Yes, yes it's me.
Surely some of you remember me? Please? Anyone?
*the drake hears the sound of chirping crickets...*

Well then, whatever. Hey look, I finally got off my lazy ass, inspired by my adorable new kitten, Shade, and uploaded the Prologue of Wraithlord of Acheron!

Wooooo. Someone cue the fireworks.

Here it is. The Prologue of my story, Wraithlord of Acheron.

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  • Lobo Ganesh
    @Tiberiosity Hehehe. Naw. Im kidding. The Main Man would never scare kitten... >.> But yes, cant wait for chapter one. This be one of my favorites.
  • Tiberiosity
    @Lobo Ganesh Gaah!!! Nuuu! you'l scare my kittteeeeen ;w;

  • Lobo Ganesh
    Did someone say fireworks?! *brings in a shipload of rockets and other 'illegal' celebratory explosives and lights every last fuse.