Hello everyone! It's me, your resident multitasker, here with a double update today. Well, triple, if you include the chapter of G&R I posted on Friday.

I've been given an itch to scratch, and I'm having a blast with it so far. What if we had pokegirl games instead of pokemon ones? What would a story set within those games look like when turned into a pokegirls story?

We're getting back to our roots with this one. Please enjoy Chapter 1 of a (possibly) ongoing series - Pokegirls Origins!

Chapter 01 - Where It All Began, is out now!

As always, please leave me reviews at my review page! With this new series especially, I'm trying some new techniques and would love feedback.


*Please Note. I am trying to meld the game's setting with pokegirl's setting here, so some things may be different from any of the pokegirl "Canon". I am very open to feedback on these minor changes as well.