I have posted the entirety of Grey Chronicles to this point. I've also added chapter 22 (finally!).

I can see the end of the story, too, although I must admit that it is still blocked by the shapely forms of my plotbunnies. Unfortunately, their knives are still razor sharp and they're not ready for me to finish it just yet.


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  • shadowalker
    I was reading Into the Fire when I got to chapter 32 I found is just a copy of chapter 31 named chapter 32.Hope that made sense to you. I'd like to read the real chapter 32 of the story so when you get a moment I'd like for you to fix that. Thanks in advance.
  • Kerrik Wolf
    I haven't had time to upload them here. They're available on the pokegirlworldlegacy yahoo group and someone has been posting my other works here, for which I'm grateful.
  • Ancalador
    Hiya Kerrik, was wondering if there's a current way to access your previous works? I really enjoy going back over Where None Has Gone Before as well as the Harris saga. If not then... i'll cry? Anyways if you could restore your previous stories to the site now that you've finished Grey Chronicles that would be fantastic. If not... i'll probably go back to the crying.