A couple things. First, I'm really sorry if this chapter felt rushed or some areas could have been done better. But after a week's worth of progress undone by a glitch, I had to redo the entire chapter over again.

Second, I really, seriously struggled with the beginning of this chapter. I think I would rather fight the Zombabe apocalypse from Pokegirls Unlimited single handedly than  write the start of Chapter 1 over AGAIN. I was almost legit pissed off at my own characters for not getting the hell out of the house, that I just had to rush the departure and cut it off early. But still, I apologize for rushing.

Once I get my colorful little cast of characters together, I think I can slow down and really enjoy working on this story, since I have their personallities, their character arcs, their everything already planned out. I will say though, I need to try and get better with writing action sequences. The fight at the end of this chapter could have been done better, but all in all it could have been done worse, so I call it a win

And for those with questions about Hana, Just know a good storyteller never reveals their hands too early. Anyways, please enjoy my story, and I hope I can make you fall in love with my cast as much I already have