Burst, Dispel, Lightning Strike, Time Magic (Haste, Time Stop, Slow, Reverse Flow)
Enhancements: Innate Knowledge (Photo and video equipment), Intuitive Aptitude (Photography and fillming), Summon Item (Camera), Nightvision, Recovery, Reduced Feral, Enhanced Senses (Vision) (x12), Computer Interface (Internal Universal Transmitter), Affinity (Electric)
Evolves: Tengal (Sky Crystal)
Evolves From: Ar-Tits (Thunder Stone)
Revised: February 2012

Used during the Revenge War to infiltrate enemy positions and record conversations and information before teleporting back to report, it was this same tactic that often got the breed captured and turned into double agents used for the same purpose as taming pokegirls to humanity's side caught on. Used in many fields, chances are any program viewed on television or photography seen in the news is the work of a Camera Girl. Extremely popular among Watchers, this breed has become a staple of documentation.

As Very Near Human types, Camera Girls appear under the average bell curves for human height, weight, bust size, eye and hair colors. The only notable thing that sets the breed apart is that occasionally the hands have some sort of metallic lines upon the palms, usually covered by gloves. These lines are always present, though may not be visible on every individual. Individuals that do have the lines find them easily covered up by gloves. It is from the hands that the breed is able to summon their equipment, manifesting any camera or video equipment that the breed has handled, even if they are summoned by other Camera Girls. The equipment manifested is wholly new, allowing a member of the breed to hold a person's camera does not mean it will be repeatedly borrowed.

Many times this photo pokegirl breed seems to be detached from their personal lives, especially so when their eyes are behind the lens. Though individuals vary in personality otherwise, their ability to look at things objectively, especially when viewing the world through their equipment, often gives the pokegirl insight that couldn't be gained by being immersed in the situation. Often the breed makes excellent betas, able to offer advice and help out with problems with knowledge gleaned from looking at things from a different point of view. Universally, most members of the breed seem to be uncomfortable without some kind of camera or recorder near them, this is usually solved by a simple summon.

As a whole, Camera Girls dislike combat, and most are poor fighters in any sort of battle. Unless given additional training, the the breed only has two damaging techniques, Burst and Lightning Strike. Most of this pokegirl's abilities rely on deterring opponents and avoiding hits. The breed often comes up with creative combinations of their abilities, such as recreating a kind of Gatling Strike using their time magic and their striking technique. However, most tamers prefer to have their pokegirl recording battles instead of participating in them. Their ability to broadcast their camera signals to any device capable of picking them up makes them very useful. In addition, should fights take to the air, Camera Girls have long range vision to follow the action.

Camera Girls are almost universally reported as having voyeuristic activities. Other preferences vary, and some of the more 'modest' members of the breed simply like having their own exploits recorded so they may watch them themselves. Others can be easily found after uploading videos of themselves or even pirating air waves temporarily to display their exploits. Tamers are reminded that pirating air waves is an illegal practice in most Leagues, especially to broadcast taming during daytime hours. Like most pokegirls, the breed will adapt to tamer's preferences to a certain extent.

Feral Camera Girls are a rare sight. The breed as a whole has a reduced feral state, one where they begin to forget to hit the record button, take the lens cap off, or generally have problems with their own equipment. Frustration often causes the breed to break their own equipment, which luckily is repaired by manifesting it once the breed has been tamed back into lucidity.

Threshold directly into a Camra Girl is fairly common, with only a minor fever and some dermatitis to the hands noting the transformation. It is the increasing focus on cameras and video equipment that is the major marker of the transformation. Most thresholders begin with cameras and graduate to video equipment, much like kits. This earns thresholders the nickname 'Shutter Bugs'. Newly thresholded Camera Girls are often sold or given to Watchers.