Modified the under-the-hood stuff a bit. Mostly disabled a bit of javascript bloat. Pages should load faster now.

You shouldn't notice any difference - if you do, email or comment.

Also, Tatsuya (sp) has taken it to try and get some of the lost author data reposted. it'll be slow going, but you'll see a few new authors pop up and you'll see the disclaimer about that person not actually being back, just the stories retrieved.

Thanks Tatsuya

Tales of Avalanche (the first book) has been re-re-edited and re-posted. Tales of Avalanche: Dark Times (second book) is still in the process of being reworked and should be re-posted in a few weeks along with another a new chapter.

Something that may be of interest to the community:

Basically, fanfiction-esque material, under some circumstances, is being called obscene. As in "not art" obscene, not the regular layman's use of "obscene.

I have posted the entirety of Grey Chronicles to this point. I've also added chapter 22 (finally!). 

I can see the end of the story, too, although I must admit that it is still blocked by the shapely forms of my plotbunnies. Unfortunately, their knives are still razor sharp and they're not ready for me to finish it just yet.