CHEETAURA, the Full-tilt Fireball Pokegirl

Type: Near Human - Inhumanoid Metamorph (Tauric Cheetah)
Element: Steel/Fire
Frequency: Very Rare, Rare (Crescent Moon, Crimson Leagues)
Diet: Carnivore
Role: Transport, Quick Strike Combat
Libido: Average
Strong Vs: Bug, Ice, Plant, Steel, Flying, Poison
Weak Vs: Electric, Fighting, Ground, Water
Attacks: Tail Slap, Iron Tail, Hard Drive, Iron Punch, Metal Claw, Pneumatic Drill, Fire Blast, Fireball, Firestorm, Firewind, Flame Step, Ignite
Enhancements: Enhanced Speed (x20), Enhanced Endurance (x3), Enhanced Senses (Hearing, Olfactory, and Vision) (x3), Nightvision
Evolves: Shadetaura (Dusk Stone)
Evolves From: Cheetit (Normal)

Used in the War of Revenge as mounts to squad leaders, this tauric feline pokegirl furthers the extreme speed of the Cheetit breed. Clocked in at an average of 360 mph (579.2 kph) the Cheetaura is the fastest recorded pokegirl for land-speed. Human forces quickly learned that speed isn't everything, as large pitfalls or simple pop up walls often caught this breed with little time to react, and not even the breed's steel typing could protect a pokegirl from a high speed collision. This speedy feline-taur was often captured critically injured from such traps, and became used for transport for the human forces if they were able to recover.

A notable instance of a breed becoming shorter than their pre-evolution, Cheetaura range in height from 4 to 5.5 feet tall in their near human taming form, though their height increases quite a bit in their tauric form, up to the maximum height of the Cheetit. In the breed's taming form, the normal near human range of looks can be seen among the breed. Aside from the height decrease, this feline looks completely similar to their pre-evolution. While a minor tail length increase can be noted in some, it isn't until they assume their tauric form that Cheetaura are noticably different from their evolutionary kin.

In the breed's tauric form, little changes above the waist, though some members of the breed may become more animalistic in appearance. Below the waist, the breed's body becomes a large pre-sukebe cheetah's body. Much larger than the true animal, the Cheetaura's feline body stands around 3.5-4.5 feet tall at the shoulder. In this 'racing' form, the breed can either hit their top speed for an average of 30 minutes, or a cruising speed of 180 mph (289.7 kph) for an average of two hours. At a 'slow' speed of 60 mph (96.6 kph), the breed can travel for upwards of 10-12 hours.

Holding themselves above the 'speed is life' mantra of their previous evolution, Cheetaura still hold speed in high regard, but the breed's typical attitude now is that they've already accomplished getting as fast as naturally possible. There are still a few 'speed junkies' within the breed, now utilizing outside means such as haste spells to obtain even greater speeds, though for the most part this tauric feline breed can now focus on other endeavors. Average members of the breed still make poor Alphas, as they tend to be selfish in spending time with their tamers.

Speed is often the key to the battling style of the breed, most begin battles by using ignite and flame step to make the entire area and themselves dangerous. Hit and run tactics are well suited to the breed, as they can dart in and hit hard with their steel type attacks before blasting by opponents. Understandably, if slowed down, Cheetaura become easier to defeat, though they still have an edge on those types that hold a weakness to fire or steel. Most electric pokegirls are a particularly good counter for a Cheetaura, as those breeds often have speed to help reduce the edge that this feline has. Many members of the breed are used as mounts and often found among Watcher harems, giving this in the field researcher a means of speedy escape from dangerous ferals. In the some leagues, Cheetaura have been used like race-horses of old, and find themselves in a profession that provides a gambling outlet as well as entertainment for the masses.

Most Cheetaura enjoy being petted as foreplay, usually this focus extends to their tauric form, before they shift into their taming form for the actual taming. Many members of the breed note that coat brushing their tauric bodies is almost as potent as lust dust in getting them ready for taming. Taming is normally done in their Near Human taming form, with the breed showing a tendacy to enjoy fast paced tamings, usually with multiple orgasms from the stimulation. As with the breed's pre-evoultion, most Cheetaura tame females only out of necessity, but female tamers are able to keep them tame.

Ferals are often found forming small groups, known as coalitions, in areas that are prominently plains. Known for running down prey easily and outrunning most predators, the breed only has to worry about ambush predators (such as serpent types) or those that they are weak to. This breed tends to have few live pokekits, however, and the breed's numbers are kept low due to birthing problems thanks to their tauric nature. When faced with a tamer and his harem or a large group of pokegirls, a lone Cheetaura's first instinct is to flee, and few can catch up with the breed. Tamers looking to capture this breed are advised to set up an ambush trap and have pokegirls along that are strong against this fleet footed feline.

Threshold directly into a Cheetaura is very rare in areas where the line is common, and almost identical to threshold into a Cheetit. It is only after the threshold ends that the new pokegirl can shift into her tauric form, to the surprise of some thresholders who assumed that they were becoming a Cheetit. Most often, these pokegirls are sold into races or the postal service.