AMACHOKE, the Muscle-Bound Pokégirl
Type: Very Near Human
Element: Fighting
Frequency: Uncommon
Diet: human style with mineral supplements
Role: Physical Labor, particularly in construction
Libido: Low
Strong Vs: Bug, Dark, Ice, Rock, Normal, Steel
Weak Vs: Flying, Psychic
Attacks: Body Slam, Toss, Crushing Punch, Takedown, Earthquake, Headbutt, Focus
Enhancements: Enhanced density (x3), Enhanced Strength (x14), Enhanced Durability (x8), reinforced musculoskeletal structure
Disadvantages: Inability to Swim
Evolves: Amachamp (Battle Stress)
Evolves From: Amachop (normal)

Evolution changes all girls and few change more then the Amachop when she finally gets enough experience to evolve into an Amachoke. Shooting up a full three feet in height, the startling new size of the Pokégirl has unnerved some trainers who now have to look up at a Pokégirl they once had to look down to. Of course, this is often forgiven after becoming eyelevel with the Amachoke’s new bustline, which has grown into a hefty C-cup. This, combined with the fact that an Amachoke’s muscles no longer bulge about her body like it did when she was an Amachop, makes the Amachoke much more visually appealing and the Pokégirl herself knows this.

In fact, the newly evolved Pokégirl is so obvious in showing off her new body and how beautiful it was compared to her old one that it borders on narcissism. If there’s a chance that she can promote her new body, she’ll take it and often put down anyone that disagrees with her both verbally and physically. This has caused quite a few squabbles between Amachoke’s and their harem sisters, particularly the ones who are more well endowed the Amachoke, flaunting their assets despite Amachoke’s new body. Other then her desire to show off, Amachoke is very much unchanged from Amachop, desiring to train to improve her strength and get stronger.

That aspect in itself is frightening to some, considering an Amachoke could, with effort, lift a full ton of weight above her head. This and her tough skin make her forgo any form of martial arts, believing and often backing up the fact that she can take a hit with ease and return it with enough strength send all but the heaviest and strongest of Pokégirls flying. Of course, her body still sinks like a rock, so it’s useless trying to have the girl swim, though that same density allows her easier movement through the water. Their new size and muscles also mean she’s heavier, and it’s to the point now that it’s suggested that she no longer tames on top.

In battle, Amachokes handle themselves much like their younger forms, tossing in all their strength into a match. This makes them very scary fighters, as anything physical is nearly useless against them and such the power of their strength that almost any girl behind a full powered punch of an Amachoke is often considered to be lucky to still be alive. However, this also leaves Amachoke with a large glaring weakness for when she fights anyone who fights using non-physical abilities, particularly when Ghosts are concerned with most of them having the ability of phasing through the muscled Pokégirl. The over reliance of strength also shows when compared to some of the techniques of other Pokégirls, though the Amachoke still boasts that it’ll take a lot more then a bunch of fancy movements to take down her power.

Sexually, Amachoke wants to be admired. With her new body, she wants her tamer (and harem sisters, when willing) to pay attention to her, particularly her new breasts. A good tamer can bring his Pokégirl to orgasm by massaging them without even touching between the Pokégirls legs, the love and attention to her sore muscles pleasing the Amachoke and often making her just as randy as if she had caught a face full of lust dust. However, where with her previous form it was suggested, Amachokes require restraints. Any tamer who doesn’t use them will in all likelihood end up crushed by their Pokégirls fantastic strength.

Feral Amachoke are a bit more dangerous then their sister Amachops. While Amachops are intelligent and aggressive when feral, Amachokes suffer a much lower intelligence, coupled with narcissism and the lack of control they issue over their strength, disturbing ANY feral Amachoke when she’s paying attention to herself in a reflective surface is just like walking into known Widow territory: just asking for trouble. It’s often suggested to have a strong Magic or Psychic Pokégirl on hand when facing any Feral Amachoke.

Threshold Amachokes are not unheard of, but quite rare, as most girls don’t pass by the younger stage of Amachop. Those that do, however, often pick up the narcissism quality of their new forms first with the same training and desire to get stronger as the Amachop following soon after. Just like Amachop, Threshold Amachokes have no idea just how to control their strength and are often afraid of touching anything for fear they might break it.