Heyo everyone! While cleaning up my folders I've stumbled across a few dozen short stories. Some of them are all connected through a single thread, detailing the deeds of various operatives of the Department of Special Affairs branch of the Planetary League Council. As I clean them up, I'll begin posting them. This is the second installment of my efforts to detail and begin to close loose threads from my SGAI story, Gunbunnies & Rosebreasts. The first explored some of the Sharptits Nami's backstory (The Shark), and in the future I have pieces that describe some backstories and side stories of other members of that fic, in addition to any new characters that might pop up.

This work I'm doing (hopefully) won't overwrite my currently weekly updates on Growing Pains, but if I do run into time constraints, I'll update as usual with the situation.


The first DSA short: Body Count: Bank Heist has been posted.