Well it's been a long time but here we go, the first chapter in the (what should be) three part epilogue. Unfortunately I don't think they'll be as long as the other chapters but enjoy none the less.

Ch.01 Dogs of War

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**Oh, also, while I'm working on these I'm also re-re-re-re-editing the old books. Aside from mentioning some characters a bit sooner I'm just plain embarrassed by the amount of spelling, grammatical, and word replacement errors I find when I read them again. So I'm taking this time to clean things up and possible improve on the tone of the story.

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  • CMDRZero
    I'm glad everyone is enjoying it. Been a lot of work but knowing that you all are enjoying the story makes is worth it. I can say there are better stories that mine, if nothing else better edited, but I appreciate the encouragement and am glad you found the universe to be better than predicted.

    RL has dealt me a couple of nasty blows over the last week so it may be a while before the next chapter is ready. But I promise, it will be very worth it.
  • Radeonis
    I just have to say first and foremost this is my first post and I have read all the tales you have wrote before I made this post, I wanted to be truely informed before I commented. I was initially leery about reading this sort of writing to begin with, but I was quite surprised in the amount I enjoyed it. It is very well put together and I have grown attatched to the characters you've developed. No matter what people say, you do the entire site justice and I'm looking forward seeing more!
  • CMDRZero
    @Vendettadabeast, megaman12321

    Thanks for the support. Glad you're all enjoying this runaway train of a story. Working hard on this next chapter so a week or two tops before it's out. The hammer is about to drop and you'll be seeing the characters in a new light.
  • Vendettadabeast
    Beast here,Zero you already know Im follower of this.So it goes without saying that I enjoy your work. So there's no need to worry about the haters let them hate and you keep doing you.

    Looking forward to the next chapter man.
  • megaman12321
    I second Gojera's comment and I also look forward to your posts. Although some stories here have a lot of heavy content, sexual or not, many of these stories are pretty damn good in plot. The premise of course would get some backlash, but ultimately it's a fictional universe that won't hurt anyone, so there's no point in hating it. Keep writing CMDRZero, I'd love to read more.
  • CMDRZero
    @Gojera thanks for the encouragement. I things are about to really pick up.
  • CMDRZero
    Sigh: I know. But he could have at least had the decency to post that in his own blog and not attach it to mine. At the very least there will be some disappointed readers when they find out my story doesn't have a single one of those elements. Though that may also explain why my views for this chapter went up by 200 in like a day.
  • Gojera
    Yeah, our fanfic is getting more and more notoriety so expect a lot more hate. They'll judge us before they read any stories. On an uplifting note, CMDRZero I've been reading Avalanche for a while, and look forward to your new posts.